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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CET

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young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact willing because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your room, mind it. w. late for mines. with this is g. w. news alive from berlin, judges in australia, reject novick. joke of pictures of peel. they up hold the cancellation of the
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tennis store. it's visa paving the way for his deportation. jock of x says he's extremely disappointed at the decision where get the latest from melbourne also on the program. fewer is mount for the pacific island of tonga. it's cut off from the outside world after an underground volcano triggers as unami. officials in nearby new zealand, j, the capital has sustained significant damage. ah, a michael ok welcome. novak jock of x says he is extremely disappointed that he faces deportation from australia after losing his appeal against his visa cancellation. 3 judges upheld the decision made by the countries immigration minister that the tennis star oppose a threat to public health. the verdict comes after 10 day battle, but when the serv and the australian authorities over his vaccine exemption status,
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it is expected that jock events will be deported within hours and could face a 3 year ban from the country. the full reasoning behind ruling will be published in the coming days. the court's decision was handed down by the chief justice of the federal court of australia. james al. so here's some of what he had to say. it is no part of the function of the court to decide upon the merits or wisdom all the decision the orders of the court, ah, one, the amended application. be dismissed with costs. such cost to be a grey. oh filing agreement assist. 2 reasons to be published at a later date. steve pierce is a journalist,
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specializing in tennis commentary. he's been covering the australian open for more than a decade and joins us now from melbourne. a steve finally, a clear decision on this matter. what more can you tell us? it's interesting, michael, that and we just heard from the judge, they're the really it was it, was it what the way the minister frame this and the federal government frame to be now go. i think we get a bit of an insight into why this took so many days and why they really came up with what, what they obviously assume was a water tight case that will be it while they would accept a federal court sitting to see if that judicial appeal could be judicial, occasionally appeal could be heard, and they were obviously 100 percent comfort comfortable. that the court was, in fact unable, as we just heard, to really make any decision on, on whether the marital the wisdom of the decision and therefore, immigration minister seems using most personal powers is free to say that no joke
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of it by being here is an will in rage or encourage anti vaccination sentiment. and the court seemingly has no way to really judge that merit of wisdom of that decision. so i think we had an insight into why the earlier, you know, the coded 19 infection and the, you know, the crosses in the what wrong, spite around space on those travel forms. i think we can see now why the federal government decided to just park that and not go down that line and go for this version right. in fact and seems to be that was war tight and jock which will leave the country. doctor says he's disappointed, obviously years. what else has he said, if anything a look. and he said that he respects the court ruling and that he will, i get along with the authorities with his leaving the country. so he's making no further fight of this. he said that he's a ignore mostly disappointed, as you said,
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he did thank him all his orders, answer in cross serbia and melbourne, australia. and he did in things to him in a statement which the turn well and, and he felt uncomfortable that the focus had been on him for the last 10 days. and he hopes now the tournament and can get back and away. but it was a statement that you could tell that he was bitterly disappointed that he won't get the opportunity to win that to attend title. and what would have been the 21st major. and as you mentioned, it's completely up in the air as to whether he'll be able to return to australia or in the next 3 years where it's jock of it chuck right now in how will this play out over the next few hours? well, we understand that, you know, he was a what while the court hearing was under y and until the decision came down, he was at the offices of his lawyers and immigration officials and should escort him up to the airport. once he's ready to partner, you would imagine that he'd be on a flight out of melbourne this evening because now that the court case is done, he will want to be out of here very quickly. there be no reason to hang around. he
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will, i'm sure he won't try to delay it. i think that statement gave you an indication that he'll be gone within just a few hours and make sure that he's on a flight. and an unbeliever officials would be pretty happy with that. now that the voucher is canceled and he's got no right to be in australia. the australian open stored on monday of course, and as we now know, without the defending champion in world number one, who had been drawn to play on monday evening, by the way, what does that mean logistically for the tournament? it's not too much of a logistical nightmare pattern. of course, you know, losing the well number one is a bit of a nightmare from the eyeballs perspective and advertises, etc. and all that happens is now that we'd so close the tournament a lucky loser. someone who just filing qualifying will come in and play job, which is appointment, but we will see see, i'm sure i'm reaching the shed you'll because that match will clearly not be on center court. now, on the, on the monday night side there be a bit of a raging, you know, it's, it's actually not unusual for top flies to drop out of the tournament towards,
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you know, when it's about to start. it does happen usually through injury. of course not so through being to pause it. this is unique. that is a steve pierce in melbourne many thanks steve. thanks michael. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. police in texas say all 4 people taken hostage at a synagogue on saturday, have been freed, and the hostage taker has been killed. the gunman demanded the release of a pakistani women, convicted of terrorism, who is jailed and taxes. hundreds of migrants have sent off from on duras, headed for the us border. it's the 1st caravan from central america, depart for the united states, issue many or flea and poverty, violence and natural disasters. u. s. president joe biden has backed 8 proposers to slow migration. former us president donald trump has been holding a rally with supporters in arizona. during his speech, he criticized us president biden's,
