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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for volunteer by their duties and social rules and inform them about that basis. right. my name is the about the home and i wore, ah ah ah, this is debbie news live from berlin. dozens of people are killed in thousands, arrested in cossacks danced largest wave of protests in years. the government says its regain control as the conduct president talks with moscow about further measures to quell the unrest. also coming up
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a u. s. court hands down life sentences to 3 white men for the 2020 killing of african american ahmad are barry. the judge calls their actions chilling, hunting down, and murdering the man who was jogging in their mostly white neighborhood. and it's corona virus, one buyer munich, nill. as germany football kicks off the following, the winter break, 9 of its players have been knocked out. due to coven 19 ah! and william gruff, welcome to the program, following unrest in kazakhstan countries, leader as talked with his russian counterpart about further measures to quote restore order cost him you might tucker, you have told vladimir putin that the situation was stabilizing after russia sent troops to help put down the largest wave of protests hears
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a classic authorities of also a rest of the countries. former intelligence chief on suspicion of treason, cassock, stands, largest city almighty was the central flash point during days of violence and rest in which dozens of people were killed. thousands more arrested o mattie ablaze the city scarred from the worst violence to hit kazakstan in 30 years. president chi if told cassock security forces they could shoot to kill, opening the door for a dramatic escalation in the crack down on protesters. quarter theory, the counter terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down their arms. they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. the kremlin has heeded president the coyote calls for assistance and sent more than 2000 troops to help protect the fire on russia's doorstep. but there are few signs
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of peace here on the streets of kazakstan as each day brings fresh bloodshed. almighty the country's largest city has become grown 0 and a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. i wonder that if we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. at night when we hear explosions, i'm scared. it hurts to know that young people are dying when he might wish. the protests began over a hike in fuel prices, but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flames of rebellion across a nation rich in resources. to chi up to respond to the protests of sparked international concern, vivian rich dot, we want to protect the rule of law everywhere. so to that end, we call for no violence and for an end to violence. and obviously that also means
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that there should be no violence against citizens. and in that sense, there's unity in what is being heard from the, the german government, from me and many others around the world who are seeing please come back to peaceful progress in the country. ah, but us to call you have raises the stakes in his fight for political survival. there is worry that peaceful progress has given way brutal authoritarianism now cause extends national security committee says its former chief has been detained on suspicion of treason. i asked journalist bruce tanner about that development. the fact that someone like that can be, can be gained, they're about to be charged with. treason is amazing, and this is a 2 time prime minister in the country. it's one of the secretary of state head of the presidential administration and just only lately security so, so long time long or by a lawyer list,
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the 1st president or by the fact that he is now under arrest and basing serious, serious charges litigation that you know, the faction that some of the faction anyway, that's been well president, 1st person or bio, is in big trouble at all. in the u. s. state of georgia, a court has given life sentences to 3 white men convicted of murdering ahmad aubrey, a black man, the presiding judge said he handed down the harsh assented sentences possible due to the defendants, callous words and actions are various killings helped fuel the black lives matter, protest that rock the u. s. head of 2020 elections. outside a court house in georgia, the crowd hangs on the lips of the judge inside an outburst of joy, as these words were read out over the loudspeaker. mister mic,
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michael. the court sentences you as follows: count one, malice, murder, life without the possibility of parole. felony murder, travis michael, had killed ahmed aubrey can without her jug felony with a shotgun needed by operation of law mod aubrey was marked to tragedy. tragedy on many, many levels almost torn, i'm sorry. on february 23rd of 2020, almost 2 years ago, a resident of glenn county, a graduate of brunswick high, the son of brother, the young man with dreams was gone down in this community. dated the 24th, like michael had been convicted of murder in november, alongside his father, gregory, and neighbor, william bryan, only dry and will be allowed to appeal for parole. after 30 years of william or bry, they each have no remorse and do not deserve any leniency.
