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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, what is true was it doesn't matter. the only criteria is, what will people we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle peak world this week on d w? ah ah ah, this is the every news, the life from burly and a false starts. the western russia failed to make progress in their 1st day of talks on ukraine. tensions both sides draw red lines as say,
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a breakthrough is needed. but moscow insisted has no plans to invade ukraine and agrees to keep talking. also coming up as back to school in uganda after almost 2 years of canceled classes because of a virus pandemic. some kids can't wait to return, but other se education no longer on their agenda. her court victory. well, the thing celebrate is world number 110, a star novak job, it wins the 1st round of is a legal battle to stay and play in the mail. you know, by now being fascinated, but it's not game. and not just yet. ah,
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layla rock, thank you so much for joining us. the 1st day of talks between the us and russia on ukraine has ended without progress representatives from russia and the u. s. said they made no breakthrough in their discussion of the build up of russian troops and tanks at the ukrainian border. the u. s. and its allies want russia to return its troops to their barracks. moscow. on the other hand, once a promise that the nato military alliance will stop expanding and won't allow ukraine to join both sides at the tone of the talk so far has been encouraging. but an agreement remains elusive. when taking her to geneva, the sight of these are all important talks brussels bureau chief, alexander van norman, is covering these high stakes and meetings. alexander, the bilateral talks, have concluded to what more can you tell us the talks concluded after almost 8 hours with no breakthrough, as you just mentioned,
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that that was not expected. and according to wendy sherman, the had of the you asked delegation here at the main goal of the meeting today was to sit together for each side to voice their concerns and to listen to each other that. and that is what happened. she is cried the talks as frank and forthright and so difficult, and that is, was the hat of the russian delegation. ca recall also said about to the talks, but let's have a listen to what he had to say. but which one? yeah, you would actually be to go to negotiations around russia. security proposal. you guys are very difficult. go, wearable slaughter mill. long. do you very professional watching, but if you, sir, man, deep, good boykin and concrete. concordia ma'am beers,
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without any attempts to gloss over or avoid any difficult points about you got either or through glee, we were left with the impression that the american side will take on russia's proposal or very seriously not wishing to use them. but ashleigh crashes can put it loving him so significant in short but possessions. alexandra remain entrenched. yes, he writes, leila, and the problem is that the russian delegation made it clear here that it's actually doesn't make any sense to talk about issues we're in agreement can be achieved as long and as rush us main most important demands are not mad. and the kremlin juan snakes, it's guaranteed that the alliance is not going to extend far east. they want need to, to rule out, did ukraine can ever become
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a member. and they want to nato troops to pull out a bag of eastern europe. and this is of course, a non starter for nato and for the u. s. so at the moment it's a totally unclear how a deal could be possible. and what is the risk of conflict after these bilateral talks? all we have to say that this is just the beginning of a very important week of diplomacy in europe. in 2 days, the russian delegation will be received in brussels to hold talks, whitson nato. then there will be a meeting under the umbrella of the organisation of security and cooperation in europe. so there are more meetings to come. however, the problem is that a risk of escalation is still there. and according to wendy sherman, the as deputy secretary of state the west or, or d u,
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as they still don't know whatever the russians are really willing to enter those meetings in good faith, or whether they are just looking for a chance to say ok, everything here is the failure we are walking away from the negotiating table, creating a pretext for another incursion into ukraine w's. alexander vault nomine. engineer reporting on the 1st day of talks on ukraine. tensions. alexander. thank you. want to tell, you know, what, the other stories that we're keeping an eye on an explosion in eastern afghanistan has killed 9 children and wounded for more official c, a stan selling popcorn had a mortar shout. although some reports suggest it was a gas cylinder that exploded after decades of war have gone, astound is littered with unexploded ordnance and children are often the victim a military court in me. and mark has sentenced to ousted leader on some sushi to 4
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more years in prison. she was convicted on several charges, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies. last month, she was found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus. fools. critics say the chargers are politically motivated. the new dutch government has been sworn into office by king milam, alexander it's prime minister. my credit is worth polish in government and is taking office a record 10 months after elections because negotiations were so difficult, the new government as much to invest heavily in measures to prevent climate change . children in uganda are back in school for the 1st time since march 2020. on this one rising cases of coven 19 caused the government to impose some of africa's toughest restrictions. but many students say they've lost faith in the educational system. and they won't be returning it down to governments. you got us government and global experts warn,
