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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a german court becomes the 1st in the world to convict the high ranking syrian
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officer for state sanctioned torture. the former colonel gets life for presiding over the systematic torture and killing of anti assad opponents. the trial could set a precedent for other exile syrian officials suspected of crime during the civil war . also coming up the on the cross wave hits india cobra 19 cases rise by almost a quarter of a 1000000 in a single day. we hear what measures the deli government is taking too slow, a wave of the fastest writing on the con variant and serbian tennis started back joke about just selective in the draw for the australian open tennis tournament despite uncertainty over his b. ah, i'm so me. so misconduct, glad you could join us. we start with some breaking news. a german court has sentenced a former syrian military officer to life in prison for crimes against humanity. it
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is a world 1st trial concerning state torture in syria. now the court found on mar rutland guilty of overseeing the murder of $27.00 people at the detention center and damascus. the ex colonel scene here during his trial, headed and tore a secret service unit a decade ago and under the regime of bush are all outside. russ line later flight to germany, where he was detained in 2019 alright, let's get a round up. now of some other headlines from around the world. troops from a russia lead security alliance deployed to context on have started heading home. because our president, called in the forces last week after peaceful demonstrations against rising fuel prices escalated into violent anti government, protests authority said they have now regained full control in the central asian nation flooding and land. life have killed 10 people in brazil, southeastern state of municipal ice. the region has been hit by extensive rain for
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more than 2 months. at least 17000 people have been forced to leave their home. german authorities say they have rescued 65 children from their abusers as part of a probe into a large scale. scott sex abuse, network police in cologne, said the victims range from 3 months to 17 years in age. investigators have identified over 430 south back since launching the investigation. 2 years ago. india is experiencing a rapid rise and covered 19 infections. as the micron wave hits the country, new daily cases of search to almost 250000 the highest number of infection since late may. this, despite nearly 70 percent of all adults have received at least one dose of a back seen. even though fewer patients with the current infections are being hospitalized. this new wave has had hospital staff hard with frontline workers falling l d w reporters of delhi. look into what can be expected as india confronts
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the new variance. a new york, a massive new wave in india. after months of low infection rates, or with 19 case numbers have shot up. the current below the band, a mc has the country in its grip. the positivity rate in delhi of those being tested is at $25.00 listened. experts see the actual figure in the capital and the country is many times higher than that. more scientists now agree that omicron is driving this week, while many indians are anxious about the increase. other say things may be easier this time around, hardly of arctic, we have to be careful. the 3rd wave is here, mother. i'm here at the hospital with my mother who's a patient. yeah, we have to take extra care here because it's quite crowded. mutable arthur? i, there's a guest on them. i have been hearing that this time, the virus is spreading much faster than before. but i don't think it is as dangerous because people are recovering quickly at their hands. dr. cut,
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the giggly says the severity of symptoms and rate of hospitalization may be lower than the crohn. but people still need to be very cautious. been by and ward be lung square de la, whereas in this one, it is only related to the upper respiratory tract and the symptoms are faster, bigger, and the recovery is weighed fast i to be. but he warns that given the speed with which the widest is spreading, people off to lexus, especially older people, and those with pre existing conditions. studies suggest that the pod we will peak sometime around january, end to february, beginning, and then we'll see a shop decline. even though this way, we'd expect it to be short lived exports, see that it still has the potential to over been healthy infrastructure once it hits it's peak. public health officials are worried that the spread of a highly infectious weary and in a country of 1300000000 people would have serious consequences. if we left the
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wireless average way. possibly we'd see rice fust and then also the give us maybe the next 2 to 3 weeks, but it is a stretch to read so that you're not fine with good news to have a large number of people calling you back to be ready to start efforts are being made to avoid the massive upheaval of the delta out. pre indian authorities have implemented weekend and night go fused to slow. the spread people are hopeful this week will be shorter, and they will be spared the hot shipped so many went through. less than a year ago. we can speak now to lance, a lot, pinto. he's a pulmonologist in mom. bye. thank you for joining us. it appears that the symptoms in the summer chron waive are often less severe than with the delta variant. is that what you have been witnessing? hello, so me and thank you for inviting me to the show. yes, that is indeed what most of the physicians on the ground have been seen.
