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tv   In Good Shape - When your home makes you sick  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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download it now. i closely. ah. listen carefully. don't know how you live to the girl. ah, you the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, a recent study showed 85 percent of the world's population things having a clean home is important, though there's a lot of cleaning going on. youtube is full of tips on how to bring out the sparkle
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in your home. often with modern cleaning agents in a global study, 3 quarters of those asked swore by these chemical power houses. but over time, aggressive keening agents attack are respiratory systems and they're not the only threat in the air. welcome to in good shape. the health show on d. w. in the course of a lifetime, 350 tons of air pass through our lungs. we also inhale all the pollutants contained in that air, outside. it's the emissions from industry and traffic that affect our health. but in the home, other dangers lurk traditional cooking with wood or cow dung poisoned the air as much as the smoke of 400 cigarettes. the world house organization says 3800000
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people die every year from the effects of using those cooking fuels. but the air in modern houses isn't clean either toxic fumes that hall my lungs may be released by insulation, floorboards, furniture or cleaning agents. the groove and family recently bought new furniture and has had problems with it ever since tish the table was extremely smelly. even the box smell horrible from wharton. o is have the guns. the whole apartment smelled. if he left the door open 2 of us against a crystal man, my furniture still stinks that us cannot tomorrow. and of course, since its furniture in the kids room, i wonder what's that like health wise for the kids? food asking the parents are unsettled. what if there is something dangerous floating in the air they breathe? they spend 2 thirds of the day in their apartment. the goof and family called in an
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expert christian take it out, is a chemist and indoor air expert. he immediately gets started with his investigation . a 1st impression becomes a hunch of apple. yeah. then he discovers the furniture's unprotected particle board. that that could mean the dresser is new, right? the bed too that you probably bought the laminate recently too. right? alice alice. and for guzman, gustavo, china, you know, it could be formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a pungent smelling gas. you find it in cigarette smoke and disinfectant. there could actually be from aldehyde him him to not simone. do the chemicals from laminate or furniture off gas into the indoor air. the expert gets to the bottom of
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it. i'm going to set up my device so we can measure the formaldehyde in here. and for my, regarding the wrong of medicine from the amount of a pollutant in the air, determines whether it's harmful to a person's health. but the effect of those pollutants indoors is different for each individual because everyone has different reactions to them. in higher concentrations, formaldehyde can lead to allergies and headaches, irritate mucous membranes, and even caused cancer. furniture and floors are not the only sources of indoor pollutants, even seemingly harmless items release chemicals into the indoor air, nail polish nail polish remover. a lot of cosmetics have acetone in them, among other things on an answer, john is a very strong solvent that makes it so popular and for these centered sticks. doorstep him while these are solids, these are volatile,
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organic compounds. they irritate mucous membranes, laken cause headaches. this is hazardous waste, please don't buy anything like this anymore. and in the interest of the children don't pull indoor air with solven's. new shoes or cleaning agents can also in that solvents some substances interact with each other and become a toxic cocktail that can be very harmful to one's health. the expert also measures the proportion of solvents in the rooms air using modern technology. but cust antigua has brought along another sleuth, fornia. my plan is i'm going to search key rooms in your apartment with the mold sniffing dog you. and then i can give you more information about whether you have hidden mold damage associated with the musty smell. if we breathe in
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mold spores, it can trigger allergies irritate our respiratory tract and even damage the lungs. so runyan has a big responsibility. the grievance had water damage in their bathroom 3 years ago . they thought the affected areas dried well, but was it well enough? one, yeah, doesn't miss a thing m 11, you didn't find anything, just a negligible amount around the bathtub. the drain in the bath tub is often dry and has a musty smell. she indicated the washing machine, but these are all levels that we can tolerate. will give the all clear about the mold and musty smells, so there's nothing there, good job. and it was 2 weeks later, the results of the indoor air measurements are in formaldehyde was indeed detected in the children's room, but the concentration is low. nevertheless,
