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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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o peak wolf this week on d w ah ah, ah ah, this is dw news line from berlin preventing war. pivotal talks between the us and russia are underway. both sides say their goal is to head off
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a military confrontation in ukraine. we take a look at the 10 situation along russia's border and wire relations are at an all time low. also coming up hordes victory. rowdy fans celebrate. is world number 110, a star novak java bitch winds the 1st round of his legal battles to stay and play in the australian open. this might not be in bags unaided, but it's not game and match just yet. and say moving western and revamped west side story take tell prices at this year's school and gloves, but with the awards ceremony demoted to a blog. happy globes lost their glamour. ah
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ah, on layla, thank you very much for joining us. a week of just pull missy aimed at d escalating tensions over ukraine begins to day. representatives from russia and the united states are sitting down together in geneva. sanctions have been rising over russia's massing of troops and tanks near its border with ukraine. the talks are expected to be difficult. western countries fear that the kremlin could be planning an invasion of ukraine. moscow says it feels threatened by us and nato expansion on both sides have played down hopes of a breakthrough. u. s. president joe biden on the phone with moscow in december, on a business like call that was meant to ratchet down tensions over ukraine. the u. s . has threatened severe economic sanctions if russia invades an advisor to russian
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president vladimir putin pushed back after the call. can you such sanctions would be a colossal mistake, there would entail grave consequences. a lot of mistakes have been made over the past 30 years and we had better avoid more such mistakes in this situation. russia is already under sanctions for its 2014 annexation of the crimean peninsula . weeks afterwards, pro russian groups seized parts of the dentist and new hans regions on ukraine's eastern frontier. near the russian border. the government launched a military operation, and the long war began in earnest. meanwhile, thousands died in shelling and fire fights between separatists and government troops. russia has been widely suspected of financing and equipping the separatists . in early 2015, as the casualties mounted, the parties agreed to
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a cease fire in talk, sponsored by germany and france, the war slipped from the world's attention, even though the cease fire was frequently violated. over the years. in september 2019 russia and ukraine exchanged prisoners, the un said the death toll from 5 years of fighting was as high as 13000 with another 30000 wound it in june 2021 potent wrote an article, claiming that russians and ukrainians were one people who shared a single historic and spiritual space? judith one has been happening, uses the russian nation has been designated as an outsider. on historically of russian territories. the russian nation is being pushed out of those territories own. this is what's happening. would you please, who with the u. s. a nato saying they won't intervene militarily? russia seems to hold most of the cards over its weaker neighbor
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additional dinner. and we have team coverage of these pivotal diplomatic efforts that are underway to avoid war in ukraine for the view from russia correspond as emily sherwin in moscow joined us. and in washington, d, w's, carolina, cham. what has the u. s. perspective, emily want to give you the 1st word. going into these talks, what will russia's demands, be? well, rasa has made its demands very clear. in fact, they issued them in a written public statement. mid december, they have demanded that nato halt, its eastern expansion. they've made it very clear that they see the idea of ukraine joining the nato block as unacceptable. putin has said several times that that is a red line. they've also demanded that nato not station any missiles near russia's
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borders or hold military exercises in agreed buffer zones. it's not yet clear what those buffer zones could be, and they also had issued demands for the us directly. for example, they don't want the us to have any military bases in former soviet countries. so the, i would say that the russian side has been going into these talks with a very kind of almost aggressive and dominant stance. the head of the delegation, the russian delegation today said that even though this, the, this list of demands isn't an ultimatum. it's the u. s. side that he expects to compromise because russia has made its demands very clear. and of course, the troops on the ukrainian border that make the situation all the more tense and in the sense give russia the upper hand, i think. curly now in washington. what is the bite and administration's objective?
