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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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ah, oh oh, respects ah, ah ah, this is either we news live from berlin, non starters, and red lines. russia and nato hold strain talks in brussels with no breakthrough. transatlantic alliance, one's russian troops to pull back from ukraine's border. the kremlin,
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once guarantees, nato won't expand eastwards, also coming up armor crohn takes over a record number of new coordinating cases in germany. you're facing the biggest wave of infection since the start of the pandemic, and an error of judgement. that's but no backdrop, which calls his decision not to isolate after testing positive for the cone, a virus in december. but tennis stories actions raise new questions about whether he'll be allowed to compete at the australian open. ah and well ok, thank you very much for joining us. talks between russia and the nato military alliance have wrapped up with no clear promises that an armed conflict can be avoided in europe, backyard. the 2 sides have been trying to common grounds as concerns grow that
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russia is preparing a military incursion into ukraine. moscow has sent 100000 troops to the border region, and nato is calling for them to be pulled back. russia once written guarantees that ukraine wont join the trans atlantic alliance, but nato says that's up to ukraine. here is nato chief. yes. stilton burges assessment of today's meeting. this was not on e. c. discussion. we are very serious. so on doric, the change on the situation in on the wrong ukraine, on the implications for european security. there are significant differences between they draw laws. so under shaw, on these issues, our differences will not be easy to bridge. but at this apostle disarm. though the all natural laws are short, sat down around the same table and engaged on substantive topics. the
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united states deputy secretary of state insisted nato's open door policy won't change despite russia's demands. the united states and our nato allies were united in our responses to deputy foreign, mr. goosgo and deputy minister of defense of foaming and their comments, including when it comes to certain core russian proposals that are simply non starters. together the united states and our nato allies made clear, we will not slam the door shut on nato's open door policy. a policy that has always been central to the nato alliance did recourse monetary. schultz is covering the diplomatic efforts that are underway in brussels. terry, these talks went on longer than expected, but was anything achieved layla expectations were set so low for
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these talks that nato and allies are portraying as very positive the fact that they even took place. and as you mentioned, went on longer than expected. the russians had threatened to actually not even show up for talks if they felt like their views were not being respected. so the fact that discussions were held in what everyone says were a civil was a civil manner is being portrayed as a success. now, secretary general stoughton brig asked the russians to commit to come back to another round of talks to schedule even a series of discussions. and he said they were not ready to do that. but it seems that that the russians are going to go back and consider, consider continuing talks with nato, and this is being portrayed as a win for, for the alliance and for the russians today. terry does anything change now for ukraine? what's their take away from today's talks? you know, if i were you crane, i don't know that i'd be feeling so much. reassured just by the fact that 30 allies in russia sat around a table because of the russians, as wendy sherman said,
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did not commit to de escalate. there were, were, was no indication they would pull back any of these tens of thousands of troops from ukraine's border, nor discuss deescalate in eastern ukraine. so really as we, as we discussed before, nothing was achieved in a tangible way at this point. and that's going to be felt very keenly in here at the same time. they are going to be very reassured in, in a, in another sense, that 30 ally sat around the table and complained to russia about his behavior in eastern ukraine and in and along the entire border with russia. so i mean a little of this and that, but i would imagine that he is not feeling so confident at this moment yet. so what's the way forward now for both sides of it. if you build up what both sides would like to see is that the other side, of course, come around to their way of thinking that's not going to happen on many of the proposals that russia laid out, of course, on nato,
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promising not to expand further east to never going to happen. but again, as i said, simply coming back to the table for another round of talks would be something that was inconceivable over the last 2 years when russia would not agree to come and hold one of these nato russia councils. so i think that native would be very much looking for moscow to get back to it and agree to hold another round of discussions . it may seem like very small steps, but in diplomacy, sometimes that's how it goes. and in a complete lack of diplomacy, as we've seen in recent years between nato and russia, that's being seen as a step forward. because every correspond terry schultz are reporting from brussels on the russia, nato talks. terry, thank you. let's get a round up of some of the other world headlines now. france says it's closing a mosque over anti semitic remarks. authority say the mosque also supported 2 groups band for spreading islamist propaganda up. the government increased checks on religious organizations after teacher was murdered for showing controversial
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cartoons of the prophet mohammed to students during his civics class. mister speaker, british prime minister, boars, johnson is under growing pressure to resign over a party held during lockdown. mister johnson apologized in parliament for attending a gathering in the garden of his residence back in may 2020 restrictions at the time been more than 2 people getting together outside britain's prince. andrew failed to block a law suit by an american woman who claims he abused her when she was 17. a court in new york city rejected a challenge by the prince's lawyers to the case brought by virginia, hugh free prince. andrew strenuously denies the allegations against n a car bomb in the somalian capital mogadishu as killed several people. the bomb exploded on a road leading to the cities airport. the arcade,