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our expert advises the cubans not to buy any more new furniture for the time being offered to whom the smooth, this right was indian of the 2nd tip i can give, which is quite an important one is to ventilate my. with the formula is to air the room out or the quick intense burst. when you 1st come home, you opened the windows, then opened the balcony doors to form a little draft that will clear out any bad air that accumulated during the morning . from either come, those who are particularly sent should buy furniture and clothing, 2nd hand, and use cleaning products and cosmetics sparingly, bustos and anything that lim, teens are necessary. chemicals like these fragrance sticks and the like. i don't even buy those products anymore. mm hm. because ultimately, it's about the sum of all the harmful substances in our indoor air. and it's some that we can influence ourselves with tiny,
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supposes molding can be found in the air almost everywhere. they only become visible when they find the right breeding ground, to settle on where they can build sinclair, my celia. they in turn make new spools which are then released into the air. some molds are used in food production. they needed to kill a cheese variety of light, come and bear, for example. other than that mouldy food is unhealthy and shouldn't be eaten because most moulds are poisonous. sometimes mode appears on ceilings and walls and is difficult to get rid of moral, not in today's in to be an uninvited ugly guest that loves to set up shop in the corners and on the window sills of your home. macbeth crow. every bear bear it and i'm enough in cow to vault anon has over 10 years experience researching how fungal spores fester inside buildings. basically, if you have a water demetrius in the buildings or on, or you produce
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a lot of moist air in the building and then you might soon out later get also somehow 1st barely visible. the mold will multiply to form larger black patches, unpleasant and unsightly, but just how big a health risk does mold pose. molar is an important part of our ecosystems. and therefore also basically, i'm everywhere also in our indoor air because always find some small concentrations of more sport whether they become a health risk. it depends on different aspects. so how big is the mode infestation? how long is the time spent in mall the indoors? and how sensitive are the people? so what causes mold when moist air comes into contact with a cold surface,
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the moisture forms into condensation. an ideal breeding ground for fungal spores. once they've settled on the surfaces, they grow rapidly with potentially dangerous consequences for our health, damp air and moly, in though it's associated with different kinds of diseases off the respiratory system such a school or we need to use and us mom. but they're also on specific symptoms that come up, you are by people that are in moly, in dos. these can be more receptive or allergic background. where is mold most common motor prefers at dump and also quite warm. so it might be possible that you have more more problems in regions or areas where you have a high air,
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moister. however, it depends also on the sensitivity of the people how they react. so we also have a different kind of reactions, sensitivities, the bathroom is damp, and condensation is fairly prevalent in the kitchen to which is why frequent airing is crucial. ideally once every hour. ah, but what options are there when the mold is already present? you already have more work to earn in your home. you can just remove the smallest things by yourself if you are her healthy person and don't belong to a risk called y asthmatic people. or however, if you have a bigger stains or you see that the more is not only on the surface, then you shouldn't or remove it by yourself. then you should affect an expert to,
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to prevent mold from developing in the 1st place. make sure you let out the moisture in your apartment several times a day. in warm and humid regions. it's best to do that in the evening and during cold months. keep your home nice and warm. not every home as mold, but there's no way to get around dust around 6 milligrams of dust fall on to every square meter of our homes every day. after a week it gets to be so much that we can finally see it. this is what dust looks like under the microscope. it's a veritable cocktail of substances. a stephanie let full explain. he specializes in environmental medicine. doesn't cause it some. it's a collection of organic and non organic particles, sion for one thing. the human body produces dawson mutually tiny flakes of skin that the body shared. so as well as hair. it could also be carpet fibers. it can be
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abrasion from a stone floor whose is it can be tire. abrasion from trapper or residue from a fire is cons i from up sleep function. so it's any number of things, but in order to put doctor as it scans, few, she dust is mostly not bad for your health, but some people have an allergic reaction to the pollen or the dust mites contained in the household dust that can cause watery or itchy eyes and in severe cases, even shortness of breath or asthma disc, i has a dust allergies. she was diagnosed with that a year ago. the 5 year old is one of 60000000 people who suffer from dust, allergies in europe alone. the cause of the dust allergy as the tiny dust might which lip some feeds on dust in our homes. the allergic response happens when we inhale the might species up to 10000000 mites can live in
