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tv   The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africas Youth  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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ah, the internet knows all its creators more to everything, and to see digitize everything, the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data, smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking i work every day. we headed to a futuristic utopia, poor but digitize the nightmare. the internet of everything starts january 17th on d. w with welcome guys to a brand new edition of the 77 percent. the show for africa youth. i am your host michael routine. with this week's show,
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it's all about the african man and what it means to be a traditional or a modern man. check. our worldview paid for you. in kinshasa, we meet the supposed well dressed man who introduced us to the quarter of last up. we joined in landscape as on the dangerous right to nairobi, traffic and in our street debate. we discuss masculinity the 21st century. but 1st of all, we asked you what is masculinity? this is what 77 percent is in a crop set. the a mom power and the ability to control things like as men do a monster b m on his rule should be his rules, no change. who is the mikoto who said, and once you do this and it was good, is in the society with how in families progress in this more didn't time. you can't really defy someone a strictly muscular enough. i mean, i think we're,
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we are evolving so must have things. initially, you barely seen men, even cooking men. now you've been to see men m doing going to the markets to, to do a few errands by right now you sell online, go to the market, then they've been doing their bargaining better than any d. if a one doesn't do it with me, sheila woman, the same we from one does include, has been his more a month that been is actually creating a lot of is used for us in this modern world. indeed, the question of manhood is creating issues. what makes a man a man across africa? many cultures matter, transition from boyhood to manhood, with initiation rituals in south africa, this secretive initiation result, the decks of dozens of young boys every year and leaves hundreds more terribly injured. the initiates are off in beaten and humiliated on their path to become in
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man. oh woody to south africa, close to the fall river. early in the morning, these initiation students practice traditional chance these schools are infamous for their allegedly brutal methods. but this young initiate shows no signs of fear . he sees some guys ask it sometimes, but that's only because other people exaggerate things as well. so some have this fear one, but because this is our culture, i feared nothing. i was who i feel like most of the boys here have to go through it to make over when i was with the traditional casa the baylor and paid a ethnic groups believe a boy can only become a man if he goes through the rites of passage like, chanting, stick, fighting and hunting. the rite of passage culminates with the circumcision of the students performed in an open field by a traditional healer. while only a minority of the schools are accused of mistreating their students. many pushed questionable ideas about masculinity a lot, because once you come formed,
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displeasing, cannot crates. it's like you, if someone you love, if passed away or even youth in painless lake here with dallas, filming leg tinney literally be to me as soon as you attitudes like this made this young man's experience all the more painful at the age of 18. o. lanny acosta was sent by his father to an initiation school. as soon as he arrived, his cousin was subjected to daily beating. but all i knew cousin was a proud young man and defied the humiliation. one evening the eldest took him away once again to teach him a lesson. this time he never returned. a cousin never came back because he was a fighter. was one person that can stand up for himself. as well as they beat into a plan whereby they killed it and when they realize that
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the gotten too far, then they just came back and to like nothing happened. the initiation schools on to registered or monitored much like female genital mutilation initiates, can also die as a result of botched circumcisions, traditionally known as all while local or lose one's manhood forever. when kalani asked about the whereabouts of his cousin, one of the eldest threatened him with the same fate, politely knew then that he had to flee. but his decision brought disgrace on his family and he is too scared to go back to his community. today. years after the ordeal, he still lives far from his village and has no contact with his parents. i've been in a lot of fights and actually, because even this one that you constantly have to prove yourself as a man. and i don't think that will end until i get that confirmation for my son. having an open discussion about the point of
