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tv   Doc Film - Love Around the World - The Most Beautiful Love Stories in the World  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 3:15am-4:01am CET

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they were born in the middle and unrest. young people that now live in independent countries. what remains of the soviet ideology and how did they live with its legacy? to dream, hope and reality of the breakout generation. reporter today on d. w. people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families on the tax in syria for the credit on with people being screened off, getting $200.00 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why?
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah. truckle. yes exactly. all right, no problem. day to be a delinquent call that chad. from all i got a nice thing that you wanna be getting more gentle anthem anthem. mm hm. date to put you on the 1st one can cable should be done better than done a gopro as well. there's no, you're not a doctor. stay we up
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with daily's mobility making coordination of business with us to guy with my he's go or did you oh gosh. do not use my mini negligent fuel do you? oh yeah. and this month literally could emmett in may the name? yes. oh, i knew it. well, you know, donna now grim timo bush to do this. doesn't teach those nichoela duncan butter blue malo debussy to still be able to coordinate the people you ah, ah, ah, none of us with fi. i take it.
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ah. we met at starbucks. i think it took me about 5 minutes. oh oh. none dani holiiday the new the cold water bill cold and didn't good in. ah, i forgot me down to my will like a. i mean, i'm looking in all my field. i got a letter from a shelf gets that i show by tonight both paul bunker ah. so maybe that's a different way. but yet a diva. one is one final can look up while you go to the stuff.
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mm ah, it's hard for me to see when you receive it. you 50 of them get on the mail via the b kiel fabica without fuzzy lawyer bond on a door do up on the need for me live on the, on a by below my both get a little more viewed, the, you guys, you just casual, but i think the way it works in our community is that we don't start dating until we're ready for marriage. so we socialize separately, men and women, boys and girls, separate. and when you're ready to actually get married, that's when you either call a matchmaker or matchmakers, call you and, and give suggestions of who to who you can meet possibly to find your marriage
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partner. i'll get you all good. now will we now we'll get you will be i will give you the weight. it will be no limit to get in the room when a good re i'm up is my when i get any good movie sky, see me that the only yeah, thank you. okay. mm mm i'm yeah, i might have to tell you. yeah, i, i'm, i just ideally, though, but in go did the there, lilian v. a gone, but he didn't get that in the letter, but somebody for legally the have a guy to go to put down waterbaugh. good. yeah. yeah, i got a good b, j. i'm not a one year he won charlie my hop on that. i thought about them,
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you maybe the siding, but you are more data yet that more carry as it alma, blah korea. but um bill it, they were like no, to my go me little movie, jeremy. you my good that, that could, that couldn't exactly loued and i want to give you mike that going to get him better like levy. you might where i am, but will be with you my done and i bought, i started now i need to only keep it on your doorbell with which i won't get to where you get amana mammogram. now maybe you might get that can document that when you make that can get a . 6 sub i killed you follow really follow your a dog fork yellow book. i'm not gonna
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buy your mortgage so by sharon pays you to push hardwood division. i know about it . well, where douglas? gotcha. woman. gotcha. i so called a guy that she got a guy that was requested by the audit to be sure i got a story about girl. oh no, the young with me came in, but i did it. oh no, madame po, coming would i know how you meant that? can i only 10 to can you get a nicer than i'm thinking home with the call you you'll have to get to that. yeah, i said i would in with yeah, think that it on, on the phone with it. well don't cheat on my on my don't it don't lose rule says hello, that is image. will i burning men who santoyo o'connor salt? it is angel. no, she did shampoo. now her nimble, quote, i saw
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a gallon if you have a bus, you mean l wu shelves, all against that, you'll be down moment. shakuntala been music. is your med don't see, shown as you have student then my music she signed plays off, julie's. you good place here. oh. and is equal to el camino. dick good. as that i can draw dick when they get that. yeah. we can get it. janet. tick. wait, wait, wait, wait. wait. to talk to her. i oh god. god, good. good, good, good. good, good, good, good, good. so then when
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i, i assume, ah, i just came around listening to music with friends and i saw him walking in and he's standing in the elevator and i said, oh, my looking at me and then he started looking. it's other and i said, hey, i went over there and started talking to her and i was pretty much it was very low tech. no. oh, oh, oh good. i got
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a call. you know, you had the right they are up. i know, you know, can you, you know, are you naughty o clock everyone can tell you got home, got them for those who are going to come to you know, my budget arguments are going give us about the news . we acted in a, in a little get together. that was our 1st real. it was, it was, yeah, together. it was a dating game. and i was a contestant. and i was a bad was my name is ted. i was a bad boy scout. and article was the,
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she was the one choosing her date, and her name was caterpillar. and she told me, i was like, and i was a woman dressed as a man, dressed as a woman ramos. and i'm what i'm the reason on y'alls again the name of k almost most and in the most not get a most brutal fall fall on your for your water for me. when was my birthday and a friend said that if you come i've, i'll give you a drink, but all say i've got one of your cousins over here. and i was pretty sure she didn't know any of my cousins. so kind of brush north, not again. i can't, i ended up, i ended up going and then it was like a, you know, a film something i get bad luck on the bull than the bull opens and into sitting
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there with it back to me. and then it was like slow motion. she turns around and then he come over and grandma and i, you know, my cousin not, i know you, but i'd like to get to 90. ah, this is well with i had was, can look sad. i'm keep his tires the system, the care layer message, and i me doth mariners lapierre long, half with my own job with me. let us now. so the a facade, lily kelly method home behind the my kind of web have lena her?
