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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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khazan and kerry mulligan as the journalist who broke the harvey weinstein story. social satirist and horror director, jordan peals. got a new movie. do we know what it's about? nope. till then, it's mostly popcorn action like moon fall of $100.00. $40000000.00 sy fi flick about the moon crashing toward earth. but hey, at least it's not another pandemic. so plenty to look forward to there. thanks so much for joining us. and i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour with my 1st vice, i was a sewing machine where i found from women are boned by this ocean, given something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was
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a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to months life. finally, they gave up and went to buy me on my side, but returned with a sewing machine sewing, i suppose, was more appropriate for guns than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about dead basic rights. my name is the about the home and a war. peter, ah, ah, ah. this week on the world stories, poland, home of you,
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most restrictive abortion laws, and cooking to fight discrimination in belgium. but we begin in ethiopia. we're increasing numbers of civilians are falling victim to civil war. the un is warning of a grave humanitarian situation in the m horror region. this is all that is left of i you. but hans house to it. it was demolished by artillery fire, wendy tube, in army and to grand forces clashed in the area of amazon hall. this is where at the table was a hall. it's all broken now. you look at it, it was a nice house. it was beautiful and wonderful. but she hid in the forest for 9 days . well to gran rebels. occupied her village on their way to the capitol hill about it and what we feared for our lives. we didn't know if they were going to kill us. we had children with us, we were scared or whatever. i was with my neighbors at night. it was very cold and
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the conflict has not stayed civilians in this village. residents was 8th, 21. people were killed by a romo antiquarian, rebelar y'all. but in law mcgovern, in this mass grave, we buried 4 people per whole that they weren't soldiers, yet. they were honest civilians. local people buried them. we collected the bodies after they left and there were some bodies, which is how eunice had started to eat. one, hundreds of thousands of people had fled the violins, my me to bill at shoe and her children sought refuge in this makeshift temp inevitable hun. but she says it lacks everything laid as another child. there is nothing to eat. we have children, and there are no clothes. people left their homes without their belongings. if we're being told it's safe to go back. but what we have to go back to, they burn down our houses. it's not just people's homes. public infrastructure has also been destroyed. this hospital in death, it was heavily looted until i can make some weird antibiotics here and now we have
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nothing around here. we have medicine to treat hypertension, mental health issues here, moment anchorage. the hospital was a referral center for 8000000 people. debbie, probably all this waste material. you see here. they just threw there them below. this is trashed on that, but among it there also medicines which we could have used to touch on without the effect on button madonna can in know people in m herrera already had difficulty accessing food. a lot of the war has made that worse. the un says armed men and local communities looted 8 warehouses such as this one. and the government accuses to grand forces of disrupting the harvest. canada they came on the crops from its short and ready to be harvested, so they destroyed them. not only the crops at hotmail harvested, but also those that hadn't been collected yet. melissa will who love without a global gym. the conflict has affected everything. these people and i'm her, are the ones we can see in the neighboring to gray region,
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a great humanitarian crisis. is also unfolding, but no one is allowed to go there and report on it. ah, in india, the corona virus has sparked a mental health crisis. many view dead as the only way out a suicide prevention helpline aims to help 25 years ago i came, a little draco, founded a center for a problem rarely addressed in indian society. a crisis intervention center. symmetric operates a health line for the depressed and suicidal. over the years, the center has helped countless people by providing them emotional support. at a time when they felt they had no option left, but to take their lives. to date. well, who dr. taking calls in the center alone, do people talk to us and we listen to them in a non governmental, redondo,
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or windows, agree or disagree, the video, gwendolyn, good life, re she of their feelings. we don't trivia situation, but we share their feelings. i notice, as the core with 19 pandemic has had a huge impact on people's mental health. and that the number of distress cause they receive has almost doubled since the beginning of the crisis. in his experience, emotional and financial troubles are the 2 biggest reasons behind suicidal thoughts of the corners. last year's love down to curb the spread of forward lead to any konami and humanitarian prices. small businessman and vendors had to shut shop, and many workers lost their employment. triggering a mass exodus of migrant laborers back to their towns and villages. economists santos marrow tra said the suicides have increased mostly among those who are the poorest, who lost their jobs and savings during the pandemic. that is entirely due to
