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tv   Doc Film - Once Upon a River - Indonesias polluted Citarum  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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as we saw labor crews and drew with only on berlin and light thick dominated mice, fryeburg shared the spoils with a deal of feld answered, fill it with shut, got oftentimes beat augsburg, and on friday, glad box stunned. byron munich. malice take a very quick look at the boons legal standings after matched 18 men have narrowed the gap on bio munich out the top. often hind leapfrog fryeburg and labor cruise and are into 3rd and about half god. buck take a big leap, augsburg b, lafelle, and fuel it make up the relegation zone. is an update at this hour. i'm for richardson in berlin, free in the team here. thanks much for joining us with . ah, internet knows all it's creators wanted everything. and we digitize everything from the hot commodity in this global experiment.
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our data, the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. o. b, indonesia, as she tantrum river is a poisoned lifeline. the rest, the cheeky gene is known globally for its polluted water. right? and that in turn is a threat to millions of farmers and their families, those muscle bio. but that may be awesome because of the poor quality of the water . you know, crop yields have dropped from the regular 9 kilos per half us to, to about that. now, good. now the military has been called in to save the river.
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mahogany industrial zones, new to children, will be converted into tourist resorts, tree plantations, and housing unit to ensure a lower impact on the environment. mother. when the water is 30, the quality of life would meet that as well. ah, ah, aiming. indonesia is home to 131 river basins. they're fed by 5000 waterways snaking their way all across the country's landscape.
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blue seated she sante is a lake in the mountains of west java and the source of that she town. this is where the 3rd longest river in the country begins its journey. ah oh. it cascades through the agricultural heartlands of indonesia. before draining into the java c. m that she tantrum is 279 kilometers long and provides a vital resource for over 25000000 people. people's dependence on water here dates back thousands of years.
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the naga tribe has been witness to this ancient connection with nature. they've survived here for countless generations on subsistence agriculture. the village of couple naga is notable for it's traditional houses characterized by their functionality, sim, city, and modesty. look at them if we want to have a happy life, we need to live in harmony with nature. hm. it won't get the rice farmer is like fatima rely on traditional wisdom for irrigating their crops. it's a guiding principle for everyone here. hello eating us. we irrigate our patty
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fields with water from the children river. this water reaches our patty fields by a bamboo pipe gale. and we've been using this method of verification since the time of my ancestors. so we have never had any shortage of water in this village. for over 30 years, we have always had enough rice to come under. but even with the under the naga, consider themselves the guardians of this culture, which is why chemical pesticides are not welcome among farmers. here. instead, ancient rituals from the native sundays culture are considered essential for crops to thrive. con, rama is a practitioner of some denise traditions and specializes in penn tangela and old practice where music is used to serenade plants. oh, what's out of the moon born this tree planting ceremony is a tradition that we've carried on from previous generations as
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a form of respect towards nature. alum grammar on you little how my look. you do ask trees or living organisms to a need to be respected and i'm process useable. i'm going on. i'm one. welcome to bloom. it's there, right? and one that should be observed hotter than will i be do summer whether they're seedlings or trees. we always have to respect them, do the best and marilyn, they need care, and nurturing or han only then will trees be prepared to grow and produce food. begun from this tradition helps us communicate with these plants, effectively communicating the upper. 2 all their waste is repurposed without being disposed of in streams that flow into the t tom river. it's the nun as way of ensuring that communities downstream get clean, drinking water latonya we are blessed with what we have.
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that's why we share this natural abundance with other river communities further down stream than i thought. that's also why this water has to remain clean. that's i. every one should be able to use this water without any issue. residents of cum poneman aga, used this water for farming and for their household names to that. what that values event. as indonesia, as population grew practices like pontoon july, were gradually abandoned. oh to day the country has 260000000 people to feed here in the vandals region or regency. organic agricultural practices have been replaced by modern commercial rise farms. to day west java alone produces $480000000.00 metric tons of rice per year.
