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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CET

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the only criteria is walked, we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle opaque wolves this week on d w b a? ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, one last chance for no back jacobin the unvaccinated tenor store returns to detention as australian authorities prepared to make a final decision on whether he can stay in the country and play in the australian
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open. also coming up, washington warns moscow is creating a pretext to invade ukraine again. intelligence officials say russia is preparing a false flag operation. after week of talks aimed at diffusing tension ends in deadlock. and they're a key of modern agriculture, but pesticides don't just kill pests. now german environmental issue calling them in ecological armageddon. that's destroying bio diversity. ah a michael ok, welcome. australian authorities have set a sunday morning court hearing to decide whether tennis, star novak jock of ich, will be removed from the country. jock of which has returned to a government detention center after another interview with immigration. officials
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on friday, the australian government cancel. jock richards, visa over coven, 19 entry rules for a 2nd time. the top seated tennis player who's unvaccinated is hoping to overturn that decision in order to defend his title at the australian open, which begins on monday. earlier i spoke to journalist tanya lee and melbourne and asked her about jock vicious chances in his final court hearing on sunday morning in australia where he will be questioned by 3 judges. i can't predict what the courts are likely to say in due tomorrow, but i spoke to legal experts who tell me that junk of each has a very good chance of staying at mary crock. who's a professor of public law at the university of melvin us are sydney rather told me earlier today that judges feel that the government is not playing just sweet joke of h m m. and i'm at that they applying the court to use the judicial system to frustrate
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joker bit by slowing his case down and bringing action at the last minute and professor crops is it, this is an air and that this is a denial of justice many of jock a vicious fellow tennis players have been expressing frustration over the prolong legal battle. they said they'd like to see the focus of attention be put back on the actual tournament. no, like joe garbage is a, is a, is one of the best players of the history without a doubt, but base no one play and he's study. that's it. that's, that's more important than, than an event and understand the perspective from their sharing people to sherman government. but australian government and the victorian government should have been clear on what is going to happen beforehand. and i think it's not very fair to 4 person to come here and not be able to play. i yeah, i think that all this could have been avoided like we like,
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we've all done by getting vaccinated and doing all the things we had to do to come here in australia because everybody knew very clearly that the rules the united states is warning that russia is preparing possible sabotaged efforts in ukraine that could justify potential new invasion. us intelligence officials say moscow would then blame the government in kiev as a pretext to launch new attacks against the country. it comes after a week of talks between russia and the west, failed to diffuse a tense situation that began with russia, began massing troops on ukraine's border. here's pentagon spokesman john kirby. we have information that they preposition, a group of operatives to conduct what we call a false flag operation. an operation designed to look like an attack on them, or their peep or russian speaking people in ukraine,
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again as an excuse to, to go in. now the kremlin denies its planning sabotage operations in ukraine. russia and its local allies invaded and occupied part of southern and eastern ukraine in 2014. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour. north korean state media say the country conducted a ballistic missile test on friday. the launch from a railway car was its 3rd launch since the year began. south korean officials said they detected to short range missiles that prompted the us to call for further sanctions on pyongyang. 3 people have been wounded in japan in a stabbing attack outside tokyo university. police have arrested a 17 year old in connection with the incident. the victims were to students and an elderly man whose reportedly in serious condition soon army waves have reached the pacific island of tonga. after the eruption of an under she volcano. your zealand
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has also issued a synonymy warning for its coastal areas. the hunger tango hunger ha. a pie volcano has triggered several su nami warnings in recent days. dutch prime minister mach router says the netherlands will lack some of the toughest covered restrictions in europe. hospitalizations have dropped despite her surgeon, armor con variant cases. shops jim's hair dressers and sports clubs will now be allowed to do business until 5 pm. well, germany saw a record number of new code 19 cases on friday with more than 92000 infections that joined the list of countries reporting amr chron as the dominant crone of virus variant. now, accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases. with so many new infections demand has jumped for p. c r testing, and that's pushing german laboratories to their limit. isn't yet everywhere lab
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chief dns hydrate looks urgent. pc artists awaiting one are almost all the samples from people who might have covered 19. on the upper floor technicians extract the are ne, from test swabs and concentrated below, come eval mountains of samples. a grueling task with $4000.00 pcr tests each day. medical clinics, testing facilities and individuals, it's the volume and duration of the crisis that's been so overwhelming. we, i'm yeah, moment at the moment. we're all hands on deck that people who start crying that break down. they're so overloaded that they just really need to break movies and all the frightful to combat all the stress. hydro has set up a special wellness room. twice a week. a missouri comes to help the overworked pci test team needing to counteract the repetitive motions of testing. thought of as it is a bit, particularly when they do this movement is that the muscles here in the ball, the thumb become stiff. some can't even open their hands by evening hunt,