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individuals tend to have a fever for a couple of days, a little bit of body back the news motions sometimes of a bad, severe throat, sore throat. but most individuals seem to settle quite well in about 2 or 3 days. people tend to set an oxygen leverage, amine rock steve, and then this is a little different from what we saw with delta dental. a lot of individuals as low as 3 symptoms would cost a lot, would often drop no small fraction of them would drop the oxygen saturation by d $5.00, the 7. unfortunately, we aren't seeing so much of that this time around. nonetheless, we did here a doctor and that report saying it is important to stretch the i'm a crown way so that hospitals are not overwhelmed. if you look at the measures that are being taken at the moment, like local curfews, will that be enough to stretch this wave? so i think we absolutely need this
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let's get a reminder now of our top story that we're covering for you. a german court has handed down a life sentence to one of bosher, alice's intelligence officers for crimes against humanity. former syrian colonel on barbara on was found guilty of presiding over systematic torture and the killing of anti working figures a decade ago. and let's go to our correspondent louisa on myself, and she is in copeland just outside of the court house. there she's been following this trial for us. hi louisa. tell us more about the court's ruling a little bit earlier today. yes and why roslyn was sentenced to to life in prison. and we now know that he will have to stay there for at least 15 years before he can be released. and what we don't know yet are the details, since the court has been very a very specific about the,
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the, the charges against him. they are currently explaining and outlining the torture system that and while his land was part of the, just a took a break. and then now resuming the preceding and can you tell us more about the evidence against our baseline? yes, the evidence was quite extensive. this is the 1st trail of its kind. so it had to be, there were more than dozens of witness testimonies. but most of all this trial was the 1st one in which the caesar files were used, caesar was, or if this is a code name, of course he was pirates you as a photographer for the military police. and he was in charge of taking pictures of dead bodies inside the prison. he defected and managed to smuggle more than $50000.00 of these photos out of the country. and he is a user to outline and prove the severity of the torture system in syria.
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we know that victim there and their loved ones did gather or to hear this verdict. it a what does it mean to them? yes, i've talked to several, if victims are relatives of people who have been disappeared by what they say was the aside regime and they say it's a mixture of feeling that they're, they're experiencing after this verdict, of course, they say they are happy. this is the 1st time that they are allowed to talk about their experiences in front of any court. so they say they're really happy, but they also say it, sir. bittersweet feeling because of course none of this is going to bring their relatives back. and though, and they also said that this has to happen in germany, thousands of kilometers away from syria. they hope that one day these trails can also happen in syria. and one young woman told me what we want. we syrians,
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we don't want revenge. we really want justice, where we said this is a land mark trial. what precedent as it sat for other perpetrators of torture. it's more, most of all it said sir assigned to perpetrators that the no matter where and when they commit these crimes, they might face judgement. this is a very important signal. and also of course, it sets of precedent or at least it sets away. and the techniques and the, there's a know how that has now been developed as to how to handle this kind of cases. or the next case will actually starts in the week in frankfort. it will be a case around a doctor who is also working for the secret service. did that he is louis of unrest often reporting from cobblins. thank you. you're watching the w, stella come on our show. we had to ukraine's far eastern dumbass region and here
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from the people they are living in the shadow of a potential russian invasion. so have that story for you in a moment. first in france, teachers are on strike today over what they say is the unmanageable burden of dealing with coven 19 rules. about half of france, a schools have to remain closed due to the walk out organized by teachers. unions. francis, currently europe's pandemic hotspot. with more than 300000 new daily infections being reported and every correspond, christine manuel is following the story for us in paris. this elementary school in the center of paris is potty close. at 8, many staff members are taking part in the stay away. they will be coming in to work today, so only a few classes will be running. we understand that some parents associations have also encouraged their parents to keep children at home today to show support and solidarity. now the signage, from the unions actually reads that people are demonstrating today to show their
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anger and indeed much of that anger is directed at the government at the education ministry. specifically, they accused the authorities of constantly changing the clothes with protocols, and that under the current conditions they say it is impossible as effectively facilitates teaching and learning across paris. today, they will be as some demonstrations and we know that across the country as well. people will be mobilizing a demonstrating as well. now, for a look at some other developments in the pandemic, the world health organization says vaccine mandates should only be a last resort in the pandemic, and that they should be temporary. the w h o also says the risks should be communicated transparently. denmark plans to begin easing some of the restrictions it imposed due to a spike in our macro infections, including we opening a movie, theaters and music museums that despite new infections, remaining near record levels. and a group of doctors in spain has criticized statements by the government about
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changing its approach to dealing with cobra. 19 saying it is too early and that the restrictions in place are still needed in the u. k. a series of scandals known as party gate has led to a mere copa from british prime minister boris johnson. he is apologized for attending a garden party held at his residence in may 2020. it was during england's 1st lockdown when most social gatherings were illegal. johnson is now facing calls for his resignation. he sorry, because he's being cool or bonus johnson finally st. sorry. but the opposition aren't buying it to do in front of a packed parliament or the british prime minister apologized, but also tried to justify himself. mister speaker, i want to apologize. i know that millions of people across this country have made extraordinary sacrifices over the last 18 months. i believed implicitly that this
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was a work event. but mister speaker, with hindsight, i should have sinned. every one back inside. johnson said he believed the bring your own booze party was held to thank his staff for working so hard in the early months of the pandemic moving nope, even though it was held at a time when the rest of the country could only legally meet one person from another household opposition leaders want him to resign. so do some conservatives. i don't think he can continue as lead to the concept of talking play minister, asking people to follow the rules and guidance on his government. i deleted it. while johnson and the others were gathered at downing street, many people in the u. k. couldn't even bid good bye to their loved ones dying of coven 19. they feel cheated. they were laughing at us.