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economic distress, which has caused mental stress, family dentures. and my suspicion is that you're going to see a repeat of this data in in 2021 marrow tra, says unemployment has only increased, which will lead to a worsening of poverty. with no end to the pandemic incite, my daughter also believes that it will take time for the situation to improve. people have gone to work, not of things like that, loss of job loss. so freed this and doug goody fica live one prove it is going to meet him back. did on the end of my him for a slightly longer bang, because we're not coming and daily out of it. but no matter how emotionally drained the feel, my hotel believes everybody deep down has the desire to live grandview. that's why they reach out to the crisis center. and he and his fellow warranty is a here to help you. ah, poland has
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a near total abortion band. now the government plans to introduce a centralized register or pregnancies. the expansion of control over women's lives has many worried claudia, coastal 26 years old entrepreneur. earlier this year she decided to and an unwanted pregnancy, using abortion pills. she ordered on the internet for one looked with ela. i went to a hospital just to confirm that i am not pregnant anymore. all tell us, but once they are, i was brutally examined, though on the doctor didn't providing any medical information. instead, she scared me saying the state prosecutor needed to know that she would report me to the authorities as her mother's washy. jonathan washing despite poland, sneered total ban on abortion, women who terminate pregnancies cannot be prosecuted under polish law. that however, didn't prevent the police from interrogating her. claudia coast oak tells me,
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oh sam. okay, says look what we asked and they wanted to know how the pills were delivered out what the package looked like. so um i had to give them the names of all my friends who knew i had an abortion with nothing, no idea what that was for help. also. last year, a court ruled that abortion in poland is only permitted in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother's life is threatened, thousands took to the streets in protest with the intact until nina vandals come, we law amount to torture. this van and abortion means that polish women are forced to carry pregnancy with fetuses that have no rain that have no skull if they are in distance outside of their body, wave lethal har hart failures. it's just impossible to describe how it feels like to be a woman in holiday. as of january, the government also plans to introduce a centralized register we're pregnancies and miscarriages are reported. prochoice
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activists fear this data base could be used to cause legal problems for women who use abortion pills or find other ways to and to pregnancy pos shit, or shep ski is a gynecologist in which he says the concerns about the register are unjustified as the data is available anyway, but he also says he is it up with the shoe being politicized. and poland is chilly . bushman thugs, are we, as doctors would like to be left alone by politicians, we want them to stop using us for their purposes or both sides of doing it. all. but the debate in poland continues with pro life activists demanding father restrictions and criminal charges against people selling abortion pills. the activists who sell the pills or any money on that. and this is what we want to stop . we want to stop this business of ah, business of deaf who could say claudia could still cannot come to terms with what's
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going on in poland. she's hoping for a political change soon. otherwise, she says she is going to leave the country. ah, muslim women must often bite discrimination in many european countries. a belgian cook created a youtube cooking show to help overcome prejudices. lights, camera cook, who is a bustling around her kitchen in brussels, marianne lucy and shares her recipes with hundreds of thousands of followers world white. the belgian moroccan mother of 5 is no a successful businesswoman, but she had to build her own career ladder. douglas, the sometimes people here don't think of those with different backgrounds as really belgian a thought here. miriam married at 16 and soon had children. but she wanted more
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from life. take almost ellis. she knew i started looking for work, but every door i knocked on was slammed in my face that they would simply ask me, are you willing to take off your hair jammed by thought as what's that got to do with anything? well what, what matters is what's in my head, not what's on it. it's pretty a daunted, discouraged, she stayed at home until one day, an aunt asked miriam to film for her how to cook a favorite dish, lazy and had a brain wave in thought. launch a huge of channels. nation you. marion began uploading simple moroccan inspired cooking videos in french 4 years ago. i don't know. her creations have become a thriving enterprise. she's launched 3 more channels in other languages. so michael, arabic and her, the comb, elena vin, my the, the berber language revision leaking said check the gene, i'm hindi, or as well as sharing recipes. miriam shears insights into her home life. to boss stereotypes about muslim women in belgium. on up i'm, i'm single people seen as,
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as women who are subservient to their relationships. bless my husband and i are equals when it comes to attacking the household. chores go the cooking, taking care of the kids in life, electrical, despite her rings of fans, mary. m still faces islam, a phobia online. uh huh. i've been quote, a terrorist islamist sullivan. i have to say that breaks my heart. echo. it's in times like that. she says that the family feels more important than ever. miriam is grateful. her sister samira is a steadfast supporter, despite initial doubts. on the beginning, i was not so comfortable with the fact that she opened the doors to the walled. let's with time i change my opinion. people can see that. yeah, we are happy we are have having a normal lives. there is nothing special in how live. in fact, miriam still has big plans for her businesses and her outreach efforts. but for to day it's a rap. ah
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