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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 8:15am-8:31am CET

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the world number once entered the country without being vaccinated against coven 90 . jock of it now face is deportation, and a 3 year ban from the country. watching g. w. news ly, from berlin up next world stories takes a look at the issues that have been making headlines this week is planning more for you on our website. that's d, w dot com. we'll have more news at the top of the our as of thanks for watching a michael of good for me and the entire new senior girl. and we'll see you soon. ah. she d w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues. all episodes are
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available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. 30 years after the soviet union collapsed. they were born in the middle of unrest. young people that now live in independent countries. what remains of the soviet ideology and how do they live with its legacy to dreams, hope and reality of the breakout generation. reporter to day on d. w. ah . this week own world stories
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on tunnel bay 20 years of human rights abuses in britain, the family is helping the homeless, but we started mauritania on the western edge of the sahara to fight terrorism and helped local communities authorities. there have resurrected a traditional 100 year old nomadic police force. this is the latest approach in the fight against g hottest terrorists in mauritania. a traditional solution to a modern problem. the mahari national guard are a police unit recruited from local nomads. there camels are their most important tool there. the best way to get around the vast border region between mauritania and molly, jihadist groups, linked to al qaeda, have gained ground nearby, and authorities fighting them. need the kind of intelligence that only locals can offer oh, does it am i gonna say no,
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i agents go under cover on the market unless they spy on the traders. for example, if we see a know med buying large quantities of fuel, we know that's not normal shipper and norma boxes to see the pot isn't up. their work is not without danger. while the men cook, lieutenant colonel city labs are secures the camp or fear, ah said kid, are you full mas circle hooker group? each group has a century and we from the command or in the center or santa, the mahari police travels through the desert for months at a time or feeding monsieur dante valdez until we patrolled the region. it's healthy . we look for nomadic populations but to loom illness, out of the we raise awareness even though we gather intelligence as well that and communicate that to the central government and new act shirts. a thought that are on walks with the capital corps are partly funded by money from the european union
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. it's an international attempt to improve security here. and in the larger region known as the sa hell, it's counter terrorism that starts at a local level. got the lizzie to him, he had his 2 rec, bahati units, gather intelligence, lamb in us. they spot the threats and been anti terrorism units that get involved in take care of those threats. but on that account, sit then us, their job is to also deepen trust with people, people they know from their own communities. they help them by providing health care. to said them, the sequence of to this woman say that she has vertigo, nausea and general fatigue. that's why i gave her some al bender so because she could have a parasite desert, so see on the pot as he thought. this approach combining local knowledge with traditional connections and offering help as well as asking for information. it's
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proving popular. a few 100 new mahari police are already operational and authority say they plan to recruit $200.00 more ah, around nuclear talks have resumed in vienna. terran is demanding that all sanctions be lifted. but how optimistic of the people of iran hope is in short supply in this commercial district of o t. ron, as the talks and far off vienna rec, on even the small items on offer here are getting more expensive by the date, too expensive for many. most people we me don't dare to speak out about politics and those who do i disillusioned. and you're in that have all,
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if i don't reach agreement, then it will be young. people like me who pay the price 7. i'm as economy is in a shambles every month. there's no work. and even if you find a job, everything is so expensive when you're young. carney's got on garage with one another. my get only me buddy in cash offer quantity. even if they sign a deal, you nothing much will happen normal your, i don't think anything in the next year or 2 will have a positive impact on my life. it should resemble your manner or your father or because it was the foreign ministry leading the nuclear negotiations is just across the street. no representative wanted to speak to us priorities have shifted since iran's new hard lang government took over sanctions relieve remains of pressing objective, but official willingness to cooperate with the west is at an all time low. this political analyst at tyrann university tells us over the realizes that
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of the, of a, dealing with a country that's not reliable. it's called the united states. at the i left the agreement. once many ordinary iranians also feel duped. not only by the international community, but also by their own leaders. as almost madsen, tallahassee was a nuclear deal should be made when the basis of these la mac republic is corrected . but from the very foundation, as only to listen to us when the people in charge them have gone where they belong them places i recall to us as long as that doesn't happen, an agreement will not be reached. when you can do right through official has the people in charge, think only about the benefits to themselves. i'm only not about the 85000000 people living in this country. hester, his most retina hot care. and so iranians are bracing for the worst they know that no agreement is likely to mean more sanctions and even the possibility of the
