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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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oh, hello guys, this is the 77 percent the platform with, you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution, the future, a 77 percent. now, every weekend on d w ah, hello and a very one. welcome to focus on europe with me,
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liz show. we start today's program in turkey, where a lot of people are currently facing a difficult time because of surging prices. the new year begins with long queues for bread, which is at least still affordable. fruit meats and fish have become luxury goods for many turks. vendors are stuck with their perishable products. their customers are forced to budget their li ross tightly. the currency is rapidly losing its value. it's the cause of anger for many in turkey. and most of that anger is directed at him, a turkish president, wretch, a pe barrow and many blame him for the drastic plunge of the li around. they are worried that edwin's economic policies will be the financial ruin of many turks. inflation is particularly hard on the countries poorest people like embryo has that he's a waste material collector even before the current crisis, it was difficult for him to make ends needs. and now he barely ends enough to feed
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his young family. an old cardboard box means hard cash for emma hussar. the 25 year old earns money by collecting waste paper from garbage cans and istanbul, metropolis, with a population of over 50000000. we also collect plastic which are to make living because in times of economic crisis, the prices of recyclable materials are plummeting. killer cardboard, get you the equivalent of 3 euro service. accumulate plastic, only $0.10 instead of $0.12. every day emma spends 10 hours wandering the streets of istanbul in search of paper and plastic. he's just one of thousands of collectors of recyclable materials struggling to survive and turkey. the phrase of bread has gone up again. soon even the price for cheapest, bread is doubled. if you will show you how can i afford in a food all. but i have to keep working as
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a derelict building on the outskirts of the city serves as a collection point where emery delivers his findings. at the end of the day, he collected $58.00 kilos to day and earned the equivalent of less than 5 euros. after sorting the garbage is later transported to recycling plants. this is the without us, yet the streets would be full of litter, da charlo. when he prevent the garbage cans from overflowing, or milan, or to that helen go out. that was true. up until now. but in the midst of the economic crisis of all times, turkish authorities planned to let private companies collect recyclables. it's a lucrative market. as a result, the mostly illegal collection points will disappear. a few months ago, an eviction order lead to violent clashes between waste collectors and police that were dozens of arrests. meanwhile,
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the recyclables workers have joined forces to fight back against the allegations or for the film. for, for the scene, we employ a legal refugees. you and it was a security problem and residential neighborhoods. there were me and we disturbed the piece of local residence. we are listen more closely. zip up for periods in a press didn't a governor vista, me for the so called on citizens to work together to ensure that the carts of waste collectors disappear from the street in miss american ford road of it's written for . emma has to share his living space in istanbul with 3 other collectors. they all come from the far east of turkey. namely caesar's wife and one year old child. every 3 months. i learned their lesson plans. i city and i wish i could be home with them and was, but i can't warn you any. my mother just called the other day and said they don't
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have money for diapers on, on you. and so i knew i had to keep going year. it's our mom did it. the next morning, m ross sends clothes and toys home to his family with a relative. he found a toys in the trash. but it's not only the country's estimated $500000.00 to garbage collectors who are currently fearing for their livelihoods. the value of the turkish lira has almost have to in the past year, and inflation is officially at 36 percent economic experts say it's actually much higher. give our best lander and surveys more than half of the population say they can barely afford their daily groceries. in almost 3 quarters of turks are in debt up and almost every one complains about a drop in income. and these tickets show how desperate the situation is sold all are good at the collection point operations continue. but for how much longer,
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emma and his colleagues hope the governments will hold off and changing the recycling system for a while longer. boom, allah electing and sorting recyclables is a very complex matter and difficult to organize. mother to the after all them you, there is no way separation and turkish households law more. you recover more you some from now, emma. i still needed on the streets of istanbul, but every day the economic situation worsens. and for emery, that means he must collect even more garbage to make ends meet. russia is the largest country in the world, so it's no wonder that some areas are so remote, that basic services like mail delivery are not possible on a regular basis. luckily, there are people like and brianna from of he brings letters, parcels, and even pension money to the people living in the rush and take up. his routes can take some 18 hours,