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yeah, the loan. martino was there, they had some tardy me in to be done, just a nom, newsheel as well. a know all covered are so you to which is kind of gone for a full more to left. one more than the static issue and hopefully sure will out of all issue lee. and i know those fall on the on this video is da da da da da da. really closer to one because ask you to submit and miss joy, voyager gender. and i'll come in and up on what all i was there to there, and i'm standing up to the time that alta vista unless you choose and i'm going to get that social is all social my other,
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you know that i constantly have butterflies and i was out sick and i couldn't eat and it was like hitting for me it was like having a mental illness. like i just couldn't get him out of my mind and i would, i would think of all the different ways on how to connect with home and be with him because we are living separately and trying to be strong and individual and our own will. and i was doing my ph. d at the time, my doctorate and met took up enough of my head space of the year being a little. i will mother, i live kind of of a high get him. i can't. oh, i shall have to put a corn, had shot as a short, but as to yeah, from the shuffle. it can hide them in the front. hardly been in for the thought for baron, it's already that much to have to look at me. the kind of a to i forgot there was a lot already been a and know and when did then when the president i i had
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when asked about when, when i said, if i can home, if you want to know when to home, when i live on a bench it up then i will not it out for may i had mentioned major wood on how my feet. i had a little bit hard to know. i'm a shift. it happened more for carla as i watch m. yeah, banana i yeah. i do not know i am i that i died in the one id. now go my alibi. yeah. no, no, i get a name in linda. yeah. and i'm a cigna. that's the one i know. i'm not going to new one. yeah. man, i man, i don't, i'm not mad, i deny the bad so i gotta get them on the money when i,
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when i didn't, i didn't i bought a funeral, so serious stick. so i was to say, well, on doc receive, i get a dog bite. the last lesson was can you stick a muffled woman's off the sun and moon? your muscle was placed under the skin on a lot on my going up. glistening boone up here in the bottom. did touch with ah, they go there. tim, bottom. awesome. i'll go with a member, i'm here to help you. thing me if thing, then i'll leave that up, isn't bon bonded at the building up the bottom. the thought wasteful. so stipend on the leg, you know the bottle of a sucrose holder who got hold of i'll kill the my whole. well, wonderful. well, i'll get. i'll get you a linda and also look, it all sounds good if halligan up needs will man. but once he hummed along 20 particular mckillop on malik, now i get back to figure that one is
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a big and he did it. it is a, did he go home with some, a little seeing the message which i did it on my face. but i make about the ha, if the city gets admitted, it isn't, i'm not locked out, will be our key. don't agree that pretty much we are a funky talk with the man in gauge. how do i live in case i need to say they are going to have their, their how much, how well, how much, how did you say that was gonna be kinky in past a lot of home our guy, philip donor pass, do i just say i'm going to guess i didn't even buddy mm. thought sanders, just a phone call from charles gets financial by bush and get them in. i mean, given english or what box the color up on my older day,
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but they didn't get it booked up with a susan pate over that. i began lucky of ease. i'm look in miss me again. the know mark there was i think i'm the tall nancy, the dog has him again the same. how can i get back on monday? my darky while i've been away from harden arguin. winnie. i'm doing las vegas albany. i want to talk to him on guess how legally sunday got again. natalie. well, nick, about the kid and how to? well, it could be as a manambra don't. how to assemble albany. golly again, my son is a kid who's the hollis. nicole and he caught her, he's like, make you at the time, don't miss victoria? i turn told me the i li, here are them 2 years i make. it's kind of why it's hair cuts. your cable lat call isn't like if you say any less that you're kind of it it,
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how is it that he all have? he said i will not miss. i was in the good mob been involved in local. yeah. he had brought up here locally government. great yes sir. i yes, the hulu tire, so yeah. my li, bobbino, i say going to cash flow. yeah. take it back to her. you know, her sister doll, i little bad credit which you a little it ah
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. the one limited for, for, for from san diego, kinkel, my medicaid is going is lab work where you want to give her people see about those on web me probably more like you have a case on monday, a long tried it. polly did die by all tradition. a man is supposed to pay the diary of the wife, but he was supposed to marry, give a good idea. jaundice will not give you the idea. i was broke and i did not have a point to my name. and so i asked my thin girlfriend if she could chipping by young guy and then shift in because those in love and i was sure he's the guy i wanted to get married to. so i don't know how my parents would have taken it. so i didn't tell them, but i gave him money to to buy me. you bought me with my men sooner,