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military confrontation and that they'll be the ones paying the price. ah, the u. s. established the content of obey prison camp in cuba after the terrorist attacks on september 11th, 2001. and it is still there to day 20 years on be guantanamo located in a tropical paradise. but the u. s. naval base in cuba stands for human rights abuses and torture. mohammed will old slaw. he was held to your for 14 years suspected of involvement in the $911.00 attacks, but never charged for a crime. he was brutally tortured and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder until today. and 134 nights ago i woke up and i was shaking so skill because i saw my, my jacket on the door and i thought it was someone coming to get in. and it took me
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a very long time. some time i wake up, i cannot breathe. defense counsel anthony natalie represents an alleged al qaeda terrorist who arrived here in 2006. and since then has been waiting for his trial. every thing that made this country one that we could say was a free country that had equal justice for all has abandoned all of that. and that sat, it's sad and i, i don't know how we're going to be able to recover what animal was built after the $911.00 attacks, as government aimed for a forceful and rapid response. in the war on terror, america and its allies invaded afghanistan, the u. s. naval base at guantanamo bay, served as a prison for a ledge war criminals, and tara suspects a place where the constitution of the united states does not exist. residential areas resembled small town america some normalcy in
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a place. full of contradictions. rady, you get more, delivers the sound trick for guantanamo and she is get most voice. i get my hello. hello. well boma to your morning show with the day candles otherwise known as petty . i'm the and a lead court trial than the prism are not part of their coverage. a, it's not really part of like the culture here. you know, that's a, another side of the base. here on this side, we have a whole different type of operations going here. the new school allows its students somewhat of a normal childhood, 5 kilometers from the notorious torture prison. good. okay, what are some other things that you know about native that's actually the message that the one that always sent to the whole world. they said there are 2 kinds of people in this world. people who don't deserve a little bit of law. i've muslim young people and people who deserve little over
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out of almost 800 former detainees. 39 are still incarcerated in guantanamo only to have been convicted of a crime. ah, 200 there soon, who passed away in english. filmy has developed a system to collect donations for the homeless, using so called billy troops, a currency that could not be exchanged for alcohol. not simply to walk on by, but to help others. that's one thing meghan abernathy hope learned from her brother billy. right. is there anything i can get you? she often stops in bristol, said she sent her to talk to homeless people like laura. i think you need a bit of courage and if it, if humanity because it's just like having a chat with anybody. arrows and i think that fair and worry of approaching people is what stops that love and natural reaction. and i'm harmon for megan and her
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father, john, it's the way of channeling their love for billy to others who needed. he was only 20 when he was killed in a motorcycle accident, but he was already concerned about those with no were to call home really said, why don't they just him been a taken that you could buy on ben exchange for food and drink. and i think he saw that that would reduce the barriers because people would know it was a safe, secure thing to do. and then people would also, you know, communicate more with homeless people. after billy died, john and megan decided to go ahead with a project creating tokens which can be exchanged and cafes for food and drink for the homeless. the church with q r code on a window sticker is while dozens of outlets in and around bristol, have joined the scheme using the tokens known as billy chips. they cost $2.00
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pounds each enough for a hot drink. right. my dear fellow charity say the number of homeless people in england has doubled in recent years. many of them in bristol have come across megan and john and the billy chips. yeah, they're really good. what do you like about them? getting free coffee is absolutely vital to have a warm drink through the cold night. people will still give money. but john and megan hope the billy chips will reassure homeless people that they to are part of the community. we poured our love that was our grief. we could no longer pour into billy and said we put it into the bill chip. we created a legacy. we've in a way, immortalized the key values that billy had as
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a human being his father and sister know that if bailey was still alive, he would be proud of his scheme named after him. ah ah, a persona just pure energy and emotion. he has his finger on the world called me to the artist, choreographer stone. i'm the chef in the kitchen on 21 on d. w. welcome to
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the dark side where everyone has their own true. when you have that sort of inability to agree on basic docs, i think that you face a future with a country that is very, a struggle for truth in 45 minutes on d w. happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primate penises. we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature, a there and david and this is climate change, regulate sex, who happiness in 3 books. you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you tube. ah, ah,
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diversity for me. is it the heart of what can temper dances.


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