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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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to the best connections, sophia rode and rail located in the heart of you robin, you are connected to the whole world of experience out standing shopping and dining offers and drawing our services all. be all a guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from bought lou. ah ah, this is dw news live from burly in the massive fly, a tears threw in a high rise of pot through a high rise apartment building in new york city,
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at least 19 people i did. officials, i calling of the cities deadliest blaze in over 3 decades, will have the lightest from new york in just a month. also coming up in australia, a court hearing has begun to decide where the tennis dot novak jock of it will be allowed to stay in the country and play the australian open. and the baby boy separated from his parents during the chaotic american evacuation of afghanistan is reunited with his family boss. it means hot break for those who looked off to him. ah, i'm gerra dre. thank you very much for your company. we start with breaking news from new york city where it met eric adams has confirmed that at least 19 people have died in a fire in a high rise of and building dozens more were injured when the fire ripped through
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the building in the bronx. they have been treated in hospital mostly for severe smoke, inhalation under the fire fighters responded to the blaze. city officials are calling it one of the worst in recent memory defy commissioner said it was caused by a portable electric, he said. and the mayor has called on new yorkers to unite in the face of the tragedy. we are in a moment where we're facing a multitude of crises at one time and we won't succeed if we're not united and coming here today. the governor reached out to me and stated that she wanted to be here to sit, allow message for these families, and to say thank you to the men and women who, when it is built in somebody's firefighters, their, their oxygen, oxygen tanks were empty. they may still push through the smoke, the mayor of new york city there will ilia, i spoke to correspondent,
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boston heartache who has more from the scene of the fire. we know that the fire department reached this site or only 3 minutes after they were they were called and they found when they got here to, to the where the fire broke out to this building. they found thick smoke throughout the all the 1900 stories of this building and they found a victims who had inhaled that smoke and, and some of them unfortunately, who perished from that throughout all the night. the smoke must have spread extremely quickly and the fire department is staying or the fire commissioner saying that that is probably happened because the door of that apartment was left open. it was a duplex apartment, spending the 2nd and a 3rd floor of this building. and we've heard accounts of people who tried to exit the building and who tried to open windows and who couldn't because the window
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frames had gotten so hot and you couldn't open the front door because then all the smoke would come in from the hallway. so her, it's her, if it seems that must have unfolded here when the fire broke out. today this morning we are time. absolutely, just very horrific doesn't what do we know about the victims and, and the people who've been taken to hospital by so we know unfortunately, as we heard, jared, that there is a number of children who, who died in the fire apparently. and a lot of people who live in this building, this is the bronx. it's a working class neighborhood. a lot of people lived in this building were working class. a lot of them were immigrant. that is what we know. a lot of them were dependent on rental assistance, so the authorities have said it'll be very hard for them to find permanent living or permanent housing after, after their homes have been destroyed in the building in the fire today. and so
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a lot of the people who weren't taking the hospital were taken to nearby school because of course they need, they need shelter, they need a roof over their head. it's raining, as you can see, it's cold winter it's, it's freezing, temperature here. so that is what the parties are focusing on right now. they're trying to provide whatever help is possible and whatever help these people need who have lost their home so tragically, in the fire today. jared, best in just briefly, do we know why the death toll was as high as it is? well, so apparently the fire and the smoke must have spread very quickly for the building . because apparently, because the thought was left open, a fire apparently was cause that's what we're hearing now by a space heater in these winter temperatures. and so the people who died apparently no one burned, that's what we heard. but the people who did die died from inhaling that toxic smoke that must have spread very quickly throughout the entire building. jared, okay, douglas, bessie and heartache. they're in the bronx at the scene of
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a fire where at least 19 people have died. boston, thank you very much. let's get a round up of some other world headlines now. the sudanese protested was killed on sunday during demonstrations against the military that brings the tally of death since a military coup in october. to 62, the united nations has called for talks between military leaders and political parties to end. a crisis triggered by the there was disarray at the opening session of iraq's new parliament. as delegates clashed over which party has the right to nominate a new prime minister mark mood, masha donnie who was leading the session was bundled out of the chamber by security forces. the 73 year old appeared to be unharmed and state media in kazakhstan, say, 164 people died, dare in the unrest that began a week ago. but with a near communications black out,
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there is no way of independently verifying the figures. authorities have now largely restored calm in the largest city on my team with the help of russian lead troops. will a hearing is happening right now in an australian court to decide where the tenor start novak joke of it may stay in the country to compete in the australian open the world number one player has been in an immigration detention hotel since he arrived in the country on wednesday, after the tournament organizers and the local government day, granted him a medical exemption from a covey vaccination. but upon his arrival, the australian government denied him entry. jock of it then appealed their ruling and the case is said to be decided by the hearing now under way. let's go to melbourne now and speak to journalists, max walden, max. hi, you've been watching the proceedings. what's happened so far?