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while we were breakin, our families were breaking a sound break in and they will bring in their own bows to apply. for now, buddhist johnson appeals prepared to ride out the storm, but with his popularity ratings collapsing. this may be one controversy too far for the embattled prime minister. gression diplomats are meeting with other delegates in the organization for security and cooperation in europe today. as efforts continue to de escalate tensions over ukraine. talk between russian and nato officials ended on wednesday without a break through you. foreign and defense ministers are also gathering today in the french city of breast to discuss the crisis for nearly 8 years now. ukrainian forces have been fighting a russian backed separatist insurgency in the east of the country. the conflict of claim some $14000.00 lives, with tens of thousands of russian troops now massing on the border, many in ukraine, fear and imminent invasion. dw correspondent nick conway,
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traveled to the frontline city of don't ask and sent us this report just before the shooting starts, you see the cats and dogs taking cover, but it's like they can feel the comic here in front lines. they're done yet. gunfire and shelling a part of everyday life and have been for the past 8 years for the str animals, ukrainian soldiers, and the few civilians left for the people living there. and over there, beyond that, there was no one and just the front line. most of those left elderly and have nowhere else to go. rushing back to purchase only a few 100 meters away from the ukrainian positions close enough to watch each other, cooking or chopping firewood. we were just a matter of minutes after the last exchange of fire, ukrainian se, but sniper activity and drone attacks of spiked in recent weeks. as the world tries
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to 2nd guess vladimir putin troop build up on your friends borders. soldiers here understand that they would likely be the 1st by the brunt of an invasion. serious due to the fact of course, we're following the news closely. whatever happens our army isn't much better shape than in 20. 14 and russia would face a lot more resistance. it's the civilians out there who are getting really nervous portion was according to stop on a shelf. you see that power line troops of 30 meters behind it. they managed to push that position forward a bit, where you only knew more when we 1st met catching her children 2017 fighting's even close by. fan frontline started, we're her gotten and didn't. even though the day she tells us is a good day and shelling only machine gunfire provides to don't. but i go and walks with the kids around the village and we hear machine gun fire in the distance. we just do are saying we're not scared and your brain catches 3 children. growing up,
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learned nothing, but conflict now is all that was seems ever more likely. she's weeks away from giving birth to grammar school. she has most people can imagine bringing up a family place like this could be able priscilla betral west. this is my village. i know i know west high just the bombing stock, so i know it will protect me if i can drop into a day and time i'll survive and we, i will as or what you don't me, the doctor taking it out for us even catches now making plans to leave him back at the front lines. i also extend that if he thinks russia will get its way and keep ukraine out of western alliances. well, the nato membership is not going to happen anytime soon. but i think in the envelope, take us a lot has changed in this country. and so if we, the russians have done everything they could to convince us that they're not our brothers to make us turn our backs on them. and we should be brought to morrow. and
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now at least, russia seems to be in no mood to try to win back ukrainian hearts and minds. now to some other stories making news, round the world, several people have been killed by a car bomb than the somali capital mogadishu, the usher bob jihad, his group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it took place only days after somali leaders had agreed on a new time table for long delayed elections. the coffin of european parliament president david saucily has arrived at rome, town hall, where he will lie in state. the 65 year old italian center left politician, died on tuesday after suffering from poor health for several months. his funeral will be held on friday. britton's prince. andrew will face a civil case in the us or allegations he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 17. virginia to fray is suing the prince, claiming he abuse her in 2000. and one would be the case could be heard in court later this year or just as a to a rule, one serbian tennis star, novak ciocca,
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which is visa status remains in limbo. ethan, after he was included in the draw for the 1st round of the australian open. the australian government has yet to decide whether to cancel his visa for a 2nd time. the men's tennis number one is admitted, there was false information on his immigration forms. and that he meant a journalist, even though he tested positive for cove 19 joke of it has chosen not to be vaccinated. the australian open starts on monday. if he is allowed to play, he will face a fellow serbian meal market man of it. in the 1st round, earlier i spoke to steve pierce and melbourne. he's been covering the australian open for more than a decade, and i asked him with joke of it being drawn to play the 1st round in the australian open. what does that tell us about his status? well, it really just tell me that and then he's got a valid these are at the moment and he does because the federal government as much as they've been chewing and following and whining up, what exactly do you ever since monday when the last case went against them another
