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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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well, the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we should light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle o peak worlds this week on d w? ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, omicron officially arrives in china. authorities begin mass testing after 2 cases of the highly contagious corona virus barrier are detected near beijing. less than a month before the chinese capital is set to host the winter olympics. also coming
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up, it's the end of a long search. baby boy, separated from his parents during the chaos of the evacuation from afghanistan is were united with his family. but it means heartbreak for those who care for him. and your chance for a peek into help make soon be over. we look at efforts to put out a natural gas fire and central asia that's been burning for 50 years. ah wayne book of welcome to the program. authorities in the chinese city of tut, gene have started testing its nearly 14000000 residents after 2 cases of the omicron corona virus variant were detected. their judge in is near china's capital beijing, which will host the winter olympics next month. and with the major new year festive period approaching, china's authorities had to post strict lock downs and mass testing to contain
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outbreaks. police offices and protective gear outside an apartment block in the pool city of tianjin. health officials found to people infected with the false spreading, omicron variant of the corona virus, and more cases among the patients close contacts. do longer than through 3rd hall. another 18 karen virus infections were detected among the close contacts in tien gin. all of them have been transferred to designated hospitals for treatment and quarantine. the newly reported cases of students and their parents who go to the same nursery and school as the 1st detected cases. jago, now almost every one of tangents, 14000000 residence. we'll have to be tested for the corona virus. so it's a scene that's already been repeated in cities across china. like here in shan,
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where an outbreak began in december health officials, they're say new corona virus case is transmitted within the community or falling off to mass testing and a severe locked down. now in its 3rd week, millions are confined to their homes. residents have complained about not being able to buy food or get medical care because of the restrictions. china is trying to stamp out the virus within its borders. the winter olympics are due to take place in just a few weeks and with preparations well underway. authorities want to avoid a coven 19 outbreak at all costs, especially in a major port city on beijing's doorstep. china's state tabloid global times says the change in health officials hope the mass testing in the city would stop an
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outbreak from reaching the capital. this is jan chance resident settled says get tested and stay home. then you clusters of locally transmitted cases are testing china's 0 cave. it's strategy down kazakstan. the government says 164 people have been killed in more than 5000, arrested after protests broke out a week ago. russian lead troops are in the country after appeals for help from the causes president. u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is asking why cause extent called in the troops to quell protests and denounced the government shoot to kill order. meanwhile, people there are facing an uncertain future. a disparate white for news, an al mahdi morgue, dozens of people line up. many of them fear their loved ones died on january 6th, the worst i of a bloody wake in cassock, stones largest city, another q,
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and almighty this one for bread. many stores had to close during the unrest in recent days. people are running out of food, good to we have other stores, the one over there and another further up the road. it's been closed since yesterday, but people need to eat something that government appeased back in control of downtown almighty. but days approaches and looting have scarred the city as demonstrate is let out the anger a decades of authoritarian rule. destroying the softness of the ruling party. the unrest frightened many in the city. some welcome the army on the straits of with it. and there is still a feeling of security to people to give us the sense that we're on a way out of this. when things are gradually getting back to normal, which given only one window, but no malady doesn't look like this. elsewhere in the city,
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the government continues what it calls an anti terror operation. it's determined to put down opposition whether it comes from violent all peaceful protesters. they haven't been listening to the people as a politician once said, if there's no chance of the peaceful revolution, they'll be an armed one. as the situation worse and people rushed to flee kazakhstan, some here in the north, and many more in the south, near marty. they're frightened by the situation in the city. one of them says it's as if the war has already arrived. state look at some other stories making news right now. the united states has condemned a deadly or striking ethiopian to great region, calling it unacceptable that the 6 people were killed and dozens more wounded in a strike on friday night. the theo been government is yet to comment, was previously deny targeting silk civilians in the conflict with to grain forces
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a saudi princess and her daughter had been released after 3 years in detention without charge. princess bazemore been sowed is an outspoken critic of the kingdom's treatment of women. her lawyer says she is quote, worn out, but in good spirits. a baby that went missing during august's chaotic. u. s. lead evacuation at cobble airport in afghanistan has been reunited with his family . the boy's parents were unable to find him after the split 2nd decision to hand him to a soldier. they then went on to the u. s. without him. the rima raised this boy like he was harun, except so he'll isn't hers. he was separated from his parents during a melee at cobble airport hom. it found the boy who the hell am i those today i entered the airport and saw a baby was laying down on the ground in a very bad way. i looked around and showed this child to many people, but i couldn't find any one related to him. i called my wife at home, and i said,
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i won't go to america. i brought the child home. i brought milk and we've been taken care of him since august and in the couple who have 3 daughters, dan incorporated the boy into their family. and the other thing, i love this child a lot, but we cannot be his mother and father. he has to live with his parents, like many babies. so hale was thrust into the hands of soldiers amid frantic scenes . this child was, were united with its parents. so hale was not until an international campaign to find him led to a breakthrough. under taliban bruce could re union with his grandfather who travel to days and nights to meet him of the home. it today is a historical day for us as i received my grandson in front of the media and the
