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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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ah, what secrets lie behind these was discover new adventures in 360 degrees ah and explore fascinating boiled heritage sites d w world heritage 360 jackie at now. mm mm hm. ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin tonight, talks that are going nowhere, russia and the us make no progress in their 1st day of discussions to defuse the crisis over ukraine. both sides are drawing red lines with european security
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suddenly caught in the middle. also coming up to 9 classes resuming uganda after almost 2 years of a pandemic stop. but some kids say education is now no longer on their agenda and fans and celebrate as world number 1. 10 is dark, no back, jo, garbage winds. the 1st round of his legal battle to stay and play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated, but it's not game set in match just yet. ah, i'm burned. gov to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states and do all of you around the world. welcome. we begin tonight with growing fears of war here in europe. a 1st day of talks to ease tensions over ukraine. it is ended with no progress representatives from russia and
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the u. s. say they made no break through with their discussion of the build up of russian troops and tanks at the ukrainian border. the u. s. and his allies, what russia to send their troops back to their barracks. moscow, on the other hand, wants a promise that the nato military alliance will stop expanding and that it will not allow ukraine to join. no, an agreement remains elusive tonight, but both sides said the toner, the talk so far have been encouraging. here's russia's deputy foreign minister, but of which we're gonna renew. but actually pity though we're in negotiations around russia. security proposal here will guarantee these up, but we're very difficult as gullible solution in long don't you very professional watching, but he said that in him deep glue boykin and concrete, concordia t m b s. without any attempts to gloss over video or avoid any difficult
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points away, you could either or through glee, we were left with the impression that the american side was taken russia's proposal or very seriously wishing to use them. but ashleigh could i? she seemed pretty like i was trying to understand the language of diplomacy to do that. i'm joined now by the knee tree. i'm petrovich, he is a us information in cyber security expert and chairman of the think tank silverado, it's good to have you on the program in despite the diplomatic niceties, russia and the us have said they made no progress at all today. what your reaction to that? i think that's right. one mentally the situation has not changed on the ground. we still have $100000.00 fits or so on the border of the grain foyce to invade. if couldn't, doesn't get his way. but i do think that there have been a few positives today. one the rhetoric, the overheated rhetoric that we've been hearing for weeks in the lead up to the
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summit has been lowered dramatically by the deputy for mr. rap goff. he talked about how productive the conversations had been. he talked about the need for further conversations. and even mentioned that a potential treaty that the wash is looking for will not be done overnight as they had been insisting in the league in the weeks prior. and that it may take as much as 8 months or more. and of course, the russians can't keep their troops on the border of ukraine for that long. so i do think it's positive and lower intentions, but fundamentally, we still faith. the reality that war might make when you make quite the possible. yeah, i mean, we're talking about a situation that is very similar to the cuban missile crisis. for example, the only difference is we're not talking about the threat of nuclear war now, but we are living with the threat of cyber attacks coming from russia. how big of a threat do you think cyber attacks are moving forward? well, the russians have enormous capabilities when,
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when it comes to cyber. some the most impactful attacks in cyberspace against western targets, like the not petty attacks in 2017 that took down so much of the western infrastructure and were launched by russia against ukraine, but then leaked out. they've all been done by russian intelligence services in recent years, so it is very concerned, but i do think that if there is an invasion of ukraine and hopefully that won't be . but if there is one, the russians will have their hands full. just managing that crisis that they won't want to aggravate the west any further with direct attacks on them. but let's say put in does agree to bring his soldiers back to their barracks. and we still don't have a resolution that would be appealing to both sides. wouldn't that then give the kremlin, you know, carte blanche to launch new cyber attacks? i mean that would be, it's most effective weapon. well, i think it would, it could be a weapon. i still think that the kinetic invasion of ukraine would be the preferred
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solution for him to get what he desires, which is keeping you waiting forever out of nato. if he can get that in legally binding guarantees that he desires from the, from the u. s. and it is a political, non startup of us government to do, then he believes that he has that option to invade, and ukraine would then never be allowed to join nato just defacto by being occupied in part by russian troops. and you know, we are in winter right now and the ground in ukraine, frozen, which makes it easy for russian tanks to move it into ukraine if they want to. course there will be the caves come march and april. does this short time window? does it put pressure on both sides in geneva to find a path forward? well, that was always the concern that putin seems to have been working on this very short time frame where he needed to act realistically by mid march. um and ah, ah,