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initiation rights is almost impossible because the young men are not supposed to talk about their experiences. many who are traumatized carried with them for the rest of their lives. as you've just seen, becoming a modern man in africa comes with all kinds of expectations and precious, but do not be fresh. it. you are the only one who defines who you want to be in our street debate, it kamani invited a couple of men with very different views on that topic. to a gym in nairobi, she switched with them not about muscles, but a struggles their fees. and what masculinity means to them, ah, this event to represent isn't kenya's, capital ne, robi, and here we're going to have
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a very special debate. speaking to men about what it means to be a man in africa. in this year of 2021. i'm very interested about this one, so let's get right to it. we'll start with mister or younger. what's here? not double. oh, how would you define manhood in your life? in your welt me existing as myself, as opposed to the social scripts that i've been reaching for, must community supposed to stand for. and that essentially means going against the graeme for more spots. because again, being in africa, we hide from childhood on perceptions about who are money supposed to be, who are boy must be how to hold on to your emotions because you're not supposed to cry as ago. um, it's weird for you to be expressive. i want to hear from laska, because you're actually of a very different viewpoint coming from a very traditional background. do you believe that what he's saying is correct? that manhood is still stuck in sort of the olden days,
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where men were expected to be sort of hunters and gatherers. i think so, and i think should be main. but when you think it should remain that way, i was, i think um, in my view, the way i was raised right? um the model is been the dominant forcing the household, the provider. so should i assume then that in your home you're this the man as you a year described? yeah. where does that leave your wife then or your parties? she has her role to play. she's my partner. she's yes about bucks me up. okay. yeah . so what are the challenges then that ordinary men contemporary men are experiencing in, in a world like 2 days? we are one of the biggest to m enemies as men. because if i called for e p and said, hey, you know what, i have a nice from him. i went to the doctor on these, given me, i'm not so pleasant reports about my inability to give my wife a. maybe you wouldn't know what to do most of the time, cause men are supposed to excise toys to them. similar grab a beer and or did you see what messages of like, i am empty. yeah. something is happening here, right?
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yeah. and that will be the end of the story. so i think to just our demand who's watching to be more participatory in terms of the things that we suffer. where does that fall in your very traditional viewpoint of what language should be? move been raised. i tend to think africans are a bit conservative. we, we are actually afraid of talking about such sensitive issues. you know, cause if you, if you're free about it, if you talk about it, then you're, you're branded, you're too soft, you know, some people think you're not a man, charles, did you have something to say to miss regards to that love was something to say. if you don't provide, you don't have a voice in your family yet you don't offer storage, you cannot make decisions. this woman challenges facing us these days. the, in the past, a man was able to butter their wife. especially if they wifi. the wonder talks a lot it by the we're not advocating mystic violence, it will cause i'm,
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i'm not of what it used to be that with the past. yeah. that this tricia right now men odd that fear that you cannot there's no the visit. no, no, no, no way you can go and express yourself to her because then that they don't have be a groups where they can share rates that you when you go to the police, the police will laugh at you. they'll tell you what going on when are you. ok. ok. so 2 things are coming out very clearly here and shall i want to come to you? that provision and power is a very big factor of masculinity. and now it appears sexuality as well. um, but talking back to those negative effects when men are not talking to each other. yeah, you're not talking to your fathers. well, what do you do? we, we do not really have people that we can go back to unseat good if, if we're having a b, l it's been these be aside today, let's open our chests and just put it out there. but this is what i'm going through . is it true? what shall said that most men don't really have friends myself. i do have friends
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lottery talk them a lot about as in not just drinking soccer and other things right now, but i feel that pressure comes from childhood. okay, that's why lately i can't tell him i have no money because maybe has more money than me than he will judge me. i'm afraid he'll jogs me or he say, and that is way men do. now friends, if you feel like this guy will judge you as a result of you speaking about your weakness, been that disqualifies him as your friend. okay, that was my plan. you don't really have friends if you're afraid to tell them something out of judgment. some will, does one point very he said very clearly, but we haven't talked about the sexual part. mostly if you can't satisfy satisfy you wife, you girlfriend sexually. you're not considered as a mad because most of them do stats in the talking about it. should the friends of lindsey, it's not man enough. they sure is we have a lot of pressure. yeah. that we have to handle to balance each one of them or 8.