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ortho from our home. and i will you the, and the handover of this child has been long pressed. are we going to more, i don't know why i'm so grateful to those who helped us to reach love and receive this child in a funny go on home with a hales real parents. i hope we can know join them in the u. s. with where that moment is likely to be every bit as emotional as this good bye. oh, now afghans, neighbor, turkmenistan has one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world. it's the so called date of hell or gate to hell, but it might be getting closed for good. let's hear why that is with our own, aaron tilton. so what exactly is this gate to hell? first of all. okay, with the gate to hell is one of treatment stands most famous and well known tourist attractions. basically, we can see here on the wall behind us, it's
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a giant sink hole that was created back in the seventy's when soviet geologists were doing some exploratory drilling in the area. the caused collapse. and this huge cavern opened up as we can see until all right. now and basically they quickly realized that methane was streaming out of the cavern and const because they wanted to continue their research, they thought the best thing that they could do would be to drop a flare in their light on fire and let the method burn off they thought it would be extinguished after a couple of days and they could continue the research well, 50 years later, the fire is still burning and it creates this kind of other worldly view. as you can, as our viewers can see right there on the screen. now it's become more trick medicine's biggest and best tourist attractions, but it's also a thorn in the eye of the local government. yeah, that plan sounds like something some high school students might get themselves up to, to, to light a fire like that. so it's a great tor stretch, i can imagine to bring to lots of money for the government or for the country. why do they want to close it? well, if you asked the government, they say it's an ecological problem, was creating environmental disaster in the region. and it's also presenting a health problem because of course,
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methane gas burning constantly isn't something you really want to breathe in constantly, which is part of the reason they're actually looking to close it down moving forward. but it's a big question if they'll actually be able to put out the fire, you know, they created an expert panel back in 2010 that was supposed to look into that. and they're doing the same thing now, but they still haven't really found a good way to put the fire out. yeah, i mean, this is a she huge pit in the middle of what looks like a giant desert. what are their options on the table? well, that is kind of the big open question that they don't actually know how they can put the fire. they want to do it. but they've been looking into this, you know, time and time again since 2010. and they haven't really found a good way to do it thus far, and yet, remember, this isn't the only fire like this around the world. these underground fires are very, very tricky. businesses. there's like, this is really a fire in the united states of coal mines that started on fire, also in the seventy's and still hasn't gone out yet. you know, these fires are really in an inaccessible place. they're very, very deep down. they don't really know how they're being fed with oxygen. so no, there is really a good option to put it out thus far. and if you ask me, you know, i actually think it's kind of a good thing. you know,
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this is one of the more bizarre wonders of the world and you know, if it's light goes out, i think the world's going to get a little bit more boring. so i just a little bit darker, a little bit darker. exactly. so i really hope i, if you ask me, i really kind of hope the gate elsie is open for a little bit longer. well, i think it's a challenge ahead of them and i think you might get your wish. yeah, exactly here until and thanks for bringing this story. maybe see inter winston exactly. ah, in football cameron host, the 33rd edition of the africa cup of nations, which is kicking off right now. the years 1st, major football tournament has strict protocols in place due to the pandemic. despite that many come earnings have hit the streets and celebration the host name and is expected to have the biggest fan bases. cameron's indomitable lions compete for 6 africa cup of nations. title led by byron unit striker, eric maxine, jo, promoting and some german football news. now marcia dartmouth took advantage of league leaders by an unix unexpected slip up against glad bar. on friday by beating
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i talked frankfurt to put themselves back in the title race. but as is so often the case of dormant, they didn't do it. the easy way dot mend, aren't short of superstars yet time after time, season after season they've let borne out of jail. so it was no surprise when frankfort took an early lead. there were just 60 minutes on the clock when raphael bray made at one mill keeper, grig coble. miss dawkins last game through illness. and the swiss international was caught cold here. more hot was defending 100 maria seconds. just 9 minutes later. why dorman, skipper markle royce was trying to multiply his own box is anyone's guess. and barry took full advantage to know the halftime score. dorman had to rule up their sleeves, but when they eventually pulled one back through sub token, other and 71 minutes,
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it seemed to have come too late. but perhaps this team does have the guts required for a title, don't fight jude bellingham made it to to with 3 minutes to go. and then monkwood da, who'd spotted jubilation in the black and young ranks. the german international curling in the winter with just a minute left emotions were still bubbling at full time. but darkman coach michael rosa looked the calmest man in the stadium as he made off with 3 precious points. and by a lever, cuz andrew with on yon berlin to keep their noses in front of the visitors in the race for champions lay qualification. with the score 11 gresham from a pounced from close range early in the 2nd half to put on young to one up. then came unit on top is late header secured a to, to draw for labor cozen. though the result means they still drop down to 5th place
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saturdays bonus, the games are over. so let's take a look at the results so far. unmatched a 18 dormant came from behind a beat frankfurt. as we saw labor coups and drew with union berlin lives a dominated mines. fryeburg share the spoils of be the felt as it shirt with stood guard, often high beat out berg on friday, we have grandma, stunning by on sunday. had to host calon and bonham take on voice burke. that's all we got for you for now, but stay with us. we got reporter up next a 6 part of the 2nd part of documentary i'm love and sex people with cognitive disability stay tuned for that. see you soon. mm. ah hello.


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