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tv   Sports Life - Why football has to take head injuries seriously  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 5:15am-5:30am CET

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off of the table now when you think of winter snowstorms, grease probably doesn't come to mind. but the, a g, an island of samar thrust was buried in meters of snow. this weekend, firefighters had to be called in to rescue villagers trapped in their homes. authority scramble to clear roads and their worst erotic power outages. a cold front has swept through greece and sent temperatures, plummeting that she's update at this hour. sports life is up next with the issue of head injuries in a false statement for that and play richardson in berlin. thanks much for watching . we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat. hot spot for food,
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chair and some great cultural memorials to brood. d, w, travel off we go. the battle against cove it the only common variant is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron fax data and reports like, you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w. ah ah ah ah ah, ah,
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one of the most pressing issues facing football is the head injuries may be viewed simply as part and parcel of the game. but perceptions are changing. research has long been telling us about the dangers of head injuries in football, particularly the link with neurological illnesses. the response from the sports governing bodies however, has so far a negligible thing. what we're basically saying is break, say as risk of dementia as buffy. we're going to be of, i have concerns whether i'm going to be put heim 15 when you watch somebody that you love said away the effect on our lives is immeasurable. so let's take a look at the research and examine exactly what football needs to change. the 2020 euros france against germany. benjamin paval lives motionless after contesting a corner. the doctor conducts a quick assessment. the defender continues playing, but after the match,
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paval confirms most viewers initial fees. i took a hell of a shock. i was a little knocked out for 10 to 15 seconds. you 8th us said the concussion protocol had been appropriately followed by the france medical team, brain charity, headway, sort otherwise. it's very, very hard to understand how that was indeed to be a suspected concussion taken off to win the place that he lost consciousness. i think it just exemplifies exactly how far behind football is dealing with this issue of concussion us g. as christoph baumgartener and de dillo of portugal were also involved in controversial incidents back of the 2014 world cup of crystal chroma, infamously, off the referee to confirm, he was playing in the final not to being knocked out chrome. i kept playing for 30 minutes and later said he couldn't remember the match at all. and who could forget
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blaze meant to 80 at the 2018 woke up trying to drink from his water bottle. these incidents are just a few of many examples. lessons have clearly no pain, lot that needs to be greater scrutiny. we speak greater accountability and they need to share as of the medical teams defined for what they found, just like you 8th. a thief also has a concussion protocol which states that a proper full assessment takes at least and minutes. but it's an immediate on field assessment, which determines whether a pie is concussed or not. any suspicion of concussion should result in the players removal from the field. it's not just concussions which are under the microscope. however, research also suggests that heading the football can be just as dangerous the 1st. let's take a look at the science. so what actually happens during a concussion? we spoke to one of the leading experts in the field,
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dr. willie stewart from the university of glasgow. the brain is a soft jelly really floating suspended and so you just go on the scope but rich and box give us fantastic protection. so you can, you can knock yourself and have a sofa jelly. but if you spin the head really quickly, positive publisher to blow to the hey, is this go ahead and move quickly for the brain. just move slightly to slower. and just that slight difference in the way to create stretch for sheer on the brain substance that causes the damage. this is where the t o chronic traumatic ends to fill up. if he comes in. the progressive brain condition was 1st recognized in boxes that has now been associated with nfl rugby as well as for bulk. mm. dr. willie stewart leads the landmark field study, which is financed by the english football association and the professional football
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association. what we find is that overall footballers where 3 times more likely to die of a dimension figure times higher risk of dimension or date of dimension. it range from a fivefold increase in best with disease or the for food increase in best adults. i received a tumbling of risk of their arkansas disease, so we know the dangers, but how do you identify a concussion? only 10 percent of concussed athletes actually get knocked out. sometimes players don't even realize at 1st, such as o'neil berlin's keeper, andreas luther, when he suffered a nasty double, had knock in january 2021 of the 4 orders of sherman ross from anchor. both of us. okay. as by the serbian con, most i was honored soon the odds by me avow,
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and as food often walter vision remarks, those which really christine, thankfully lou to decided to take himself off the pitch. but that isn't always the case. simply can be difficult to identify. and they can occur hours or even days after the fact. and throughout all sport, it's often seen as tough or admirable to play through that pain barrier. lou to admit that male football is, are often under pressure due to the ideals of masculinity. here they are, be shown us and to my son's exertion, i was over gilbert. bruce ma hunger scope for let's women hudson mythos phillips does invest in food for past income. when for lost of an effect of favicon, v dash beatles limb of i took it, the long term consequences take time to materialize. the players are of course, also at risk in the short term. for example, what could happen if a football a stays on the pitch after concussion a further head blow could cause uncontrolled swelling of the brain,