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or pull back the troops because he can't eat them there forever. and if russians are now knowledge in that they won't get any resolution on their issues in that time frame, which they did today, i think is a very positive development. because it could mean that we can go into potentially prolong discussion on broader european security issues. address in russia's concerns addressing the concerns of your european countries that could take years potentially in the mean time, of course we would avoid war. so that i view is the best outcome that we could get out of the situation is to simply delay by time for diplomacy to work. dmitri uphill, if it's the chairman of the think tank silverado, mitchell, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. and give art, let's get around of now. and some of the other world headlines this hour and explosion in eastern afghanistan has killed 9 children and wounded 4 more official . ca, stan filling popcorn, hit a mortar shell, although some reports say that it was
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a gas cylinder. that exploded after decades of war. afghanistan is littered with unexploded ordnance ordinance, and children are often the victims a military court in me and mar, hasn't sent his out of liter on songs who she 24 more years in prison. she was convicted on several charges, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies. last month, she was found guilty of incitement. and the breaking corona virus rules. critics say the charges are politically motivated. authorities in new york or investigating the says the city's worst fire in 3 decades. the question is how thick smoke was able to build it through a high rise apartment block in the brought it trapped many families. the death still has been revised down to 17. that includes 8 children. several people are in critical condition with the united states, as in the throes of an omicron wave reporting to hide its daily infection rates of
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any country in the world with so many workers, forced to isolate supply chains are breaking down in products like breakfast cereal, soups, and eggs, they're not making it to the supermarket. it's supermarkets across the u. s. have been struggling to keep fully stocked throughout the pandemic . so many key staff are in isolation either because they have contracted the army, cranberry. and while i have been deemed to close contact of confirmed cases, these shortages are also felt in the nation's capital. while they are dealing with the impact of some heavy snow storms. meet picking plans have been a major focus because large outbreaks in 2020 le, to shortages. and there are signs of decreasing productivity according to official data. i'm sorry my day to day and i making a me so based soup. so i got all my vegetables that i needed. i had no problem
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getting anything, and there is quite a few things are missing by you make up for here and there. i think everyone's disrespectful and doesn't try to hoard anything. we shouldn't have any issues. i don't know, sorry it's, it's annoying sometimes and he can't get the fair but i it's not too bad. well i my all for those down on the block and typically i get something for lunch. so thought the sandwich, shaw things were empty. i got something else. let's see how it over throw them full heated up at the microwave in the office. one thing about the past, you know, 18 to 22 months are along the pin them it's been is. fielder can roll through a day by day. so that's can order. maybe see american optimism. but people here don't seem to be too worried when children in uganda are back in school for the 1st time since march 2020, that was when rising cases of coven 19 forced the government to impose some of africa's toughest corona virus restrictions. but many students say they've lost
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complete faith in the education system and they will not be returning. uganda. as government is warning, an entire generation could be about to lose their opportunity for a good education. repairing motorcycles, this is american, as daily life now was 14. when his school closed due to the pandemic, after nearly 2 years there finally opening again, but he's not going back. we allows that a drew's power. because everything loves in schooling is just sloping down. everything is brewing, stagnant, and we need to look for a bit o it leave candice father left. now at 16, he has to take care of his 2 brothers alone. i had a idea that everything, it's gonna be easy when he of your mac sia. when you're me with that integration thing by not even life, got me though without having moves,
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the condo had already picked up his school supplies and preparation for his return . but now he won't need them. the government estimates a good 30 percent of ugandan students won't come back to the classroom. this elementary school fears that number could be much higher teachers compared together to start school creating class books. to renew for a v as moving around, deciding no stupid things. eggs vernon, as for may include this one as illness degeneration, and existing learning crisis has gotten worse. according to the united nations children's fun, up to 70 percent of 10 year olds and low and middle income countries can't read nearly 20 percent more than before. corona, if you drop any school not returning that will have a lifelong implications for you, globally, it's estimated of trillions of dollar impact on economies globally do as
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a result of worry. while students have many, many experts say more support for global education is needed to help young generations break free from cycles of poverty. or reporter julius morgan boy is in uganda and he asked students how they felt on their 1st day back in school. i. how this is that a the back to school, it's a bad match up with gifting. yes. so my view goes down. we had to both feel under to be wrecked. no wouldn't been to school, not even point of done doubt. but we hope that we continue shall moved between one on but the classes. i finally opened 2 years later. now this is the longest, the government of uganda wanted to stop the spread of coffee. 19. that decision was wide. the welcome at that time until it faced wide criticism menu gun that started questioning the rush,