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well, the main point for washington, as the anchor of security for europe, is the thread of a russian invasion of ukraine 8 years after it already an ex crimea. but this is only the tip of the iceberg. layla, there is the 2014 annexation of crimea, and the russian election interference in the year 2016 and the solar wind cyber attacks on american companies as well as on the federal government. in the year 2024, the latter the united states has already imposed several economic sanctions against russia. but secretary blink and has made clear that this time if the talks don't and with a possible solution, there will be a massive consequences that will go far beyond economic and political sanctions. and that is what is really worrisome. so curly not can a deal than be made from washington's perspective. well,
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that is the goal ala, that is what they want. washington wants to reach a deal secretary of stapling can, wants to see the context of dialogue and diplomacy. if there are things that both sides can do, that all sides can do to reduce tensions. and he has repeated this several times. at the same time, we know that russian and american officials already met yesterday for a preliminary dinner to begin this talks. and this negotiations are in part apparently there was a very pessimistic outcome and tone of this 1st and official talk fil secretary blinkin appeared yesterday on several sunday morning programs. and he was saying that there was still room for negotiations in the talks. but experts agree that we are most likely not going to see an outcome from this talks. the positive thing though layla is that at least both parts are starting to talk, talking to each other means also diplomacy. so we could be seeing
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a way for diplomatic path out of this and we want to go to you in moscow. there does sit there talking, but there does seem to be profound lack of trust contentions be diffused i think it's kind of hard to say at the moment, how willing the russian side is to compromise. i think it's worth pointing out that this, of course is the 1st round of talks. first of all, they're on a deputy foreign minister level on both sides. so there is sort of room to grow there to have talks on the foreign minister minister level, and also on the presidential level. there are also further rounds of talks. international talks plan this week with russia, russia, nato, the o. s. e as well later this week. and i think on the other hand, it's also interesting that yes, russia has this harsh stance. we've seen this troop build up threatening through bill, up in ukraine. but i think many experts here have been pointing out that i think even russians, and even vladimir putin knows that some of the demands that they've issued are kind
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of unrealistic. of course, the u. s. can decide for ukraine whether it will join nato or not. and i think also, but mere putin certainly wants to resolve this. the situation in the long term. he, i think many experts have been say, wants to be the president who goes down in history as having resolve this long standing grievance for russia. as having almost constructed a new security architecture in europe with the involvement of russia. so perhaps the russians are bit more willing to compromise than they're letting on at the moment. in a very few words. the question for you both, what would be the ultimate face saving solution for both parties starting with you, emily? well, i think there could be some movement on these potential buffer zones on stationing missiles and on the limit of military exercises for both sides. and perhaps some experts here been discussing the idea that ukraine could accept some
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neutral status. you know, when it comes to nato, but of course that would be up to ukraine, carolina. i think the nato could agree on not expanding further east, because let's be honest, this has been a reality for the past years. and am i going back to the treaty abandoned by former president? donald trump, the intermediate nuclear forces 3 d i n f treaty. also known as that and met mr. blake and has already raised this as a possibility. and therefore ration russia could well respect the sovereignty of other countries in east europe. galena to more you're reporting from washington, emily. sure. when in moscow, thank you both for your team coverage. let's bring up to speed now with some of the other world headlines, a military court in me and mark has sentenced, ousted leader on some sushi to afford war years in prison. she was convicted on several charges, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies. last month she was found guilty
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of excitement and breaking corona virus rules. critics say the charges are politically motivated. not the new dutch cabinet has been sworn into office by king villamor mc somebody. it's a prime minister marker, this 4th coalition government and is taking office a record 10 months after elections because the negotiations were so difficult while the new government has put to invest heavily and measures to prevent climate change . german foreign minister analynn barabbas says italy has a key role to play and creating a more green and fair europe. she's currently enrolling meeting with at least foreign minister with judy mile. the 2 countries have developed a joint action plan, which also includes co operation on the thorny issue of migration. gyla fans have been celebrating after tennis star novak jock of each one,
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a preliminary case to remain in australia and play in the upcoming tournament there . despite not being vaccinated, but the saga isn't over yet. the world number one might still be in danger of getting deported. ah, they were so happy that their hero is free from now. they mobs, any car, even if they can be 100 percent? sure, no joke. of h was inside, outside his lawyers office, they celebrated into the night. some were pepper sprayed in the chaos. outside court to joke of each you support is chia the decision to overturn his visa being cancelled. oh, even go with the judge or to joke of it. she is released from immigration detention coating. the
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australian government's decision unreasonable. he ruled the joke of h. hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona virus vaccine. this it emerged was due to a coven 19 infection on december, the 16th. but the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering the country from overseas that contradicted what yakobelli had been told by tennis australia, the tournament organizes. i'm not gonna blame anyone. the conflicting information and the contact information that you receive is because of the changing environment . we are in a very challenging vaughn for everyone that's been involved in this process. but the saga is not over yet. your straight line government can still use its powers to cancel joker, which is visa on the grounds of public health. here to show its rules,
