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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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of you, robert, you are connected to the old world experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from bought. ah ah, ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin, germany. titan's is corona virus rules in a bid to curb rising army kron infections. the double vaccinated now also need a booster shot to enter bars and restaurants in many regions. those with just 2
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jobs must show a negative test. also coming up as thousands pay tribute to an irish woman, brutally murdered ball out jogging. w asks, what can be done about the global pandemic violence against women and girls and tennis star? no joke of it is back in detention and australia as afford prepares to make a final decision on whether he can stay in the country and play in the australian open. ah a marion evans dean, welcome. we will have those stories and more in just a moment, but 1st we want to bring you some breaking news. coming in now from the united states. authorities in a dallas suburb are negotiating with a man who has reportedly taken people hostage at a synagogue police in the town of collinsville say they're conducting swat
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operations. the f. b i is assisting at the scene. no injuries have been reported. residents in the immediate area have been evacuated and of course will be bringing you more on that story as it develops. turning now to germany, which has tightened his corona virus restrictions in response to a new record number of coven 19 cases. new rules for entering bars and restaurants have come into force in many parts of the country. now, ami kron accounts for over 70 percent of new cases across germany. mosque on, and vaccine pass out. entering restaurant o'bar in berlin is now restricted to those who have been vaccinated, and i the boosted or tested negative. i know all i
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enter in the shop said that showing all the time all the i d and the impasse. maybe it's, you know, i live with threats would sometimes, but i'm totally fine with that. i think that's the only way you really to get out from is the pandemic situation. with free, rapid antigen tests readily available across the city. many people are on board with the new rules if we had to pay for it, it says every time i think it would not be nice. but as we have like free access, i think it's, it's okay, like to do the tests for me, no problem. and inconvenience for some customers, but across the board. some say the new rules are an unfair challenge for the industry. isn't going to school for pretty gasoline, it's caches. straw fake for restaurants, bars and hotels. how industry has been in the focus for 2 years and soon it will be
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3. there's this feeling that we spread the virus, but it's proven that this is not the case. yet we are the victims once again. and i don't know how we will survive this price if you beat us believe. meanwhile, the army kron variant is surging, and germany is repeatedly beating its own record for daily infections. the federal government is now discussing further measures like mandatory vaccination for all adults. at the same time, germany has eased quarantine, rules ring them in line with other countries. those testing positive will now have to iceland for just 10 days with 8 test at to release possible. on day 7, the move aims to ease pressure on essential services due to staff absences. all right, let's take a look now and some of the other stories making news around the world. tanami waves
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have reached the pacific islands of tomba and fiji. after a mass of under water volcano erupted frightened, residents fled to higher ground the hunger tonga, hunger ha. hi. volcano has triggered several tsunami warnings, including in hawaii and the u. s. west coast, north korean state media says the country has conducted a ballistic missile test. the launch from a railway car was as 3rd this year. south korea's government detected it to a short range missiles. young young's latest missile task prompted the us to call for more sanctions on north korea. hundreds of environmentalists are demanding the cancellation of plans for lithium mining in western serbian they blocked rose. i'm calling from mining giant rio tinto to leave the country. the company has already carried out exploration for lithium, which is used in electric vehicle batteries. to ireland now where
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thousands of people attended candlelight vigils across the country in memory of a young woman who was murdered in broad daylight. earlier this week. ashley murphy was the victim of an unprovoked attack while jogging along a popular route in the central town of tula, moore. she died at the scene from her injuries. the case has re ignited public anger about violence against women and girls. gender based violence is on the rise worldwide with the united nations warning of an emergency invisible emergency that must be interest. for more, i'm joined in the studio by d w. political correspondent, manuel shares, who has been following the story for us. manuel, why has this particular case generated so much attention in ireland? i mean, we know that violence against women is sadly, a very common occurrence. very common, but none of those very shocking does it. constancy of that case, particularly shocking. i think he was only 23 years old. she was just out for
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a run in, in a quiet name neighborhood. she was actually running on the part that had been renamed in memory of a woman who had disappeared at the exact same spot in 1995. and she was murdered in a boat in broad daylight. so i think at this very much a feeling in ireland that there is no way to faithful women anytime of the day or night and dots in a global context in a worldwide context of increasing violence against women. so if there is so much attention, there's so much media coverage, can we expect any concrete changes than to come along? i mean, there been statements by government ministers, so will the talk translate into any kind of new policies? well, you know, every time we hear about such a case beat dad of ashley murphy, a big, big data of
