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tv   Doc Film - In India Do Daughters Have a Chance  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2022 7:15pm-8:01pm CET

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you're watching, i did every news reminder now of the top story that we are covering right now. germany has joined the list of countries reporting armor prime as the dominant corona virus variant. now, accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases. as according to the countries disease prevention center, the robert cock institute and russian foreign minister sergey lab offers demanding a written response from the us and nato, till it's security demands over the alliances eastwards expansion. the call comes after a week of high level diplomacy that has produced no tangible results or essentials over russia's presence on the border of ukraine. and, well, how i can berlin. next time i would interest the global economy our portfolio d w business. beyond. here the closer look at the project,
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our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. gillis, debit head with the w business beyond on youtube. ah ah mean in the indian state of punjab, for every 1000 men, there are just 750 women. it's among the greatest demographic gender imbalances in the world. since 2003, the government has prohibited using ultrasound to determine the sex of a fetus. despite that, it's estimated that one female fetus is aborted every 22 seconds on average, totaling many 1000000 of the last 3 decades. ah, a sun is considered a blessing. where is a daughter is seen as a costly burden?
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midwife, nealon bhalla is challenging this attitude. he got to doing well yes. says area. yes. dish has gone. yes it is. and how it's a baby 11 days. you're eating normally? yes. does the baby have digestive problems? no. ah terry's village in punjab home to about 1000 people. yeah. now you're sundry. shouldn't be davy, did i ask you some that he did, he got your husband's name, deepak, coma, kill somebody. and if you say his name that alexi wives dare to that vinny, everyone should know that you've said the name of this good for nothing man. the
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let it go there for the damage all busy. not, not a lot and will effect i was just a child to le jonathan. a neighbor had terrible stomach pains, a homely gal, and an ambulance took her to the hospital, was called a believe we asked the host would emily? this was like the my legacy wasn't the minute. i was puzzled that she came back with a baby. i was with him and wondered, is how people end up getting b bills anyway. why thought doesn't a lie? although sales guys, when a good that old was catherine. i was in 7th grade at the time of it. i'm a little did a did a little demo when i was an 8th grade to other women had children and as him and i asked my mother where they came from, a lot of the old one, but tell the man to limit me, eat them. they didn't, she told me when you go to the hospital and the doctors and nurses give people baby dinner. well then from then on another i wanted to be a nurse. look, i was have it in just a mom human enough money with me here
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. oh, good rita, i'm fine. bring her to me. okay. well, i'll do blood test. the living a little lower than deloney that i've worked as a midwife for more than 30 years of the death of me that is a long time if they don't. so the 1st children i delivered already have their own kids and i delivered this whole village mother. mm hm. middle gave it off because sometimes pregnant women asked me to do an ultrasound telling whether they want to know if they're in luck or not to other than i asked them to see what's that supposed to me. and yet they say it, you know, very well what it means, see if it's a boy that's we've done our job with even the and i say, and if it's a girl, you haven't, that if you go to that the, like you will eventually move along with
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julia is a village about 200 kilometers from pottery, nearly a residence men. no girls have been born here for decades. the men here by wives from other indian state, with demographic forecasts predicted by 2025. that will be $32000000.00 single men in india. thing but i believe my eldest brother is surrender. was that then there's jo jinder and i'm red ginger. sing. i didn't a lay him isn't because he was all 3 of us are single. is gonna because there are
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only men here, let it go. there are too many, many mill worker there. yeah, it's been that way for 15 or 20 years since ultrasound tests came along. as our melanie, i wonder if they suddenly did log going to be find out it's a girl linked then they'd rather have an abortion, say let it go. it did it. those go. that's why the number of girls has fallen so drastically to get their logo. the problem is gotten worse and recent years. another saturday as a machine was there by lynette her. but we don't know if it will get better again or worse. there's no solution in sight or will that you will the law get it. my eldest son is already too old to marry, but the middle one should marry and the youngest dan, 2 lovers get a good idea. but you are both of those who marry can start a family and have
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a future order because the others don't belong. i will let everyone know that they're outsiders to society, both faithfully that they are. that's the way it is here. ah. with so few women in this village, many of the men here are lonely and have given up hope. ah. hardly available. on the television. when a good time lydia, i like sitting under this tree in the shade ha, benefit to say look bad though gallows but that there was no longer it's a godly place, a magical spot for us all here. something other than
