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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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it for me to come to germany. oh, my got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. dish and now i teach children to adults with what's your story? take part. share it on info, migrants dot net. ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news line from berlin shoot to kill orders in kazakhstan as the president describes protest as bandits since he will eliminate them because im jermarta duck i have infest. the state will fight to the end to restore order after
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days of violent unrest. also on the program, germany wraps up its battle against army crawl with title rules on visiting bars and restaurants, but quarantine times i eased the cape be economy movie ah i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. cousin stands president, has authorized security forces to open fire on protesters without warning. in his latest televised address, casem, germonti, cairo said the state would fight to the end against what he called bandits terrorists and militants. days of violent protest in the central asian country have st. dozens killed and thousands arrested. at the president's request, russia is leading a force of peacekeepers from former soviet states to help put down the unrest.
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observe assail authorities and now appeared to have regained control of the biggest city, al matty, the streets of omar, scarred from the worst violence to hit the country in 30 years. cossack starnes largest city has become graham cyril in a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. i wouldn't need him. we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. the protest began over hiking fuel prices, but decades of corruption in inequality have found the flame to rebellion across a resource. rich nation sees like this and cost and i region just 200 kilometers from the russian border are being watched closely by moscow. which fears the uprising could pose a threat to the stability of the region? oh, new rules. russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with cassock star. if you see that border is not especially
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protected here. yes, organizationally ever spawns. the kremlin has heated president chi of calls for help and sent more than 2000 troops to help put out the fire on brush his doorstep . but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cossacks done as each day brings fresh bloodshed. government forces said they've quote, liquidated dozens of rioters in clashes that have also claimed the lives of several police. oh, by the group. well, you have to understand, this is 30 years of pent up anger that's being released. look here to what they're shooting. it all of us was ok, but none of us wants to hurt anyone. human, audubon, less than 3 years and power to chi. it was a chosen successor to autocrat north wilton or so by if to chi, if his vow to wipe out so culture, his groups which he blamed for the uprising number quarter carry the counter
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terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down to arms. they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. as he fights for his political survival somewhere, the protest could lead to an air of even harsher authoritarianism. will read standish is following this story as a correspondent for radio free europe, he joins us from prague. welcome to d. w. how a protest is responding to the news of the president's shoot to kill orders. well, this is obviously still a delay in terms of information that's coming up here. but, you know, imagine that this is a very worthwhile reply from the government. they're trying to send a very strong message to people on the street, get off your left on their, your right, and you know, in their words, you will be liquidated. but we don't know yet. if this is actually going to slow
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down or stop people, we're still seeing reports, people are, i'm, you know, they're protesting and they're showing that, you know, they're not really easily. and so, even though the government is showing that it has a lot more control over the situation that it has for the last couple days, you know, this is an over in protest on these protests are massive. i wonder how organized they are. is that a list of demands? i mean, the government has been shocked. so what more to people want? well, this started as a protest over over centrally fuel prices. but anyway, tap into something that's been my steeper and that, and in catholic than per cent. they've got independent, a lot of anger within our government that people haven't met a little or economic needs personally reasonably. i'm in, but one of the things that i think makes it a little bit different than other products that was being across the region. and in recent years, if there isn't really solidified or unified movement here, you know,
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30 years of autocratic rules that haven't really left much very ground and built something on. so there isn't really a unifying opposition. you know, people have been barred from harlem and a very much managed by the president and his party. so that's what kind of difficult people want accountability, economic or there isn't one leader or one party that the government can really engage on to try and negotiate and get people to come up. which is why i think part of why we're right. and this is clearly not a president who is inclined to negotiate anyway, and now we have russia and other former soviet states from the collective security treaty organization, sending troops in our present request. how does the square wave, what we heard from vladimir putin spoke with early this week when he said there should be no outside interference?