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this wasn't a case of mistaken identity or a mistake. in fact, they chose, they chose to target my son because they didn't want him in their community as follows. the men claim they thought aubrey was fleeing a crime, but it was found not they were not arrested after chasing down the 25 year old. and that caused and shooting him dead. that changed when this video emerged filled by brine, it captures the chase and the shots at his aubrey, who seemed falling to the ground of fighting for his life. the motive spot nationwide outraged that fit into the protest phone, the different skilled floyd, a black man killed by a police officer. wow. to the people outside the courthouse,
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the sentencing of aubrey's keyless array of hope, in a country where races violence too often goes unpunished. ah, look now at some other stories making news right now. german health minister car allow to boss has emphasized the importance of introducing mandatory vaccinations to fight the corona virus pandemic. in a newspaper interview, he said the inoculations would help protect the population against future variance . the german parliament is set to debate the issue this month. at least 22 people have died in pakistan after being trapped in their vehicles and a heavy snow storm. taurus had flocked to marie north of the capital islamabad, creating a massive traffic gemini area. the provincial chief minister has declared maurie 8 disaster area. if you o p as released opposition leader escalator, niga. the m hara politician was detained in 2020 after deadly anti government
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protests. his release is among a series of sudden pardons for high profile political prisoners that were announced on friday. it said the move was to quote, promote dial as the army is embroiled and ethnic conflict on several fronts. now total confirmed cove 19 cases, recently top $300000000.00. there's a lot to unpack in that big number. so let's break it down here on the wall. the 1st remember confirmed is the key word the true number of cases. us almost surely much higher because so many have gone on tested. there are also huge differences in how countries test and report their numbers. none the less. let's look at how cases have accelerated over the course of this pandemic. it took about one year for the 1st $100000000.00 cases. then came the more infectious delta variant. we had 200000000 just about 6 months. and this last 100000000 was even shorter, around 5 months. now looking at weekly cases, the world over,
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you can see how quickly this latest spike has been compared to previous wave. it's a straight line for the last month or so. and that's likely because of omicron, which is a highly infectious variant but reported as milder. that's good news, but many more overall cases still means more serious cases. it could be enough to overwhelm healthcare systems, which is what has officials in countries all over so worried? that's not only bad news. there's some good news as well. let's look at deaths despite the surgeon cases, deaths are down. these are weekly confirmed deaths. again, confirmed is important. some analyst suggest a real told could be 2 to 4 times greater, but nevertheless, fewer deaths suggest we may be moving from pandemic to endemic. and that's where we want to go, and just to drive that point home, let's look at cases versus death. we can see cases on top or 1000000 people, they're going up, deaths are going down. now, why is that? oh, micron may indeed be milder. we also have more ways to protect ourselves now,
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such as masks. many people around the world have been infected, which offers them some immunity, especially for younger populations that have a better chance of avoiding serious illness. and of course, last but not least vaccination, which lowers the risk of transmission and illness. now, of course, we still have a long way to go. things are hardly equal everywhere. but these figures should give us some encouragement that there is an end to this pandemic. and we can live with this virus, and germany's buena sleeva knows 1st hand just how fast cove it is spreading. the sport returned with a bang the way after the winter break. as mentioned. glad been stunned. legal ears, byron munich, byron, would normally have come into the match, a strong favorites, but the team was missing 9 stars due to coven, 19 glad back coach audi. hutcher was all smiles, as he greeted his byron counterpart. juliet nod guzman. this, despite the enormity of the task in front of him, knock guzman had to be happy to have yahoo, a kim h back after
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a 2 month absence due to cobit 19. and he was definitely glad that a certain prolific polish striker is on his team. robert levin doff ski opening the scoring for byron in the 18th minute. but 9 minutes later, the visitors responded. flaw he annoy house doing the honors. he was unmarked by the bye and defence and he volleyed in past spin o'guise who was filling in with manual noah out with cove. it a few minutes later, stephan lajna headed home a corner to make it to one and her daughter was still smiling. this one just out of the reach of the diving. alright. in the 2nd half by and repeatedly threatened jamal lucy, allah denied here by yon sama but they couldn't hit the target. and that's how it ended. now, all the black box were smiling as they pick up 3 crucial points against no less
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than byron munich and tennis world. champ novak joke, which remains in a detention hotel in australia battling his deportation in court rather than being on the court. preparing for the australian open court filing from his lawyers says, joke of ich tested positive for corona virus on december 16th and because he didn't have any symptoms after the mandated quarantine joke of it's received a document from australian authorities that approved his visa joking, which is challenging that these, his cancellation, in hopes of winning the 21st grand slam at the ozzy open, which starts january 17th. and a decision on this matter is due on monday the barrier breaking actor sidney party has died at the age of 94. he was the 1st black winner of the best actor oscar for the 1963 film lilies of the field, 48 in shy away from issues of race and race relations. his work helped inspire
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a generation to push for civil rights. a cultural icon and pioneer hollywood 1st major black movie sta, awarded the presidential medal of freedom by america's 1st black president in 2009 . sidney poitier sustained a long korea as a lead performer, becoming the 1st black man to win the best actor oscar in 1964 and another one in 2002 in honor of his life's work. we have lots and lots and lots of, of african american actors. now, when we didn't have any i appeared not because i brought so much because, but because the time was right. what is breakthrough? came in 1958 with the film. the defiant ones alongside tony curtis. racism was a coal theme in many of his films. put a famously stud and guess who's coming to dinner? one of the few films of its time to depict interracial marriage in
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a positive light. mom, this is john. i'm a but it was his role is a police officer in 1967th in the heat of the night that catapulted him to start him. sidney. but he, i also enjoyed success as a director in front of and behind the camera, he paved the way for generations potty marathon sounds like a nice saturday night planned to me. but until then, as it is leih from berlin, coming up next we got sports life, selena fry tog. how to fly warner website you w dot com, instagram and twitter at dw news, and william blue cross. thanks so much for joining. and we will see you soon.


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