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and i love keeping i was close closed when elsewhere in other countries, lena, with studies. now this goes open, but kids are nowhere to be seen. the government up still expects 3 out of 10 liners not to return to school. across the country, teenage pregnancies are to their re could high, many guzman, nevada ton to school was a families of facing very big financial challenges. some breed winos whose support keys did not survive the pandemic. and when it comes and institutional level schools have closed, some private schools being out of business for 2 years, us forced them to close indefinitely. and some experience teach us. how so quits the profession and now some analyzing that what we're seeing today may lead into a bigger impact, a generation with the wide knowledge gum 2 years last. well, many schools across germany are resuming this week after the christmas holidays,
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but with the omicron corona virus. variant causing a sudden spike here. the move to go back to class is controversial. i am media and the news that's the topic in today's english class at the fits carson school in berlin. contrary to last year, lessons are currently given and passed, and in most parts of germany and not online, yet, politicians have agreed that for now things will stay that way. but the danger of getting infected is high. i have ocean bison. i'm a little scared of being in school because of the corona virus, like they are a lot of people here and we change rooms all the time. like every day i'm together with at least a 100 people. that's no good, especially when you get home and think, i could have easily learned this at home and be much safer. mazda phillips and the leaves relieved that the schools are from maining open the city despite the on the
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cranberry and the parents are only in charge of helping with homework the weeks of learning from home last year with frustrating the i. and then can nadia? i don't want to watch my own children all day, help them feed them and also do the laundry and shopping me. i don't want to go back to that. it's not the right thing for our family, the stuff on my account feel. and as familia, homeschooling for learning from home was not a good option. and i didn't learn very much, and i don't want to do it again because it just wasn't any fun. now i've, i can't foster my many children feel that way. they have gotten behind and now have the chance to catch up and see friends every day. deciding factors in keeping schools open despite rights in case numbers, local teacher rhine plaza would prefer compromise from last year. he liked flipping back and forth between life and online lessons. working in half groups and alternating between learning from home, learning from school can be a compromise between opinion,
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epidemiological needs and the needs of the students to learn. so between the safety of the pedagogues and the safety of the children. but also there need to learn in school where the schools remain open despite rise in case numbers is up to germany, states to decide as far as education goes, they have the final say. and here's a brief look now at some of the other developments in the pay i did mix chill. it has begun administering a 4th dose of the vaccine for vulnerable groups should fall is a sharp rise and infections in neighboring countries. israel have seen its infection rate nearly quadruple in the past week. reaching new record hives, and experts say an allegedly new cobit mutation that was dubbed delta kron discovered in of sy push lab is most likely the result of lab contamination and knocked a new very are. let's get
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a round of now of some of the other world headlines, israeli prime minister of tale. bennett says israel will not be bound by any nuclear deal with iran and will continue to consider itself free to act with no constraints against it's arch that fo if necessary. indirect talks between iran in the u. s. on salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal resumed a week ago in vienna. the new dutch cabinet, has it been sworn into office by king villan alexander it's prime minister market rooted 4th coalition government is taking office a record 10 months after elections 10 months because the negotiations were so difficult. the new government is pledged to invest heavily in measures to prevent climate change. germany is foreign minister, angelina barebones says that italy has a key role to play and creating a more greener and a more fair europe. she's in role meeting with italy's foreign minister luigi de maia. the 2 countries have developed a joint action plan which includes cooperation on migration,
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tennis star, novak joke, which is likely to play in the australian open following his release from immigration detention today in melbourne, australia. a judge there overturned the government's decision to cancel his visa over corona virus rules. tournament organizers had granted him a medical exemption from vaccination, but the government rejected the exemption. today a judge said that was wrong, joke of inches, family and his supporters of celebrated the decision, but the government could still cancel the visa for different reasons. ah, they were so happy that their hero is free, for now. they mobbed any car, even if they couldn't be 100 percent. sure, novak joke of it was inside. outside his lawyers office, they celebrated into the night somewhere. pepper sprayed in the chaos
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outside court to joke of inches. supporters cheered the decision to overturn his visa. being canceled. oh, i mean go with the judge order joking, which is released from immigration detention calling me australian government's decision unreasonable. he rolled that joke which hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona, virus vaccine. this, it emerged was due to a december 16th cove in 19 infection, but the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering the country from overseas. that contradicted what joke of which had been told by
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tennis australia the tournament organizers. i'm not gonna blame any one. the conflicting information and the contract information that you receive is because of the changing environment. we are in a very challenging vaughn for every one that's been involved in this process. ciocca bitch treated that he was pleased and grateful with the decision after the court's ruling going on to say he's now focused on the tournament. but the saga is not over yet. the australian government can still cancel joker, which is visa on the grounds of public health. for now, though, joke adventures family is thrilled with the rather a typical victory over me. this is the biggest victory in his career. the bigger than all his grand slams. ever even winning on the court is 2nd nature to joke, a bitch winning in court. however, that's proved a lot harder. yeah. and the story as long
