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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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to the best connection, south l. road and rail. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the old world experience out standing shopping and dining offers, enjoying our services all be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe, bought lou ah, ah, ah, this is dw news. why, from berlin tonight and omicron tidal wave headed for europe? the world health organization predicts that half of europe population could become
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infected with the contagious corona virus variant. by the end of the winter, i left the w h as europe director. how alarm should we really be? also coming up, it is getting hotter here. climate scientists say the past 7 years for the warmest on record, and they are warning that we need to plan for the work. ah, i bring gov, it's good to have you with us. we begin this tuesday with a dire warning from the world health organization. and europe's pandemic future, the w h o predicts that over half of all europeans will become infected with the omicron variate of the corona virus by the end of this winter. here's what the w h chose. europe director, dr. hans claudia said today 50 of the 50 countries in europe and central asia have no reported cases of omicron. it is quickly becoming the dominant virus invest
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in europe. and this no spreading into the balkans at this rate, the institute for health metrics and evaluation forecasts that more than 50 percent of the population in region will be infected with mcclung. in the next 6 to 8 weeks or earlier i spoke with dr. glueck and i asked him, how alarmed should we really be here in your where we are at the crystals. so busy extra ordinary speech offerings, mission the tactics change from preventing transmission to preventing disruption. it's through the, at the individual level. the only thing that may be more miles, particularly into people who are boosted, but because of the she had numbers because of still a large share of the population,
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unvaccinated. the sit is that the hospitals will get overwhelmed and particularly short off health walkers who are becoming more and more in fairs. and that's what we're seeing. i mean, we're hearing more and more about hospitals and clinics being understaffed, people calling in sick the how worried are you there? we're going to begin seeing health care systems collapse here in europe. then we know what to do. the dues are the same for any value to be caught into 5 pandemic stabilizers number to wow. full vaccination number to boost boost, boost number city increase the use of marks including high quality must, like respirators in highest things. number 4, ventilation, particularly in classrooms and number to fight new treatment protocol. because the good news is also debt new books are coming on the market. the key issue is that is
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no one sing and measure its effects. a nation bluff approach in the o mcroy very it spreading so quickly is everything that we've grown accustomed to in the past 2 years. but you just mentioned these 5 things up. a lot of people are wondering is this no longer working? i mean, we all know of people who have been vaccinated, who have been boosted, and yet they've still tested positive. right. we have to remember what the vaccines are made for h 2, but event, severe disease and death and dead by preventing hospitals to collapse. but the number of countries have high vaccination rate, but they're not implementing to public health measures because someone who is vaccinated can still transmitted disease. so it's a package. and what about people who are asymptomatic? for example, there's a big discussion about whether or not schools should be kept open right now. let's
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say that we have students, we have teachers who may be positive, but they are asymptomatic. is this a reason to shut the schools down or should we be telling these people to stay home and keep the schools open? the school this has to be the last was to close. and the 1st one study opened because it's not only educational, but a very important place for a mental health social development. also to put a vincent or detect domestic violence. and we know what to do, the children need to be vaccinated, different the least needs to be there, the teachers to get the 1st in line to get the boosters. but you make a good point. that vendor society can and health systems can no longer to cope with all the testing. what and thanks tracy. then gun grease made a vice de policies for testing and quarantine in dr. clear,
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you know, we, we hear people talking now about corona virus fatigue and, and wanting to return to norma, which you can understand. but are we contributing to that by always talking about the number of cases instead of the number of severe cases. because every year, you know, we have the threat of the flu, but we're not talking about so many the number of flu cases really because the flu is endemic. are we headed to corona virus being and demick, and should we be changing the way we talk about the virus? as a result? definitely, which should change from looking at the absolute number of infection to what, not only hospitalizations, but people in d. i see you because what we see a number of countries is that the percentage of so called incidental infection. that means people who go to the hospital, not critical of it, but diagnose because of the testing that fraction is increasing. but it's too early
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to say it's endemic, basically what we see the article is that everyone is going to get some kind of humidity either through the vaccine or through the natural infection. but the infection still has a lot of surprises. for example, the lunk of it, so every individual needs to take responsibility. so this thing says isolating and try to prevent to become infected. that's yeah, that's very wise, is the actual insights. there's still time to get vaccinated and to get boosted. there's no need to play russian roulette with your help. that's for sure. dr. hans click a regional director for the european office for the world health organization dr. gregory, appreciate your time tonight. thank you. my pleasure. let's get around of now and some of the other world headlines this our, the united nations is a feeling for $5000000000.00 in aid to save millions of afghans from starvation. since the taliban take over last summer, most countries have cut their funding to afghanistan. plunging the country into