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apply to everyone, no matter their status. rules are rules and there are no special cases. waiting on court is 2nd nature to joke of h winning in court, however, is proving a lot harder than that report by my colleague jonathan crane from d. w. sports and jonathan joins me now here on the sack. so mr. chuck versus family gave a very long press conference, give us a little flavor of what they make of these latest developments. when i say within the a defy and press conference by joker, which is family members. but there was also an element survey, triumphalism as well. if you like a joke of it, his mother basically saying this is the greatest achievement of his career and that's the amount is on 20 grand slam titles. i mean they were very pleased with the judge's decision praised his utility. but there's also an element of anger, of course they like him to stay in this detention center to being a torture and said basically his father accusing the australian government of
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taking away a his human rights. so a lot of anger and never joke, which is also tweeted himself, he's been practicing already straight away on the practice court. he said he was pleased and grateful for the judge's decision. meanwhile, mr. chuck, a vicious supporter, say he is being used as a quote, political tennis ball. is he being used as a political tennis ball? it seems that way. i mean, even when jack of it was in the air on his way to australia having kind of triumphantly posted on instagram that he got this exemption to having to get the cove is 900 vaccine. prescott morrison, the australian prime minister was commenting as i saw, we saw in my reports, he was saying, essentially the rule was applied to everyone. but interestingly, the judge reference that when making a decision to say today saying, look, the rules in this case and the procedures weren't followed by the border authorities. joke of it was promised a certain amount of time to consult with his lawyers. officials in the australian open and that didn't materialize. so yeah, there really is the sense perhaps the joke of it is being a singled out and made an example for
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a political reasons. how much does all of this overshadow the australian open, which is, you know, supposed to happen once in a week's time. obviously, never joker, which is one of the biggest draws to this tournament, is the well, number one is one the tournament 9 times. now he can at the moment as things stand compete, he said on twitch said that he wants to compete, organizes will complete the draw tomorrow. so we have to assume he will be in it. why is this tournament significant to my bad joke of it? well, if he wins it, that would be $21.00 grand slam titles and he will overtake wrapping it out and roger federer to become the greatest men's tennis player of all time. as i said, he's wanted 9 times, clearly likes the tournament, but we have to want to go mental state in what physical states is enough. and so today hadn't been able to practice. he was denied that i found, he said he wasn't sleeping properly. but at the same time, this is a guy who thrives on adversity. it seems that maybe this is fair amount at which he for bigger things. so as you say, i mean he could be competent with the greatest of all time. but in terms of his
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reputation, how tainted is it? well, my bad joke of it will be the 1st remitted. he doesn't enjoy the same level of popularity as, as phaedra and it's a single minded nature for a mechanical long course. not only when in many fans and of course you have his, his opposition to this vaccine or at least vaccine and dates which explains level of anger really in australia a constant. it's had really strict and long locked downs. but sir, you know, interest me ruffin. a doll has expressed some sympathy for joker, which at the same time say, look, if he wanted to, he could have just played in other ways because i just got the vaccine and he wouldn't have had any of this trouble. so many were say, he only has himself to blame for this particular jonathan craig from d. w. sports. thank you so very much. you're welcome. children in uganda, go back to school today for the 1st time since march 2020. on this one rising cases of cove, it 19 caused the government to impose some of africa's toughest restrictions. but
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many students say they've lost faith in education and will be returning uganda as government and global experts for a whole generation could be about to lose out on their opportunity for an education, repairing motorcycles, this is america, candace daily life. now, she was 14, when his school closed due to the pandemic. after nearly 2 years there finally opening again. but he's not going back. we allow started to lose power because everything was in bullying is just sloping down. everything is brewing, stagnant, and we need to look for a bit o it to leave candice father left. now at 16, he asked to take care of his 2 brothers alone. i had a idea that everything it's gonna be is it will be of your books. yeah. when you're doing that integration thing, but not even life got me though without having moves. the condo had already picked
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up his school supplies and preparation for his return. but now he won't need them. the government estimates a good 30 percent of ugandan students won't come back to the classroom. this elementary school fears that number could be much higher. teachers prepared together to start school creating class books. to renew viez. moving around to sitting no stooped things, eggs vernon as well may include this one as illness degeneration, and existing learning crisis has gotten worse. according to the united nations children's fun, up to 70 per cent of 10 year olds and low and middle income countries can't read nearly 20 percent more than before. corona, if you drop any school not returning that will have a lifelong implications for you, globally, it's estimated of trillions of dollar impact on economies globally do as a result of learning. while students have many,