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a challenging journey through snow ice and the bitter cold. once a month he travels to villages like telecom and despite the difficult journey, he loves his up. mainly because people are always happy to see him. a reporter accompanied the mailman on one of his extraordinary trips to siberia might seem like the very last outpost of civilization. but it does have a few modern amenities, like electricity and well phone reception. andrea and home off is about to set off on a perilous journey to the remote villages and the tiger. his biggest worry is the weather wrong. i'm expecting problems on this trip or we had a whole week of minus $22.00 degrees celsius throttled and some fishermen were able to cross the rivers out their computer. but now much of a can to come back to that because the rivers are ice free again and i was going to screw the ice melted as was because the weather turned warmer again. he has one last breakfast with his wife, tamara,
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and then you will set off all alone. the vision is well, a coffee shop visual course. i worry a lot to follow. i can't sleep at night because the road conditions out there are unpredictable and that sometimes you get through. all right, but other times you days and i sit here and wonder, did he make it or not? with andrea has a lot on his mind to day with his car, an old soviet, your army jeep hold up with will his don't be attacked by pack of wolves again. like last time he's got one stop to me before setting it to look, i was a sure my, mr. will not school know this is a secret place. goes on the road in the our sacred places like this all over, you know, we make a little offering for good luck on the journey. but okay,
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and so the car doesn't break down new amal, so it's a local tradition both on the color to look up. what is good for you to miss on and off he goes on tracks that just keep getting worse. we follow andrea and i, po, hancock. a russian altering vehicle in nitro path is blocked by fallen trees. we have to cut her we through the forest. we finally reached the tiny village of to your car. and the next obstacle, the river we have to cross isn't frozen over. ah
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one mm the next morning, andrianna ferries, the gas canisters he brought for the villagers across by rue boot, leaving his chief behind. oh, lou, the people here live from hunting and fishing. normally at this time of year, the river would have frozen over long ago. ah, andrianna delivers the meal pension payments and many other things to the 17 residence of
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a neighboring village. chenango andrianna is nadia conoco. ve as only remaining link to the outside world. beautiful. go and all live girl andreana brings me my medicine. this and everything i asked looked he never says no good that you. he just brings me everything through it. yes. that sam, mail man with the youth were multi not you has to get die on the equivalent of about 50 euros a month. elsewhere. the very nucleus she's making would be filled with grind beef also. but that's a total luxury for notch in longer with her. neither nina's gun cova also lit and abject poverty. the she says that isn't the real problem. the worst thing is the absence of a doctor or any other health care in the village look for here her shows. how can you provide echoes it over? okay, just a little if someone gets seriously ill, we call a doctor who comes by helicopter socket. possessively. go,
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thou saith the lord. bring the patient here to look at it nightly at your will, you know, but how can we transport a sick person to right. you got killed for these years to the recently someone has suffered a stroke and how are we supposed to transport him on horseback? if no, no, no. when after a few days he improved that we're still at no, not renewal, but his arm and lack never recovered. buddy blue lice amid the rugged beauty of the tiger is hard, but even this frugal existence is threatened by the ruthless exploitation of natural resources. as hunter, fyodor savannah explains no, some of us lydia. we're walk of 1000. this is the last place in the region where people live with nature. really, really though, so the killing, the animals, and cutting too many fish lawyer on the river is the last one with fish in it
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related them. so everything's getting square. so it's clear that somebody, the forests are being cut down for timber that leads to the rivers getting shallower and the fish are disappearing. oh, earnest loads of worship. you returned to your car, passing by stark reminders of the climate crisis in siberia along the way. in summer, forest fires ravaged vast areas. the charge remains of trees stretch for kilometers . despite all the difficulties and re an feels at home and tucker. this is where he wants to live after he retires. he says, is one reason he does this job? it's not so much about the few roubles he earns. lou was hired, mike was for his the feeling of deleted sher. it's nice to know that someone needs you who are willing to see the shining eyes. when you bring the pension. that makes me forget all the difficulties of others with when i remember that i've done
