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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2022 1:02am-1:31am CET

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sat to go back to court this weekend is pursuit of a record ranking 21st. a grand slam title hangs in the balance. this is d of the news. you can get more on our web site, a. d, w dot com. ah, ah, the queen morning, all alone, respecting the memory of her late husband, prince philip, and respecting the corona virus lockdown rules. now this was taken april 17th of last year, just hours before ignoring the lockdown prime minister boars. johnson staff used his residence for a dance and drink pardon. last night, the prime minister sent the queen an apology that we've seen this a lot this week, while much of the world it hears to pandemic restrictions, one head of government and one top tennis player. think they can play by their own rules until they get called. i'm brent, elephant berlin. this is the day. ah,
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i think somebody like him. i think it's an absolute. all right. good. thinking to finally sending back what we should have been done here, leon. put of all of it on, i'm disgusted. i'm angry because i did not expect that they would treat the best tennis player like this. this is pure politics with no. he doesn't deserve this. not great for the, for the tennis not right. that is trillion open. not great for novak it serves australia no longer exists also coming up. it's a major step forward in the investigation of the january 6. the attack on the u. s . capital federal prosecutors bringing sedition charges against the far right. ok keepers militia. this is a serious escalation of the seriousness and the level of charges. maybe it starts
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getting into a different level of suspect than in a different level. but you, our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome, we begin the day with pandemic party, apologies and travel visa rejections that simply did not have to be. this week the world has witnessed the corona virus pandemic deliver a tough reality check to to men of power and privilege, british prime minister boys johnson and the world number 1. 10 is player, serbian novak joke of ich, on wednesday before a pact parliament johnson apologized for attending of summer garden party at his official residence. while the rest of the country was in its 1st corona virus locked down. on thursday, reports emerged of another drinks and dance party at number 10 downing street during the off down. now that party was on the eve of the funeral for queen
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elizabeth's husband, prince philip. last night, johnson sent an apology to buckingham palace. a majority of brit say they now think that johnson should resign on the other side of the planet. the court of public opinion is just as unfavourable for top seeded tennis player. novak joke of which he is scheduled to play on monday in melbourne at the australian open, but the majority of australians say they think joke of it should be deported. authorities revoked his visa on friday of 2nd time in what has become a legal tug of war over a tennis star who has refused to be vaccinated against the corona virus. 92 percent of australian adults are fully vaccinated and almost every person schedule to play in melbourne has been vaccinated. just days before he's a striding open title. defense was due to begin novick, jock of it's trained on center court, still waiting for the straight in government's decision. it came late in the day in
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australia and landed with seismic impact, the strategy and minister for immigration. alex hawk canceled. mr. joker bitches visa on health and good order grounds. and on the basis he concluded it was in the public interest to do so. it's now unclear whether this was novick jock of it's his last appearance on center court in melbourne this year. that will be established when an appeal against his 2nd visa cancellation lands back in the legal courts on sunday. before that he will be taken into some form of detention by australian border force officials. however, the judge and respective lawyers interpret the use of legal language in melbourne on the streets of belgrade. the people's judgment is clear. that of all did and i'm disgusted and angry because i did not expect that they would treat the best tennis player like this. i think he did not deserve this the near the closure. talk on it . oh, he serves australia no longer exists. if you have a cousin or
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a river that you should just forget about them. and so a drama for the ages continues in melbourne. the final chapter of a legal fight that may shape sporting history or the game of tennis in the australian open. they've taken the back seat since joke of ich flew into melbourne . his visa controversy has been an unwelcome distraction for players heading into one of the biggest tournaments on the tennis calendar. here's how scotland andy murray. a 3 time grand slam champion, summed it up. it is not, not a good situation. i'm not gonna sit here and start kicking nova whilst is down. it's of a see. yeah. like i said the other day is just is not a good situation for anyone. but yeah, i do feel like people should be able to to make their own decision. but then yeah,
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in a country like estrella, you know, you need to be vaccinated to come in and need to be vaccinated to compete here. yeah, and obviously most of the players have chosen to do that. that is the case indeed. have a joke, which is problems in australia or of course huge news in his home country of serbia . that's good. now the journalist, the drugs, are very in belgrade. good evening to you. a drug. how angry are people in serbia for what novak joke of it is going through down under? well, of course, ugh, which is seen as the absolute hero in serbia, is the most of successful sports men ever in the history of serbia and people were angry. s, in the quote to play. most of people say that this in just what is happening to him . although people in serbia get vaccines and also have restrictions because of the 19. but this news has been the top story in serbia ever since. it started and
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people are rating. what is going to be the last that for jungle which? well, this is not just about 10. is anymore is it? do you think there's going to be diplomatic fallout between serbia and australia? well, serbia doesn't have that much power to ah, block australia. but of course, the president of serbia, mr. alexander would just stated today in his account and instagram, he said that addressing to the prime minister that he asked, why are they harassing joke of each? and that he said this is not acceptable and this will have for sure, consequences and also other top officials. so in serbia state it's so although it seems like institutions are waiting for what is going to be the end of the story.