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ultima. high numbers, exacting precision and total concentration in shifts from 6 in the morning till midnight lab work at the limit. but in the engine room of testing humanity is always at the center. if a young boy behind every testing storing a fear, a patient and the child, i'm an old woman saying hopefully i don't have it on the chrome. hopefully i don't have delta at his desk. finally, some quiet hydration goes through the lapse results. every 3rd test is positive, mostly with m a crone. that's why the team, it's vital that the increasingly scarce p c artists go to those who really need them. then to get anyone who's just curious or wants to go on holidays. for example . i don't think that's appropriate at the moment. people with real symptoms should be the ones getting tested for them. and it's for them that everyone here will be back at it again to morrow. a quick look now add to some of the other late latest developments in the krona virus pandemic. starting today, france is requiring
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a booster shot to be considered fully vaccinated and be allowed entry to restaurants and trains. half a 1000000 people are set to have their health passed, deactivated the u. s. health agency, the cdc is urging americans to wear the most protective mass that are available to them. and brazil has begun vaccinating 5 to 11 year olds after weeks of delay due to the ball. so narrow governments reluctance to endorse child immunization. some of the other stories making headlines. now, the united nation says at least a $108.00 civilians have been killed. this month in a series of government air strikes in ethiopia as war torn to guy region. the un is calling on ethiopian authorities to better protect civilians saying failure to do so. could amount to war crimes around 30 migrants have been rescued from the english channel after their boat capsized in icy waters. but one man died from
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hypothermia. a growing number of migrants are attempting the dangerous journey. last year, more than 28000 people crossed from france to britain in small boats. the use of pesticides in agriculture is on the rise worldwide with dramatic consequences. nearly 400000000 people fall ill every year from pesticide poisoning. environmental groups in germany have released a new report saying, pesticides are causing an ecological armageddon. that's destroying not only health, but also bio diversity. pesticides protect crops, but they're dangerous to more than the pests that they kill. last october, 270 people died and been way in nigeria, poisoned by an insecticide, fishermen, ported into this river, then collected the dead fish, people drink from this river and they use it washed. it was a tragic incident,
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but not an isolated case. people in asia, latin america, and africa, particularly affected by pesticides. recent figures show world wide more than 385000000 people fall ill from pesticides every year. more than 10000 people die. there is no protection against bessie sites for farmers normally. and there are many pesticides used which are prohibited since yes, in the european union, one particular high, highly hazardous pesticides, pesticides of high acute toxicity are still in use. the $1000000000.00 industry is dominated by a handful of corporations. together they reached a turnover of 31000000000 euros in 20. 20 and sales are growing right now. pesticide manufacturers are trying to get new authorization for glasses sate in the u. this pesticide has been classified as probably carcinogenic by the w h o and is
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highly controversial. in the global south, there are fewer restrictions. and so the corporations are investing more and more there. but the poison ends up on everyone's plates. in the u you, we are re importing in some way. these pesticides are by contamination of fruit, which is brought on to european markets. there are statistics that about 25 percent of our food products contain some residues of pesticides. sometimes multiple residues strawberries are particularly contaminated with so or other fruits and vegetables. studies show a link to parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and allergies. moreover, pesticides get into rivers and lakes and pollute the ground water. many important insects die in the soil becomes less fertile. this results and even more fertilizer
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being needed and more pesticides, creating a vicious cycle. some sports for you now in boucher dorman kicked off, put his leg or matched a 19 with what look like a tough game against visitors, fryeburg. but dorman made light work of the league's joint best defense to put themselves just 3 points behind leaders. byron, who plain cologne on saturday, dormant coach marco rosa was greeted with open arms by fryeburg counterpart christian strike ahead of this one. but even rosa would have been shocked at the visitor's 1st half charity to my many simple header from julian brown's corner, broke the deadlock on 14 minutes. the same combination repeated the trick. 15 minutes later, to tell dormant and strikes, mood had turned. fryeburg eyes were understandably on earling holland. but the big belgian was there again for his 2nd of the game and of the season.
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right on half time, jude bellingham put allan through and to sublime touches. later it was 3 nil. the norwegians 14th legal of the seas, not the black and yellows. taking a rare, strolled on easy street, dormant being darkman things couldn't be too straightforward. fryeburg till to go back through our med in the meat of which to set up a navy last half hour. but holland made the point safe with 15 minutes to go before moda who'd completed the road. 51. the final score a chastening defeat for fryeburg and another welcome 3 points for holland and co, as they remain on volumes trail. artists in sidney or highlighting climate change with a dramatic new performance project. a block of ice has been suspended above the cities famous harbor with acrobat balancing on top, while it slowly melts away. the 3 day installation called fall is part of the
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sidney festival, the artist, matthew burton, or has also created a soundtrack for the project in attempt to give a tangible voice to the natural world. hey, you watching d w. news up next, our tech show shift looks at house streaming services crunch masses of data to forecast how successful movies and tv series will be. we'll have more news at the top of the out a michael ocho in berlin. thanks for joining us. today was and i will make the gentleman is just been.


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