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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:14pm CET

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mr. insist government measures are paying off preventing the current wave from being awful lot worse and a nother twist in the new york of each saga. australian government cancels his visa for 2nd time. the 10 star is now fighting deportation. days before the australian open is due to be here. ah. online. ok, thank you very much for joining us. russia has ups the pressure on western powers in a diplomatic showdown over ukraine. a week of diplomacy has failed to achieve or break through the kremlin once to were hauled nato's eastward enlargement and is seeking a written response to its security demands by next week. but the west is refusing to budge, and so the kremlin is keeping its troops in place on the ukrainian border.
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russian sniper is ready for action near the ukrainian border. just some of the military exercises being carried out by moscow, as it continues to threaten its neighbour. russian troops have been massing along the border for weeks, has tensions between the 2 nations grow. the satellite images taken at the beginning of december had already stoked fears that moscow was planning to invade ukraine. over the last few days, there's been a flurry of diplomatic activity as the u. s. nato and the e u. each tries to avert a war. but so far it appears to have come to nothing. cities, oliver, it was obvious from the beginning that the position of russia was unacceptable. it
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is not take a diplomacy genius to realised that russia's proposals were difficult to accept for the western world. going among the kremlin says it's defending itself, and it wants guarantees that nato won't expand its military alliance eastwards. but it's also warned, it won't hang around. we have reasons to believe that our partners of understood the necessity to react quickly precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever foot. of course, there are plans to drug it on and on. switches to things have already been dragging on since rushes annexation of crimea. in 2014 keith's army has been fighting pro kremlin separatists in houston,
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ukraine for those ukrainians. living close to the russian border talks seem futile. so, so listen, i see no reason to negotiate with russia, the aggressive country with those people who fight against us. now, i can't see anything positive in this. when you needed a positive all it. as the russian build up of troops continues, it still looks like there's no real sign, a compromise can be reached. let's say get you more analysis now. did your chief international affairs editor richard walker joins us now? richard, were these talks doomed from the get go? what layla and i don't think so. i mean, we've had a really intense weak of diplomacy, but it was never really to be expected that you would have some kind of massive breakthrough after these initial meetings. we, if we pull back and have
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a look at what we have here, as we saw in the report earlier, we've had russia massing troops alongside the border with ukraine. then kind of pinning the presence of those troops on the border to a set of demands making that it's making to the west, which would really kind of re architect the entire security setup of europe. trying to make demands, such as that nato not expand any further to the east or to rule out forever, ukraine joining nato. now this is an incredibly difficult thing for nato to consider. essentially, it crosses a red line because one of the principles of nato, as an alliance of democracies, is that every sovereign state has the right to choose its own alliances. so these are the kind of positions that went into this week of diplomacy across the table for each other. it from each other in all of these different settings. you have the us and russia bilaterally meeting and geneva, you had nato and russia. and also this, this grouping,
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the organization for security and cooperation, your of the o. s. e and russia, as well during the course of the week. so essentially what we have in the end of the week is both sides sort of having set out their stores. the russians making these very, very major demands the west by large, staying very united, in rejecting those both sides now essentially going back home with some thinking to do with some thinking to do in the mean time, richard, germany is foreign minister will travel to moscow. i understand for talks on you create, what could she possibly hope to achieve? yeah, that's right. so anna, lena bear, bog, germany's new foreign minister will be not just going to moscow, but also going to key of to ukraine itself. partly to present herself as the formulas. so, but of course, this crisis is going to be absolutely top of the agenda. now there's one thing that the germans really want to achieve, and that is to get to revive one of the diplomatic for formats which had
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essentially almost died towards the end of last year, which is called the normandy format. and that is having the french, the germans, the russians, and the ukrainians all around the table as a means of trying to, to find solutions to the conflict over ukraine. now, the germs of the french are very keen to get this back up and running again. but we've also just heard from the ukrainians today that they want to start up talks between the ukrainians, the russians, and the americans. so we could have a certain matter of confusion about what is really the forum to try and make progress in this, in the weeks and months ahead. in a few words, if you can. i mean, is it with the rhetoric being so amped up at times and, you know, talk about ultimatums and non starters. how difficult will it be to walk back from these respective positions in the weeks to come and avoid a possible military conflict? we're, it's, it's definitely going to be tough layla. when we look at these,
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these demands that the russians have made for vladimir putin in particular to make these demands public. and then to walk back from them without losing face is going to be difficult. but that's going to be the us with diplomacy in the weeks ahead for the west to try to persuade him to do exactly that. i did every chief international affairs editor, richard walker. thank you very much. richard. germany saw a record number of new cove in 19 cases on friday with more than 92000 infections is joined. the list of countries reporting armor chron as the dominant corona virus variant. now, accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases. with so many new infections demand has jumped for p. c r testing. by getting a test and be a long wait. these people are waiting to access one of berlin's 11 senate funded test centers. the only place is in the german capital where people can get a free p, c r test, under certain conditions. the high risk of infection warning on their so called