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a link to our subaru, has claimed responsibility for the assault. germany has reported over 80000 new cove at 19 infections on wednesday. that's more in a single day than at any other time during the pandemic journey shall slow all a short says. a planned vaccine mandate is a core part of his government strategy to tackle the corona virus. but not every one in parliament is happy about that. there's been heated debate among the german public over the lumen vaccine mandate, and schultz was set to be tested by lawmakers, sons just as he began delivering his address. members of the far right f t party, heckled a chancellor by holding placards reading the freedom instead of division. he had 0 father. i napoleon shots ignored the interruption and told lawmakers the mandate is an essential element of his government strategy to bring closure to the pandemic. on via hub and gaunt good. now that is the reason why we should continue our policy
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on this and why i will say here an hour is that together with the many other politicians and with the support of the leaders of germany, state government strips for that we and germany and will introduce compulsory vaccines, josby, and archon and inflation entre young contact. and polls show most germans are in favor of a mandate effect. but there is a vocal minority who oppose it on for me. on shots is government is taking a consultative approach to the issue and is leaving it to lawmakers to hammer out the legislations details. that's wasn't opposition. politicians say that shows a lack of leadership. hopa, the ministers to minister for health, for justice safe, maybe private opinions about it. but there's no coherence, government opinion, no a resolution in the cabinet. and i think that's a very important question on the question. for example of firm mandatory resonation, it's the farthest german lawmakers are set to hold 2 days of debate later this
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month on the mandate says sholtes hopes that by then many of the questions surrounding us will be ironed out. but as the debate and the panoramic roll on few are expecting a quick answer as to when vaccines will become compulsory in germany, thing targets on, on sport as get up to speed. now, on the other developments in the pandemic, the international olympic committee says the winter games in beijing can go ahead. despite raising armor con infections. athletes and officials will be fully vaccinated and have daily test canada 2nd most populous prop. as quebec is planning to impose a health tax on residence who refused to get vaccinated for non medical reasons. and switzerland is reducing quarantine time to 5 days to ease staff shortages. one region has told all trained nurses to register in case they're needed to ease the pressure on hospitals. no man talk of it's is
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preparing for a shots at sporting history, melbourne, winning the australian open would make him the most successful men's tennis player of all time. but the serbian superstar is still has no guarantee of making the main drop. mr. joke of itches waiting a final, a decision on his visa status. just a day after admitting breaking cova protocols and submitting fast information to australian border authorities. as the world's number one means tennis plan, novick jock, which is accustomed to life under the microscope. but even by his lofty standards, the intensity of the spotlight focused on his every move in melbourne is now extreme good. it looks like he's going to be able to, to play and compete in the history in open, which are, you know, we, we do want the best players there. but like i said, i think there's still a few few questions to be answered. and until that happens, tough together, ah, definitive or opinion on, on everything, he won his initial case in court,
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but white's a deeper taishan decision by a federal government keenly attuned to the feelings of australian voters. most of whom have diligently followed pandemic rules for the past 2 years. new information offered up by the serbian camp shows. he did not do the same. on social media, he admitted to not isolating after testing positive for cove it. and he also admitted to submitting false information on his previous whereabouts to australian border officials in melbourne. and they were a he blamed on his management team. i don't like his arrogance. i don't fear i feel he's come across as i am his above it all. we've all been might have an explanation to k, the jobs, and when someone comes, it doesn't say really fair. and so the final say rests with the australian government to stop novak joke of it from possibly making sporting history in
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melbourne. or to let a millionaire get away with it. just like the tournament that starts on monday. they can only be one winner. to hamburg now where the landmark l philharmonic concert hall is celebrating his 5th anniversary. it's been hailed as an architectural masterpiece and it's popular with concert goers despite the spiraling costs. it ran out during construction on tuesday, the venue marked to its birthday with a special concert. ah, the hell fill, the money in hamburg is more than a concert hall. it is become a symbol of morton germany, a cultural landmark of the 21st century, its celebrating its 5th anniversary with a whole week of concerts. ah, the main anniversary concert features the n d r l film ony orchestra led by ellen gilbert with contemporary classical music composed by among others,
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john adams the words have been selected to make the most of the unique spatial and sound properties of the venue. ah, the elfin, the money opened to much fanfare in 2017 angle america attended his german chancellor. as did current chancellor o left schultz, then mayor of hamburg. the planning and construction was fraught with difficulty in the end. it took more than 10 years longer than planned costs exploded from 77000000 to 789000000 euro over the last 5 years, 2900 concerts have been staged despite cove it over 3300000 guests have been
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able to enjoy the unique l pillar, money experience tuesdays anniversary concert was another night to remember. ah, it wanting to have a news coming up next in detail. we news asia. china doubles down on is 0 coverage strategy ahead of the winter olympics. but at what cost to you? it's people that story whole lot more coming up ended up in is asia, went to rush, batter jay and i'll see at the top of the hour shift your guide to life in that digital world.


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