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right, well i think that that's largely that coming from me through you know, i think that reflects the point of view that, you know, right. involvement in kind of thing isn't really wanting to hear from the common point of view and have the privilege relationship with them in one of the central and for going to residence for how they're going to provide it. i also did a wider math is bad rather than being both progress on it to program and it's been a mess. it's to the left part of the world that russia influence is going to try to influence over and, you know, matters feel rushed to share the math reporting with the population in north, along with russia. so there are a lot of interest here, but russia and also trying to send a message to everyone,
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rushes and try it here. they're not going to tolerate instability and they're going to get out of ok. thank you for that. read to standish from radio for you and you. okay, we can take a look at some more stories making news around the world. now. we'll start in france and ceremony has been held in paris to mark the 7th anniversary of the 2015 terrorist attacks. islam is gunman killed 17 people over 3 days, including journalists at the french satirical magazine, shirley ho, and people shopping at a kosher supermarket. cambodians prime minister, one cent has arrived in mid martha talks with the military rule. this is the 1st visit by a head of government since the army overthrew me and most elected government last year. and i had a star novak jock of it to us. thank fans for their support during his detention in a melbourne quarantine hotel and he's awaiting mondays court hearing and whether he
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could compete in this month's australian open immigration official. so he failed to provide evidence of a coven 19 fascination, or a medical exemption needed to enter the country. here in germany, leaders, the tightening rules for people entering restaurants, who haven't had their booster shot, sits in response to rising army kron infections. now ended a video conference about dealing with the infections, which are a 3rd higher than a week ago. the restaurant goes, who haven't had booster shots that will need to present a negative test. the chances are shots i said people who have had boosters, it will no longer have to isolate effect, considered a contact of an infected person. chancellor shawls also had this warning about corona case numbers in germany and thompson of the larger even though the situation is better than feared. because of all the measures we've taken. we know that the new immigrant variant is going to cause an increase in infections. and we will see
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larger numbers in the coming days and weeks than we are seeing today in as busy hoyde to sean a can. let's look at the job in response. then we're that leaf with life, eric xander, who's a vaccine the research. i remember the government's karone, the expert panel, welcome to d w. what are your thoughts on the, the measures the chance for us today? are they enough? well, it's evident that the, the cases are rising. and as we look into other countries that might be head of us in terms of the dynamic of the infection. we also clearly seeing some more missions to hospital and with seeing massive staff shortage to, to infection in several other countries. so this is the scenario, the predict will probably also take place in germany, and this is why it's very important to take measures to bring and fix numbers,
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right? and all the measures that the chance for the announced sufficient it's very difficult to say at the moment. this is a new variance that spreads extremely rapidly and unfortunately also re infect previously infected individuals and vaccinated individuals. at least those that have only had 2 shots of the vaccine. and so it will be very, very important to very closely monitored the situation specially in hospitals. now the critical infrastructure, and if we're seeing more rise, spite of those measures that might even necessitate further measures. is it sensible to show the quarantine periods for people who are isolating the it's, it's going to be critical with, with massive staff shortages due to infections, which we've heard reports of both from the u. s. and other european countries. it's
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going to be important to find the right balance between infection control and maintenance of staff in places like hospitals and critical infrastructure. so this is why i guess, yes, i agree. it's important to shorten quarantine time and to find a good compromise between those 2 things. can germany mean chance of shots his targets are vaccinating 30000000 more people by the end of this month? well, i'm very hopeful that that will reach the target and it's looking good. we did reach a previous target of facts of boosting our 30000000 individuals prior to the christmas break if you wish. and the measures and the campaign was continued over the holidays. so this is a very important goal and i'm optimistic that we can use the scene mandatory
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vaccinations being introduced around the world. the german politicians seem to be increasingly reluctant to move in that direction. was your take on this? well, this is understandable. obviously, the vaccine is the only sustainable way out of the damage situation that we are seeing that societies where they have a very high rate of community offering much better than those that have low explanation rates. and unfortunately, in parts of germany and part of the population, we still have to love explanation, right? so we definitely need to take action on this and we need to bring up the vaccination rates and whatever measure is suitable to bring up the vaccination. res, i think should be done. how this is done. this is out of my area of expertise. of course, germany also has a certain history. this is why we're always hesitant in with these types of regulations. and i think the most important thing and now is to explain to people
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why the vaccine are so important and to inform them about about the advantages of being vaccinated and we're doing all that. bring the vaccine out to people. my for example, is i remember the government's corona expert to paddle. thank you so much for joining us. thank you so much. smaller developments in the panoramic now global case numbers of top 300000000 according to johns hopkins university in the united states. one, it took more than a year to reach the 1st $100000000.00. the 3rd i came in barely 5 months. britain is sending troops into some london hospitals to come for medical staff who are sick with covet and austrian bog. chancellor. com ne hammer has tested positive. it says the infection came from a member of his security team, and he's isolating at home. and groundbreaking actor sidney potty has died at the
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age of $94.00. he was the 1st black widow of the best actor oscar. 1963 phil lilies of the field inspired a generation during the civil rights in walls crossing the racial divide. after decades in the public, i received the presidential medal of freedom from barack obama in 2009. well, that's it. you're up to date. i'll have more world news at the top of the hour. melissa chan has d w. news asia in just a moment. have a good welcome to the dark side.


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