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a humanitarian crisis. conditions have been made worse by a long drought and the arrival of winter. a man accused of setting fire to south africa's parliament building has been charged with terrorism. officials say, the suspect was arrested at the scene with explosions. he's denied the charges. critics claim that he's being made a skate good to cover security. fail the fire on january 2nd caused extensive dems to the the late american author and civil rights activists. maya angelou has become the 1st black woman to be featured on the u. s. coin. the new quarter dollar depicts angelo with her arms raised and a bird in flight behind her. these are images that were inspired by her poetry. angela died in 2014, at the age of 86 british prime minister boris johnson, under fire, over new allegations that he and his staff founded corona virus lockdown rules. a leaked e mail revealed staff from downing street were invited to
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a party for drinks back in may 2020, just as britons were reminded that they could only meet up with one person outside their own household. the european union is mourning the loss of european parliament president david cecily, the in this afternoon. his colleagues gathered on the steps of the parliament to hold a minute of silence in his memory. santa lee died at the age of $65.00. the italian centre left politician had been in the hospital since december 26th struggling for months with poor health. after suffering pneumonia, the former journalist and t v news anchor became president back in 2019 a vote to elect his replacement had already been planned for later this month since cecily had already decided not to run for reelection. european union
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scientists have released a harrowing the report showing that the last 7 years were the hottest on record. germany's new government wants to set an example of how to fight global warming and has said some lofty climate protection goals. but the countries, 1st economy and climate minister says so far, not so good, more renewables, less fossil fuel. and at the same time, more electricity generation overall. in the coming years, germany will need to change how it has itself. the man at the helm of germany's super ministry for the climate and the economy says he knows how it can be done. this does what we're setting out to do is extremely ambitious, but achievable. if everyone works together, we can do this. i spawn the kind of suffering there have been other we can do this moments in recent german politics. but the scale of the challenge identified by ha, back is as he put it gigantic business. and in the next few years,
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we must become more efficient and faster the pace of change and the consistency needs to increase. basically, we need to be 3 times better than we are now in all areas, why am i in dyson? one huge task is to increase the amount of wind generated power in the makes. the target is to use 2 percent of germany's land area for onshore wind. currently only a quarter of that is available in some cases. the problem is nimby ism, people often say turbines are fine in principle, but not if they mother landscape where they live. solar energy to is to be ramped up. panels will be required on all new commercial buildings. and on most homes as well. when there's no wind and no sun, germany needs another solution in a transition phase that will be natural gas and in the long term hydrogen. now we are focusing on ritz and a sola but in the 2030 renewed huge amounts of green hydrogen for our
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industry. for our power plants, we have fanbrough not running on natural gas than switching over to hydrogen. the government will fast track change by both easing planning rules and providing financial incentives. climate activists can see positive things in the plan, but want, there will be more to do. we need to end call in the year 2030 by the latest. and this can only be done if the capacity is for renewable energy. i significantly increased and for this package that was presented today in the very 1st step. but the energy sector is only one of the sectors where we need to catch up and, and kind of politics. we need cindy, an emergency packages off of the central angry cancer, and also been a team. in many ways, robert ha, bank carries the hopes that have brought chem and his new government into office, combining concern for the planet with care for the countries industry. the minister
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says we can do it. and he also knows that what the charts and projections show right now is how difficult the transformation will be. i just assume that some of the men 45 in a medical 1st u. s. surgeons have successfully implanted a genetically modified pig heart into a human patient. the transplant took place last week and the 57 year old patient. he was simply too ill to be eligible for a human heart transplant. and a gl researchers hope that took procedures could one day help ease the chronic shortage of human organ donations. this is the heart used to give dave bennett a new lease on life. in a 9 hour procedure surgeons transplanted the organ, taken from a one year old pig. it was gene edited bread and killed for this purpose. following friday surgery, the 57 year old patient is breathing on his own while still connected to a hot lung machine. he simply didn't want to die,
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doesn't want to die. and he felt that if he had no opportunity and he was pretty well convinced by multiple doctors who had told him he had a fatal disease. and he was unlikely to leave the hospital because of that as a background, as, as an alternative. he said to me, 2 very important things, i don't want to die. and he said if i do, maybe you'll learn something to help others. prior attempts at so called zeno transplantation, largely failed because patients body's rapidly rejected the animal organ. most countries rely on an opt in system for donation requiring express prior consent to use the organs of dead people in the usa alone, around $6000.00 people die every year, waiting for kidneys, hots, or lungs. it is a game changer because a, you know, now not a v will have, these are guns are readily available if you have their technique,
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all the genetically modifying. so if they're more cute tweaking required far for modifying the genes weekend, we, every of the, you will be able to do that. and you know, can, can, you know, customize basically the hard for, are the argon for the patient? the experimental procedure raises ethical and animal rights issues and is far from being declared safe. but for now, dave bennett's new pig heart is still beating. you are to d. w. news up next, the world bank and she's a start warning about the global economy for 2022 that's coming up in business needs. the chelsea delaney stick around. she'll be right. these places in europe are smashing the wreckers.


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