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well, there was a technical glitch beginning which caused a lot of stress for court reporters took a little while to get connected to the live stream that we've been hearing from joseph to lawyers who say that he, he provided evidence of the medical exemption before he bought his wife to his trailer and again when he arrived in melbourne. and they don't seem some sympathy from, from the judge who said, you know, what more could, could this man have done in the way of, i guess, meeting, meeting the requirements tenant, the strategies on the trial in government. he's always also argued that he did not have an adequate opportunity at no going to have or in order to sort of seek assistance, i guess from his, from his tame. so yeah, they've been the augment laid out so far the same. this will continue again. we central have lost the live stream that todd the site,
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but because of so many people trying to log on, i guess there is such a huge interest in, in this case max, why are we even here in this situation? couldn't this had been handled in another way before documents even even arrived in australia? yeah, well that's the 1000000 dollar question. i suppose. you know, that's what his lawyers would argue and end date. what a lot of critics have said in some ways some, some people are claiming that, you know, this is potentially a political decision. there was a lot of community sort of outrage the fact that he might be allowed to come without being vaccinated as the requirement under australia, fairly strict quarantine arrangements. so it's a good question and i think that's what this, you know, these are saying is, is looking to find out. and of course, as you've been saying, this is not just about sport. there's been a really big political fall out to what,
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what's happened exactly on that front? yeah, absolutely. there's a few things going on in dade service. come out and support a doctor because of course, one of their most famous nationals. you have an australian election coming up this year. so again, critics of the government claim that this is, you know, more of a political decision than it is one of sort of, you know, procedure because of course there has been a huge backlash in this trailing community. and thirdly, it's also brought attention to the fact that i'm talking to explain held in a hotel, which is also been detaining around 30, as i'm saying, is in refugees. we've all kind of been brought in for medical treatment from australia, offshore detention centers in madison. now, ruth, is this, you know, protest is in favor of joking and refugees that have been outside the dies. it certainly brought out a lot of international and domestic political issues. it's not just about tennis.
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maxwell in with the latest from melbourne on the no effect. joke of a cheering. thank you. thanks very much. what to other news now? eco was leaders have slapped severe new sanctions on marley's military rulers. this after the john to suggested postponing elections for up to 4 years, instead of holding them next month. leaders of the west african regional blog meeting in gun as capital a cra, cold, the timeline totally unacceptable before announcing the steepest consequences for molly to date. singing molly's national anthem, they gathered at the marches monument to demand a return to democracy. even before eco voss met demonstrators were calling for an end to the military, genta after it pushed back the time table for transition of power. what was all
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shouted rica. we think that it is necessary to speak out as much as possible to day to say that years of transition is not acceptable. and we feel that there is no better place to remind all molly and all the importance of democracy than the martyrs monument, where we stand to day devali can move towards other b e cove us leaders meeting in accra. also one prepared to wait until 2026 for a return to civilian rule. they announced strict sanctions clearly meant to send a signal to marley's military rulers. ah, the army has seized power in the west african country 3 times in the last decade, including twice in the last 2 years. eco glass is made clear. it expects action from the genta. and auction means elections. a tall order in a country where the government is only partially in control. a baby boy
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he went missing at cobble airport during the chaos of the us. evacuation of, as of afghanistan has been reunited with his family, the child's parents were unable to find him. after their desperate decision to hand him to a soldier, now, a month long search has ended in our reunion, but also a wrenching farewell. the rima raised this boy like he was her own, except so he'll isn't hers. he was separated from his parents during a merely at cobble airport. hermit found the boy who the hell am i don't? so i entered the airport and saw a baby was laying down on the ground in a very bad way. i looked around and showed this child to many people, but i couldn't find any one related to him. i called my wife at home. then i said, i won't go to america. i brought the child home, i brought milk and we've been taken care of him since royster. the couple who had 3
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daughters, dan incorporated the boy into their family. my other sister, i love this child a lot, but we cannot be his mother and father. he has to live with his parents, like many babies. so hale was thrust into the hands of soldiers amid frantic scenes . this child was, were united with its parents. so hale was not until an international campaign to find him led to a breakthrough. under taliban bruce could re union with his grandfather who travelled 2 days and nights to meet him. i massaged the home it to day is a historical day for us. as i received my grandson in front of the media, the ortho, the thermometer will you the and the handover of this child has been long, fresh start. it was going to mccarren i. e. i'm so grateful to those who helped us
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to reach love and receive this child him. i carefully go on home with a hales real parents. i hope he can know join them in the u. s. about his book. where that moment is likely to be every bit as emotional as this good bye. oh oh. and you're up to date here on t w. dock film is next. you can stay up to date on our website, d, w dot com and on instagram and twitter to, i'll handle there is at dw news. there's more headlines in 45 minutes. i'm jared read. thank you for watching. ah, internet knows all.


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