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a single bad dr. stefan shy, she explains why the tiny creatures like bad so much does better has been the better so attractive for the dust mites because a their main source of food are dead, skin can be found there and be the environment is so good would be is often 1000000 regards caught on the bed is warm and it has a certain basic moisture because we're sweating into it constantly. right. and it's an excellent environment for the mites to feel at home in on doses on does her for the new and industry. little bit more food. often the allergy isn't immediately diagnosed. her mother recalls that that was the case with cisco. the household a leg he had. those is the 1st symptoms of the dust allergy with its huskers eyes teared up plain and were sometimes full of puss of t. i was i and she had a runny nose and a scratchy throne and we just thought it was a normal cold. i am now in the dark nights an anomaly, kettle wave on and then we went to an ear,
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nose and throat specialist one. and because my husband has allergies to the doctor did a blood test and then she was able to determine that it was in fact a dust allergy. honda does opposition and arched over leg is a simple allergy test can provide the necessary information. various allergens are scratched into the patient skin. if a red rush forms that means an allergy as present, the allergy should be treated as quickly as possible. ruskin and poke. i le hostel, that worst dust allergies can lead to asthma when the allergy changes levels and they talk richly called does the stuff he knows and the sneezing, then inflame the air, passages wanda, to food does of the all. and the nasal passage, inflammation then moves to the long haul off the to will. i'm perceived this because parents wanted to prevent the serious effects. so they changed their housekeeping routine. d, i 1000 annette. some have as alady and t. dr. first recommended doing a bedroom clean out hung up highest alo,
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bettman encasing all 3 bed. hazing the pillows in blankets was called as well as a mattresses hopper, to make an inhospitable for the mighty, amid moon, pointless toshiba. now the casings prevent the mites and their theses from reaching the surface. the bed sheets need to be changed every week will take and washed at 60 degrees celsius. for better air circulation, the pads are on legs and remain uncovered during the day. on gonna off in general, you have to avoid plush things that such as cuddly. blanket may not have heavy curtains and carpet. so those things should be removed from the whole house or never even brought in for his life. now that the household is less conducive to dust mites. viscous symptoms have improved. if they ever rec her, there are a nasal spray and eye drops as well as, until logic medications that can help. they may alleviate the symptoms,
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but they can't kill the allergy. i answer vertically to help is the only real therapy is so called hypo sensitization. ok to speak to you briefly today we would say specific immunotherapy dos alike. basically you introduce the allergen to the body so that the body can get accustomed to it. and in that way the reaction stops . that's the goal. no. i'll still see. the takeaway is that if you're allergic to dust mites, you should make sure they don't even get a foothold. recognize the symptoms early on. so you won't suffer worse. layton and now it's time fraud. digital consultation. few is on the questions and doctors, scientists, and therapists answer them. rajiv roy from india asks can and i don't survive on milk and dairy products alone. no,
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you cannot survive and medical diary products hello. that would be $4.00 to $1.00 sided, undeniably making dairy products contain a range of white and no trin, important for certain periods of light such as infancy and growth. but even during growth, you need more than a smoke, so it is valuable. it's in addition to your diet, but not hello miss lacks a variety of essential trends which you need in order to maintain optimal health. it is completely deficient of some micro new trends, vitamins such as vitamin c, for example, or iran or fiber. and it doesn't contain enough of other essential trends. so now you can keep good health or even survive, it's old age and back long. on the other hand, you can grow it without drinking. and do you have a question and write to us whether it's back attrition, exercise research, or therapy in good shape. we'll ask the experts just send us a mail on the digital consultation can begin
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some love milk, others hate it. but some people have an allergic reaction to the otherwise harmless protein. founding cow's milk. children in particular, often hot milk, ologies other common allegiance among food products, or eggs and soybeans. ah, but one of the most dangerous allergies is triggered by the humble peanut. for some people, just picking up a sealed pack of peanuts is unpleasant. xander donhauser has a peanut allergy. eating one single nut, could have fatal consequences. man has man, it's on, i get this tingling, itchy sensation in my throat and my tongue. then i have difficulty breathing and swallowing, sometimes even severe stomach cramps, nausea and fainting. kite kaiser love collapse. other types of knots can also make
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life more unpleasant, as honey cough knows. when he has music again, if i've eaten hazel nuts, i get symptoms immediately. here between my esophagus and my mouth, the other you get this tingling of it, but the worst bit is the contraction. it feels like you're being strangled option. ruin peanuts are among the most common our gym to sing foods. the slightest amount can trigger a severe reaction and they can be found hidden away in all manner of products, including some you might not expect when it comes to the dangers of not our geez, knute, poco is an expert to person, form it out. those are lucky and peanut allergy symptoms happen very quickly, within a few that's when, since them would typically tingling and swelling in the mouth area when couldn't. but there are more severe manifestations such as difficulty breathing or an allergic shock which can be fatal. the tooth was asking for those affected,
