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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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ah, but perhaps this team does have the guts required for a title dog site. jude bellingham made it to 2 with 3 minutes to go. and then monkwood da who'd spot to jubilation in the black and yellow ranks. the german international curling in the winter with just a minute left emotions were still bubbling at full time. but darkman coach michael rosa looked the calmest man in the stadium as he made off with 3 precious points in his update ship is coming up next where we take a look at digital immortality. can we live river asking coast in the machine when he's had minds coming up at the top of the hour? we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat.
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hot spot for food, chair and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go green. oh, do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil. host of the on the green fence of coast and to me it's clear. we need to change the solutions or out there join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do for the family. oh, to be immortal, it seems to be approaching this era of humanity in the digital realm. with the help of chat boards, holograms and albatross. have you seen the video of
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a mother was he's a dead daughter again, using virtual reality. more on that later. digital immortality. our toppy to day on shipped. ah. in the science fiction series upload instead of dying. people are uploaded to a resort and they lead their eternal virtual life alongside the other digital and that it's not for me. there are in fact, entrepreneurs and academics who believe they can give people eternal life. for instance, the russian investor, dimitri it's cost, is 2045 initiative aims to develop a hologram body and an artificial brain. by the year 2045, it could have individual personalities uploaded onto it. nanotechnology and ben, computer interfaces will supposedly make this possible. oh, model bodies would be replaced by technology. what stays alive would be the part of
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a person that can speak, act, and think that you think that could be possible in a few decades. the german author hands block and his co author, morgan sees a week, have been meeting people around the world who are working on digital immortality. their book is called the digital soul, the digital digital sol as the idea that because we leave behind sandwich online a data every day. the lesson, it's possible to create a digital soul of internet users halloween upon the algorithms of artificial intelligence. what can analyze online behavior to create something akin to a personality profile need so at birth which can continue to exist after we die when he has passed. this is what many companies are merging around the world are claiming on, on few and it's reminiscent of religion and he does a unit and but instead of monotheistic places of worship, the she got to so we know have companies from silicon valley, silicon valley ones and zeros instead of jesus and buddha, while extracting our personalities out of big data seems to be pretty simple. the
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study by a stanford university and the university of cambridge shows that with just 10 likes an algorithm can understand our personalities better than our colleagues. after 300 likes a computer program can understand our personalities better and our partners. so can programs credibly represent us after or death? a few companies are convinced they're working on chat bots that enabled virtual interaction between the dead and those left behind the u. s. company yeah. after for example, office speaking of a task, these are based on interviews in which people talk about their lives. a, i create a chat, thought that your family can access either through an app or a voice assistant. you simply ask a question relating to the life of the deceased and the bought will answer in their voice. are you facing any big challenges in your life right now? yeah, sometimes you just need a little perspective. the idea came to found a james louse when his father was dying from cancer louse,
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began by recording his father and then programming a bought from the data that dad bought a typical story. pounds block says he did any of the entrepreneurial have in fact been affected personally. often the i'm a nash didn't mentioned they've lost someone close to the most kin ponies. and from this pain and dealing with such a huge loss stock, these entrepreneurs developed a digital coping strategy. done it on 12 digital out. and i created bots of the deceased loved when you switched on and gleick mentioned, stay at the exploring the idea that there might be another way to deal with grief and loss in the digital age. grieving in digital times, a very emotional video on youtube has received more than 27000000 views and has given rise to controversial discussion with the help of the eyeglasses, south korean jang g song meter deceased dada now yawn in a park. she says she wanted to say good bye in a nicer atmosphere because a memories had been dominated by the suffering of a daughter in hospital. the only time
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i knew oh, extra moving. but for me it's also somewhat disturbing. the idea was carried out by the south korean tech company via studios technicians, synthesize the voice of the 70 year old, using private videos and recordings her face and body, reconstructed virtually, and animated by a computer using data of typical human movements. how did the mother feel about it any more down after the reunion? i'm the mother said that had done her good to see her daughter again. you know, i much was saying for, well, again, in a virtual version of a part of that she'd been to on real life with her daughter. the value for such a piece. i know we're fresh off, but this may be detrimental to a very delicate grieving process. and because i'm of the constant reminders can restart the grieving on 9 hours cuz it's actually an experiment on her hearts experiment. i'm often in her rights now. we don't know how it might affect us to
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have these repeated encounters with digital entities that we had looked so similar to real people who might be the beginning. and then what do you think of these virtual resurrections? would you do something like this to see a loved one? again, i would love to see your comments and emails about this. whole grams have also become amazingly realistic, albeit less immersive than vio, county west give kim kadesh and a hologram of her dead father, robert as the present. he's doing way doing. you are beautiful. so and dead musicians standing as holograms on the stage a pretty common sight these days. oh. 6 i'm gonna him a concert by the opera singer maria colors who has been dead for more than 40 years, actually seem real. and you really feel like she's there. because if i don't even know how it's possible that it's a pretty striking effect. eliza, like alice has always move me in this time she didn't buy, and i think that's