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i sit here and dream of marrying and starting my own family again there i did, but a lot of other day let a lot of it. i guess i dreamed that my brothers and i will continue our family line of the mary lynette. i buy it saturday, a teddy within the game. what more can i wish for than ensuring the name of my father lives on and isn't forgotten it? that's all i want was allowed in one with the lord in london without the money. this them, everything in my dream revolves around marriage is and how else will my family name be passed on? yeah, that was no. there was i'm sudden it did of had my father's name will probably disappear and that worries me isn't the door doesn't close. thought they ah does do let me make this sweet little and help me with the house work and the city that keeps you fet. via the t. then you can so take the vegetables, somebody's already in the lum is making
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a house cool to one of her patients, ranch me for the garage. me is 10 months in you'll yeah. any. are you quickly out of breath? well, no hospital that you went to the hospital for an exam. everything. okay. yes. the ismay, i've got to take care of yourself and listen closely within each of the hospital reports. as you have follow amniotic fluid and the baby's position isn't optimal about them is damn aside with a gas look after your daughter in law. don't don't let her squat when she's doing housework. yo and she can't do heavy lifting. holy delanie and no climbing stairs. bola cassandra find that a lot in the back me then i better knew about it like omni, got an older gotten than because of the baby's position. she should sleep with her legs elevated. he will slip and take her for another check up with you and i'll give that a kid up at a home on a school op igloo daughter jacqueline. i'm a little odd but i didn't know. you must take care of yourself yourself or go for a walk everyday and stick to your diet bin and come for another exam. and don't forget the 2 red pills, county muslim world, dana, a toe. it,
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it is. you are responsible for your wife. pay attention to her mother nick, yahoo! what are you hoping for? the gala de la son in law got the holy about them, done. what did avenue? oh god, what so good about a boy? a son would pass on my name and legacy a while ago in the oven. they were talking about because indira gandhi didn't have any brothers and her name is known worldwide had the me, i'm and i'm glad you should be happy to see your child. when you come home from work, regardless if it's a boy or a girl, we normally did a lot. the main thing is that the baby as healthy, i'm not able to do all day with me. i don't want to hear it any more. i'm just thank god for a healthy child that i'm meeting with them on amazon but in love a typically. ready entity bending my niece persona is wonderful and i got, she's different from other girls today as, as see goldman but equity is i'm paying for her education as if she were my own daughter. literally every method and i have made it clear that she better not waste
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my money and i'm going to go to school at the moment. she's promised to work hard the best i love of all of the she's studying to become a nurse and a midwife. and i'm paying for her training of one is that like a very low voice cherished and placed on pedestals. while women and girls face enormous society pressure body i id. ah, jo gallo doesn't go to law on the ultrasound from yesterday. we can see that luncheon . he has a play center that's very low down and she's passed her today. i don't know. and what makes things even more difficult is that she has to little amniotic fluid got
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to we're trying to deliver normally as to risky piano. there's a danger of heavy bleeding. if the baby were to go through the birth canal called dallas, and linda got that all xander. they're dig of it. do you feel okay, don't worry. yes. i am the dividend that will fill out this form and transfer her chinney to a bigger hospital. what else? okay, either to get the oil on, she'll have a c section, but don't worry on the quizzes, it'll be fine that they occur either today or not. i but i will take good care of mother and child to leave. no need to be afraid of going. yes. i've wondered why doesn't anyone pick up when i call an ambulance? although it lab? yes, it will send an ambulance immediately yellow. guess. okay, the patient's name is rodney, the wife of marriage, name. why was needed let's go. ah,
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the middle of william, the hospital, an umbrella is 30 kilometers away. but it's better for roger, the to not take any risk. ah, sure, look, i'm good. no, dimly, when my patients are doing well than i'm happy to have them on board with helping bring a child into the world. is that a pinnacle of happiness? ah, it's quite a while to get a clouds. bless to you with a child after 5 years he give it to you. okay. my dear fellow, the other day you have a son who take care of your child and yourself. deal down like an up or down like on a coil than gilligan. mm. watson
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. gov, i'm happy when someone has a baby. i'd imagine though a love so very happy suddenly even a morbid to that. i pray that god gives every one children with a marble. mm. ah. a might have been him a good we're. we're in monga for del ma'am. by this i was 22 when i came here has been a very shy and newly married because it was i tell that i have the 1st years of my marriage. we're happy mental i got pregnant after 4 or 5 years. celia bonus, but i had a miscarriage. lesser the doctor said i couldn't have any more children of it, but i gradually sat every last straw, any money. it was god's holy holy up was there it is. the relationship between me and my husband got worse and worse. we fought to lot. i'm coming to america at some point i just gave up and he married some one else on that one of the deborah,