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and if he's going to be deported or not, but the worst of talk of a chat of fool, let's say he had a huge coverage in serbia and people are rating and of course they deported my expect that he's going to be welcomed probably of this a huge meeting, just let me just ask you that before we let you go, if he is deported on sunday or monday and comes home to serbia, what's going to be like there? mean how is he going to be received? i mean, he could have avoided all of this if he had simply gotten vaccinated. like almost everyone has in melbourne at the australian open. yeah, he had stories also from before. so let me say a few things that seemed or put him massa in the position as an anti vac. sir, i bought the people in to be are more of sympathizing with ciocca, which i see saw of the most lame a sport this than the also are they are celebrating him in a way. there were
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a few protest saw up to now for organized by his family lives here, and his father's specialty of calls, people for support. and i expect that if this happens, probably in main squares of belgrade, there will be people are expecting and shooting for him. ok, journalist e, joseph, very with the latest to night with the perspective from belgrade, either we appreciate your time. thank you. oh, the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level accountable under law whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. we will follow the facts wherever they lead. that was us attorney general merit garland last week responding to criticism that he was moving to slowly and prosecuting the major
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players in last year's january 6th attack on the u. s. capital. last night. the u. s. justice department filed the toughest indictments yet. they included the charge that many democrats had been calling for seditious conspiracy. and that's when 2 or more people conspire to overthrow put down or destroy by force. the government of the united states, the diamonds, they mark a serious escalation in the january 6th investigation. after more than $700.00 arrests, this is the 1st use of the sedition charge, which carries a 20 year maximum presenter. and it's been leveled against the most high profile defendant so far. stuart roads, founder and leader of the far right of keeper militia groups, rode along with 10 other members and associates stand accused of plotting to storm the capital by force to prevent joe biden from becoming u. s. president. my 1st guest tonight is the man who literally wrote the book on
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the oath keeper, sam jackson is an assistant professor at the university of albany and he is an expert in right. we extremism in the us. he's the author of the book oath keepers, patriotism, and the edge of violence in a right wing anti government group. professor jackson, it's good to have you on the day. let me ask you, what did you think when you heard the news that the f b i had arrested earth keepers founder stewart ropes to be honest. i, i wasn't entirely expecting this indictment or that arrest to happen. traditionally, stewart road has been pretty risk averse, and he's been pretty adept at avoiding too much legal scrutiny directed at himself . it seemed based on the public information that i had seen before. yesterday's indictment that he might have been successful in doing so again regarding the january 6th attack. but as we now know, the department of justice has plenty of information regarding his involvement or
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his alleged involvement, i should say. in planning for the criminal activities that are keepers engaged in on that day. we understand there are an estimated 30000 members of keepers across the u. s. these are what former military and police officers also like stewart roads, there will educated some of them or even ivy league graduates. i mean this is a different level of threat that we are looking at or, or is it not? how would you describe it's a little bit difficult to assess what we might think of a demographic information about o keepers. the group has long claimed more than 30 or 35000 dues paying members. there are a watchdog organizations like the anti defamation league in the southern poverty law center, have estimated that there is no more than a few 1000 active dues paying members at any given moment. it's also not clear how
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much of the membership actually has experience and military or law enforcement. certainly the group organizes around this idea that it tries to recruit, and it is primarily made up of people with such service. but the group also welcomes people without such service, and it's just really difficult for us to know how many of its members have that service. how many of its members have education and what types of education that sort of granular information. it's just not publicly available. we notice that in the indictment, it reads that rhodes urged people to march in mass to the nation's capital. like the people of serbia did 20 years ago. can you tell us anything about that? serbian connection here as an organization owes keepers, as well as your roads individually, are very fond of searching for historical precedents for their understanding of the
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world that they find themselves in and for the crises that they perceive. more commonly they will point to the american revolutionary war, the war from independence, from great britain to find those historical precedents. but they have also pointed to, as you say, conflicts in the balkans, they pointed to world war 2 and resistance to the nazi regime. to try to find precedents for the activity that they're involved in or planning for or the different events that they perceive. i don't think that necessarily means there's any formal connection that the group has with the participants in the balkans conflict though the old keepers, they also referred to the founding fathers of the united states, thomas jefferson, for example. he was an advocate of generational renewal, saying that each generation was conduct its own revolution. but why are we talking about this in the oath keepers now in the 21st century?