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but they're bugs shy guy. yeah, modem, glover, my money. somebody bought by somebody to go on and let me check. i'll be out in the glow with the day we got the huge dress, the big cake. and we spent 2 or 3 days on this big area with just over 150 people, 130 people. yeah, it was a fairy tale wedding. taking them to me, man, i think woman maybe cookie gilbert, t or peter peet. i stay by booking with just to kind of to him co my loom. hey key you sam data to have one have 100. mm hm. sally got a guess out to him is like, i say can give us it was the man switch. what the heck he immediate committee to
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hit on is kimmie k. i k. i me, deborah, cuz his a paragraph that had to say up near john, bob, god from yahoo! which needs he had for deborah. goodie, bye me. i think i got that bad. a bad hood got a middle go under junk or was summer when guess you are your guardians? he got it, they won't get him on cookies. music tag. it's little up now to see up nan galaxy up near some of the subset by connecting oh move. move ah
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oh oh oh, okay. let me take a look. i still don't called in the best job putting them in london. yeah. you have to crash. so i had this whole fantasy in my head about what marriage could be because i lived alone so much and i had to do everything i had to try my own would and wash all my own dishes and do everything cook and clean. and you know, there was no sharing of tasks. and so i think a part of my fantasy about marriage was very practical. and i think what happened in our relationship is that i came in with like a bit of a practical sense. and then it clashed a little with laura because she had done all the practical and she was like,
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i don't want to focus on that. i want to like, maintain our intimacy and like have communication and, and share feelings. and i was like, i really want to know whose job it is to do the dishes and to know what time we're having dinner each night so that we can both be there. done them. when the last few days you're starting to risk going, mr. they found the choice of vision and learning. today is to be nash, a, b, a c. like many, i'm on the dash mom. and just like when you can get a hold of it, that will just bios in question. serious is going to lay onto the duke. annuities. to live is the head. i wanted to call that on the still one joke to live in this been for my little father or to little friend. didn't say i me
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bunch. i'd like a have to refresh myself for a month and a guy once you get married. now it's the romance will get stronger and stronger every day. every year that passes. because the more you're married, the more important you are to each other and. and the more you so how, how much you value each other romantic means you are important to me. so we look for every opportunity to, to show that to each other. how important. so every part of the day can become romantic. you know, you're, you're paying bills and it's like, oh gosh, i have to pay these bills. now these are not just bills. these are our bills. it's our bills. this is taking out our garbage. these are our dishes. we're stopping to
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buy a couch for our home, everything you start to feel each other in all the things in your home. so how i describe that to my friends when they ask and admire our relationship. i see we like to bulls in a bulls think. and i, wow, that's pretty, pretty strong way and frank way out out there will have describing it. but really like tubal in the polls like hanging out. he doesn't complete me. i don't complete him. he's not might be the half. i'm not has be the half, which is often we hear people describe their relationship. so that's how i look at it. and that's how i say a me, when i did to a man man, and i'm going to another another another. and i do have cuz i got into my head to go in and i do my head in a month and in demand that they get that by hitting they get in and then walk. and
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i'm out and i don't allow ally. and now when i went in the, you, my, with a, when, and i didn't, i don't in the had what i now elaine about, i never mind nickelodeon, you know, might get a little more than i know i'm a busy night in india. we were brought up knowing that a man is supposed to take care of the animals to find out there. the house has everything that he needs. and the wife was to stay home, cook and take care of children. but now we here we are both tired. the tradition buses modality it is very difficult, especially for us, for this generation. our parents, the way my i remember, can remember so much about my grandfather because i don't have a father. but i remember my grandfather. i've never seen him going to the kitchen. i had never medley going and just speaking and talking thing a low and giving orders and giving orders but cooking oh way, no way washing dishes was normally i've never i about it but ever sometimes even when i feel i need help, i don't know when to ask you clicked on to maggie may mean is the man but is shown