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he's happy with his life. as i am with mine, little material, he has 2 children now in the middle and i have a whole village that loves and respects me a little bit. i'm doing just fine inability, as i look. ringback back in the village of mostly men, the mother of the 3 brothers tells of her sorrow. blood i got married at 12 or 13. he loved, i'd like a good and nice daughter in law, who would take on the housework are gone good. i see that would be nice gillard giggle, used to throw baby girls in garbage cans, let le, because they feared the girls would later be raped. no, you will probably be a good day to day they get aboard it didn't. no girls have been born here for decades. the limbic r level community you've got the men are starting to
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buy wives teeth. they wouldn't have to do that. you know, if there were women here on the, on a garden, the situation is so bad that all we can do now is save our family name. i told my sons, they should buy a wife, but they don't want to. yeah. yeah, they're worried about what people would say we litigate what our name must be carried on and even though to keep a foreign girl would get used to it here eventually it article, but my sons are resisting, but even though i would be okay with it and you got the only thing you like. but india's friend rodge is married to a woman's and belly many lives, colombia, my wife is called pinky, and i'm from danny eliza bank latha, and class. she went to school until the 10th grade,
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called in gilbert loa i'm 20 by saint gala. now she's 20 dead laria. are you in the state of her yana? there aren't any women at it. what else can we do except look for women from somewhere else to marry? i looked and looked until i was fed out in my way, i don't like to take the law better. law mike, up then, my uncle, who married in delhi, told me he knew a matchmaker. the he contacted him and asked me to send a photo of myself on the window. as i said, gales play, he said there were good girls, and he would see what he could do. i sent my picture via cellphone, and they negotiated a little middle. the mail read am isaac above ione knology than my grandfather, and i drove there to meet the girls killed mitty lad. and i asked the other day they, when i saw pinky for the 1st time, i said yes, right away is never there committed this kind of dia, she's the right size,
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and she's nice it when they go that route. after a month i got a call and if you want to get married, come tomorrow. that was i told my family were going to delia. if you like pinky say yes. if you don't say no, but everyone was happy and we got married till at the yesterday. i just kind of theater. a lot of people in the month our as up by the name on those. how do that? let somebody, you'll always get criticized. no matter what you do, really, but it's your life to lead. make any of the letter. june of edward. hey man, it's your turn. i it's a lot to me. it was ish, them what is done yet and don't worry about what society says that this is how the world works. someone will always be whining about it, but who cares about it?
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and the only one got every one is looking for a wife from somewhere else. ah, but not if he were in india or a baby girl, seen his burdens in don ha daughters a reason to celebrate the people in this remote village in the states of b ha, have carried on a very special tradition for centuries. ah, ah, that's what we're gonna do. you want to hold your seedling and look up here all that i will with helen by with
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like a give me some soil. i did put it standing. could you the pills had a bit more soil so doesn't tip over them. now take good care of it with every time a girl is born, the family spread sandlewood, priced on her forehead and pounds a tree called the daughter tree. ah mab, today we're celebrating my daughter's birthday beat him to mark the occasion though we've planted 10 trees above john miller, 2 in front of my house and the rest and the garden la. i'm so happy to have a daughter at the by the a girl always brings good luck. oh, thing that took the had analysis and ha, ha ha. see things differently than people in other than the girls i seen as a burden? i think it's you let the burger and don't even have to write to nancy ludgate
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though, would you deny you somebody goes well and i like watching me. ah, they did to loves me. here girls are considered the incarnation of the goddess. let me, he brings prosperity. he loves me. we won't go whilst boys and girls are something special to us. my mother ah! the harvest from the trees is sold and the money's invested in the girl's future. ah, ah, i can do a name for us. women are goddesses, locally wouldn't in there. never a bird who i bought a hat with
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tamika, my plant, a mango seed like an empty garden let out at that big business. cuz he has he take any for me, water it regularly and care for it on up by that that was made so that it grows into a healthy tree that produces lots of fruit to have. i'm don't, i didn't, they gave me that dam. mm. starting with all your boss on that them up in the 1st 4 years i earn about $1000.00 rupees per tree. it's been a bad out of it. i've got an after 510 or 20 years. however, we earn a lot more, it would be 10 year old tree will bring in about $5000.00 rupees per year. at least i can tell you that. usually it's a lot more to know that that with the fact that i, you so don't say dependent any like either one don't go. besides, we put the money, the tree yields towards school fees, and the wedding ios had the back of the amp was wanting buy back.
