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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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a every 10 person, like this is 10000000 people in the world, the state they have no nationality of tone. they don't belong. every one has the right. every one has the right to say, like ah, ah ah, this is the w. news ly from berlin. frank and forthright the us and russia hold pivotal talks for nearly 8 hours with no breakthrough. both sides insist their goal
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is to head off a military confrontation in ukraine, also coming up hordes victory, rowdy fans, celebrated world number one tennis star novak johnson wins the 1st round of his legal battle to stay and play in the australian open by not being vaccinated. but it's not game said in mash just yet. plus it's back to school in uganda for almost 2 years of canceled classes because of the virus pandemic. some kids can't wait to return. other state education is no longer on their agenda. ah. on layla herancha very warm welcome. while a week of diplomacy aimed at
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d escalating tensions over ukraine began today in geneva representatives from russia and the u. s. sat down to discuss build up of russian troops and tanks at the ukranian border. the u. s. allies want a guarantee from russia that it's not preparing an invasion moscow on the other hand, once a promise that the needle military alliance or stop expanding and won't allow ukraine to join. well, both sides say that they are hoping to avoid an open conflict, but in agreement won't come easy. and we can take you now or to geneva, where our brussels burrow chief alexander phenomena is standing by. we understand alexandra, that these bilateral talks have just concluded. what have you learned the talks are over for to day and both sides are actually still breathing reporters on the outcome of the talks. and this is also very telling that you asked and russia
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started briefing the press at the same time as if they were trying to put their own spin on that meeting. or what we heard so far. it's clear you mentioned that no break through so far on any issues and to talk seem to be very difficult, wendy sherman, they had of the you asked the location you just mentioned that described than and as frank and forthright and sir, at the head of the russian, a delegation figured cough was also talking about very deep and professional, but also very difficult discussions. nearly 8 hours of talks, but positions alexander still remain entrenched. well, you right layla, we don't have any indication that either you as or russia would be
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willing to compromise on the one of the main issues here. and i have found it quite interesting that sir, the russian deputy foreign minister of coff made it to clear that russia is not thinking about breaking down on their demands. and they were described by the u. s . assa absolutely nonstarter demands. the russians are saying that it is imperative for nato to rule out that ukraine can ever become a member of the alliance. there are saying that nature has to pull out its troops from eastern europe thumb, the former soviet republics. there that are now independent states and some of them members of nato. at the same time, the u. s. of and nato. of course, they are saying this is not gonna happen. we're not going to bow to those demands.
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so there is no indication that that could be a deal in the future, but we are just at the beginning of this very important week of diplomacy in europe in terms of the risk of conflict. i mean, we've heard from a birth diplomats. um, what would your assessment be? i know this is just the beginning of a series of diplomatic efforts that will be underway this week. i would say that there is still a risk of the escalation. and so we heard from the, from the you as a foreign secretary of foreign secretary deputy secretary of state, i'm sorry, wendy sherman today, who told the press that there are still waiting to see whether russia is really answering those tugs in good faith. and were there are really willing to have a real negotiations or whether they are just looking for an excuse
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a chance to walk away and create a pretext to use force against ukraine w's. alexander von nomine reporting from geneva, where the 1st bilateral talks between the us and russia, just concluded. thank you. let's sicily and now on some of the other stories, a military court and me and mar, has sentenced, ousted leader on some sushi to 4 more years in prison. she was convicted on several charges, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies. last month, she was found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus walls. critics say the charges are politically motivated. help with the new dutch cabinets has been stored into office by king milam alex on, but it's prime minister mark what it is. 4th, coalition government and is taking office a record 10 months after elections because the negotiations proved to be very difficult. the new government has put,
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invest heavily in measures to prevent climate change. jubilant fans have been celebrating after tennis star novak jock of ich, on a preliminary case to remain in australian play in the upcoming tournament there despite not being vaccinated. but the saga isn't over yet. the world number one might still be in danger of getting to port it. oh, they were so happy that their hero is free from now. they, mobs any com, even if they can be 100 percent? sure, no joke of h was inside. outside his lawyers office, they celebrated into the night. some woodpecker sprayed in the chaos. outside courts to joker beachy support is chief, the decision to overturn his visa being canceled. oh, you've been with
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the judge ordered joke of it. she's released from immigration detention coding. the australian government's decision unreasonable, he ruled that joke of h, hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona virus. vaccine. base it emerged was due to a coven, 19 infection on december, the 16th for the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering the country from overseas that contradicted what jacobite had been told by tennis australia the tournament organizes. i'm not gonna blame anyone the conflicting information and the contact information that you receive is because of the changing environment. we are in a very challenging vaughn for everyone that's been involved in this process. but the saga is not over yet. the australian government can still use its powers to