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there's a long history in america of different people with different political views, political identities, fighting over the legacy of those founding fathers. and there's an excellent book the author's name is eluding me as the book is called. the jefferson rule, which talks about how even the founders themselves fought over that their own legacy in the decades after the nation was founded. so this is nothing new to try to claim that legacy and to try to look to their writing to inform contemporary politics of keepers has found a particularly pernicious way to do this in their indications of violence in their justifications for violence. but it's certainly not confined to them in the, in your book you, you also know that malicious, like the keepers have increased in numbers and in member since 2008. that's when
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barack obama became you as president, that i'm wondering how much of this is connected to, to white supremacy in to the fears of white being replaced by minorities in the united states. is that driving the surge in membership? this is actually a really difficult question that you're asking, and one that is the subject of lively debate among researchers on this field. my own view is that keepers as an organization is not organized around perceived racial identity. it is not an organization that is motivated around perceived whiteness or perceived threats to whiteness. however, it is certainly the case that people who are motivated by a perceived racial identity can find common cause, with individuals within the keepers organization and may even join themselves. the
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keepers organization is organized around a perception that government is tyrannical and the desire to push back against that proceed tyrannical government. this is something that races have also put forward in other contexts in american history. so it's certainly familiar in that sense. but i think it is overly simplistic to, to try to depict keepers as an organization, as part of a broader white supremacist movement within the us. yeah, it's fascinating what you're saying there. and i wish we had more time to talk about this more in depth. mr. jackson, but i'm sure that we will have the opportunity to talk again. sam jackson, assistant professor, professor at the university of albany and author of the book oath keeper's patriotism and the edge of violence in a right wing. anti government grew professor jackson. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. ah. when germany is joined, the list of countries reporting,
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omicron as the dominant corona virus variant. now, accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases that according to the countries disease prevention center, the robert co institute. with such a rabbit spread, the germans, health minister, is urging those not yet vaccinated to get their shots. germany saw a record number of new covered 90 cases on friday with more than 92000 infections. experts, a measure such as masks, in social distancing, have helped to contain the advance of oma kron but more may be required. now the health minister says current restrictions are preventing the worst of the 4th wave . the seal is this. the goal is to stretch out the inevitable dive and which is the increasing number of only cron cases taken and reduce it in such a way that we get through this wave with as few casualties as possible. get common . and from what we're seeing so far,
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so the action we've taken are having the desired effect to about. nevertheless, there is no reason to sound the all clear line and gland for and on. what in france, the number of code that i see you patient has fallen for the 2nd day. and that's despite a record number of infections, health officials, they're expect to see omicron cases peek in mid january. but when it comes to finding the pandemic, patient is wearing thin. this week teachers took to the streets, complaining of an un manageable burden. w corresponded christine woodward, reports aah! 70 some to whom it tastes have become part of daily life in france and testing for soon as he is are struggling to cope with the growing demand. as cases skyrocket across the country. and charles the cadell ema, it's a huge workload. we have more and lots of people coming and many of the test positive facial by got 400 people that i test there, at least at 150 positive cases to we can see it's really coming back. lamoya on
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12th, many people are showing up at official centers like this one to confirm positive results of tests taken at home. i was tested positive by on to jenny this morning about 2 hours ago, something not. and i just want to be sure that empathy did because i have no phantom nothings. so that's why i prefer to do it, be se in case that matches any was fake. actually it is, you go now, i hope the 1st test i did was a false positive because otherwise my class will be in quarantine for a week and we won't be able to go to school. that would be no fun if abroad and he got up to him. millions of children are not yet vaccinated, and schools in france have been hit, especially hard in this 5th wave. with class coaches and staff shortages as infection sprayed. on thursday, teachers walked off the job on mass over what they see is the government's failure to adopt a compare and policy for schools to manage the pandemic for success to face with
