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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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the only criteria is worked, will hook people. we should light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle peak wolves this week on d w ah ah ah, you were watching, dw is alive from berlin. west african leaders flop harsh economic sanctions on molly. in a special session, regional walk echo was introduced as tough measures to pressure molly's military
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hometown after it delayed all mister elections. also coming up on the show ahead of us, russia talks on the 10th situation in ukraine. we take a look at the situation along russia's border with its ally and how things reached such a low points. plus the authorities in china, again mass testing after 2 cases of the highly contagious omar variant are detected in a city near beijing less than a month before the chinese capital is set to host the winter olympics. ah, hello, i'm clare richards and thank you for joining us. echo was leaders have slapped severe new sanctions on molly's military rulers. this after the who just suggested postponing elections for up to 4 years, instead of holding them next month. the leaders of the west african regional walk meeting in gone as hello opera called the timeline totally unacceptable. before
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announcing the steepest consequences, formally 2 dates, the west african country is highly unstable and has seen 3 military takeover since to 2012. most recently last may so let's find out more about what all this means. i'm now joined by dw corresponded. isaac collects the in accra, where the echo was special meeting is taking place. i can tell us more about what echo was. leaders have agreed so at the end of the i'm, it's amy and i cra, they've decided not to compromise on the principles and also the protocols. so the imposing hoshal functions on molly and i enclosed their i love all ambassadors and, but i have from west africa in molly. and they've also gone credit to also, or that closure of a land border between neighboring countries with the mileage, which means our neighboring west africa countries,
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the boys and land. i've been close to miley and also also gone. i had to also impose or spain, what it comb, financial and economic transactions by this is only limited to transaction related to medical supplies and consumer goals. and so this are some of the assumptions they've actually impose on molly. they've also gone further to freeze our face of molly and all where caused a central bonds and also said that as i suspension or financial assistance to molly, also from within bell choir sub reading. these are the measures that we've taken to a show that is enough pressure on their maryan and ruling military jointer to actually ensure that the, the come back to the joint joint table and bring out a better time table even indicated, i do only live these functions gradually, if they say they're sig, now, from their military leaders, i do want to have a better time table to rates and a country to constitutional rule. and these do indeed seem to be tough measures
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taken against molly. and yet molly's military rulers had said they wanted more time to bring in reforms instead of holding democratic elections next month. so how do you expect they will respond to this decision? going to be very difficult for them because they functions are going to buy things in general. not just be the leaders. remember that those already a function of all freedom of the aspects of the military lead as a couple of months ago. it did not force them to comply with their wives timetable or deadline, but they went ahead to propose the, the timeline of 4 years to be able to get a country back to completion. so it's, it's very difficult to predict what to do, how to react. but i think that's one that is begin to feel that the pain show full how they function as i am putting on them. there will be more pressure on their military leaders to find a way to compromise it, but how they may not with
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a 4 year, they may come down to a reasonable time table to return to a country to constitution are old. but we'll wait to see what, how to react in that coming in the coming weeks. we will indeed either collect the reporting for us in accra. thanks so much for that update. so it's very up to speed . now, with some other world news headlines, a student needs protest her was killed on monday during demonstration against the military. that brings a tally of death since the military coup in october to 20, excuse me, $62.00. the united nation has called 4 talks between military leaders and political parties to an a crisis triggered by the united states has condemned a deadly airstrike in ethiopia. as t gr i, region workers in 56 people were killed and dozens more injured in an air raid on a camp for displaced people on friday night. if your government is yet to comment, but has previously denied targeting civilians in the conflict with to brian forces, mom was and i was just
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a re at the opening session of iraq's new parliament. and delegates class over which party has the right to nominate the new prime minister. with mood mush, donnie who was leading the session, was bundled out of the chamber by charity forces. the 3 year old appeared to be unharmed, birth and had a saudi princess and her daughter have been released after 3 years in detention without charge. princess bos mom been out is an outspoken critic of the kingdom's treatment of women. her lawyer, as she is worn out, but in good fair talk between the us and russia over the situation in ukraine are set to begin in geneva. on monday, tensions are running high. russia has been mapping croup and tanks. there is border with ukraine and western countries, fear an invasion. moscow says it feels threatened by us and need a weapons coming increasingly close to its borders for the united states. it's all about russian aggression against ukraine,
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which has been going on for years. us president joe biden on the phone with moscow in december on a business like call that was meant to ratchet down tensions over ukraine. the u. s . has threatened severe economic sanctions if russia invades an adviser to russian president vladimir putin pushed back after the call. but i knew such sanctions would be a colossal mistake that would entail grave consequences. a lot of mistakes have been made over the past 30 years and we had better avoid more such mistakes in this situation. russia is already under sanctions for its 2014 annexation of the crimean peninsula. weeks afterwards, pro russian groups these parts of the desk and the hands, the regions on ukraine's eastern frontier. near the russian border. the government launched the military operation. and the long war began in earnest.