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a real shame. said you loudly good and is it arch nonsense? he supposed to like it? it's mesmerizing terrifying. what maria callas have approved of going on tour after her death. these days, some celebrities even specified during their lives. what is and is not allowed to happen to their pictures and videos. some i even striving to become digitally immortal. like canadian actor william shatner, best known as captain kirk on star trek, tell me about the meaning of life. it was probably the longest interview that william shatner had ever given in a total of 45 hours based over 5 days. he answered questions about his life. his answer is on the basis for his immortal clone, which future generations will be able to engage with. people will be able to ask william shatner as hologram the question. the artificial intelligence by the he was
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firm story file will provide the appropriate answer about 650 answers. he gave to questions. they go into a database and then they're transcribed. and then the artificial intelligence looks at transcription and create a set of, of questions that you could ask to get to that answer. so call natural language processing. and the natural language process and story file enables you then to ask a question of williams video. and it will then go through the database and find the most appropriate answer to the question you asked for william shatner to become an interactive how the gram he had to be filmed from every angle in his volumetric studio chapter says that he also disclosed inflammation. that he's never shared publicly before. when he's hologram is ready, it will be available not just to his family, every one. so this is a legacy. this is like what you would leave your children would. you would leave on
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your gravestone where you would, you know, and then the, the possibilities are endless. even video games are in place for digital grief. the people who play games with the advertise of their dead siblings 2 feet closer to them and the football computer game for $21.00 features a player who is no longer with us. can prince the dream that would only come true to death. tie in, prince playing for the london team. queens park rangers 2006 at age 15. the talented british football player was killed. the tried to stop the dispute back then he was playing for kewpie. yours youth team. now is avatar features and fee for $21.00 campaign form by his father fees of $21.00. credible effort of everybody involved in this project to bring it to life. so to make this a reality, and the reason,
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the power behind the stalling who the player will become, my son was as a young man, what he would have turned out to be come as a 13 year old player did take technology was used to lay claim prince into an adult photos of him as a teenager, and of his father's a young man. we're used to create the game furniture for coaches and teammates helped to develop a style personality clean prince can celebrate the successes virtually that were robbed from him in real life. a memorial in the game fever. pretty cool. i'll definitely pay a virtual visit to queens park rangers. the typical place for many of us to grieve is still the cemetery, but it is becoming more normal to grief digitally and it doesn't have to be one or the other. you can now get gravestones with q, r, codes, german, stonemason,
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and he has always been cans has found a way to tell stories about the dead on great stones with q r codes. you have the id. yes, multi multi nucleotide idence relatives had the opportunity to create their own commemoration of the sea. start at the grave. a students who can okay, ah, scanning the key wire code takes you to a website that the relatives can design themselves. a visit to a great stone can immerse you in an individual world. for example, janik vol. kitta in 2011. the 20 year old round during his surfing holiday in the atlantic. for younique's father, that keyword code is a contemporary way of dealing with his son's untimely death, which tinker evidence i'll give you. i think it would have been annoyed if we just planted kansas over his lunch happen. i think he'd be proud of his language off once at the grave. you can go straight to the online memorial site for
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a unique voice kit and be reminded of the times he had. for example, with this song by a friend lujan, the shop with that line and him on the thanks my fin, the show that is a month when you buy this good luck. the believe in an afterlife is fading in the western world. but at the same time, many people don't want to accept that death is the ant. this leaves a gap that big tech might soon be able to fill. but do we really want to keep our memories of loved ones alive with technology? i have very mixed feelings. the use of deep nostalgia by the company, my heritage choice, apple transforms uploaded, photos of the deceased into videos. this uses deep learning to combine photographs with the movements of other people. but personally, i really don't want my descendants to remember me this way. what do you think would you like to be in the digital cloud after you die? and would you like to use these services to keep in contact with that right to us
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and tell us so you next time. go by blue and ah. back to the future with the electric version of this stylish motor icon: the oval manta, the. the prototype, classic design on the outside, latest tech, on the inside. the manta fandom is charged and raring to go. read on t w. o, it's one of the most polluted waterways in the world. the tar river in
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indonesia, the rivers waters are contaminated by pesticides and industrial waste, which has devastating consequences with environmental or fighting for that. utah. does it stand a chance? in 45 minutes on d, w. a, a there i'm david and this is climate change. briggs, it's sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. you'll get smarter for free. d w books on youtube. ah, well, he knows that magazine. how many could be legal matter, cynthia, may till it's either me or i said logan. good morning, ma'am. by soon our get out to really be able to.


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