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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, what is true was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to a soul o peak wolf this week on d w? ah, ah ah, this is, it'll be news line from berwin, non starters and red lines. russia and nato hold straight talks in brussels with no
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breakthrough, but trans atlantic alliance once russian troops to pull back from ukraine's order the kremlin once guarantees, nato won't expand eastwards. also coming up mister speaker, i want to apologize. a mayor kolpak british prime minister bores johnson admits he attended a downing street party when the country was in lockdown in 2020 and says, he's sorry, but most great one to quit. and an error of judgement, that's what know that jock of edge calls is decision not to isolate after testing positive for the corona virus and december. the tennis stars actions raised new questions about whether he'll be allowed to compete at the australian ah on layla. right, thank you very much for joining us. and we open our coverage with the talks between
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russia and the nato military alliance, which have wrapped up with no clear promises that an armed conflict can be avoided in europe's back yard. the 2 sides have been trying to find common ground as concerns were that russia is preparing a military incursion into ukraine. moscow has sent 100000 troops to the border region, and nieto is calling for them to be pulled back. russia once written guarantees that ukraine won't join the transatlantic alliance, but nato says that's up to ukraine. here's nato chief, yes. stilton burges assessment of today's meeting. this was not an easy discussion . we have a very serious so on director change on the situation in the wrong ukraine on the implications for european security there are significant differences between they draw laws. so under shaw on these issues,
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oh, differences will not be easy to bridge, but it is a positive, sorry, though the old i guar laws anger shell, sat down around the same table and engaged on substantive topics. and the united states deputy secretary of state insisted nato's open door policy won't change despite russia's demands. the united states and our nato allies were united in our responses to deputy foreign mr. goosgo and deputy minister of defense of foaming and their comments, including when it comes to certain core russian proposals that are simply non starters. together the united states and our nato allies made clear, we will not slam the door shut on nato's open door policy. a policy that has always been central to the nato alliance when we shout now to dw corresponding terry shows, she is covering the diplomatic efforts said that we're underweight in brussels
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earlier today. terry, these talks went on longer than expected. what was anything achieved? layla, the very fact that the talks took place is being hailed as his success by nato. and even to some extent, by the russians who've also just given their own press briefing, there was a chance they wouldn't take place at all. because the russian side said if it didn't feel that the u. s. was listening to its concerns at these earlier talks him to be, but it may just call it off altogether. but i was just told by anita official that the tone inside the room was cordial. it was professional and that when nato made suggestions to the russian side, for example, about resuming a diplomatic presence in moscow about possibly expanding talks, the russians didn't rule it out. and when it comes to relations between nato and russia, that in itself is a step forward. now, of course, we don't to expect to see any changes on the ground as a result of just this one meeting. but as long as they're talking, there is at least hoped that there could be some progress toward deescalate the
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situation on the border with ukraine. so what is the way forward now for both sides? where the u. s. w. cit, deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman said, is that she hopes the russian delegation after its talks at the o. s. c e to morrow. and vienna will go back to moscow and convey everything they've heard to russian president vladimir putin. and that he will decide that diplomacy is the way forwarded forward, instead of continuing to send more resources, more troops, more weaponry, to the border with ukraine that remains to be seen. but again, the fact that the russian side did not rule out a continuing a series of talks with nato is being seen as a very positive sign. i just talked to this nato official who said that they do expect to hear back from moscow on whether they're willing to continue talks. so dialogue is the way forward, according to nato, and it looks like there just may be a small opening that this could happen is every course,
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one on terry shows reporting on the year, russia, nato talks in brussels. terry, thank you. british prime minister boris johnson has apologized for attending a party during long down in may 2020 after days of speculation. mister johnson admitted to parliament that he had spent 25 minutes at the quote bring your own bruise gathering in the downing street garden. but he said he believed it was a work event to say thank you to staff all the time lockdown rules in england band, outdoor gatherings of more than 2 people. with hindsight, i should have sent every one back inside. i should have found some other way to fight them and i should have recognised it. even if it could be said technically to full. within the guidance, there would be millions and millions of people who simply would not see it. that way. people who suffered terribly,
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people who are forbidden from meeting loved ones at all. ready inside or outside and to them and to this house i offer my hot vote. apologies. and early i spoke to the of these correspond burger mos in london and asked if the embattled british prime minister was able to do some damage control. yes, that was his aim. he knew that there was so much anger within his own m pays and within the public that he felt that he had to apologize. and he looked a bit sheepish. i would say when, when you look at those pictures, however, it wasn't in full on apology, it was somehow reserved. there were a lot of was a lot of passive language. and he also said that he believed it was a work meeting. and it was somehow within the guidance, so he doesn't really, he doesn't really say that he is guilty of anything. and that's why a lot of m. p 's really thought they had to ridicule him. that were the opposition