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in high again because i know he is also not that she is out. again, i won't break my back. trying to make him the man i need help, i need it. so i'll ask, well, i must thank god they have him because out there i know very many who don't get that. they did. they don't get that help when you're cool, kick off a lot more than you can, can cut that out, get there for me. and came cause i did there now. good luck. when i did, i did not. oh, i bet you more now. now. good buddy would have done this get all 3. i'll more corporate. oh no couple guy philip there can't. gosh. but when i not get the car call, come on come pick in night. now you're now that and i at that by yet live with us. that is now when that made up. mm. near down out of pocket, mazel f f i then from the one i've been that then the mad out that the new method, if i had live with us today, and i will get them out and lead up of,
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and i'm rather an aldehyde when i, somebody there out of her skin, no oil. i think he needs to be honest. keania did totally either come out and i got the other keep keep and isn't it that ha cool. you could a lot more. couldn't the put the like to conduct them there? it should be like what i should more put the more money than you quit, the more that day to pay each up on this area out or not. the consultation needs help understand it. now come on the show hunter, in tulsa, the by ear cut built more when you cut on up or not. so did the moment that the meal drama did. one thing, i notice that the number one thing that's destroying marriages in america is love itself. and you think, how could that be, isn't love the bedrock, the foundation of marriage. but the truth is, we don't get married for love that we're looking to take from each other. if you
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need love, go back to your mother. we don't get married for love, just like you don't marry someone for their money. if you marry someone for their money and they lose their money again, we say ok, let's get divorced. i married, are you for your money? i'm not getting money now. and the same thing with love. i married you for the love that i was going to get as soon as you're not feeling the love you're going to say who needs us. let's get divorced. on going to show dishes there more do you want to do body ward or cell called oh tom, i'm over a p o g. don't as you a lot of money to talk to me a buzz, get a clear line. demean almost a song jenny, uncle most are getting a push excellent. is actually ought to know. bless you. so are you ready by? i thought it happy party john say lacking sit can swap can lash less young. gotcha . yeah, pulled up 100. i'm preliminary. i mean shows ill for the asthma more likely to tobacco most i think they they don't know with
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an unfair youth to what i thought you were cited hugs and i got stuck with them all what i show him in i did i did it. ah . but i can, i can look it, i would probably be shocked and i would bring the green and be are in a good up your internet to see whether or not with somebody were on brush. where do you think you would get up? what i would bring up where i can make it more. barnaby ambient, given when rocky get you in what they want to work together and what do they would wish to. okay, what i would have to put in a big hub to help me help them when you wanna give them how much were dealing with
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a few months. you think it baby puberty anthea? i think i did. i had math and then i got a really what have i guess, fast edna media league about well yeah, do call them back and i can cast them because those don't put me on a guy that bad be speaker phone. com or have any the mail? i don't know when they start being there though much. maybe we can wait. dozier, i think be a delicate, would you meet my with a walk to double major, you know, don't silicon just looking for there? yes, up there. i think the pammy got say, or say a can you with that being hulu? oh,
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yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah. i want them yeah. topical sal dodge eve just sat minds. it badly stemmed my thoughts and we just fell down, you know, feed nobody else. they leave them without a v i. e. o, can you give me a one day and give you the numbers. okay. do you know so a, a month. wow. i you earlier billed for liquid because of the mileage course. yep. so now for the without the loan. mm hm. edge id h e u i been with they put me mark mosier, i have a 5 foot austin that said the order for a 3rd like diamond put an air bag. should 1000 elementary double van on the and so miss or so she had worn with dash 2, g a g, they changed their vice. if i get that. i mean, from, if we bought that,
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what they did, 8, you got those and use new g ailey. make it a little sure. mm. okay. so now you need an additional more help. last year. you see, she says she has to she, i don't think they always think they were here because the other point forgettable . and we got like a day to day meal. jade them a j 2 equals to get nor to geo fall. they don't get out of it. mm. oh. so how do we have a baby being to women and it is, it's not that hard, but it is comp if, but it also is complicated because you want to make sure to protect the non biological parent. so i'm the biological carry a, b, o mom of sage of our son. and so i brute him is on this rug right here. our donor also had a has partner and we thought of it. i thought of them as
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a couple like they were our donor couple because they were both involved with the process and it was totally fine. who is very intimate fun for us making a baby went there or how was once a month. it took a long time, it took 8 months, so it was a long process and we got to know each other so well. it was just a very lovely process. and renee, though his partner would be the one to bring us the cup, which we then put in a little syringe and that's how we got pregnant. i was married really young. i actually i didn't go to college. i was dating when i was young and then she got pregnant and and i married her and we basically had 3 daughters. and now my oldest is 30, my middle is 29 and then my youngest is 27 and significantly younger