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so a lot of pressure we keep coming back to that word, pressure pressure pressure. but there is no outlets here. so what are the consequences that we are so many people were committing suicide? yara, for millions that are breaking some other ventilating through violence, gender despondency on the increase. so those are, those are the, some of the consequences. yeah. how do we ensure that a year from now, 2 years from now, we're not having the same conversation. you know, we're not talking about manhood in this very, not positive way, mentorship, mentorship, mentorship, children, especially boys. they become the men they see around them. if they are no men around them, they will borrow from the closest thing that they see around them. we have to make a deliberate decision on choices to talk to our kids, not to because of um, the way we feel that this is what defines masculinity,
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but helping them to realize how to just be a responsible person around other people. yeah. yeah. okay. and there we go, less close with you. finally, there's nothing natural about how we are anything about us. we're not naturally a, b, or c. all of this is nurture. and what we allow among ourselves, we define yourselves as much as you can to the best vision of is all for yourself. all right, i really like that free yourself. i guess also we're going to wrap this conversation . i really had a good time speaking to all the men, what a privilege and i have to admit, i am so happy to be a woman to day. i don't know how you feel, but thanks for watching. the last point in that debate, bess repeating. you should always remember to be the best version of yourself. there is a longer debate on i youtube channel. you can watch it their comment or write us an
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e mail. if you have any thoughts or ideas on that topic that you want to share with, i'll switch to a group of men who are said that question. what defines a man pretty clearly? clots ought to be more specific, suits less the purse from kinshasa show how african men can embrace jack, enough. fashionistas german on. i call myself gulas harper and i'm a stop her to caddied. doza is my style. your facility. i'm a designer in a supper, which means that smartly dressed man. i train young people to become great designers around the world, and i also teach them how to become a sub her suffer. anita
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catoosa is a word in my mother tongue. it means scarification of the chuck we peoples. i meant razzle. even when i was 13 years old i noticed the older guys in the neighborhood like we're in fancy clothes. they were always talking about big brands from the west campus that came it in. something struck me which i can't explain false. i've laughed clued since i was a kid soon in ninety's, i joined the sub her movement very confident that and i think while i was an apprentice other law gumby stood you. we held the competition, drew in a cultural day, can kester amanela was a guest? i was awarded 1st prize de luca and she also us, i believe, is unheard moon. after this, i threw myself into study and design. in the 90s, i spent 3 years in roosevelt before returning home. as a designer, you actually vineyard, austin needs to know your pin number lives
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or 2 other designers where can create the styles indoors where it is common air conditioned, but i work outside in a market while she looked at one in the midst of all the noise i pride myself in creating fashion that doesn't exist in the world. humans food. i draw my inspiration from animals on nature, jim, his pillows, he dilemma sheila blood whose sap stands for the society of entertainers for elegant people differ from this is the old definition. in my opinion. it should be the society of artists and a proper and elegant people. he did is anticipate it pulled. it prints on cooperate, illegal. go go last up cutty tozer. well, i guess if i want to qualify as a supper, then i have to really spruce this up in motto, muscley, north dakota as
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a must off his craft and to reach the top of his profession, he had to defy convention and give up a new best education, he just wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a cook, but is a pain off. let's find out in this report. with 25 year old martino jetta is a master of his craft. his signature dishes are famous, even outside mozambique capital map. udo. but my salinas passed to the world of what cuisine was hardly straightforward. initially he been to family pressure by starting an engineering degree. which taught marcelina just one thing, he really wanted to become a chef salad papers. i was no longer going to school. basically, i don't, i really didn't have the motivation to go anymore for school. i started to feel a little bit depressed, knowing it wasn't what i wanted. i could go get here with mozambique economy,