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and piece i think in piece from his own party. a lot of them were rather quiet and some were seen i holding their head in the hands. i think the jury is out. it's really up to his own. m p. 's. now they need to decide, is he the right men to lead the party into the next elections? so the next hours, the next days will really be crucial when it comes to the future of the prime minister of the. okay. and that was it. lisa barrett must reporting earlier on the embattled that prime minister. let's get around. now are some of the other world headlines for you were britain's permanent prince. andrew rather has failed to block a lawsuit by an american woman who claims he abused her. when she was 17 accord in new york rejected a challenge by the prince to the case brought by virginia jeffrey prince. andrew denies the allegations against france as it's closing
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a mosque over anti semitic remarks. authority say the mosque also supported 2 groups band for spreading islamist propaganda. the government increased checks on religious organizations after a teacher was murdered for showing controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed to students during a civics class, a car bomb. in the somalian capital, mogadishu has killed several people. the bomb exploded on a road leading to the cities airport. the okay to linda also. bob group has claimed responsibility for the germany reported over 80000 new cove at 19 infections on wednesday. that's more in a single day than at any other time during the pandemic. germany's chance all a short says a plan vaccine mandate is a core part of his government strategy to tackle the corona virus. but not everyone in parliament is happy about that. there's been heated debate among the german public over the looming vaccine mandate. and schultz was set to be tested by
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lawmakers dunst just as he began delivering his address. members of the far rice a f t party, heckled a chancellor by holding a placards reading the freedom instead of division. he had 0 fought i. napoleon sholtes ignored the interruption and told lawmakers the mandate is an essential element of his government strategy to bring closure to the pandemic on via hop. i'm gone to get now that is the reason why we should continue our policy wanted and why i will say here an hour is that together with the many other politicians, few and with the support of the leaders of germany, state governments, districts for that we in germany and will introduce compulsory vaccines, josby and dodge on an inflation untrue contract. and polls show most germans are in favor of a mandate effect. but there is a vocal minority who oppose it will make on shelters. government is taking a consultative approach to the issue and is leaving it to lawmakers to hammer out
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the legislations details. that was an opposition. politicians say that shows a lack of leadership. hopa, the ministers to miss a for health, for justice safe, maybe private opinions about it. but this no coherence, government opinion, no a resolution in the cabinet. and i think that's a very important question on the question. for example of firm mandatory resonation needs the farthest german lawmakers are set to hold 2 days of debate later this month on the mandate. shots hopes that by then many of the questions surrounding us will be ironed out. but as the debate and the punter mc roland, few are expecting a quick answer as to when vaccines will become compulsory in germany, didn't august arnold support when, as i now. but the other developments in the pandemic, the international olympic committee says the winter games in beijing can go ahead, despite rising amok on infections. athletes and officials will be fully vaccinated and have daily tests. canada 2nd most populous promise cubic is planning to impose
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a health tax on residents who refused to get vaccinated for non medical reasons. as was one is reducing quarantine time to 5 days to ease staff shortages. one region has told all trained nurses to register in case they're needed to ease the pressure on hospitals. no vent jog, which is preparing for a shot at sporting history and melbourne. winning the australian open would make him the most successful men's tennis player of all time. the syrian superstar still has no guarantee of making the main draw mr. joke, which is awaiting a final decision on his visa status. after admitting breaking cove. it protocols and submitting false information to australian border authorities as the world's number one men's tennis player, novak jock of it is accustomed to life under the microscope. but even by his lofty standards, the intensity of the spotlight focused on his every move in melbourne is now
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extreme good. it looks like he's going to be able to, to play and compete in the history in open, which one, you know, we, we do want the best players there. but like i said, i finished of the few few questions to be answered. and until that happens, tough to givea, ah, definitive opinion on, on everything, he won his initial case in court, but awaits a deportation decision by a federal government keenly attuned to the feelings of australian voters, most of whom, who have diligently followed pandemic rules for the past 2 years new information offered up by the serbian camp shows he did not do the same a jacket which was photographed without a mask at numerous events, including in a word ceremony for children based on documents released by his legal team. these were taken a day after he tested positive for coven 19, though he says he was not aware of the result at the time. but on social media,
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he did admit to not isolating when he attended an in person interview with the french sports journalist, calling in error of judgement. he also admitted to submitting false information to australian border officials in melbourne, which he called in and deliberate human error attributed to his management team. and i like his arrogance. i don't fear i fail, he's come across as i'm his above it all. we will, they might have an explanation to k that jobs and then some of those, it doesn't say really fair. and so the final say rest with the australian government to stop novak shock of it from possibly making sports history and melbourne. or to let a millionaire get away with it. just like the tournament that starts on monday, there can only be one winner. you're watching every news. here's a reminder of the top stories that we are tracking for you right now. talks between
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nato and russia have ended, with no clear break through mid rising tensions on the ukrainian border. russia once written guarantees, ukraine will not join the western military alliance. nato says ukraine is free to join if it wishes to. and british prime minister boars, johnson has apologized for attending a party during long down in may 2020. he claims he was not aware of the nature of the gathering before arriving. the opposition wants him stepped out after the majority of the public of next is our documentary opaque world. the struggle for truth examining what can be done to stop this information online awfully tomorrow. ah, internet knows all.


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