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it's produced by 2000000 farmers who depend on that. she tantrums, water to grow their crops. don't even gonna run a gunman. victim along with ito carmano has enjoyed a bumper harvest this season. he knows the importance of the river all too well. when will kitty, he knew among an what thou and the mac alley i plant and harvest crops 5 times within a 2 year cycle, a seasonal crops, the harvest, varies, along with him to gotta during the current hub, the season i've collected around 8 tons of rice per hector home with him to gotta follow nikki enable on. why his callo usually spray pesticides to keep a check on a pistol at dick. no, but i only use them on these crops when necessary months,
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but it will not be generally practice for kenneth agriculture department mckinney. yeah. mckinney and i'm gonna go by now kinetic in a bug or got me that farmers like him are struggling to meet the countries growing food needs. during dry seasons, many are forced to use strong chemical fertilizers in order to match mand studies suggest that pesticide overflow has caused a 30 percent rise in pollution levels in the cheatum bungle and christy c day and be like who can only but only did that on on the the to that will regarding pesticide use, mac and performers who live in upstream areas of the true to room river. under grow mostly vegetable seas often do not follow the safety recommendations written on pesticides, bottled signing book over book as be seen that of even when i come when chop will buy. yup, they end up making excessive use of pesticides,
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assuming it will be more effective. good, but this has consequences, but that the presidency that best during rainy seasons, the faster flowing rivers, a road to soil. i larry, and while water carrying pesticides from farmland flows into the children durham than i hear the muscle and that's what's causing the pollution cancelling it. then it'll young when it will come in tomorrow. the arrival of new industries has seen the environment deteriorate even further. munch, elia is a town located around 30 kilometers from the main rise plantations of west java. it mushrooms during the textile sector boom here in the 20th century, when it earned its nickname, dollar city. over the years, nearly 3000 factories have opened in the region. all chasing ever increasing profits in an incessant and fierce price war. some factory owners have decided to
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cut corners. modern facilities for treating chemical waste were deemed too expensive. in the absence of strict environmental laws, a new wave of water pollution began in alabama. b as in room and the term superman and our language translates as visible creature. my little and i went along so people see lemon lanes invisible or illegal pipes that you mean by young. the less the factories discharge the waste water by these illegal invisible pipes, in order to bypass the official treatment system plus his vocals. he, the chemicals flow directly into the river in the bay bus lamps all go by the night, and at him the violations of this kind have made that she taught him one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. tons of toxic waste water are dumped into the river every day.
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it's under the lamps like i it says, all honesty, i'm glad humans will always resort to a legal methods when they see an opportunity, you'd be all economy. but that's why the law has to be strictly enforced. but in order to prevent industry from discharging waste water in the river by a so me, this waste water pollution can be seen clearly by the naked eye after it's dumped by the factory as in tomato young. the, well, it's obvious that it ends up in that shatara m. i am, when i look at a barrel, many factory owners still fail to consistently follow environmental regulations. they're monitored by elements of the environment or ellen gun, a local n g o. that is battling to say that she taught him nearly $280.00 tons of toxic waste or dumped into the river every day.
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so i was, oh oh, the rada, the darker more danny res juan de is head of the angio. he's taking us to the industrial center of my july, which is also at the center of indonesia, efforts to battle water pollution. did. oh, what did my new thought is alice? i thought another ne, we're rafting along the chicky gene, a tributary of the shatara. raz kids in the me, the pollution on that shatara has become a global issue or no. while other regions and indonesia are harvesting rice, it got we can only dream about it here online because of pollution, brothers in law morning. it's a pity that we are unable to grow riser. i, man, i wanna blue denny and his colleagues
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routinely test the water and share their findings with the government and local communities. their aim is to keep a constant check on water p h levels which indicate the concentration of hydrogen ions in the cheatham beginning. when i was a new one, i did a litmus test in the water at the deal and then measure the results, museums chart on any. now, when i got to this water has a ph level of silver. it's of sound quality and within an acceptable range. shamikan mobile model but denny has recorded excessive ph levels on previous visits. the river banks are dotted with illegal waste pipes. these violations committed regularly by
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factories increase the waters ph level. a reading of ph. 14 is the highest possible degree of alkalinity high enough to burn human flesh. it's normally under the cover of darkness that factories unleash their chemical waste. that's when the elegant team risk life and limb to conduct their surveys. he's not anything about our run involved with the law. there are always risks involved in activism, but sometimes companies try to bribe us and tell us not to report their pollution along the sometimes when we're witness to industrial waste being dumped, someone from the factory will come and try to interfere with our work or money. but the other is on the dollar, that is, is it for our mandatory gotta move from my experience. this is criminal