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growing high school graduates encouraged to pursue academic degrees to leaving their a passport to a better life. so most of those parents took some convincing, not even his partner. andrea was on board at 1st. i killed miss. i'm english, she lost rubbish by him and with those thoughts into our heads like it, that's not going to make money that you have to be a doctor. you have to be an engineer. and so one. so even i had doubts. but at the end of the day, i saw how his eyes lit up every time he talked about cooking, healed cleaning philosophies. so in january 2017 muslim, not travel to italy. we took part in a year long course to become a kitchen. and pastry chef. he started at the bottom and worked his way up, but it was anything but smooth sailing considerably. let him know, but i started with him at bill pierre too, and in the beginning it wasn't easy. it's another dynamic. we didn't go to work at
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80, returned home at 91011 pm's. my letter was good because i realized even more that yes, this is what i want. mm hm. key. okay. this fight is impressive. qualifications muslim of cells chef like him on oil given the recognition they deserve, and his home country, warmer the food such as was in well, the biggest challenge of being a chef in mozambique is social recognition from our neurology ition that it's a real job and he demands a lot from the cook, and it's not just one cool cuz it's a team. we may be just to make one dish. it's very hot and precise. what good won't wound what it sees from kitchen and turned to head chef. all it took was some hard work and a dash of risk taking some. that is some, some shows fish becoming a chef is something that i could be, but i would never recommend what a guys now, next reports are doing. the streets of nairobi aren't exactly safe, but for these crazy guys commute and around and my thought was is just not enough.
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they go through the city on inline skates. the sport is rapidly growing in popularity, but without proper facilities. these kits use nairobi, streets to horn. yes, kills getting in a will be, is iris because the streets on the same because we are in constant a bunch of lead that would use us. you have to share the road with my 2 other vehicles. and this means that you know, competition over a car and escape i definitely the colleague a
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a a yo yo if b for boy on i thought maybe their protest kids was is doing can people love it? we love it. keeps love each box. there's no government support to me. it was silenced. give because i also love skating. and by assailing them, my o'connor walk wild them in a different way. anything you know was i was getting both i was taken on because i'm able to sell them lots a price. we just import them pro la, near you. okay. australia. yeah. i'm sort of like a scapes distribute and can
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getting by nature being together, all sorts of people escaping. you don't really have that segregation, that happened may been either sports related to agenda. you don't get guys having to be on their own by having to be on their own. we get together, most of the same these places, like the con bus pulls, kato, and we are getting here because it's the only place we consider kate cluck when you're on the road moga,
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he's gaping because you are putting on death going forward. but he did, they've getting because you create to create whatever you have in mind. if anything i'm both getting is when you think about falling actually for when you try to shift your focus to something else, then you become very, you know, because in your skating you don't think about anything else till the air. enjoy the marshal. i'm definitely positive. i'm all day, he talks getting down because i've seen more people land getting and that means more world my vision east for more to get back to me booth and ultra for the government to put more focused into skating. others for
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skating looks like so much fun, but hey guys, remember to be safe? we've been on quite a riots trying to figure out what makes a man in 2022. obviously, there isn't one answer. everyone has to find out on to the question. sadly, we have to step on their breaks for now and be hope you enjoyed. i sure. don't forget to check out our content on facebook, instagram, youtube, and also on our website. we're going to wrap up to show where this drop from the media repack east. he's got his own tick on how to step up. i said, man, see you next time and choose a with
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a life full of mistrust. you what storm you are, beautiful to treat you and you left the constitution a now tell me change. make the right put the wrong now. shut it down for a stop for the gender face by linds mom. i don't know. i with what you have with respect to mother. you say you're the king, but you know what? it means kings always take care of the queen. a we don't raped me,
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relate them, protect now, shut it down to a respect with both agenda placed by and then i just saw with ah, ah, with
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who i am in a globalized world where everything is connected,
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test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating, while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports release? you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w ah ah, this is dw, use live from berlin and ami cron tidal wave hated for europe. the world health organization.


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