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which is known as 2nd impact syndrome was fantastic later. but unfortunately, la sawyer, that there were, she just ignored her. because they uncontrolled spelling of the brain can, can lead to death. fray hold away was forced to retire after suffering 3 concussions within 18 months. one of which was particularly scary for the former crystal palace, captain. i passed all the protocols, take every single box to be able to go back out onto the pitch. right. and the fact that then within 5 minutes of that i then had 2 seizures inside of the pitch. i think for me is quite worried because had i gone back out and then took another not to had what could have happened. the dangers of head trauma are clear and the likelihood of suffering a head injury during a football match is quite high. research is also increasingly linking heading the football with neuro degenerative diseases. most headers of course,
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don't connect with balls traveling that fast, and more research is definitely necessary. but player can make about 20 head is per game. that could mean as many as 10000 headers during a career. so say, you know, we're kind of starting to go in the law, but i thought i could have offices as might have had you haven't had a few times. you say no thought, right? but if i the football, but i say probable was mad tennis, but yeah, no problem. so could football ever actually considered the she had incompletely or the simply to central to the game? when in also 2021 brian charity had changed, organized matches, spending more town in the northeast of england to find out who in the 1st half heading was restricted to just the penalty box. and in the 2nd, it wasn't allowed at all, had trauma is a topic close to the heart of head for change chairwoman,
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dr. judith gates. her husband bill gates is next pro and suffers from dementia. when you watch somebody that you love fade away by degrees, when you watch the light go out in their eyes, when you see bewilderment where previously with confidence, the effect on our lives is immeasurable. dr. gates is not cooling for an outright ban, but she does want to educate players and put more asia on governing bodies to take up the file. if you only have one brain, and if that is damaged and 30 years later, you see the signs of that there is no going back. many former england internationals have also passed away after suffering from dementia, including re wilson jack challenge and most recently knobby stalls. and that has certainly weighed heavily on the next generation. roughly 15 to 20 percent of goals in europe, top 5 lakes are infect scored by headers. any restriction would be
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a major role change to when showed health trump tradition. well, that's on fif of the world's governing body to decide what football is to ask is not the question of is heading necessary for? i think another way that any to ask that question is, is dementia unnecessary, mis? okay, what the ration say? reach, say, is risk of dimensions muffin universe. let's be honest. a ban on heading isn't happening any time soon, but football is held does have to start coming 1st. ah, as mentioned for anyway for both have a concussion protocols, but as we've also seen, they aren't really being administered correctly. fixed takes its responsibility in relation to concussion very seriously. protecting the health of players is a top priority. english football is leading the way in terms of research and funding. they introduce concussion substitutions as part of
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a trial set up by the international football association board. while other top legs rejected the chance, the premier league says medics have as much time as required to make an on field assessment. but not every one is convinced by permanent substitutions. oh, timidly. while the concept is that if you do permanent substance, no risk of up and coming back on after that say assessment around it is that the medic on the pay still have 2 minutes or 3 minutes to assess whether they are should potentially can customer. so ultimately bring more pressure, not less on the medical team's anonymity. absolutely nothing is going to change. instead, there is a coal for temporary substitutions which already exists in other sports. here the play is immediately substituted and taken off the pitch, then they have to undertake a longer assessment before they include. if they pass the tests, they can return to play. positions administrators, the doctor's end up in many national associations,
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would wish to go down the line of high temperature supposition. and pat logan affects them, but it's not within their give so it needs the global gain to respond to the pressure is coming from elsewhere. while football is dragging his feet other sports in the world on miles ahead when it comes to dealing with concussion, the nfl and world rugby, uh, just 2 organizations which have been forced to tweak rules and introduce stringent protocols in the wake of high profile, cold cases football could and should be next. i dread to think what's going to cause not whether it's going to be a tragedy or whether it's going to be legal action. if nothing changes, nothing happens, not a big pretty much can secure themselves. the lawyers for their to, for, to usually ultimately the buck stops with favor. so how exactly are they going to react? faith is looking at research into all areas of brain health. they for believes that further research is needed to establish
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a formal link between heading and brain injuries. it's clear, football has to face reality sooner or later. one can only hope it's not too late. for ah. germany's world heritage site like you've never seen them before. from above. cultural treasures of incredible value tourist attractions of timeless beauty. part 2 of our aerial dream trip. check in. next on d. w. o, in good shape, ah, harmful substances inside our home. they come from cleaning supplies,
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cosmetic products, and even new furniture. what unknown dangerous lingo within our 4 walls are experts, check it out in good shape in 30 minutes on d, w. they want to know will make the german 13 death in the john love on banning thing away from that. but i'm not going to have to was my own god and everyone with later holes in every single day. getting a you ready to meet the german can do i me right. just do it on d w. ah, ah, ah, ah.


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