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intimidation door on that and they can be prosecuted if it hinders our environmental surveillance of the data model can when i was hunting our son, the problem is that we've highlighted pollution on the chickie gene river to the authorities. and mr. delama dan got crap, but despite our efforts won the pollution continuous, alter the dead up into modern denny believes nearly 60 percent of the te, tantrums, fish, species have died out. he has regularly recorded lead concentrations 1000 times above levels permitted in the us. for example, the dirty water is now affecting food production in bantam, only allowable and blah, blah, hosted residents here are affected by the polluted water. and again, that one of the potty fields used to have good yields. but a now in fertile ah,
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yes, i do have that as you can see, the condition of the water here i got on. again, this is foam everywhere created by chemicals dumped into the river. i. if you talk to residents, they say that rise yields were more productive before this is austin at that in. yeah, this, alan has been running me around 42000 heck, there's a farmland, rely on the river. mammon has no choice but to use that polluted water to irrigate his patty feels. but marleni there must rarely law that our water is polluted by household rubbish and industrial waste like life. our water has become unfit for human use. a mark thought the main problem is industrial waste. holly farmers around the region have been complaining about the never ending
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clean up operations on this river. oh, yes i am. the poor quality of the water we have to use has dropped crop yields from the regular 9 kilos per harvest to, to, you know, on, but about that young in addition to having to contend with the smell. farmers like man who live near the toxic water are vulnerable to skin related elements such as rashes and hair loss. number the use of toxic water has affected people. he had skin rushes, stomach, some respiratory problems and various other symptoms. the respiratory problems due to the chemical fumes. my and pregnant women and the elderly are also affected. every one here has had to seek medical treatment or any but the cheetos problems extend even further. the new industries created new jobs in my julia farmer left the seals to pursue new careers. mo, july,
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as population exploded. but without any infrastructure development. landfills in been doing, can handle about 2000 tons of waste per day. but the city and the region now produce around $7000.00 tons of waste per day. a large proportion of it ends up going straight into that she turn on river. but there's a growing fight against household pollution and increased awareness among locals. activists life by february are trying to change people's behavior, starting with the younger generation. she's also helped to set up waste segregation banks where locals can sell their refuse or exchange it for new products. this one, which includes a playground,
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is called the park of joy. i know her program is called java component, juggle and bore or protect the village, protect the hometown. nearly 70 percent of the waste found in the chatham comes from households. that's why more than 300 such waste banks have been established across bundle regency. i get them i wish spreading awareness about waste aggregation. why left to prevent non biodegradable trash and feeling up everywhere . we teach children to separate their way home and we provide incentives where residents can use this waste bank and exchange plastic for groceries or mobile phone credit. they can also use it to pay their water or electricity bill yet a by the i am fi then disposes of the plastic, collected by feeding it to wax worms which are happy to munch away on polyethylene
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bags. innovative initiatives like these are part of operation. she townhome harem or fragrant? she taught them a multi $1000000.00 cleanup operation launched in 2018. but let me low. so maybe that was dogged, one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, which made me feel extremely sad me. so i took the soap as a challenge to prove that with our governance, we can make the tutorial mclean river. it may not become the cleanest, but it will still be better. any la, my key task is to tidy up the half of the west java regional that contains a 3rd of her population across a total area of about $680000.00 hector. so she taught him harem is a multi pronged undertaking, aimed at cleaning up the river by 2025. the operation
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has been divided into 22 sectors overseen by military commanders. the decisions they make are backed by local government ministries, community groups, and the police bonding is a flood prone region, especially during the rainy season. last year, 50000 hacked air is a farmland, were flooded for 3 weeks decimating rice production in the region. second lieutenants dot on hey, deer in sector for briefs, frontline teams on raising awareness amongst bundles, residents that bigger than what i'm, what are the main issue during floods? is household waste which is swept away by the river? you need to reassure people not to get this hardened bipolar and that they