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corona up a positive for api test. or if they've been formerly identified as a contact person of someone infected indies, q, most people i infected, but most of them are so vaccinated and show little to no symptoms. the i can, i had a robot only on my cobit app and my girlfriend tested positive i'm vaccinated and got the booster. but of course i'm worried. i think the berlin city government is not prepared for the current, steep rise in infections and they could of course, open more tests centers on the kinetic method sent in the afternoon. we had lunch, we got a quick test from the pharmacy that was positive to switch both vaccinated by the but i wasn't due for my 2nd job and in next week and your trouble, gus and i had a positive test yesterday there. wait, your is way too long. it should go much quicker. nowadays, everything should go away quicker in this entire queue where people say for 12 hours, i'm really not happy about
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a service from this new swisher. the center alone is doing over 800 tests a day that are other ways to get tested in private facilities here. dar neither accuse no waiting time. if you're willing to pay for it. he la bought it from the cover to take the, the laboratories only have a certain capacity of do our best to work with them. if it is arguable men the moment it's quiet, could you wiggle him? yes, of course it's january, but there will certainly be spikes. again, in february, he'll be during the winter break or during the easter holidays worth of hearing or through those sam will surely be difficult again, heard really ruin. despite the situation, the government is confident that it's handling dekaiser swell and better than other countries. info glass. so field and compared to many other european countries, the p c r testing capacity in germany is rather high, in my opinion,
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we have no shortages here in that regard. of course, we're now in a situation where we're approaching the systems full capacity will be on the far lust, the sustain son braden with infections to you to the army crown, a very hands on the rise. germany is bracing again for challenging weeks ahead. let's get you up to speed now with some of the other stories in the headlines right now. the office of british prime minister boys johnson has apologized to the royal family after revelations of more staff parties, while the country was under lockdown. mister johnson is facing growing pressure to resign over the events which are under investigation is emerged to gatherings took place last april on the night before the funeral. the queen's husband, prince philip, north korea says it has fire to short range ballistic missiles into the sea is the country's 3rd missile test this month, john yang said it was exercising legitimate self defense. after the u. s. announced
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it was imposing new sanctions. north korea's neighbors, including japan, have condemned the latest missiles. protests against denisia as president. i said to have been met with water cannon and arrests by the police. demonstrated the demonstrations rather took place in defiance of the government's cove 19 restrictions. protesters are angry over the president, suspension of parliament and attempts to rewrite the constitution, which they say amounts to a coup. they are sailing. guzman has canceled novak jack of the chest visa for a 2nd time. the tennis world number one is due to be taken into the custody of immigration officials in a matter of hours. his pursuits of a record breaking 20 for his grand slam title. now hang on a last ditch court appeal. just days before he's a striding open title defense was due to begin novick, jock of it's trained on center court,
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still waiting for the australian government's decision. it came late in the day in australia and landed with seismic impact. this trailing minister for immigration, alex hawk cancelled mister jack witcher's visa on health and good order grounds. and on the basis he concluded it was in the public interest to do so. it's now unclear whether this was no, vic, jock, of which his last appearance on center court in melbourne this year. that will be established when an appeal against his 2nd visa cancellation lance, back in the legal court on sunday. before that he will be taken into some form of detention by a strengthen border force. officials. however, the judge and respective lawyers interpret the use of legal language in melbourne on the streets of belgrade. the people's judgment is clear. of all did on, i'm disgusted and angry because i did not expect that they would treat the best tennis player like this. i think he did not deserve this the near the forger talk
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on it. oh, he serves australia no longer exists. if you have a cousin or a brother that you should just forget about them. and so a drama for the ages continues in melbourne. the final chapter of a legal fight that may shape sporting history. before i let you go, we have these pictures for you some rare snow. leopards, conservationists say they were recorded as part of a year long observation project and tibet. in addition to the snow leopard cameras also confirmed the presence of another endangered species alive and well in their natural mountain habitat. you want to get every news. reminder of the top story that we are covering right now russian foreign minister sergey elaborate is demanding a written response from the us and nato, to its security demands over the alliances eastwards expansion. the call comes after a week of high level diplomacy that has produced no results or ease tensions over
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russia's presence on the border with ukraine. they're wanting to renew is coming up next and he w. news asia, a court in india quits a catholic, bishop accused of raping and not in a case this drawn huge attention over allegations of sexual harassment in the church. that story and all that more coming right up any w h. i see at the top of the ah, the.


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