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a sarah ever out in london last year. we might think this is a tipping point. you know, emotions are in high people take to the streets. we hear declaration, some politicians, for example, this week we heard the t shirts or the irish ahead of government. me how martin saying that gender based violence would not be tolerated in ireland. dee's or the deputy head of government? earlier vodka said that men and boys in ireland have a responsibility to start a conversation about what he calls. i quoted the epidemic of violence against women, that yet there are the cases we hear of, and then the other cases, which are not so publicize. and i'm thinking last year in durbin, as well. a woman who originally came from mongolia or answer sig surrender was killed by a 15 year old in 2020 by henry and nichols salt. small man were also killed in london. have been a nurse. i was killed is not a british school teacher. she was murdered last year, and this was a question on the treatment of such cases,
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how cases are being handled or how they're being publicized. or often it depends on the social and of the nickel on the ethnic background of people. it is even a study in the u. k that showed that are actually are women of color were at increased risk when it came to agenda based violence that their case would not be solved or even that they would be left to live with their abuses. even when they report them, mean the picture is very gram, even looking on an international scale just quickly emma, what can be done? what is being done to stop violence against women? well, you know, well do i'd, it's one of 3 women who have been a victim of physical or sexual violence and, or do you and is trying to attack of this issue. does this tweet that was published in december? maybe we can have a look at it. it says that it together was its partner as the united nations, a works to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls,
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but more remain, remains to be done to change the attitudes and norms that perpetuates a violence. and perhaps we are dug beyond any measure taken by political institutions. there is a need for a societal change. absolutely. get away as a manual share is always great to talk to you. thank you. last trailing authorities have sent a sunday morning court hearing to decide whether a tennis darn of a joke of it will be expelled from the country. australia's government canceled his visa over cove at 19 entry rules for a 2nd time. the grand slam champion is now back in detention master another interview with immigration officials. i did the much between no bach jokers which a meal streaming government, the world number one, just lost the latest set. now back in immigration detention the 20 star will
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face under the court hearing on sunday. after his visa with revoked 1st, 2nd time immigration minister alex hawk said the play his presence could stoked auntie buck sentiment unprovoked civil unrest. a small crowd of supporters gathered outside the arena, where the australian open is set to start on monday. is 9 birds ozzy, jock of each sog continues to dominate, writing both little talk of tennis. oscar? well, i tell you one thing it's, it's very clear that knowledge is a, is a, he's one of the best players of the history without a doubt but days, no one play and he started. that's it, that's, that's more important than, than an event. i think that all this could have been avoided. i like we, like we've all done by getting boxing aided and doing all the things we had to do
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to come here in australia because everybody knew very clearly the rule sent. and it was, we just have to follow them and that's it is no, i don't thing is that difficult on the streets to sympathy is in short supply. oh i would love for him to not be allowed to place for him to go harm bought on the cynical pardon me, thinks that he will be allowed to play. i do feel that to make a statement, the rest of the world that we are sticking by. what we've been calling for the last 2 years. i feel as best as if dr. which should probably sit out this one of the players get up for one of the sports biggest competitions. sundays ruling could end joker victory winning streak up. be australian. open for years to come to moon, as like a soccer now and saturdays thomas. the table clash featured this spicy pairing of 7
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plays doing young berlin against these surprised team of the season so far. hoffen time, who came into this match? 3rd in the standings mont, away it when the on oftentimes unbeaten run of 7 matches, came to an end with him for litter as a winning 2 to one heavily gift from the hoffman time had the more enterprising start and they got on the score sheet of 22 minutes. no big celebration, feel. it was an ongoing by leon timor bomb. got it. who had a t lusby boost cross into his own net a deserved leads at last it only a handful of minutes as andrea's ford is on the equalized with this header. and lucky one was a boy bouncing off hoffman on people. oliver bowman in 2 minutes, nearly another own goal of those, the ones that gave oftentimes lead one ones a school at half time. and after a hartford sick and have you got lucky once again was lots of happy,
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bounces before dealer supplement, eventually posted all over the line to ronald's a to one find this school 1st mux causes effort was deflected on to the bar over the helpless health non people was a bose and coming comfortably into permits pass your quote once again count on their home form having lost only one of their last 25 games. it's c o 2 fellas, as i say, climbed 2 fifths in the standings level on points was hoffman harm who dropped to force for their away game at informed loan by and munich, welcome back. 6 of the 9 players had been unavailable due to cove, it was captain man and i are among them. and cologne were no match for byron side with a nearly complete roster. with robert lemon. dusky scoring a hat trick in a foreign nail round. this bronze strikers, career bone as they and goals talon to 300 win means byron, maintain
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a 6 point lead over endorsement at the top of the table. now when you think of winter snowstorms, grease certainly does not come to mind, but be again, island of south race was buried and meters of snow. this weekend firefighters had to be called in to rescue villagers trapped in their homes. authorities scrambled to clear roads and there were sporadic power outages. a cold front has swept through greece and ascent temperatures warming. and that's the latest on d w. news of this our stay tuned for shift. i'm marion evans, dean from me and the entire team. thanks for watching what secrets lie behind these was discover new adventures and 360 degrees.


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