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meanwhile, thousands died in shelling and firefights between separatists and government troops . russia has been widely suspected of financing and equipping the separatists. in early 2015, as the casualties mounted, the parties agreed to a cease fire in talk, sponsored by germany and france, the war slipped from the world's attention, even though the cease fire was frequently violated. over the years. in september 2019 russia and ukraine exchanged prisoners, the un said the death toll from 5 years of fighting was as high as 13000 with another 30000 to wound it. in june 2021, putin wrote an article, claiming that russians and ukrainians were one people who shared a single historic and spiritual space you ruined you. what has been happening is
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this is the one the russian nation has been designated as an outsider on historically, russian territories. people, as she had a russian nation is being pushed out of those territories. this is what's happening mutually mutual with the u. s. a. nato saying they won't intervene militarily. russia seems to hold most of the cards over its weaker neighbor as thousands of kilometers away. the talks in geneva began and to kazakhstan, now where the government has updated the death toll from protests over the last week. the health ministry now says 164 people have been killed and more than 5000 others arrested. russian land troops are in the country after cause extend appealed for help. us secretary of state antony blank and has asked why cause x don calls in foreign troops to quell protests. he also to announce the president's shoot to kill order against protesters for now, residents remain gripped. i uncertainty a disparate white for news
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that had our mighty morgue. dozens of people line up. many of them fear their loved ones died on january 6th. the worst day of a bloody week in kaz extends lodge, a city another q, and now mighty one for bread. many stores had to close during the unrest in recent days. people are running out of food. good, good to have other stores the one over there and another further up the road. it's been closed since yesterday, but people need to eat something that government appears back in control of downtown almighty. but days of protests and looting of scabbed the city as demonstrate as let out their anger at decades of authoritarian rule. destroying the softness of the ruling party. the unrest frightened many in the city. some welcome the army on the straits left with it. and there is still
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a feeling of security to people to give us the sense that we're on a way out of this. when things are gradually getting back to normal, much goverlan window. but no malady doesn't look like this. elsewhere in the city, the government continues what it calls an anti terror operation. it's determined to put down opposition whether it comes from violent all peaceful protesters. they haven't been listening to the people as a politician once said, if there is no chance of the peaceful revolution will be an armed one. as the situation worse and people rushed to flee kazakhstan some here in the north, and many more in the south, near marty. they're frightened by the situation in the city. one of them says it's as if the war has already arrived. and in china, nearly 14000000 people in the city of chan, jen are being tested for coven. 19 after 2 cases of the oma kron variant were
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detected attention is near china's capital beijing, which is preparing to host the winter olympics next month. but the major knew your festive period also approaching china's authorities have imposed strict measures to contain potential current of virus outbreaks. police officers and protective gear outside an apartment block in the port city of tianjin. health officials found to people infected with a false spreading, omicron variant of the corona virus, and more cases among the patients close contacts julia through 3rd hall. another 18 corona virus infections were detected among the close contacts in t n gin. all of them have been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment and quarantine. the newly reported cases are students and their parents who go to the same nursery and school as the 1st detected cases,
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yada. now almost every one of tangents, 14000000 residence. we'll have to be tested for the corona virus. so kids, a scene that's already been repeated in cities across china, like here in shan, where an outbreak began in december, health officials, they're say new corona virus cases transmitted within the community are falling off to mass testing and a severe lockdown. now in its 3rd week, millions are confined to their homes. residents have complained about not being able to buy food or get medical care because of the restrictions. china is trying to stamp out the virus within its borders. the winter olympics are due to take place in just a few weeks and with preparations well underway. authorities want to avoid
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a coven 19 outbreak at all costs, especially in a major port city on beijing's doorstep. china's state tabloid global times says the change in health officials hope the mass testing in the city would stop an outbreak from reaching the capital. but as tangents residence, a told to get tested and stay home, the new clusters of locally transmitted cases are testing china's 0 cove. its strategy. i've got some sports news now weren't in football. cameroon is hosting the 33rd edition of the africa cup of nations, which kicked off to day with the host meeting, burkina faso $2.00 to $1.00. the years 1st, major football tournament has strict protocols due to the pandemic. despite that many cameron hands have hit the streets in celebration. the host nation is expected to have the biggest fan base. as camera rooms, indomitable, indomitable lions,
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compete for their 6 africa visions. title led by byron munich, striker eric, maxine, triple looting. and some tennis news out of australia as world number one. novak joke of, which is battling in court to stay in country on the court. rafael nadal claimed the title in melbourne's warm up event to the australian open. net. all took the 1st set in a tie break. then the spaniard coasted to victory. when in the 2nd set, 6 to 3 to beat american maxime cressy dos that it means a lot being back before the australian open, which starts on january 17th. 18th update at this hour i'll be back at the top of the hour with more.


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