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a whole generation could be about to lose out on their opportunity for an average education. repairing motorcycles, this is america kind as daily life now was 14, when his school closed due to the pandemic. after nearly 2 years there finally opening again, but he's not going back. we allows that a dual bower was everything was in schooling is just sloping down. everything is brewing, stagnant, and we need to look for a bid tow it leave. candice father left. now at 16, he has to take care of his 2 brothers alone. i had a idea that everything it's gonna be is, it will be of your books. yeah. when you're me with that integration thing by not even life. got me though, having moves. the condo had already picked up his school supplies and preparation for his return, but now he won't need them. the government estimates a good 30 percent of ugandan students won't come back to the classroom. this
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elementary school fears that number could be much higher. teachers prepared together to start school creating class books to renew for a viez. moving around, deciding no stooped things. eggs, bananas for may include is one as illness degeneration. and existing learning crisis has gotten worse. according to the united nations children's fun, up to 70 percent of 10 year olds and low and middle income countries can't read nearly 20 percent more than before. corona, if you drop any school not returning that will have a lifelong implications for you, globally, it's estimated of trillions of dollar impact our economies globally do as a result of worry while students have many, many experts say more support for global education is needed to help young generations break free from cycles of poverty. well,
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here in germany and many schools are set to open their doors this week to a students after the christmas break. but with the alma chron. corona virus variant causing a sudden spike in cases the move is proving controversial. i am media and the news that's the topic in today's english class at the fits carson school in london. contrary to last year, lessons are currently given in passing in most parts of germany and not online yet . politicians have agreed that for now things will stay that way, but the danger of getting infected is high. i have ocean bison. i'm a little scared of being in school because of the corona virus, like they are a lot of people here and we change rooms all the time. every day. i'm together with at least a 100 people. that's no good them, especially when you get home and think i could have easily learned this at home and be much safer. mustered the phillips and the least relieved that the schools of
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remaining opened this spot, the on the cranberry. and the parents are only in charge of helping with homework. the weeks of learning from home last year were frustrating. the i and then can nadia? i don't want to watch my own children all day, help them feed them and also do the laundry and shopping me. i don't want to go back to that. it's not the right thing for our family. the fessler, my called phil owns as familia, homeschooling, sfa. learning from home was not a good option and i didn't learn very much have and i don't want to do it again because it just wasn't any fun. you know, 5 accounts vasqua. my many children feel that way they have gotten behind and now have the chance to catch up and see friends every day. deciding factors in keeping schools open despite rights in case numbers. local teacher rhine pla would prefer compromise from last year. he liked flipping back and forth between life and online lessons. working and half groups and alternating between learning from home,
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learning from school can be a compromise between an updated epidemiological needs and the needs of the students to learn. so, between the safety of the pedagogues and the safety of the children. but also there need to learn in school where the schools remain open despite rising case numbers is up to germany, states to decide as far as education goes, they have the final say, jubilant fans have been celebrating after tennis, star novak jock of ich won a preliminary case to remain in australia and play in the upcoming tournament there, despite not being vaccinated, but the saga isn't over at the world. number one might still be in danger of getting deported. oh, they were so happy that their hero is free, for now. they mobbed any car, even if they couldn't be 100 percent. sure, novak joke of ich was inside. outside his lawyers office,
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they celebrated into the night somewhere. pepper sprayed in the chaos. outside court to joke of inches. supporters cheered the decision to overturn his visa. being canceled, oh mean go with the judge order joking. which is released from immigration detention calling me australian government's decision unreasonable. he rolled that joke which hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona, virus vaccine. this, it emerged was due to a december 16th cove 19 infection, but the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering
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the country from overseas. that contradicted what joke of which had been told by tennis australia the tournament organizers. i'm not gonna blame any one. the conflicting information and the contract information that you receive is because of the changing environment. we are in a very challenging vaughn for every one that's been involved in this process. joking, which tweeted that he was pleased and grateful with the decision after the court's ruling going on to say he's now focused on the tournament. but the saga is not over yet. the australian government can still cancel joker, which is v, so on the grounds of public health. for now though, joke of interest, family is thrilled with the rather a typical victory. or for me, this is the biggest victory in his career. the bigger than all his grand slams people, you know, every little level winning on the court is 2nd nature to joke, a bitch winning in court. however, as proved
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a lot harder. now there have been many great escapes throughout history, but few as unusual as the one that you're about to say. a group of a more than 80 ostriches were caught on camera running through the chinese city of chanc soon after escaping from a nearby farm. fortunately, it all happened in the middle of the night, and birds weigh more than $100.00 kilos each. so just imagine running into this gang on your way to work local media, say the ostriches were a later return to the farm without incident that's coming up. next is our documentary looking at how the renaissance changed the world. i'm way, laura. i look forward to seeing tomorrow, i was interested in the global economy our portfolio.


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