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a good deed for someone, but what a deal as their own. in a few weeks time andriana the siberian milman will set off again on his roads through the russian tiger. ah, is january and then for many people across the globe, it's the month they decide to go without any more products in their day it but january now for a lovers of french cuisine, that means saying no 2 flags are the delicacy made out of deck or ghost liver, french sheriff. alex's good tear believes that people can enjoy the taste of her without animal cruelty and has fine dining restaurant in london. he has come up with the vigour alternative. oh, it looks like the french delicacy, frank. ha! a pat, a made of dark or goose liver, but no animals had to sacrifice their lives for this party, as it is a thank
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a full cra, it doesn't taste of torture, which is a, which is one of the, the calling region of the river. and not in this one. ah, these, the supply, the liver for real swagger, the epitome of luxury. but in order to fatten olivers, the geese are for spread, for the so called folk are on the other hand, no geese must suffer. it's made of mushrooms, lentils, and seasoning the flavors sweltering to recreate this dish is what the, what the annual will actually is in the around or in the field or the self. so there would be a lot of a lot of grains, but that would be a little help as well. and so it's very a digital to make the beacon patty resemble real flucker. beetroot is mixed in at the end. between billy and the beetle. gray is really that the blood in the, in the preparations. you have to be super careful not to put too much of those as
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a little goal or patti's big. but if you put the right amount, he comes to flight for a french talk chef. making do without real swagger is almost revolutionary. frank. i used to be a big hit in go to his restaurant. he sold up to 25 kilos a week. that made him a target for animal rights activists. and so he decided to look into their arguments for me, they will just ingredients that allow me to express my, my skill and my, my creativity under and so from then i decided that i need to still be a french f. as still, you know, do gasoline food, but i need to remove all the ingredients, so we started fresh his michelin star has since been revoked. nowadays he cooks and eats exclusive leave egan. restaurant critic, jo warrick doesn't have
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a problem with eating less meat either. but he is very skeptical about fagin patty ah, it definitely doesn't resemble program. and i suppose maybe in terms of the texture a little bit but, but not, not the, not the flavor on it, not the finish on. it hasn't got that fighting as, as, and got that richness. um yeah, it's quite a weird thing. alexi gaurtier is undeterred by such comment. he has become an activist. his voice is being heard at the highest political level of britain, discusses planning the import of real flags from france. some goal may is find this hypocritical, this is an easy thing to do, get rid of a late, you know, french foreign, luxury product. and say that, that you're making a point about animal welfare. but if you really want to make a point about animal welfare, what you would do is address, you know,
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the way chickens are being formed intensely formed away ports been intensely formed at his restaurant. the shaft is proud to break new ground even without a mission install. he's fully booked for the next few months. so hopefully he is gonna inspire or the restaurant to do the same. and most importantly, of the chef who are going to go into their creative juice into this and come up with the, with plan base creation that we cannot live without. that's good news for the ducks and geese as well as for the restaurant critic. as long as the chefs don't try imitating, we'll meet. but her patty is fine by him. 6 months have passed since devastating floods hit the r valley in western germany. the water is swept away, how the cars and trees, and also destroyed livelihoods, and live more than a 130 people died in the catastrophe,
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in thousands of volunteers from germany and abroad. worked tirelessly to help the flood victims. but how are things now? half a year later along the river. well, it's a tough winter for those whose heating was destroyed by the flood. they have no choice but to face the bitter cold. those months, doors history, the slush 1st central office is starting to snow again. says the foot disaster last summer heating engineer neil's garage, has been under constant stress in the cold season. he's trying to provide some warmth to others and also a little hope. the 1st job of the day has an unpleasant surprise in store. it stinks, the homeowner ernst your commission, says the flute water entered the basement through the sewage pipe. since then it has smelled a feces. at least the yoko, my family still has
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a roof over their heads. but the heating system did not survive the flood, the mortgage shows the liberal, called us and is called up stairs. that's where the bedrooms are locked in. but we hop straighten to bed and then it's okay. the company that employs heating engineer niels and his colleagues of cock owned meas, was also badly hits for the summer flood disaster. wanted to oregon comes to what we sent back. you can see it went up to 1.8 meters on the 1st floor. matthew stock, you can still see the waterline right at a target miles more the company. ca, camille was swamped pretty much up to the rooftop. puzzled about was often trauma from the oscars. more than 130 people died in the our valley disaster. thousands of houses were destroyed under still uninhabitable. like so many other houses. this one was flooded almost to the roof. living here is out of the question . none the less,