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many experts say more support for global education is needed to help young generations break free from cycles of poverty. while many schools across germany are set to open their doors this week to students after the winter holidays, but with the amok chron. corona virus variant causing a sudden spike in cases here. the move is controversial. i am the media and the news. that's the topic in today's english class at the fits chasm school in london. contrary to last year, lessons are currently given in passing in most parts of germany and not online yet . politicians have agreed that for now, things will stay that way. but the danger of getting infected is high. i have also been, i'm a little scared of being in school because of the corona virus. like they are a lot of people here and we change rooms all the time. like every day i'm to get that with at least a 100 people. that's no good, especially when you get home and think,
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i could have easily learned this at home and be much safer. but the phillip families relieved that the schools of remaining opened this spot. the on the chron variant, the parents are only in charge of helping with homework. the weeks of learning from home last year were frustrating. the i and then can nadia. i don't want to watch my own children all day, help them feed them and also do the laundry and shopping me. i don't want to go back to that. it's not the right thing for our family. the stuff on my account feel owns as familia. homeschooling for learning from home was not a good option, and i didn't learn very much, and i don't want to do it again because it just wasn't any fun. we all have all kinds. vasqua many children feel that way. they have gotten behind and now have the chance to catch up and see friends every day, deciding factors in keeping schools open despite rising case number's local teacher rine pla would prefer compromise from last year. he liked flipping back and forth
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between life and online lessons. working in half groups and alternating between learning from home, learning from school can be a compromise between an updated epidemiological needs and the needs of the students to learn. so, between the safety of the pedagogues and the safety of the children, but also there need to learn in school where the schools remain open despite rising case numbers is up to germany, states to decide as far as education goes, they have the final say, it's traditionally one of hollywood biggest parties, but the golden globes took place on sunday on televised and largely ignored by stars of the silver screen. winners were announced on a live blog. jane campion became only the 2nd female director to win the best drama prize with her dark western power of the dog.
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and as steven spielberg's remake of west side story picked up, the gong for best musical or comedy ceremony was held behind closed doors, following a standalone for lack of diversity and transparency. all right, let's get you more on this is scott rock, spur from d. w culture has of course been tracking these developments for you. scott, i thought i had missed the golden globes, but it just turns out that they just weren't even even televised. so why, what happened this time around? yet it's been a huge change this year as, as you mentioned, i mean, the globes. it traditionally are like the 2nd biggest party in hollywood after. ah, the oscars, you know, when you just have a reg, carpets packed with stars and all the glitz and glamour that you expect from event like this. and that was definitely not the case. this year there was no red carpet,
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there were no stars, and there wasn't awards ceremony, but it was held behind closed doors. um and it was not broadcast on television or online. things were just posted of the winners, which is posted uh, without much fanfare on social media. i'm and it all those back to these scandals involving the hollywood foreign press association, which is the organization that organizes the globes and whose members vote on on the winners. and as you mentioned, and there was a series of scandals involving a lack of transparency and a severe lack of diversity within the organization. i mean, till last year there were no, absolutely no black members of the hollywood foreign press association. i'm at. and these scandals um, basically sparked up pretty much the entire film industry, the salt hollywood to essentially abandon of the globes. it's television broadcast or pulled out and the goals were sort of left adrift. um, so this year with this sort of straight back bare bones type of awards ceremony and
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it looks like the hollywood for a presentation and the globes are trying to pay penance to hollywood to sort of say to the film industry. i'm we're sorry and, and please come back to us. let's talk about nicole kidman. she won a best actress for her performance and being the ricardo's, how did that go down and who else won an award? yeah, uncle kidman, a one of for her role playing the television or the pioneering a television comedian lucille ball in being ricardo's a bit of a controversial choice. i mean this a performance. what got a real mixed review from, from critics or do i think it does fall into this for the category of the globes often do with where they value star power as much as they do performance in, in the case of the best, a dramatic actor winner will smith, you got both, he won best actor playing a king in king richard where he plays the father of a tennis stars of venice and at venice and serena williams. and that was
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a very well received ord. i think i'm also the best a drama picture winner power, the dog from jane campion, who also won best director that was very well received that sort of the, the front runner now and the whole awards season a going forward. i'm actually, it used to be the case that the globes were always a precursor of the oscars and the winners. they are usually got a boost for their auster campaign. and this year though, because the globes because their image has been so tarnished. i'm not sure if the winners here will have a might, if the winning winning here will have much of an impact on the, the sort of the winners of the oscars in a couple months time. scott roxbury from dw carter. thank you so much, scott. and that's all for me coming out. next is gonna be news. asia with melissa chat, and i'll see at the top with
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with who
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a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with lions, the what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of financing and i take part and send us your story. yeah. chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you. want to become a citizen in feel, migrants, your platform for reliable information this i did oven is asia coming up today is asi on failing, the people of me and mafia. very elected leader get.


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