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joke which has been a free man. he's a, he's out about in melbourne. he's practicing at rob labor right now. he's the number one seed and he's been drawn in the 1st round of the starting up. and as you would expect to happen because organizes can't really do anything else while he has with all of these up, they're really obliged to expect that he will play as noble and they have to carry on such until it is the time when the federal government decides to do something or being not to do something and exactly what that looks like. no 100 percent knows. we all expect the decision to die. but joker bitches. lawyers have delivered, continuing amounts of information representations to the federal government to, to back up some of those inconsistencies, marketing consistencies that were prevalent on his travel beforehand as to why he marked his trouble is coming in. so it's complicated. med is a bit. we're expecting a decision now tomorrow, but exactly what that looks like. it's really unclear just quickly. you know what
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happens if his visa is revoked again? was it's revoked again then they will have to put him back into detention and end to deport him. but of course, he has indicated through his legal team not publicly, but his legal team has indicated that they would then challenge that decision. now, how it would play out over the weekend with the start of the strategy in living on monday would be extremely messy. but it would leave out to exactly what this last week or so it's been which has been a complete set of so it looks like if, if the federal government does look move to cancel, these are there would be then a legal challenge in court. and that would be very hard to judge exactly which way that we've got the story continued. sorry, steve pier speaking to us there from melbourne. thank you very much for sharing that update with us. thanks very hamburger l villa. monique concert hall is celebrating its 5th anniversary. it's been hailed as an architectural masterpiece. and it's popular with concert goers despite the spiraling costs,
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it ran up during construction. mm hm. the hell for the money in hamburg is more than a concert whole. it has become a symbol of morton germany, a cultural landmark of the 21st century. it's celebrating its 5th anniversary with a whole week of concerts. oh, the main adversely concert features, the n d r l film ony orchestra led by alan gilbert with contemporary classical music composed by among others, john adams. the words have been selected to make the most of the unique spatial and sound properties of the venue. ah, the elfin, the money opened to much fanfare in 2017 angle america attended his german
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chancellor. as did current chancellor left sholtes, then mayor of hamburg. ah lou. the planning in construction was fraught with difficulty in the end. it took more than 10 years long. let them planned. costs exploded from 77000000 to 789000000 euro over the last 5 years, 2900 concerts have been staged. despite cove it over 3300000 guests have been able to enjoy the unique elk film only experience now 5 years own from the overdue opening. negative memories have largely been
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replaced by positive musical memories. tuesday's anniversary concert was another night to remember. ah . we just have time for reminder of our top stories here on d. w. a german court has handed down a life sentence to one of bosher, allah sods, intelligence officers for a crimes against humanity. former syrian colonel unwell ruslan was found guilty of presiding over systematic torture. and the killing of anti was im, figures a decade ago. and india is experiencing
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a rapid rise in covered 19 infections. as the alma kron very and hits the country hard, new daily cases have surged to almost 250000. the highest number of infections since late may, the government is hoping that night time and weekend curfews might slow the spread . coming up next to our show focus on europe explores how turkey's economic crash and soaring inflation are hitting the people most in need. stay tuned for that in just a few minutes and thank you for watching d w ah ah, with
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economic crisis in turkey is hitting them especially hard. and ra, one is symbols, garbage collectors. every day he hunts for recyclables to receive
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a mere pittance in return. and now the recycling operation has an outsource to large corporations at the worst possible time with disastrous consequences for emma focus on europe. next, on d, w. and to the conflict zone with sebastian come fix on this week, ethiopia civil war, no more than a year old and showing no sign of envy. all sides are accused of unspeakable atrocity. that is a minister for democratization. the joints move from adoptable, a complete zone. in 60 minutes, i d, w. o.
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hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa to be beat issues and share ideas. you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen. delicate because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution, the future, a 77 percent. now every weekend on d. w with hello and very one welcome.


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