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shouldn't ignore it either. i'm on amazon l, in the, in our aim is to educate the public to change their behavior. we need them to understand that after heavy rainfalls, rivers are blocked by household waste by them, and that's why it floods up thought on the hold on brass. teams are then dispatched across the region to keep a check on household pollution. back at headquarters, operations are closely coordinated for a project. at this scale to succeed commanders require pinpoint accuracy, o l. our aim is to prevent water over flowing to other areas. we have to cooperate with teams from outside much elia. garbage is being extracted from the t tom before range hit the region. the teen can't afford any delays because when floods occur polluted, water can flow into agricultural lands,
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causing large scale economic destruction. colonel d t x. this wendy is on the front lines all year round, ready to react to any eventuality. but on, on some ha, daddy alana, we have to handle household rubbish coming from various tributaries. jotting out the filter. we use nets and filters to catch plastic waste before it enters the children and causes further harm. i thought them will a body song at the battle. we've increased the rivers with to 50 meters, to date. not only my below my belly by the depth, 23 meters day. so get better because i couldn't increase it to 7 meters. my because we like the right to modern equipment up young lobby, more darren. i went up, i got despite the challenges, we've been able to dredge this river using the existing excavators among boom crane's ha robin. i mean 15, donald mar, sandy mendecy,
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the more garbage that is deposited in the river. the greater the likelihood of floods in mac, elia, it's a race against time for the military. and with climate change increasing the chances of irregular rainfalls. the task is an increasingly challenging one. president joker, we, dodo set the country, an ambitious goal. he wants waters from the g tart on to be safe for drinking by 2025. but rising industrial pollution isn't helping matters. on the line to lay the total number is huge. around $600.00 industries have the potential to cause harm to the environment, all. so we need to keep an eye on them constantly wanting thought we have sick to was surveillance, starting with 6 as one to age up to 21 and 22 on the table. we've invested considerable manpower to cover these sectors,
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allowing us to put offenders under pressure, the mo, i working together with the community and concerned parties. we've managed to make progress and cleaning the shitter. diet, although can't bother or to puddle. ah, waste water treatment is expensive. one plant costs between $100001.00 and a half $1000000.00, depending on capacity for most textile mills struggling in a very competitive market. that's just too steep, a price to pay. ah, with little to no environmental surveillance, chemical waste is discharged straight into the t, tom m. aga rog, law on august under lou during the early days of the operation hitting pipes were easy to detect up in bobby papa. it's used by irresponsible companies of them to
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discharge waste water. regalato discharged waste water did not go through any treatment and i bought them. i got that on the land. the factories just dumped it in the water. li, bonham, it up um is that it was done very brazenly that the woman wasik and one other that we documented all these violation is locked up. the companies did it very openly and just took it for granted that any we have now put things in order. we're going to still on our guard to ensure there are no violations. this or depending on environmental laws are being strengthened as well. commanders have now been given the power to collect evidence against such factories. 3 facilities have had their waste water management licenses revoked. companies that pollute that she told me now face out of court administrative penalties from the west java authorities. we want an english gully must have been, the offenders are given to warning,
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so warm and good if they still continue to pollute to children. we blocked their waste water pipes with concrete. this action serves as a reminder to violators law. if they continue to break the law, you'll, the police will launch criminal proceedings on. i saw last year, we recorded 263 violations conducted that in this year. about $47000000.00 bonus makes a total of $300.00 cases, worthless, novelty for me, and its stunning job to grapple somewhere in the saddle mercer, the west java authorities now have a total of 468 companies on a watchlist. following changes in legislation, all waste disposal pipes in indonesia must be visible for inspection. factories are also required to self monitor and submit lab sample results every 6 months. these changes have brought about
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a change in attitudes to the guna jaya factory has been producing textiles for the global market since 1982 alexson toaster is proud of his company's waste treatment plant. i think i know that we feel the thought of land. we have a big vision. we set high standards as we have a conscience. i had the latino there. my hope for this company is for these ideals to be passed on from generation to generation. a battle earning profits is not our sole purpose. that is that i often think about what we can do to ensure my children and the next generation in general can be proud of this company. and amy, i'm also chairman of the indonesian employers association law and i want to set an example for every one. hampstead heath alibaba. the director invites us on a tour of the waste processing unit inside every day for us and having me raise the