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cancel joker, which is visa on the grounds of public health. keen to show its rules, apply to every one, no matter their status rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. waiting on court is 2nd nature to joke of h winning in court, however, is proving a lot harder than that report by my colleague jonathan greene from d. w. sports and johnson joins me now here on the sex. so mr. chuck versus family gave a very long press conference, give us a little flavor of what they make of these latest developments. let's say with any a defiant press conference by joker, which is family members. but there was also an element of triumphalism as well. if you like a joke of it, his mother basically saying this is the greatest achievement of his career and that's the amount is on 20 grand slam titles. i mean, they were very pleased with the judge's decision praised is you trying to see, but there's also an element of anger. of course they like to stay in this detention
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center to being a torture and said basically his father accusing the australian government and taking away his human rights. a lot of anger and never joke, which is also tweeted himself. he's been practicing already straight away on the practice court. he said he was pleased and grateful for the judge's decision. meanwhile, mr. chuck, a vicious supporter, say he is being used as a quote. political tennis ball is he being used as a political tennis ball? it seems that way, i mean, even when jock of each was in the air on his way through australia having kind of tramp me, posted on instagram, that he got this exemption having to get the cove in 19 vaccine. a scott morrison, the australian prime minister was commenting as i saw, i saw in my reports, he was saying, essentially the rule was applied to everyone. but interestingly, the judge reference that when making a decision to say today saying, look, the rules in this case and the procedures weren't followed by the border authorities. joke of it was promised a certain amount of time to consult with his lawyers. officials in the australian open and that didn't materialize. so yeah, there really is
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a sense perhaps the joke of it is being a singled out and made an example for a political reasons. how much does all of this overshadow the australian outback, which is supposed to happen? why in a week's time? well, obviously, never joker, which is one of the biggest straws to this tournament, is the well, number one, he's won the tournament 9 times. now he can at the moment as things stand compete, he said on twitch said that he wants to compete organize this will complete the draw tomorrow. so we have to assume he will be in it. why is this tournament so significant about your coverage? well, if he wins it, that will be $21.00 grand slam titles and he will overtake ruffin at all. and roger federer to become the greatest men's tennis player of all time. as i said, he's won it 9 times. it clearly likes the tournament, but we have to wonder what mental states is he in what physical state is in up. and so today he ain't been able to practice. it was denied that i found he said he wasn't sleeping properly. but at the same time, this is a guy who thrives on adversity. it seems that maybe the for any star amount,
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that's which he for biggest things. so as you say, i mean, he could be competition the greatest of all time. but in terms of his reputation, how tainted is it? well, my bad joke, which will be the 1st remitted, he doesn't enjoy the same level of popularity as, as federer and it's out, he's them was kind of single minded nature for a mechanical long course. not only when in many fans and of course you have his, his opposition to this vaccine or at least vaccine mandates, which explains level of anger really in australia a confidence had really strict and long locked downs. but sir, you know, interestingly, ruffin a doll has expressed some sympathy for joker, which at the same time saying, look, if you wanted to, he could have just played in other ways. you can just got the vaccine and he wouldn't have had any of this trouble. so many were say, he only has himself to blame for this predicament. jonathan crane from dw sports. thank you so very much. you're welcome. children in uganda are back in school for the 1st time since march 2020. well, that's when rising cases of coughing,
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coven 19 caused the government to impose some of africa, toughest restrictions. but many students say they've lost faith in the educational system. repairing motorcycles, this is american as daily life. now, she was 14, when his school closed due to the pandemic. after nearly 2 years there finally opening again. but he's not going back. we allows that it was power. was everything was in schooling is just sloping down. everything is brewing, stagnant, and we need to look for a bit o at live candace father left. now at 16, he has to take care of his 2 brothers alone. i had a idea that everything, it's gonna be easy when he of your book sia, when you're me with that integration thing. by not even life gone me though having moves. ticonda had already picked up his school supplies in preparation for his return. but now he won't need them. the government estimates
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a good 30 percent of ugandan students won't come back to the classroom. this elementary school fears that number could be much higher. teachers prepared together to start school creating class books. to renew viez. moving around, deciding those chip things, eggs, bananas for may, quote this one as illness degeneration and existing learning crisis has gotten worse. according to the united nations children's fun, up to 70 percent of 10 year olds and low and middle income countries can't read nearly 20 percent more than before. corona, if you drop any school not returning that will have a lifelong implications for you, globally, it's estimated of trillions of dollar impact on economies globally do as a result of learning. while students have many, many experts say more support for global education is needed to help young
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generations break free from cycles of poverty. now there has been many great escapes throughout history, but few as unusual as the one that you're about to see. a group of ostriches, a more than 80, were caught on camera running through the chinese city of chung, soon after escaping foreman near by farm. fortunately, it happened in the middle of the night, the birds weigh more than $100.00 killers each. so imagine running into this gang on your way to work on media, say the hostages were later returned to the farm without incident i own my own level. so you're wanting to reduce life from ballistic, where this up next pop culture goes global on arts. 21 tips for your bucket list.


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