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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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my same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries. discrimination in quality are part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. d. w. need for mines. ah ah. this is the w news, lived from berlin to night, nonstarter in red lines, russia and nato. in their talks in brussels with low breakthrough nato,
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once russian troops to pull back from ukraine's board of the kremlin once guarantees that nato with not expand east. also coming up, mister speaker, i want to apologize. british prime minister boys johnson says he's sorry for attending a downing street garden party when the country was in, walked down 2 years ago. a new poll shows most brits now walked johnson to reside and more doubts about tennis. darned novak joker bitch playing in the australia open after he concedes that he did not isolate after testing positive for the corona virus in december. ah, i bring gov. it's good to have you with us on this wednesday to night. russia says that nato's expansion is a threat to its security talks between russia and the nato military alliance ended today with no clear promises that an armed conflict can be avoided in europe's back
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yard. the 2 sides are trying to find common ground as concerns grow that russia is preparing a military invasion of ukraine. moscow has already positioned a 100000 troops along its border with ukraine, and nato was calling for them to be pulled back. russia wants written guarantees that ukraine will never join nato, but nato says that's up to ukraine. here's native chief yen stalked bags, assessment of today's talks. this was not an easy discussion. we other very serious, some on direct change on the situation in on the wrong ukraine on the implications for european and security. there are significant differences between natal elisa under shaw on these issues. our differences will not be easy to bridge, but it is a positive sign that all night our laws under shocked,
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sat down around the same table and engaged on substantive topics. follow me the talks. russians, deputy foreign minister, alexander gross co repeated assertions that the expansion of nato is a threat to russia. low blood in others before the main task of nato's policy and military deployment is to deter russia and enormous resources are being allocated for this purpose. to warn you, 1st of not the of us been will give today, many countries have joined nato and their territories are obviously used as the basis for projecting power against russia at strategic depth. well, that seriously worsens our security and creates an unacceptable risk for us. not ship is of course, with ease as the yoke, the new you. on your preeminent of a more now i'm joined by leon fix. she's with the german marshall fund of the united states, her specialty nato, russia relations lian. it's good to have you on the program. both sides sat down and talk to day,
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but essentially their positions have not changed. so did. did anyone achieve the seemingly impossible of moving the middle needle at all today? i think it was good that a talk took place and but then again, it's better than a military escalation. as you said, the positions, are we the a seem to be iraq, unfathomable at the moment. there is, however, wound from an uva, when it comes to certain security issues in you of when it comes to the station of miss out. for instance, that is something when a to signal it could discuss this further with russia. but we have to wait. what will be the response from moscow next week after these talks? do you see with native saying that it is willing to, to talk about arms control and missile deployments? do you think that's enough to keep negotiations go away? i think everyone hopes it is enough, but no one including the russian delegation at the moment when he knows it seems
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that decision making in moscow at the moment is really focused on the washing president. and that only when his diplomats come back from the talk, he will take a decision on whether this is enough, what they delivered, or whether it is not enough and military escalation might be passed to go for russia. in russia. if you look at the whole story here, we've got russia basically forcing nato to the negotiating table by putting a 100000 troops at its border with ukraine. do you think russia is even interested in a diplomatic solution? i think they're trying to really put everything on the table to get concessions. and again, it is surprising with suddenly these grievances that wash ahead for many, many years and has voice for many, many years now have to be resolved within weeks or months to have it. no obvious to . again, this is a crisis which is created by the western side, but again,
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at the moment it is almost impossible to say whether the and the room from a new or that was found will be enough of which steps watch. i will take it. what do you see if push comes to shove, here, if we see russia in the ukraine, can you imagine the u. s. nato actually going to war over you agree with russia? now? absolutely not. and this is something which has already been made very clear both, but the united states and europe, that no one will be militarily involved in an escalation. so that is not something to be concerned about. but it, there was something to be concerned about, which is we did the security of the claim, which is the, the watches cost showing and p will cost showing in the neighborhood. and the united states and europe have outline very clear what the consequences will be of
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such and such a russian intervention sanctions support for you, quaid and support for east and they to member states. the question will be, is if that is enough of a deterrence to bring moscow back to the negotiation table in the coming weeks, it isn't russia what russia doing right now, isn't it really putting the security situation for all of europe into question with its actions, right? now, i mean, it is, it is pretty doubt into the minds of leaders at nato and across europe. right now isn't with a might be some short term technical gains for wash out with the approach that puts you this right now, but there will definitely be long term strategic losses, which is the position of finland and sweden, for instance, which already have signaled that they will independently decide whether they plan to join a to or not, at some point in the future,
