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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 4:15am-4:31am CET

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you have the technique of genetically modifying. so if they're more to tweaking required for, for modifying the genes to beacon we have, we have the, you will be able to do that. and, you know, again, can you know, customize basically the hard for, are the argon for the patient. the experimental procedure raises ethical and animal rights issues and is far from being declared safe. but for now, dave bennett's new pig heart is still beating and you're up to day here on t w coming up next is business we the gym and janelle de milan, there's more on our website, t, w dot com. and on instagram and twitter 2 i handled there. is that the doubling in use? i'm jarrett. great, thanks for watching. my 1st vice, i was a sewing machine. i come from,
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women are boned by this ocean. even something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my own, but it took me years to life. finally, they gave up and went to buy me on my side and returned with a sewing machine, sewing, i suppose, was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties. and social rules and inform them about the basic rights. my name is the about the home, and i work at heating ah . 0. one of the biggest acquisitions in video game history, grand theft auto make or take to takes over mo bile gaming company then got. but is
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it all fun and games? we asked her wall street correspondence also want to show a new report says 2021 was the 2nd worst here on record or damage caused by natural disasters. and to asian own ship builders filed for bankruptcy and germany. trade union leaders are calling it a dark day for the industry. this is the w of business. i'm janelle dumas and welcome video game giant take to interactive is acquiring social gaming company. zynga in a deal worth $12700000000.00, summer calling it the biggest acquisition in gaming history. take to is best known for a block buster made for p. c. and consol titles such as grand theft auto and red dead redemption. the companies said it's take over of zynga,
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maker of social game form bill is the move towards becoming a leader in me while gaming that some market that's expected to grow 8 percent annually. over the next 3 years. he earns court that joins us now. he owns most single games you can play for free. so where does take to see the money in the steel? yes or no, i have not played farmville myself, but usually with those games, when you pay with real money, you actually get some extra award. some extra energy or some extra items. so that's one area where it makes money and then especially it's also advertising, for example, when a user so player. so watch those at some fully. they also get some extra in game rewards. so those are some areas where dinner is actually making money,
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but clearly $12700000000.00. that is a lot of money. while i heard that farmville is actually quite addictive, but don't take my word for it. what this is acquisition tell us about where the video game gaming industry is at the moment. and yeah, i mean, specially those schemes for mobile devices for smart, for and for incense. that's the fastest growing part of the video game industry. and we've seen a dozen soften acquisitions in that area in the past couple of years, especially those, the traditional video game producers, they keep buying those often smaller companies that are specialized them in mobile games. but clearly that's not necessarily always the winner. if you look at dig up, for example, even with this acquisition, the stock is still trading below $10.00 to share and what is $10.00 a share? that was the ip price almost 10 years ago, then got self has done
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a lot of resistance in the past couple of years of pricey and acquisitions and shareholders. obviously, we're not always fully convinced, but overall there is definitely the trend that there is a real 3 of acquisitions in that area of that last year. and that trend is obviously going to continue. and as far as i've seen, so the take to every single question is the biggest them in that industry so far. and the stock of the got by the way, was up by a good 40 percent of the stock off take to was down by about 14 percent. so that also shows you that and the rest are seem to be a bit skeptical in respect to that price. tech. thank you, young card or not or resident game or but our resident wall street correspondents, thank you very much. hurricanes floods and wild fires 2021 brought more than its share of natural disasters and as well as claiming
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around 10000 lives. they also took a major financial, told german re ensure munich race as it was one of the most expensive years on record. the global damage is estimated at around $280000000000.00, less and half of which was insured. for the effects of climate change arrived the tariffs doorsteps in 2021. in july, more than 240 people died into floods, sweeping through austria, belgium, germany, and many other parts of the continent. the floods and mud slides, bird, cars, homes, and livelihoods. the prospects are gloomy evidence shows did extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense for insurance companies. 2021 was the 2nd most expensive year after 20. 17 and climate change is not the only reason why the tally for insurance companies is increasing. the one is simply the social
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economy changes, so increase in population and balance and was increasing wealth. we obviously have to expect higher losses as well. more people and more wealth mean more houses, offices, buildings that are insured in the event of natural disasters. it means insurance companies have to pay more for damaged properties. now it's been a dire few months for the cruise industry. with a pandemic severely restricting tourism demand. huge cruise ships and luxury mega yachts have become less viable. that's pushed a to german ship holders into insolvency just days after the suspension of cher, trading and the cruise giant genting, hong kong and the verified in and lloyd verify, have filed for bankruptcy. trade unions are calling it a dark day for german shipyards as the ship builders become the latest victims of a pandemic driven disaster, increased terrorism for generating the crisis,
