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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 3:45pm-4:00pm CET

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this will discuss why and out of office the only grown variance of korean of ours is put around a 1000000 brits in isolation. we'll look at the toll that's taking on businesses. database. nissan robots in berlin. welcome to the program. hurricanes, floods, wildfires 2021 brought more than its fair share of natural disasters and as well as claiming around 10000 lives. they also took a major financial toll. german rancher, a munich re says it was one of the most expensive yes. on record with the global damages estimated at around $280000000000.00, only a $120000000000.00 of that was insured. hardest hit was the united states would account for a $150000000000.00 of the damages. it was struck by hurricane ida disastrous tornadoes, an extremely cold winter in the south and wildfires in the west. me well let's look at europe. floods did the most damage there. $54000000000.00 worth in total. last
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year's flooding in western germany was the country's worst and most costly, natural disaster on record me while as the asia, the asia pacific region saw damages of $48000000000.00. but a mere 8000000000 of that is actually covered by ensures. so what made 2021 a remarkable year for natural disasters? well, that's the question i put to chief climate and year scientists at munich re and st route, while 2021 proved to be the 2nd costliest year. ever for the insurance industry with respect to losses from natural catastrophes, both why the total bill came a $120000000000.00 us dollars directed before was set in 2017 was $146000000000.00 us dollars. so in 2021 we had, for instance, a major hurricane hurry can either in the united states of america, where this event alone did cost the insurance industry some $36000000000.00 us
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dollars and from a european prospect. if you had this major flash flooding event in july, in germany and neighboring countries, all and belgium and this event resided insured losses of $13000000.00 us dollars. so they've got a couple of major events of contributing to this 2nd highest record number for the insurance industry in 2021. and we saw him out an issue of climate change here. if it would appear that the number of natural disasters is trending upwards. ah, well, that is indeed the case in some regions and with some perils. ah, what we cannot prove is with respect to the data, we are analyzing it at noon. agree is that world wide losses from natural disasters are increasing. it's mainly a events from flooding and so called convective storms. and there are 2 main drivers. the one is simply the social economic changes. so increase in population
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and balance. and with increasing wealth, we obviously have to expect higher losses as well. but the other factor is not really manmade in a strict sense. yes, it is. climate change contribution from the emissions of carbon diet, pete and other greenhouse gases. and here we see changing weather patterns, especially increasing probabilities and intensities of severe weather events and the flash flood switch. we have a scene in germany into neighboring countries in 2021 is a good example of science with attribution. studies clearly tells us that the probability of such events has increased over time driven by climate change, global warming, higher temperatures, and higher moisture content in the atmosphere right to how to people and businesses react to that increased probability. is it
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a case of just covering yourself with insurance? well the, the 1st, the most important step is to get informed, informed about your local and regional exposure to different types of natural parents. that, that can be rigor flooding. it can be flesh flats, or it can be tropical cycle. it really depends on where you live in only if you inform yourself and it's individuals, that's home owners, businesses, but also risk miniature in the public sector. so only if you know about your local risk situation, you can take actions and action can be mitigation measures a lot loss. prevention measures, anything from drainage systems, more the hyatt windows, for instance, hardening of roofs when it comes to damages from high wind speeds. but the ultimate solution also can be to buy more insurance coverage for your property. ok, so i work, how are the risks are and prepare yourself for them. answer route from munich,
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re thank you so much for joining us on t w business. you work over the weekend, the u. k recorded it's 150000 deaths from covey. 19 highly contagious army grown very into sent case numbers surging. now, although the strain appears less deadly than the previous variance, the number of brits forced to stay at home is taking a major toll on the economy. for a good while now, central london has been pretty empty. even the shoppers, the staying away on micron has left many brit stuck at home. the u. k. government says around a 1000000 people in england are currently in isolation. phones were popping. they'll tell you, you can't get food cuz the kitchens close. just like a lot of black cloth is getting cancelled and things because ruskin quivered, we came in to london to day on it's supposedly direct train. but half way here we had to get off because the train driver shifted ended. and there was nobody to take over. the health care sector has been hit particularly hard in some emergency