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lord. we've been able to meet the quality standard, sat by the government, so young be that happen, or if somebody over the last ones were defined by waste treatment director. mr. harris for that day? buffy see, they've been revised since that shatara em. horem operation was launching out the one that back on the line in order to get the best waste management results. we needed a long settling period walk, looking out at the problem here. you can see the large tanks we have probably, i'm gonna give up my bearing with that of the process of cleansing, the water of all visible pollutants takes 24 hours. another 2 and a half days and required for the bacteria to be eliminated. i thought that about better than the day for bacteria processing that we use an aerobic waste water treatment system up we, we continuously mix the waste water with oxygen them on, but we'll knock on and also use an eraser ton checked air into the waste water to ensure the bacterial ecosystem is maintained the proper way,
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monitored every day in the lab here part of the lab. we also apply the latest area to technology in our factory, which enables us to ensure that the waste is treated properly on the public. since operation she townhome had him started in 2018 violations by industrial enterprises had been decreasing but equipping every factory with waste treatment plans is a daunting challenge. about when up at can i see of all had only ensuring sewage treatment according to government quality standards is not easy. again in cleaning up, our waste has been a very long journey that they, when again, we started building our waste water plant at go najia in 2012. the honey down when we 1st had to find the right consultants to come up with the best pipe system for our needs system. i own the mikes. once we had the best possible combination, we worked with our consultants to work on the mentation. yes,
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i'm ok on by the waste water treatment plant eventually turned out to be very expensive. yeah. yamaha sally projects to rehabilitate that. she taught m. river in west java continue. despite additional challenges, like coven 19 the river also supplies water for 3 hydro electric power plants. they generate 1400 megawatts of electricity powering local industries and the economy. one such dam on the chatham is the genteel. a hor, reservoir. polluted water can damage is turbines lowering electricity, production. didi air want us to jana stands guard to ensure that only clean water enters the dams reservoir. he's on the lookout for pollutants reaching
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the t townhome as its waters converge with inflows from the t. barium river known for carrying fertilizer and household waste. our thighs got on luggage among the largest away our team members are constantly monitoring the river heavy. we're also keeping track of the streams flowing in from the chima he region. but usually the polluted water comes from the chem. he region my very dirty, very smelly, and causes body rushes for local people who use the water bowl down garden, which you can see that the water coming from the chatroom is better. hello and the poly run. it's clean because we monitor it every day that will take a lack of them up until mom thought of their body. dd recover is 2 tons of plastic every month. whatever. the recovered waste is shredded into flakes and sent off to string and rope factories across west java.
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regular diesel ting increases the operational life of the hydro power station in the process ensuring a constant supply and electricity to millions of people in west java. the te tell them harm operation also aims to rehabilitate the ecosystem surrounding the river. a tree planting drive has been launched to stop erosion on the river banks. the increased tree populations help to filter carbon that makes its way into the river. trees also reduce carbon dioxide in the air. the responsibility for planting them was assigned to infantry, lieutenant sooty, sorel had them got molly gun fancy who done our task here is to conserve the forest that has suffered from mismanagement as a dominant naked that robbers. we've managed to plant around $5000.00 trees of different species about them um, but, but, but such
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a sturdy fruit trees less mobile than a month. we looked at the issues of this community as whether they were united with us and planting tree varieties, such as protected forest species of crops and vegetation. my mountain is often people here are now able to enjoy a balanced life matter that thing up to a month. they can maintain their livelihoods, while not over using the river banks. i can fancy that these trees can now prevent soil erosion. government on nimble gum arrows in me 25 percent out of a planned 10000 hector as have already been reforest dead. the tree plantation. dr . aims to reinforce the rivers banks and stop further erosion. i telephone, i think i think this year we planted 50000000 trees across to west java. the majority of them planted next to the children river. my order that we call this the happiness project with people who have reason to feel happy contribute to plant
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under birthday anniversary a wedding. for example, someone got married in west java and we got 10 new trees in the area multiple on the project is aided by modern technology. digital methods are now being used to measure monitor and support the survival of these trees. local start up j jack operates a tree management system that uses artificial intelligence to collect and analyze ecological data. it's headed by our fund, or landa bullhorn. it doesn't get that elbow up all honey glued up on as we all know, plans take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. the lot everybody does when the news is important, not just for the chitter am river but also for people and vegetation and the area. oh, my god is a guitar so my trees themselves help to prevent soil erosion, bundle and duck. ah monahan, they're able to filter pollutants out of the air and ground carrying policy dot,