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it is old. so you can also see science and eastern european countries, which demand more. we assurance measures more troops in that countries. so again, this russian posturing is creating an even greater backlash in europe and by those countries who feel threatened liana fix with the german martial fund of the united states. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. let's get a round up now of some of the other world headlines this. our nigeria has lifted 7 month ban on twitter. president bahama du bihari, imposed the restriction after the platform removed one of his post official se twitter has now agreed to conditions including opening an office in nigeria. a group of anti vaccine activists has tried to store the parliament building in the bulgarian capital. sophia, elise stopped the crowd from entering the building and arrested several demonstrators. or gary, it has the lowest coven, 19 vaccination rate, in the european union. frances, it's closing a mosque after anti semitic remarks and 40 say the mosque also supported 2 groups
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band for spreading islamist propaganda. the government increased checks on religious organizations after a teacher was murdered for showing controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed to peoples during a civics class. britons prince andrew has failed to block a lawsuit by an american woman who claims he abused her. when she was 17, a court in new york rejected a challenge by the prince to the case brought by virginia. you freight, prince. andrew denies the allegations against him. in the u. k. a series of scandals known as party gate has led to a mayor copa from british prime minister boys johnson. to day he apologized for attending a garden party held at his residence back in may 2020. it was during england's 1st lockdown when most social gatherings were illegal. johnson is now facing calls to resolve a sorry, because he's been cool. air bonus, johnson,
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finally st. sorry. but the opposition on buying it to do in front of a packed parliament. the british prime minister apologized, but also tried to justify himself. mister speaker, i want to apologize. i know that millions of people across this country have made extraordinary sacrifices over the last 18 months. i believed implicitly that this was awoke event when mister speaker. with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside. johnson said he believed the bring your own booze party with hell to pancoast staffing for walking so hard in the early months of the pandemic moving? nope, even though it was held at a time when the rest of the country could only legally meet one person from another household opposition leaders want him to resign. so do some conservatives. i don't think he can continue as leader the concert or can play minister asking
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people to follow the rules and guidance of his government. i believe he did. while johnson and the others were gathered at downing street, many people in the u. k. couldn't even bid good bye to their loved ones. dying of cove at 19 they feel cheated. they were laughing at us. while we were breakin, our families were breaking a sound break in. and they were bringing around both too high for now. buddhist johnson appears prepared to ride out the storm, but with his popularity ratings collapsing. this may be one controversy too far for the embattled prime minister. the dw corresponded big boss is following that story from london. she has more on the reaction of british voters to the scant. it's really what people are talking about is what they're talking about. our overhead to ladies in the park, chatting about this issue. and there is, there's real anger in the country. many people have come forward with their own
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stories. how, for example, they couldn't be with a close family member that died on that day. the rules were very, very strict, and they were not ambiguous. and what the prime minister, what, what has happened is really was really breaking the rules. that's what many people think. and in a really big weiser, there is real anger and the public and, and obviously the crisis is also still ongoing. so still people are dying here in the u. k of cove. it over over 300 people have been dying as a yesterday see sousa. those still a lot of emotion and, and that's why didn't the conservative m. p 's will really be thinking of what their next steps will be. that was big mass reporting from london to the start of a joke of it was admitted to providing false information. we hint what he submitted, his travel papers to australian authorities. the government is considering whether to cancel, joker, bitches visa,
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which would mean that he would not play in the australian open as the world's number one, men's tennis player, novak jock of which is accustomed to life under the microscope. but even by his lofty standards, the intensity of the spotlight focused on his every move in melbourne is now extreme good. looks like he's going to be able to play and compete in this trillion open, which you know, we do want the best players there. but like i said, i think there's still a few few questions to be answered and until that happens tough to give a definitive opinion on, on everything he won his initial case in court. but wait a deeper cation decision by your federal government, keenly attuned to the feelings of australian voters, most of whom, who have diligently followed pandemic rules for the past 2 years. new information offered up by the serbian camp shows he did not do the same job which was
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photographed without a masked at numerous events, including an award ceremony for children based on documents released by his legal team. these were taken a day after he tested positive for cove at 19. 0, he says he was not aware of the result at the time. but on social media, he did admit to not isolating when he attended an in person interview with the french sports journalist, calling in error of judgment. he also admitted to submitting false information to australian border officials in melbourne, which he called in and deliberate human error attributed to his management team. i don't like his arrogance. i don't, i feel he's come across as he's above it all. will they might have an explanation to keep that job and then someone comes into that what they really fail. and so the final se rests with the australian government to stop novak chuck of it from
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possibly making sports history and melbourne, or to lead a millionaire, get away with it. just like the tournament that starts on monday, there can only be one winner of next latest business news with janelle stick around. she will be right back with every day.


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