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has meant more than $2000000000.00 and losses. meanwhile, 2000 employees and bismark stock and charles, and may not get their december wages. committee orders, gifts with my haven't talked about it with my guys. the mood is bad because a jewish and dish to one gets finished is the german government says it is prepared to provide aid to the troubled company, but that it has not received assurances from genting that it will also provide financial support for and beaverton the often he had stood on dream. now we're hoping that the employees get their salary for december and that they find a solution. so we can continue to build as a beautiful ship here if this does he of olds and his mom doctor. that beautiful ship is the colossal 1500000 euro global dream. cruise ship, a project currently in jeopardy, for lack of financing. it remains a dream, as the world waits for recovery from the pandemic. now to some of
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the other global business stories making news. now the pandemic has one, has one out of 7 german companies fearing for its existence. that's according to research by the countries e phone economic institute. it's mostly businesses in the events and travel sector that have been pushed to the break. but also retailers and restaurants. arrow mexico has cancelled more than 200 flights over the last 4 days due to a high number of crew members testing positive for corona virus as the old micron variant rocks the aviation industry world wide cancellations are affecting international and domestic flights, including popular destinations like war de la hora, and can cool air bus retained its crown as the world's largest commercial airline supplier for the 3rd year running as it outstripped boeing by delivering
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611 jets in 2021. according to company data, the delivery numbers gave air, bus, and unassailable lead after bowling only handed over $302.00 jets in the 1st 11 months . food waste is a global problem to much of the world's agricultural output is ending up in the landfills. even in places where people are going hungry, one of those places is greece. this food bank serves the needy increases capital athens for many people here. it's their only hot meal of the day. around 1300000 greeks do not have enough to eat. fruit in particular, is in great demand here for my child and me, it's essential help. i'm unable to work and again, my husband is sick at home, and he's unable to work either. greece is one of the world's leaders when it comes
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to throwing away food, almost 100 kilograms per person ends up in the rubbish every year. so why is there not enough for everybody? we go to a farmer's market where we meet alexandra us. he started a group called to me to prevent boxes of fresh vegetables from ending up and the garbage here. missing, do not. we have to be there right when the stone close in that way we can ask the seller if you have something you can give us. is there anything left over? if there's something you won't be able to sell in the next few days and get in a nice and tog, they quickly find what they're looking for. one of the stands was already closed and left unsold, vegetables behind a lot of food is wasted in supermarkets too. there are 2 shopping carts full at the back of this store. none of it has passed, it's sell by date. but customers don't want to buy things like dental cans and
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other damage packaging capital bought on on the water by done. it takes a lot of time to throw away the food, then comma got the car and it's also mad for the environment. the government has made it more expensive for supermarkets to toss grocer anything the trash it aims to create an incentive to reduce waste, but it still faces resistance. albert said, well, we have a lot of work to do to convince every single greek that it really makes sense not to throw away any foolish, vexes. ah, that's because there is something of a tradition of wasting food in greece. when you entertain guests, you show how generous you are. people here say an empty plate means you didn't get enough to eat and that the host was stingy. this is one of the reasons why a lot of good food ends up in the garbage and not here where it is so urgently needed. now you may have started putting away your holiday decorations, but in one low income neighbourhood, into one on mexico,
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people are just getting it to the christmas spirit. children and their families lined up to receive toys. another gift over the weekend, a collaboration of mexican and american charities worked together to give out foods blankets, groceries, and traditional cakes for the baby. jesus figure inside the gifts and donations for an to help low income people who may not have been able to afford a christmas dinner or guest this year. that's be generous all year round. thanks for watching. ah. keeping an eye on grandma? china's seniors are well monitored by robots, but are they also well taken care of?
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it's a matter of perspective. china is using robots to help the elderly because many of them live alone in need contact. but is this model the right solution? close up. next on d, w, the hind, the sod, congos ultra wealthy, rich and famous in one of the world's poorest country. who was responsible for this in the democratic republic of the condo. and most importantly, how are they doing it? mm hm. go as of chair, in 45 minutes on d, w o
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t, please listen carefully. don't know how those 2 things you miss to ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. with caring for the elderly and china. this is the vision.


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