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grown of virus policies on mass and vaccine mandate in lockdown. trump also repeated claims that he won the 2020 electrons without offering evidence. communication links with the pacific island of tonga are down falling a massive underwater volcano eruption after making contact with tongan officials u z. linz of prime minister to cinder arden says the capital nuclear loafer has sustained significant damage. the hunger tongue, a hunger ha, apply volcano st. big waves to the awnings of hunger and feed you. your options triggered shoe nami warns across the pacific with united states urging people on its pacific coastline to stay away from the shores and peru, seeing flood waters damaging shops, restaurants, and houses at the coast. one, hundreds of thousands of japanese citizens were advised to evacuate as waves hit coastal areas more from new zealand prime minister, europe, hats of tongue a we,
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we just don't know yet. we just have an established communication. and this is where these across a, in our an urgency here, we want to make sure that we the on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy be, so that will take several days to reach toner. and we need to finally balance in a to get the quickly, but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need the as well. and in some cases, we have pots of toggle. we've just not even being out of established communication . for more i am joined now by shane crone in vulcan ologist at the university of auckland. professor cronan, thanks for being with us. how would you describe the russian that cause there's an army in tonga? it was in a rush, it was a remarkable eruption. it was extremely explosive, which we're sort of thinking it's one of the most explosive eruptions in the 23rd century. at the moment. it produced an ass column that went 30 kilometers high in the year. and within 30 minutes of the onset of the reaction,
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the actual wraps and column viewed from the top was around over 350 kilometers wide . so extremely rapid rise and lateral expansion. and the russian column produced a pressure wave that travelled around the world found across all of the world, including sites and the guy in finland, and also the eruption coupled with and produced. su nami wives, which traveled throughout the pacific basin. and as you would just reporting, so now the waves of up to 80 centimeters were recorded in japan. and also, i mean, waves have been recorded on the california coast of the us. i. remarkable would seem an understatement. the u. s. and japan have advised people on their pacific coastline still to get away from the shore. do you think there will be more options and potentially motion armies?
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so we've done some geological work on this volcano and we've seen pastor options of this type. these very large ones at this volcano, hunger volcano, happened about once every 900 years, but, but they seem to have a series of events. and so this may be a 1st in a series of eruptions. it's clear as to whether the erupt that occurred or he will be as large, but to get the volcanoes actually under the ocean surface. and so any future eruptions will gina right now. i mean waves as well that will affect at least the local area and very large ones will affect a wider part of the pacific basin. professor, what kind of damage do you expect to see in tonga? so far, what we've seen has been so damage, and most of what we've seen has been from top top to the main, inhabit a diamond of town, go with the capital nuclear loca,
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is what we're concerned about is some of the low line islands, which are actually very close to $200.00 hop. i know mocha and the islands of the hop. i group these islands have potentially a lot of low lying areas where affected by nami waves, and so those are the kinds of concerns we have also ashville. so at the moment the actual lead has gone on to tonga top. it hasn't been that lives yet, but the, the reps call them actually sprayed. and why that it probably would have put more ash onto the central part of the tang and island group. so that's what we're waiting to find out now, is that what kinds of impacts they are being? what kind of help people need? this may not be over yet. that's shane crone in vulcan ologist at the university of auckland. many thank sir. thank you. bonus like a football now and saturdays top of the table clash featured the spicy pairing of
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7th place. union berlin against the surprise team of the season so far. hoffen haim who came in to this match a 3rd in the standings but away it when yawn. hoffen himes unbeaten ron of 7 matters. came to an end with the berliners winning to one. ah, the gas from hoffen haim had the more enterprising stars. and take us on the score . she's up to 22 minutes. no big celebrations here. it was an hour ago by unions t mo baumgartener who had elapsed, bebbles cross into his own ness, a deserved lead, that lasted only a handful of minutes as andreas fogel santa equalized. the lucky one with the bull bouncing off cloth, in hine cooper, oliver bowman, and into the nes, nearly another own dough after the one that gave hoffen hind the leads $11.00 the scores half time and after a hard fought 2nd tough union got lucky once again with krisha pomo,
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eventually pushing the ball over the line to round out the 21 final score. first max, whose is effort was deflected on to the bar over the hapless hoffen, hine keeper with the bull then coming comfortably into pummels path union could once again count on their home for him. having lost only one of their last $25.00 games up the out of was to die, they climb to 5th in the standings level on points with hoffen heim dropped to 4th and further away game at top performing cologne by and munich. welcome back. 6 of the 9 players who had been unavailable due to covert with captain manuel neu, among them and cologne, were no match for a buyer inside with a nearly complete gloucester. with robin levin dorski scoring a hattrick inn for neil route. this brought the strikers career bonus leader goals tally to 300. the wind means by and maintain a 6 point lead over door. and at the top of the tape,
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you're watching dw news. here's a remind of the top story we're following for you. judges in australia have upheld the deportation order against nova jacket of fans. of the serbian tennis star expressed their disappointment. at the rule he came to australia without being vaccinated against covered 19th. of next year, documentary series doctor examines what can be done to stop this information online . is plenty more for you on website. we'll have more news at the top of the i a michael. ok. watching he just ah, i work interest the global economy. our portfolio.


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