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the anxiety follows them everywhere. xandra watches her hands thoroughly before every meal due to the fear of contamination. when she arrives at her friends for dinner, she 1st cleans the dishes and cutlery cantina canister, the canteen as a risk zone, x. and i can't just go to any baker as a restaurant. vacations are also always difficult and require a lot of advanced planning. oh, fun for hair and football, and it affects everyday life. i feel like when you're out and about and simply want to grab a bite from time at less, it's a, as in call semester. once that situation turned into a nightmare when she suffered anaphylaxis shock on vacation, evidently caused by traces of peanut in the hotel restaurant buffet, the 25 year old always has an emergency kit on her for future. incidence in includes adrenalin anti allergy, medication and cortisone following that event. xandra wanted to find out just how extreme her allergy is. it can be measured by checking the level of antibodies
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produced by the immune system in response to specific proteins in the pina patients can also undergo a provocation test performed by a doctor in which they consume increasing amounts of peanut. i'm over consumer t, as in the strictly controlled provocation test, the patient is given a dose of peanut initially very small, which has been increased to decline me. and i'll 1st to show that there is a peanut allergy, lising of and out muscle. and 2nd, to determine the threshold at which the patient starts to rea, did a percent meg, yet. it's important for a patient to know whether they have to avoid even traces of peanut wound from utmost. mine was lunged in some was case the test did reveal a severe allergy with no therapy as such available the only option she has is state clear of peanuts and she can learn how to do that from nutritionist. stephen brown,
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1st study, the food packaging, guns, least it is vital that you read before you eat. in the case of mrs. donhauser food labeled as may contain traces of peanuts. absolutely off limits are different because that trace is not to find his name. if india, so for all we know they might be one entire peanut in there some way. it's also reassuring when a manufacturer does declare traces of any thing dances, dick is thus of death a pack of mornings, about traces good. as such as may contain traces of dairy all eggs one man yoda as long as there is no peanut a definitive, a misty adams for him. his eye then we know it's the same product for mrs. donhauser ricardo and hausa, because a company declares any traces and has an elgin management program in between votes in sandals, case products labeled as containing other nuts are harmless because peanuts are
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actually a leg. you are not a not, that is a big hun. you kong also has to be vigilant about what he eats, even if it's not to the same degree as sandra donhauser, mr. moultrie, my ankle from rick went out shopping. i really have to be careful that there are no pure hazel nuts in a product to come and check on the back of the pack. whether they have snuck something in. plus i always prepare my own mostly mix was it was chocolate. i can't have anything with whole nuts. i'm now much more careful when buying food isn't coffer and feeble stein. cough. honey does not react to nuts that have been heated, such as in sandwich spreads or cakes. unlike those with a peanut allergy by napkin man atlas as a primary peanut allergy proteins that triggered the reaction, a heat stable hits distribution with a pollen associated food at a t. the allergens are heat, lay by the lobbying. that means process products can be eaten frequently, whereas for people with a primary peanut allergy,
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even processed products are an absolute no no. if honey does happen to eat a pure hazelnut anti allergy medication will ensure he's okay. he's also begun hypo sensitization therapy, something those allergic to peanuts can only dream of the interns if there's intensive research on it and we expect hypo sensitization to become established in the near future. good. as is other things. so that said, the majority of patients will not enjoy 100 percent tolerance tolerance. i didn't d, ucnless and steamboat from them they'll tolerate high levels and no longer have to be wary of traces of peanut to the utmost of customers. so in the meantime, xandra will be staying on her guard, which is why she prefers cooking your own meals. after all, you can never be too careful. and now how about a little exercise?
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is a tip from our fitness train at vivian. let's execute the squat. you bent you nice as you were sitting on a chair. go don't hold briefly and straighten up again with we do with 10 repetitions with a small break between and 3 routes. try to keep your back straight. so have fun exercising and see you next week on in good shape. oh ah. with
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who a do you feel worried about the planet with i'm neil. host of the on the green
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transpose coast. and to me, it's clear we need to change the solutions are out there, joined me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to use for them. imagine how many portion of love are now in the world right now? climate change very cost the story. this is much less the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all in ah. success to subscribe all morning with welcome to the dark side.
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