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health crisis unit specific measures to be put in place, their filtering systems, ventilation and protocols that can actually be over a month to keep to say that nothing is being done. oh okay. yeah. and if it match up, the anger is being direct said at the education minister. jean michelle belong here . who pervert outrage by saying you can't strike against a virus as that virus rages. the government is planning to tighten. covey, pos rules to further restrict access to public spaces. for those who choose not to be vaccinated, the doubts variant is still circulating within the french population, but the real reason behind the sharp rise in cases is really the only conference in health experts here say it's going to peak in the middle of january. and that, that's going to be followed by an increase in hospital admissions. the w h o says half of europe will be infected with on the chron, within the next 6 to 8 weeks. authorities in france,
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a hoping that the 30000000 booster doses already administered here will help ease the burden on the health care system. ah, the landmark ruling by a court here in germany convicting a syrian officer of war crimes has put the syrian war back in the spotlight. more than a decade after the fighting broke out. people are still being killed. many more are suffering. the city of italy near the turkish border is the only syrian city still controlled by the opposition. it was the scene of anti government protest back in 2011. that escalated into a civil war. it live remains home to more than a 1000000 people and thousands of displaced families who are dependent on food aid . many children in these families are forced to scrounge for food for survival. winter makes the search that much more difficult. rock island can hardly believe his luck. he's found an old solar heating man in the trash and thinks he can sell
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it for a good price. it's hard for the 11 year old to carry it with just one arm. 3 years ago he lost his right forearm that had to be amputated after a bomb attack. i know people to like me because i'm so dirty, petty look, i don't know the michael corona from amazon. yeah. but then whenever at least people think i've infected them every day, thousands of children scour the dumps in it live. they are society's weakest, and there's little else for them. in this crisis written region, the whole day they rummaged through the trash, looking for shoes, jackets, electronics, copper, cabling, anything they can sell with. it's the only way they can support their families, grueling work, instead of education. and wanna get an education. and i started going to school when i was a kid for 2 months now that we haven't been given any food in the camp almost. and
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it lip is the last opposition stronghold in syria, islamists control the province. despite the ceasefire, there are frequent reigns and skirmishes with the syrian army. hundreds of thousands of syrians have lost their homes in the war. they now live in 10th cities like here and murat. miss rene in the north of it live. this is where rock han lives with his family. they fled the air raids on their village near aleppo. his father was captured by syrian forces. so now we're a con has to pete his family. these chickens are all they own. so what it, while us ironing money on your own is difficult to model out that sometimes people help me carry the bags of trash. yeah. my siblings helped to widens blue some days . we find stuff explore other days. we don't want them bad. know what the known, wagner white man them, he hits off every morning,
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sometimes accompanied by his sister fuschia. the garbage dump is 5 kilometers away . when they get there, the real work begins. recon often loses out to the other kids. they are stronger than him and let him know that at the end of the day, they take whatever they've managed to find to a scrap merchant near the dump, he drives a hard bargain and very few earn much. i don't like working with trash then as well, i'd much rather go to school and learn something then. but then when i grow up i could teach others that i'd like to be a teacher. that would, that would be meaningful. what does that mean? so that is so, but that will probably remain a dream for a con and thousands of other children in it live. well the day's almost done, the conversation continues online, you'll find us on twitter, it dw,
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she can follow me if brit golf t v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see right back here on monday. have a good weekend everybody with with do you like it
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with? do you want it? okay, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and let's ride with read next on d, w a to the point to strong opinions. clear positions, international perspectives. we've seen more saber rattling, depression and kelly's in the former soviet republics of ukraine, bella rosen kaiser. stop, so does vladimir putin want to create a new post soviet order? and how should the west respond to find out on to the point? to the point in 60 minutes on d, w. o, ah,
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