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ah nina was a new patient mancha good . have you eaten early? yes. do you want to risk ghastly section on me? my mother gives it to me some time if lamina will end with him and i've already told you not to eat key during the pregnancy. don't about it because when your blood pressure goes up, the chances of a normal birth go down or to look it up, going to be live and a can hurt the baby even on. but anyway, i looked, i mean, look and i will that, that all of this is your 5th pregnancy. yes. me just to get a boy linoleum and we need a boy. he was alphabetical. why does it have
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to be a boy? who did as ivy litigate the only one of the girls move away at some point. so when i leave, we need to point to take care of the house is a go on as either a guy with a little bit, but you already have one will go, but we have to take care of him. that whole thing. what's wrong with him with the relate he 7 and can't walk yet. they got any, as he disabled dungee with the yes. and he can't feed himself either law because his crazy little cobbler. so that's why it's easily old and he needs diapers. letting was all about how many children, 2 girls and boys say, just one hello, does your husband have brothers? no he or they were little given that your husband is an only son and your only son is disabled. yeah, politically handy comedy. and this time is about the this time god will bless us on a rod saying so of course he had a bit of a one up j i. b, i'm praying for
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a healthy boy. like everyone else's took me sunday true. but god decides laundry. lovely. and yes, everyone says you should have at least one boiler because of give us we already had a delay of the money. people say a lot of things made, but i'm often asked why i don't have children with you should do what's best for you. others in the ladies cough it though with the getting the every hell mind for the hell don't listen to them. tell me if you paid attention to gossip, you'd think our only purpose in life is to have kids that were baby machines that are kept in the house until we're too old to get pregnant. top of it, honey. little on up is swam, but we all hope that god hears your prayers with. i'll pray to god that he bless his he with the best a to that was at the one that he helps you through the birth, maybe citizen to that. but i hope your child will be healthy and 3 that your wishes fulfilled and you get a boy guilty. what the hell, but don't pay attention to be others then easy, but the lung, him up locally, son, data, societal expectations need of reassessment. neil m:
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those that education is the way to prompt, won a lot of the what are you up to? nothing dilemma have the are you on what's out before we put that away? i got okay. this is a 2 minute 1000000 that where's your birthday? i'm taking a break, i get my books right here and i thought about it. so you got how it work. it was how name under the but i was studying him and doesn't look. he bought it. what did you learn? what i meant and show me a body, explain what you learned as another man, you'll never get this time back a lot on religion. these in about life isn't about what's on whatsapp. awesome. okay. there's plenty of time for fun, food in games, but now you study than what i've been up. don't you get it with an education is vital the dang of you know a lot and to have a family later on with your children will benefit from your education to other name was will doug got update? miss belinda? when was this, let me see, is it a plus i'm talking or a heart or something?
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get hard and then listen to it, but then in this ethical but then about to leave a little cold in the umbilical cord here. and then i'll do this for you. sometime the post center doesn't come out on its own, gave it to you, and that's called a retained placenta. there wasn't that. and then when that happens in the uterus contract, because you have to pay extra close attention. it costs them some time pressure on the bladder causes the placenta not to be expelled. so the insert a catheter to empty or, and from the bladder. and then you can put a little bit of pressure on the abdominal wall from above or below, but you should never push too hard in the placenta or use loss of force to pull it out. and otherwise the woman can tear, which could lead to severe bleeding into the mother could even die. it could check your liver to go to this, i don't believe because that was, that would be let me know. i'm going downstairs and i'll tell you for the last time
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you should study, i don't come down to dinner after or keep studying. if i see that you've been on, what are some fellow give me your phone number for me and the lead. i'll shut it off, handed over, nick, i really won't use it. i'm supposed to believe that. ah, don't cause any trouble again today. pneumonia was a long day fill. why, what happened in the morning? remember that pregnant women, i told you about the news. i visited her and there were 12 women at her house. although i said, whenever it is a child is always something good. and again, my son of you know what they replied to tell ya did on the 1st child must be a boy told what already to now get. and i said, why, why, if you only want to boys still have the girls in one another, maybe does one, how are we supposed to survive without girls?
