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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2022 4:00am-4:15am CET

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w business, a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west. good is still good. with business beyond on you to ah ah, this is d w. news live for berlin, catholics dance, police get sure to kill orders from the president after a wake of deadly protests cuz that's the president casem, you're mad t, okay. it says order is being restored and he promises that those behind the
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violence will be eliminated. coming up, ground breaking actor, sidney poitier has died at the age of $94.00. will take a look at the long life career and influence of the 1st black person to win an oscar for best actor. and german soccer kicked off after the winter break. and it's co been won by and munich mill. as the pandemic removes 9 players from the league leaders team ah matheney, how broken the program? cars like stones president has authorized security forces to open fire on protesters without warning. president casem, your motto ok of says the state will fight to the end against what he calls bandits, terrorists and militants. days of violent protest in the central asian nation have
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st. doesn't killed and thousands arrested. at the president's request, russia is leading a force of peacekeepers from former soviet states to help put down the unrest because the government says that the order has been restored in the biggest city on mattie o. matty, ablaze the city scarred from the worst violence to hit cast extern in 30 years. president to chi if told catholic security forces they could shoot to kill, opening the door for a dramatic escalation in the cracked own on protesters corner carries the counter terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down the arms. they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. the kremlin has heeded president cave's calls for assistance and sent more than 2000 troops to help
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protect the fire on russia's doorstep. but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cow's extern as each day brings fresh bloodshed. i'll mattie the country's largest city has become grown 0 and a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. what are these whom we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption? at night when we hear explosions, i'm scared. it hurts to know that young people are dying. would you mind watching? the protests began over a hike in fuel prices, but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flames of rebellion across a nation rich in resources to chi. up to respond to the protests sparked international concern, the phone. it stops. we want to protect the rule of law everywhere else to that end, we call for no violence and for an end to violence,
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subsistence. and obviously that also means that there should be no violence against citizens. and in that sense, those unity and what is being heard from the you, the german government, from me and many others around the world who are seeing please come back to peaceful progress in the country by 10 big ah, but us to kai of raises the stakes in his fight for political survival, there is worry that peaceful progress has given way brutal authoritarianism. all right, let's bring in political scientists calling would now from columbia university. welcome to you. what is the situation in the largest city amadi? now as you understand it, calling authorities now back in control. so it's really difficult to have a fact check story to tell there that there is a total internet blackout right now in kazakhstan. so journalists, activists who are actually on the ground are having
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a really difficult time getting that information out. but i've been seeing reports of people in almighty they're, they're hearing gunshots, they're hearing explosions throughout the city. but it does seem that authorities have maintain control and people door scared and there's long lines rate. he ends for food and, and people are just having a really difficult time getting back online to check with loved ones goes in the city and across the country. in that report was seen and heard of more and more troops from the russian lead security alliance. arriving in recent hours, what does their presence they main and what's the mission? the official mission is to protect military installations, government buildings out the country. but they're also been allusions to the c s. t o peacekeeping troops. that their, their goal is to help restore order broadly against some sort of a for in attendance to cause instability and cause exxon. so that latter missive
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is a bit more big, which i think gives the peacekeepers a broader mandate to to use violence as he ordered soldiers to shoot to kill t ok. upset he was facing. and i caught 20000 bandits in it and didn't graphic since the, his opposition. who are the people that have been out on the streets this week? yes. to kind of statements about it being appropriate to shoot to kill these terrorists is deeply worrying. and i think it's important to condemn this clear violation of cause exxon's international commitments. but in terms of who the people are, it really depends on what city you are in the country. so in, in western kazakhstan right now where these protests 1st started on january, 2nd, they're largely peaceful. the police are not intervening and back please for joining in on them. in my th, from my understanding was it started out similarly people, protesters,
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average activist, and also random people showing up on an overnight then groups of unknown angry men who riled up the crowds and initiated the writing. so that the big question is, who the people are and where they came from and as to who they are. what about the result of what's happened? he, if t ok, i can put down this protest just quickly before we go. what does that do to his position? is he stronger or weaker than before? the results are pretty, pretty devastating. i think it's kind of the question whether he's stronger, a weaker it depends on a demographic. so domestically, this seems like it's a move for him to both shut down and threats from the masses. and also threats from other elites who are trying to buy for power, be the president, but internationally. i think that this puts to kind of in a really awful position. i mean, he's sacrifice 30 years of speaking for contacts on the sovereignty by inviting and