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get gasper and his wife elfrida come here every day to keep an eye in things. in thus we're here every time you come in here and see the state of it gone, what do you think thought on it's just awful and electric fran heater has been drying the brick work for months, but it's not yet clear. if they will ever be able to move in here again, any yet. so yeah. hadn't, if it were spring now, everything would probably be better. she all including your state of mind in the evening at 5 o'clock from it's often already dark and that's when depression sat said it was still on the small village of elton berg alone. more than 50 houses have been demolished because they were contaminated or in danger of collapsing. the floods caused around 30000000000 euros of damage and owe neil's is on his
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way to his next customer. the gas connection for a temporary shelter needs to be installed because there's a housing shortage throughout the region. small provisional settlements are being erected in various locations. if you'll open up the whole, the whole row of houses is missing here. if just disappeared. now i have to see warehouse number 20 eaters meals doesn't take long to connect the gas cartridges. but for the little house to be heated, the water pipe installation must be completed. it still isn't finished. molina, zion is happy to have a roof over her head at all. although at the moment she still needs a jacket and hot inside the sun. my parents house used to be over there, and now i pulled this one as a shelter for myself and my dog. and by that will keep up the good work. z by
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the r has long since withdrawn to its river bed. but the effects of the flood disaster will be felt for a long time to come. what my thoughts are certainly going to actually have a really lovely view from here. there was a whole. if you look down, you can see the alternate. i'll be with the long bend in the all river and into don't wanna hold hostile some car wreckage is lying about if only just been salvaged. my mother, so my home village is destroyed, but it will be restored. somebody. ah. if you're like hiking, then i'd recommend the hor, tower. national park in the austrian alps is not just the place where you can get a good workout and enjoy the beautiful landscape. with a bit of luck, you may even come across some hidden treasure. maybe you'll find some pure quartz
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or an emerald. however treasure hunters in this part of the obs have to follow some strict guidelines. ever since they were boys, twin brothers get hot and hannah's whole fire have spent every minute of their spare time in the mountains and they've made it their profession, them mineral, collect us. he's a real passion, angel, but if you get addicted to it so that you look around to see where something might vote or coin beans of white quarts and crevices and falls. no, the field a few weeks ago, we discovered an interesting spot, delaying dick. and it's really looking a good who dos. they have a long, hard climb ahead of them to reach this spot at an elevation of 3000 meters in austria's hor tower. national park. the work is not without risks. one of them has to squeeze down into the narrow crevice to get a close look at the rocks. a sample will show whether or not crystals can be found here. the results proves positive or more shortly for young, cleaned it up
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a bit. and you can see that overall it's a fantastic quality. so the theme going to super quality from the whole 1st connect up to $200.00 kilos a year, about a quarter of which is made into jewelry. many gemstones can be found in the alps, including emeralds, amethyst's and garnett's off to very successful find. they make this deep time again the next morning to extract more crystals out of the crevice. might they find even bigger ones this time? this is a nice one. they have to close, unsecure. every hole lay, chisel out. digging for gems in the national park is subject to strict regulations, including the site, be re natured and they're only allowed to sell the crystals to jewelry makers. after every detail has been meticulously recorded. debbie advice, i know this won't probably be worth a good 1000 euros. were fuqua, maybe even a little more than a 1000 bible in all the brothers estimates the whole from this trip will fetch them
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around 2000 euros of which 10 percent will go to the state. but they say they aren't plundering the mountain. strict regulations ensure that only tiny amounts are removed and nature is left unharmed. and that's it for this week from focus on europe. thanks for watching and see you next time with ah, ah, with
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who a into the conflict with sebastian and comfort zone with weak ethiopia civil war. now more than a year old and showing no sign of end
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smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking every day. are we headed to a futuristic utopia pool, but digitize nightmare? the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw news. why? from berlin? a german court becomes the 1st in the world to convict a high ranking syrian officer for state sanctioned torture. the former colonel gets


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