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legs to talk about that i'm joined now by amy lundy, dawn. she's a sports journalist for tennis connected dot com. she's also host with the tennis channel podcast network. it's good to have you on the program. i have the feeling that we may not have seen the last serve in this story. what do you say? well, the australia, an immigration minister still has the leeway to cancel the visa again. so it is quite possible that this is not over yet. but if i were the leaders or the powers that be in australia, i wouldn't want the saga to be over will in that's true, it will eventually have an end. and then you know, the, i guess the investigation will begin to how this disaster took place. where do you see the biggest mistakes look, we're in a pandemic. every single government of every single country on the planet is
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struggling with policy. and it's changing so fast with the variance coming and masking and distancing in the medical advice. so i think that's where the disconnect was, and there was an old fashion federal versus state argument going on and then you throw in the tennis powers as well. and there was sort of a, a power struggle and there was not a lot of clarity among thousands of pieces of corresponding between these 3 powers . and let's assume, you know, he gives the visa gets to stay in australia. and he plays in the australian open. i mean, this is a country where 90 to 93 percent of all adults have been vaccinated when he walks out on the court. the reception could be frosty. is that gonna rob him of his tennis mojo? frosty is a nice word for and i think i'm actually with,
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with the atmosphere in australia right now. i'm actually concerned about security. and i think that if they do allow him to play, that are going to be a can because australia has been through a lot in terms of the locked downs that they've had there. stricter than most countries here in the united states that they've australia's been stricter, it's been stricter than a lot of countries in europe. so the people aren't really in a mood to except someone who is skeptical of the vaccines and has been able to enter their country unvaccinated. yeah, i mean the rules are rules, but don't you think this also speaks to something we see that goes beyond tennis. that a high profile athletes in the public perception seemed to operate in a bubble with different rules and standards. it hasn't this confirmed that in some ways it has a here in the united states. we have aaron rogers,
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who's an american football player who has alluded getting a vaccine and kyrie irving, who's and, and be a basketball player. and, you know, sometimes sports can hold up a magnifying glass for life and can really, um, show us what's going on. you know, in the larger picture, you know, it's a very good way of putting it, amy movie doll. we appreciate your analysis to let it be. thank you. thank you. football now and cologne, keep their bundis legal status by the skin of their teeth last season as they survived a relegation playoff. but things of improved this time round and they made white work of her to berlin on a chilly night in the german capital. ah cologne arrived in berlin hoping for a 3rd when in a row for the 1st time since march 2020. as they looked to bolster the european ambitions. the appointment of typhon cockroaches coach in late november hasn't made
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half his form any more predictable. and after beating darkman blas time out, they soon found themselves chasing the game. here. anthony modesto finished a sweeping move and 29 minutes to make it what mil to the visitors. 3 minutes later it was to nil andre dude, a shot wasn't the cleanest. but it still evaded her to keep a alexander swallow, and such a fortune brought her to back into it. after the break is vladimir, to rita's free kick, missed every one and nestled in the far corner. but the reader's joy turned to despair as young human wrapped up the points for cologne in the 90. second minute the check was weakened dealing with a dropping bull, and substitute tillman skipped away to seal a 31 win jubilation for cologne, coach stiffened baumgartner as his men move up to 6, while her to remain just for points of 2nd bottom. and if your head is
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in the sand, get it out there been many great escapes throughout history. but she was unusual as when you're about to see a group of more than 80 ostriches were caught on camera running through the chinese city of chung zoom. after escaping from a nearby farm, fortunately, it happened in the middle of the night. that's usually when they run the birds way, more than a 100 kilos each. so imagine running into this gang on your way to work local media . say the ostriches relate to return to the farm without incident. of course they can't fly. so they took an uber watching the w news after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day. stick around. we will be right back with
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a, with oh mm. a back to the future with the electric version of this stylish motor icon, the oval man's head, z as the the prototype,
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classic design on the outside. latest tech, on the inside. the manta fandom is charged and raring to go. red. 60 minute d, w, with we'll get to the dark side. where we intelligence agents. these are pulling the strings, there was a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules and genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they
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invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d, w? ah, there was no progress made in talks today between russia and the united states at issue ukrainian sovereignty and how that could.


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