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is marizza. all my dad lives in good father, glaucoma, live or mom and now mom to come on. natalia jim, go log them on period themes, holiday period with period being charged period but so yeah. period beams, holidays, but tell already that period beams all day, but tell will dia it's got a grandmother normally got thin, thin child. bob wanted to come on. we're puzzled. all foot in the mid 3 volleyball to go minute i'm not a what the go button for the up. what do you gosh, all, but what about dog? i get a me now, i guess and i like you need my, you know be that isn't that now? are you a gate get a union, you know, getting, getting i'm your dog mit until monday and i'm you haven't got it. yeah. well, another one and some are not good on what it would do. i think i will no let
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milligram on there or not will i when i get to you and you are now on another one i go get on. i'm not sure. i got melina mad, i don't understand. you gotta go now, they would, helen and i got to get my dinner added on. now where you want to move from your family. she's been under the way it does make a dorothy and dizzy casara not yellow beverly out of in claim n as in november you're very lucky then marcella. many of oh, you know, frank, i'm and they are not giving us any of the others that you know me, but though i know that but good young is good, john. good luck you. well, i mean really luasa your mother's the charlie, the federal government, good. a, so it's of and but that there's, that gets one 3rd, it goes up. well it good. it blocked the lift covers is but look at them did with
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the on is why the 15th, muslim with him been up for you off with his up. ah or do quite well we'll do one on gra. new on the saw on there. neither gorgine or near miss neil: ne: justine, are we doing no?
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oh no go no, no i would you wanna go do all i'm got knotted up here. miranda and you keep going so that i'll get you. i got up. good morning. come now i've been, i have been under unison now, honey, i say put it back on. i got he's, i've gotta go so he won't even go to wish to stay. go out there. emma munger, switch there. all night you. when are you say? oh, dana. gotcha. can i do this? usually renay a zebra. he has shown me being the hampshire. understood to have holla to your house functional english lady that does not care how much can i wish when she can care? physician all me? yes, the hoop dodie cannot ish putting me down. and
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her point is that my fear did on much more that already a quote for a live. i can't hear it. and i said, i'm who knew it. yolanda mom didn't jump glennie jump number 19 late and it's like a bigger thing and make a list. and again, you know that the novel no matter. yeah. and then i got a nice with oh, yes, back to godaddy know completely died. you left on the come on, are you so come with them bang disease because i'm going by come on, we'll go live a more through i feel really compliant of all and save if i'm with him in a and ah, and love full of love is like color for,
3:56 am
for me is like my 1st love and that not, not that well i know and myself, i'm very in love and yeah, i want to be with him. it would grow, grow old with him. well, i'm already old. i was a girl. i'm all right, i'm already the old man. one, the more who said it had their tom simpler, more component, you learn more than one is. so don't feel fitting. combine is only been one is p demo. golf. physic, dental care? a the moment dial comedy. walk you mark that, cause you don't level context please. jeff fash, what did this he did give you. don't ask for less. you lemuel javin doneo list. possible killable was going to you is to ruin sissy. not feel dish rocky monk dollar difference. yeah, lemme can most eshola. sheepish was ill. demi comes you push was the old anybody? me going to go?
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i oh, i don't go. i told the guy, i'm glad to. i didn't go a deborah the guy at a glad deborah, i did go with tracy. they had a guy got with you a dumb hair guy. i me okay. you so i agree, but the quote good. i see that can you guys shoot cutting it? look at it cuz i gotta, wow, wow, i am. oh, me. i
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me. i oh, oh, oh, oh i ah.
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do you like it and do you want it? okay, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and let's ride read . in 30 minutes on d. w. o and germany's world heritage site like you've never seen them before. from above. cultural treasures of incredible value tourist attractions of timeless beauty. part 2 of our aerial dream trip. check in 90 minutes on d. w. o
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. these places and you are smashing renters. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover. some of you will record breaking sites. i know also in book form. mm hm. ah ah, you're watching d w a y but from berlin, a last chance for no voc yoke of it, the embattled tennis star has left attention for his final hearing before an
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