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one of other lemon mina, totally out of the allotted. i was thinking of the me that he telling me how would life work without women? you will fit. why do you get involved and just let it go. don't handle regular learn. i can't help a fight. you're like a daughter to me, right? well, with the, with the medically and the guy should have been a boy to medical 90 days for delivery though he didn't like that. so not so good about boys. the need of when i come home, you make me tea, cook a meal and take care of me. if you were a boy, it probably wouldn't be like that when he looked even done. i know that when i come home, you're there to help me make meals in the laundry on. everything is done. got him in the welcome layer that people talk because there's no man in our family that i always say, it doesn't matter. i've got my auntie that they think the head of the family has to be a man. i think i tell them my auntie isn't just the head of the household. she takes care of everything else to like a name and decided i'm internet. he. what's the level of the little the new knew
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the song. you are my son. you are my daughter. although that's the way i see it. tenderly he made it. don't listen to the others. some of the leading your own thing may wasn't blame luckily, but it themis telling me that he was there you go to that will do was you will come here with me. i love you. and i love you more than any sign of the element in any la either. that's for sure. could you make me a t, please? sure. no he made up with me though he may be beany. let good and maybe you could, you could hear me. the next morning neela must meet with the village elders. an answer that questions
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a fuse aggravate and fuel their anxieties. a hello everyone. are you all? well people? yes. doing well. i think you're not going to say hello to us. hello is with me and then i'm you've been working in our village for a long time, nila, on for 34 years that they jumped out. they don't kick any of the logo. all right, so why are you still meddling and business that isn't yours by telling people whether they should have a boy or a girl? yeah, medical. if you are probably who says i'm meddling, that's what i hear. meddled that will get deal could be regardless of a woman as expecting a boy or a girl. what a mother i always say that the health of the mother and the child is top priority was give everything else. the secondary it is that wrong. many people try to bribe me with thousands of rupees,
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give you all claim i meddling in your lives. but in reality, you are meddling. and hassling me with your bribes. and obviously that van made it was a love, a bride powwow. i'll give you mine a legal ultrasound to know up with can you blame them? what a girl cautious. lots of money boys do to they deny them. it was jim otherwise about the money i'm no longer not allowed to call this a lot of the by the what we have to pay the gallery. but in for that, the due date. but you get it back with a daughter in law when anyone them up within a flip bag. why do you accept the dowry? you could turn it down. we don't have to carry on this tradition forever. what is this about them? if a girl goes to school and work it out of who cooks, what if your daughter in law had a job that kind of should do it afterwards? they need to know how to do something like that. but let's say your son is engaged with someone who's studied and works as a teacher, but if you have, are you going to oppose that and say, well, i need somebody who can bake my bread to let the dog log on without database. i was
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not going to do, i wouldn't get the yet if somebody went to david david of the money label them as soon as she gets home she can start making the meal a. ringback that's our problem. yurgeet girls are a burden while boys give us status. i know middle class families who have left the hospital crying after the birth of a girl because they think they've lost everything again, let it wasn't. i am on the money. give about the love bird baby. girls are a big worry for their parents. that doesn't like it hurts us when they cause a scandal and don't want to marry the man that we've chosen full them, getting ghost, i'm bigger, getting them all the different. but that sort of disobedience, you can kill your adult daughter, but why do you have to kill them before they are even born? i didn't say anything about killing myself, but i'm talking about murder murdering the unborn. and nobody wanted obama listen to me. 10 of $100.00 girls, maybe just to will go wrong. i've been getting it minutes. i'm in that again
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douglas about him. i don't want to get it out. i've been going. let's go into the office in the office. man. if i'm please understand, ma'am, to leave them when they should decide what they want to keep, maybe a boy or a girl or to get up. now that i'm going to look at gender shown into player roll, let y'all get me mother know that he just got the one times the mother in law and the mother and son argue about how to handle things. if the girl get on it and then they come to me asking if it's a boy or a girl, i will send it back to alter sound exams were legal. we'd carry them out. i see because i used to do them before level to do. i did many ultrasounds and performed abortion they will, i will love it, but i only help those that had lots of daughters. well i do that. otherwise. i