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departments. paramedics have to queue up to bring patients in. the number of doctors and nurses calling in sick themselves has risen sharply and the number of covey patients are increasing. you know, the other chest is under enormous pressure just though we're on a war footing. and i'd really like to pray minutes to start chicken basic defense of measures, which would be that's accusing for sometimes with it. since friday, british military personnel have been deployed to help out in hospitals. and on the last, the government says it doesn't intend to implement any regulations beyond mandatory, mal, squaring, and proof of being vaccinated, tested or recovered. the hope will be one of the 1st major economies to demonstrate to the world how you transition from pandemic to endemic and then deal with this. however long it remains with us with a 56710 years. polls suggest that the majority of brit support lokey measures to tackle omicron. i think the balance and the plan be that the government got in
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place is about the right level of the moment. yeah, i don't think we should go any any further because, you know, we, we still live needs to carry on that. that's my thought. and despite rocketing infection levels, the government says it plans to get through it all without toughening the rules. next to the beautiful beaches of mexico, where taurus of only started to trickle back after tourist spots shut down. due to coven 19. although the pandemic isn't over visitors say they do have confidence in the safety measures the mexican government has in place. finally hitting the beach again, thousands of tourists from around the world spent the holidays in the mexican resort of came coon, located on the caribbean coast visitors enjoy warm temperatures all year round. we're not taking too many of your caches honestly, but it's been beautiful out here. it's incredible and it's gray. being able to be
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able to come on here at these times, even though the number of corona virus cases and can coon and the surrounding region is climbing again. local tourism officials have introduced new testing sites and other measures to keep vacationers safe. salmonella, either vandal jago that we've been implementing and adopting new measures like c o 2 meters and prioritizing open spaces. now luckily we're a destination that allows the use of open spaces all year long. but she was happy and i think this is all part of the equation that allowed us to reopen quickly. ego was as simple as this other. let me let you. and then a place where tourists have welcome the strategy all the necessary take the deck to take up front before coming. yeah, the whole, the checks are the 8 boards and all the various brands, various, all the cover checks the boston rating of mass. so that, that, that does quite different coming. yeah. i quite feel safe. the number of visitors
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fell by 50 percent in 2020 leaving hundreds of thousands of people out of work. it was a blow to the mexican economy because tourism accounts for almost 9 percent of g d p. now can coon is hoping to see more taurus, even after the holidays. now some of the other global business stories making the news. gemini, plastic waste exports dropped by a 3rd in 2021 due in part to a tougher info restrictions. waste ex bullets from wealthy vos, the world are controversial, asian countries in particular, they come more restrictive when it comes to allowing trash. the german economic institute is wanting, the global transition to green energy, could fail due to a lack of raw materials. the experts say that could be world wide shortages of $22.00 substances including copper, which is needed for wind turbines and lithium for electric cars. not food waste is a global problem to much of the world's agricultural output is ending up in
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landfill, even in places where people are going hungry. one of those places is greece. this food bank serves the needy increases capital athens for many people here. it's their only hot meal of the day. around 1300000 greeks do not have enough to eat. fruit in particular, is in great demand here. for my child and me, it's essential help. i'm unable to work and i get and my husband is sick at home, and he's unable to work either properly. greece is one of the world's leaders when it comes to throwing away food, almost 100 kilograms per person ends up in the rubbish every year. so why is there not enough for everybody? we go to a farmer's market where we meet alexandra's. he started a group called to me to prevent boxes of fresh vegetables from ending up in the
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garbage here. missing do not. we have to be there right when the stall close in that way we can ask the seller is, do you have something you've given? is there anything left over? if there's something you won't be able to sell in the next few days and get in a nice and tog, they quickly find what they're looking for. one of the stands was already closed and left unsold, vegetables behind a lot of food is wasted in supermarkets too. there are 2 shopping carts full at the back of this store. none of it has passed, it's sell by date. but customers don't want to buy things like dental cans and other damage packaging. get bought on jacqueline, a lot of i tongue it takes a lot of time to throw away the food, then call them i got the car and it's also bad for the environment. the government has made it more expensive for supermarkets to toss groceries in the trash. it aims to create an incentive to reduce waste,
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but it still faces resistance unzip album. so we have a lot of work to do to convince every single greek that it really makes sense not to throw away any food lessons mrs. vexes lessons. ah, that's because there is something of a tradition of wasting food in greece. when you entertain guests, you show how generous you are. people here say an empty plate means you didn't get enough to eat and that the host was stingy. this is one of the reasons why a lot of good food ends up in the garbage and not here, where it is so urgently needed. and that's over main. the business team here in berlin for more do you have it on our website? detroit dot com slash business. you can also find us on the d to we news youtube channel. okay. ah. with
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