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dot ogden. om. this is why water that flows into the river will be of a better quality facility by i land as at collect data to predict and calculate the impact the newly planted trees have in re naturalizing their environments. the software, which is still undergoing development, includes image mapping and identification programs to collect data. it uses artificial intelligence to present real time information and analysis of reforestation efforts. that, that the data we've collected is truly diverse. we now know the soil conditions, tree coverage, and d forested areas, where our application also enables us to identify the soil fertility rate and see whether planted forests are doing well. and again, we also make use of the additional data from satellites and sensors to measure and analyze other environmental pollutants. ah,
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the app also has a remote sensing feature that collects data using satellite imagery. and aerial map also collects data from drones. the solution supports and maintains a database tracking thousands of trees species and their survival. starting to get up when your libby daily mobility. who right now we have data on more than $15000.00 tree species in this application that is on i comedy. and based on this information, we can carry out a plantation drive and monitor it over the years ago, not gonna q aqua. when we use a q r code to identify each tree like this, for example, eddie, we use that information to plot a forest and the long term if we have a vast area and we want to help an individual tree. and we are able to conduct sampling like this you took the q r code enables us to identify each tray here that is the apple icon. a sizable proportion of indonesia as
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270000000 citizens lack easy access to safe drinking water. supporting the clean up of the cheatum and the reforestation of land lining its banks has become a matter of national security. and every one is pitching in ah, environmental activists like emma to barret, are planting vet of her plants on that. she tantrums, river banks that ever is a grass plant with strong roots that strengthen embankments and helped to prevent landslides with water is the source of life. water is life when the water is 30, the quality of life. what me that as well. so when the vet,
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if her day could have the clean water with the fact the ferry, they could stop the flood with the fact if they could prevent deer, erosion, and sedimentation, and improving not only the quality of the soil and the water, but improving the quality off life, the people i'm living from bank o. m, to better plantations had inspired new ideas for the chit chat on delta in the more i gamble eco tourism area. environmental groups have planted 15000 mangrove trees at the confluence of the key tunnel. and the job i see mm hm. with the tourist destination area is managed by darman, mangroves here phil to waste from the river, preventing it from entering the sea. la. you said that my little young,
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that we have an eco tourism project based on mangroves. got a la ally that crucial because they ate in the absorption of toxic material. yeah. on the when you're out of his waste is able to travel here due to the negligence of irresponsible factory owners who dispose of a waste in the river. yeah. was it when get ahead though, the la la la by me by many people are still unaware of the mangrove trees functions . then my mom was a, when it was out of them rosary. though the industrial waste water can be absorbed by its route through the war to become so clean, the critical, happy times become safe, forget it, and healthy enough for fish and crimes to live there in peace to an amended elena eco tourism havens like more again, long might just be the way forward for reviving environments, under severe stress,
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this man gro forest, at the mouth of the chit chat on, ensures the safety of marine creatures and the waters that sustained their habitat . while it does actually want to get more yearly in terms of water quality and more again bong, but look at our location. what i get more into the over there in northern jakarta and the water, muddy and black in color that would, that will do to household and industrial ways to hit them. the non praise to god, whether the water over here is still clean. we did that. we need to educate all stakeholders and policy may cut a flight up among over 1000000 so that they can look at the conservation of the mangroves, had begun, garage future generations on, been their survival. and then lastly, could they aren't and had done indonesia, efforts towards rehabilitating this embattled river could reap lasting rewards. it's estimated that a clean cheatum would bring over $280000000.00 us dollars in economic benefits per
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year. the world is facing the rising threat of climate change and a reduction in fresh water supplies, but efforts to restore life sustaining waterways like those in indonesia show that man made changes to the environment are reversible and a sustainable approach to nature might be and achievable. reality ah simpler chicken for egg. oh, modern chickens are stressed out. oh, they are being bred to produce maximum heels. war or fat he made
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in record time. animal friendly farming looks different. breeders and scientists are searching for all species and new methods. in 30 minutes on d. w. oh, to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's a it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light
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on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all? oh peak worlds this week on d w a ah, you're watching dw new is alive from berlin, west african leaders, a flap harsh economic sanctions on molly in a special.


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