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think it said yes. i did alter sounds to me. i think i won't deny it. then there was this one day i had agreed to do an ultrasound exam, and after that, everything was different. i'm going to go and, and since then i haven't performed another abortion. and 25 years ago. she glanced bolton, little admitted. indeed, mad there's something really got under my skin and taunts me to this day. it's stuck with me and just to be on the limit of this woman didn't know she was pregnant until 4 months in the globe. her periods were irregular on the loo fees, or just the, let me know if that was something, you know, but other than that, and there had been a death in the family. and she was at the start of the 1st month. but she wanted an
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abortion to let me know. again, i tried to make it clear to her that it was too late when they complete that she and her husband was wanting to get off the phone. they had to have an abortion in a little bit. well, it's a little bit more than one and then when it was over, i decided never to do another one again under the washer. and i won't do ultrasounds either to find out if it's a boy or girl. well, she's not sending. she's the only plan that has been getting in there watching the med, they can be just wanted to adopt. the girl said, i let the parents have an abortion, and i still cry about this baby to baby survive to the birth de la gilbert to lighten wanted to cry out, but couldn't open its mouth light. by the way, when i felt the girl's heart felt as if she were saying, please take a look, took in it,
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but there was nothing i could do with the little girl powerless. looking most nichols and i'm going to school did i wish that i could have saved her with those, but i didn't do anything though. none of them are new and that's what drives me all the but i couldn't do anything then so but i can today what to do. but i have to admit, i got a mirror going on a minute. let me let me main cut doesn't have much time left to pray before she can spurn. as soon as she goes into labor, she's rushed to the closest hospital. ah! ah! neil em rides behind the ambulance. she'll assist at the bus
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with bankers and i'm at don't worry, i'm here gonna deliver them. don't be afraid. it will all be fine. milton done away with people. it was because people go along with me when it's time to push as hard as you can. but i'm one of them with that. okay, now bush. that's good. very good with
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push help us with that bush as hard as you can. very good push as much as you can. very good with ah, let it move in a
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home. let me take a year, my dear, you're the better. there's your boy. he's healthy. oh let available. you let them up as long as your child is healthy, all as well. but the timothy lay model them in name is exhausted, but happy. menke has greatest wishes come true. she's given birth to a healthy son. ah . if every family in india observed the customer planting a daughter tree, perhaps she would bring an end to the warrior. placing villages, with practically no women,
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there would be hope. the brighter future if girls were no longer seen as burdens. ah, it's a big bay. there's a wedding in dora. the whole village is invited thanks to the mango trees, and the fruit they bore. ah, ah! despair still shroud this village of men, weddings, or something they can only dream off. loneliness and resignation, dominate the days of the 3 brothers. from sunrise until deep in the night. ah
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nila meanwhile is planning for her return. i give it to you, god bless you though. may you have a long life in? ah, an element midville. i'll retire in a few months. i'm happy with the law because i'm fortunate enough to get a pension there. but i worked in this profession for over 3 decades in the local shit, although it doesn't feel like work to me is. i'm at home here to this. i'll go that a lot of these are all my children, a brother, a media may have had a bomb, went to the can it work is secret were nothing without work. i live a matter. what else are we supposed to do with the cooking and washing up in laundry? we have to do all that, no matter what it can be implemented,
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but there's nothing more rewarding than work. but i'll leave the i'll work for as long as i can. come up with that it and then when i finally do slow down and dress timely though, but i would like it if someone for my family took over my work and it would in and i already know who that's going to be. whether it be tiffany. ah oh africa, natural cooling without moving the environment and what the sophisticated design
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egyptian army integra alba to t has been focusing on green and affordable housing with to whether the harsh desert climate pico africa in 30 minutes on d w. ah. oh, how many push it out in the world right now? climate change, if any, off the story. this is my place, the way home just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with it subscribe or more with
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this is the w news live or from berlin. tonight, fears that moscow is creating a crisis to justify an invasion of ukraine. washington claims that russia is preparing a false flag operation becomes.


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