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russian troops in the us peacekeepers in. so there's a how, how to kind of stands to fair from this depends on who, who is who in relation to whom great to get your inside colon would of columbia university. thanks so much. thanks. take care. all right, let's take a look now, some of the other stories making news around the world. you are a secretary of state anthony blanket has rejected a russian demand to shut ukraine out of nato. likely consists the defense alliance as members have the soul se, on who can join russian president vladimir putin has urged nato to rule out membership for ukraine. ahead of talks. i'm that diminishing border tensions doors and i'm over them with a judge in the state of georgia sentence for the 3 white men who killed a black men. ahmad albert, to life in prison for 25 year old aubrey was out. joking when he was shot, did the father and son who armed themselves and chased him,
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have no chance of parole. i should police. i gang members have killed 2 journalists south of the capital. puerto prince employ of one of the reporter says he was covering the security situation in the bullet area. organized, crime has become a bit more powerful in haiti effectively taking control of large parts of the caribbean republic. germany's national and regional leaders have agreed on a series of measures to combat rising corona, virus infections, case numbers, and now a 3rd higher than a week ago, people going out, socializing face type restrictions and to count as fully vaccinated. they need to have a booster jet or show a negative test result. as the leaders disgust new pandemic measures that the front of their minds was the army crown variant, which is set to become his clear lama cron will keep us busy for a long time to come. and that is why we cannot sound the old,
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clear for our health care system. it must be said clearly we will see higher infections and they will also be many new patients in the hospital with them give if infected people and even their contacts have to isolate in large numbers. some fear, even the emergency services could lack the personnel to do their essential job. so the politicians have taken a risky decision shortening isolation period. so those you've had contact with infected people. and in some cases, removing the isolation requirement altogether. that was, that is what any contact person who has received the booster shot no longer has to go into quarantine. we've agreed on this in close consultation with all responsible parties involved here in germany. all others can lead quarantine or isolation of to 10 days if they're no longer symptomatic. i told them in at the same time a tightening of restrictions for people came to go out for a meal or a drink. entry to restaurants and bars will be limited to the vaccinate,
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all recovered, who also have a negative test. that address is the fact people can't wear a mask while they are eating and drinking. and if they've had their booster shot, they won't need a test. that point is intended to encourage more to take on the vaccination issue of the campaign to get vaccines into arms is proceeding fast. but chancellor shaw says it's not fast enough. he once 30000000 more doses administered during january . so far it has been less than $3000000.00 sport now, and the bone does like a returned with a bang after the winter break. as mentioned glad back, stunned legally as by munich by an would normally have come into the match, a strong favorites, a bought the bavarian, were missing, and incredible. 9 stars g to covey. 19 glad buck took advantage and in doing so, breathe a little life into the tuttle chase. glad by coach dowdy, her teacher was all smiles as he greeted his byron counterpart. julian na guzman.
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this, despite the enormity of the task in front of him, knock guzman had to be happy to have your shoe a chemist back after a 2 month absence due to cobit 19. and he was definitely glad that a certain prolific polish striker is on his team. robert levin doff ski opening the scoring for byron in the 18th minute. but 9 minutes later, the visitors responded flatly annoy house. doing the honors, he was unmarked by the bye and defence and he volleyed impass, spend o'guise, who was filling in with manual noah out with cove. it a few minutes later, stephan lajna headed home a corner to make it to one and hooter was still smiling. this one just out of the reach of the diving. alright. in the 2nd half by and repeatedly threatened jamal lucy,
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allah denied here by yon sama but they couldn't hit the target. and that's how it ended. now, all of black box were smiling as they pick up 3 crucial points against no less than byron munich. the groundbreaking actor, sidney poitier, has died at the age of 94. he was the 1st black winner of the best actor oscar for the 1963 film lily's of the field. in spite of generation, during the civil rights era, with roles that crossed the racial divide. a cultural icon and pioneer hollywood 1st major black movie sta, awarded the presidential medal of freedom by america's 1st black president in 2009 sidney potty aged, sustained a long career as a lead performer, becoming the 1st black man to win the best actor. oscar in 1964 and another one in 2002 in honor of his life's work. we have lots and lots and lots of,
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of african american actors. now, when we didn't have any i appeared not because i brought so much because but because the time was right. what is breakthrough came in 1958 with the film. the defiant ones alongside tony curtis. racism was a core theme in many of his films potty a famously starred. and guess who's coming to dinner? one of the few films of it's time to depict interracial marriage in a positive light. mom. this is john. i'm a but it was his role is a police officer in 1967th in the heat of the night that catapulted him to start him. sidney brought he, i also enjoyed success as a director in front of and behind the camera. he paved the way for generations and before go, the city of e. katherine berg and russia is transformed into a winter wonderland. thanks to its annual i sculpture festival more than 20 teams
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from all over russia to harden this one. the sculptures traditionally feature religious things, such as the nativity of christ, to martha celebration of the russian orthodox christmas. first prize this year as to the actual entry titled, heavenly ship and erupted. i coming up next. janelle dumas, aunt has business news that's after a short break. there's more to be found on a website that's a d, w dot com and don't instagram and twitter to handle it. at d. w. news anatomy out. thanks for watching.


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