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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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i know also in book form ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news life from lane that shoot to kill orders in kazakhstan as the president describes protesters as bandits and says he will eliminate them. i cassim
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jermarta kaya infest the state will fight to the end to restore order after days of violence. tundra also on the program, germany round up its battle against omicron with title rules on visiting bars and restaurants, put quarantined times at east to keep the economy moving on to hollywood, filmmaker, peter bog down if it has died. age 82, best known for the last picture show he's off screen antics. also made headlines. ah i'm so gale a welcome to the program. the president of kazakstan has ordered security forces to open fire on protesters without warning. in his latest televised address, casem drama took, i have said the state would fight to the end against what he called bandits
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terrorists and militants days. a violent protest in the central asian country have seen dozens killed and thousands arrested. at the president's request, russia is leading a force of peacekeepers from former soviet states. to help put down the unrest observer sale authorities that now appear to have regained control of the biggest city, al mattie, the streets of ahmad start from the worst violence to hit the country in 30 years. cossack starns largest city has become ground 0 in a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. but at least we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. the protest began over hiking fuel prices, but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flame to rebellion across a resource. rich nation sees like this and costs and i region just 200 kilometers from the russian border are being watch closely by moscow. which fears the uprising
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could pose a threat to the stability of the region. o russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with kazakhstan of if you see that border is not especially protected here. yes, organizationally, ever staunch the kremlin, has he to president a kai of calls for help and sent more than 2000 troops to help put out the fire and brushes doorstep. but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cossacks done as each day brings fresh bloodshed. government forces said they've quote, liquidated dustin's rioters in clash a set of also claimed the lives of several police. oh, that's fine, the group. well, you have to understand this is 30 years of pent up anger that being released. look you are there shooting at all of us is awesome, but none of us wants to hurt anyone. human arnold, in less than 3 years and power took high. it was
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a chosen successor to autocrat north wilton nurse a by if we have to chi, if his vow to wipe out. so cultural groups which he blamed for the uprising number quarter theory, the counter terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down to arms . they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. as he fights 1st, political survival somewhere, the protest could lead to an air of even harsher or authoritarian as him. or he william said 8th director of the european central asia division of human rights watch. welcome to d, w. and let's start with this news of the president authorizing security forces to shoot to kill protesters without warning or your action please. this is terrible news. of course. this is the worst news that could come from the
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country joyous it was quite experiencing since independence over 30 years ago. i should immediately was seems to shoot to kill order it. the danger is that this order will escalate the situation lead even further. not as we heard over 40 people have been killed so far. i wasn't injured. and so a shoot to kill order is the worst thing that would happen at this time. troops, police should be trying to de escalate a situation rather than fuel. more escalation was cut down on human rights watch is right off before this violence broke out sadly, very much so human has expanded authoritarian country with the terrible human rights record. it's a country to which is try to gain global standing politically economically. it wants to remember the o. s t o e c d on the human rights council at the moment of the un. it tries to,
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you have a polished international reputation, but in reality, freedom of expression within assembly of, of children under foot in kazakhstan. unfortunately, 3 of the media to the no opposition passes is never been in a free election since night since the early 1990. so indeed, it's a serious human rights abuses. so in that sense, the protest with spock this the series of violence and demonstrations in the last 4 days. they're not surprising to us. unfortunately, it's a tricky one for countries outside the region though, isn't it? we have a russia as a near neighbor leading this, this military alliance to help put down what is clearly a violent unrest and we have the, the western world on the right of the world outside. so looking on a saying, well let's, let's call for restraints and you don't really want to go it with that. that seems to be no way of doing anything about it beyond just saying, can we all please come down?
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i mean, one should understand that the process is still going on in some parts of the country. and those are basic produce by ordinary people against fuel or high price rises, human rights abuses and somewhat legitimate concerns. and the government should be listening to those. so the message from the you, from the us from other countries, has a, can it social be, learn, should be listening that they should be expecting the rights of people to protest and listening to their concern. so of course there's been significant violence. we don't know who has been perpetrating the violence, particularly in a mighty the commercial center, but those people should always be brought to justice. i mean, 18 policemen have been killed as extremely serious. but that doesn't mean that the, the issues at stake for those protesting and continuing to protest and not important. and there should be, there should be heard by the government. absolutely. but again, we're, we're in a situation where the, the protest appear not to have been sort of centrally coordinated this, this seems to be some sort of spontaneous or a rupture. and so with whom does the government negotiate?
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um, how does the, how do these protesters having made their voice is heard, what will satisfy them? how does anyone know what they want? that's a good question. i mean, that indeed there's no coordinated leadership because the government kind of fans, unfortunately, crushed opposition parties. you know, in particularly in recent years in so, but it could do menu an effort to reach out and anyone dialogue with, with them, with non governmental organization or human rights organizations with other groups that have some legitimacy in the country to try to engage with groups on the issues that are being raised to it and i'll make rise political and civil rights and so on . i could easily happen if the government wanted to do so. so they were they could easily create channels to change if they were had the political will to do so. understood. thank you so much for joining us. yeah. sure. williamson from human
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rights watch. thanks ethan. and apologies for some of the sound distortions that no german leaders are tightening rules for people entering restaurants who haven't had their booster shots. it's in response to rising on the chrome infections or they've ended our video summit on how to deal with the infections, which referred higher than a week ago. restaurant goes who haven't had a 3rd vaccine, will need to present a negative test. the chancellor on our shots also since people with booster shots will no longer have to isolate if they are considered a contact of an effective person comes it will have the transfer has held a press conference, so will a let. so across to our political correspondent, simon young, who's been listening in welcome, simon. so it looks like a tough rules for restaurants and cultural events. that's right, phil, as you said, the people who want to go to restaurants around germany will have to prove either
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that they've had 3 shots of the vaccine with the booster or they've had 2 shots or they've recovered. and they've got a, a current test to show that they're not carrying the disease. so it's a tough restriction is what chancellor shalt said, but he said it's necessary to get to control of the army grown. they're still worried. and although germany, he said is in a better place than many other european countries and the measures they've had in place do seem to have been working. they're still worried about the weight of infections that they're expecting. and that's the response that you're seeing to them. okay, so, so tough restrictions for restaurants and cultural events, but a surprising change for isolation periods that's right. they, they've agreed to shorten the period that people need to be in isolation or
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quarantine. and if they've been infected or if they've had contact with an infected person. so that'll go down generally to 10 days from currently 14 or indeed, people who are able to show and a negative test will be able to come out of isolation after 7 days. the other thing is, as you mentioned, those who a boosted will no longer have to isolate if they've had contact with an infected person. so yes they are. if you like, adjusting the rules, making them more flexible. that's partly in order to protect emergency services and other essential critical roles because they are a fee, is that too much absentees and could to put pressure on essential public services. but it's also, i think, to indicate to people get boosted,
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get fully vaccinated and you know, that will help to yeah, it's all, it's all about the vaccination is, is it seems to be at the heart of the german strategy. the chancellor says he wants to get $30000000.00 more people vaccinated by the end of the month. are they going to do that? well, they're working on it, sir. 2 and a half 1000000 doses of vaccine have been administered or over the last 7 days. however, that's not really enough, it needs to be about a 1000000 a day. um, so perhaps it's just a little bit of 1st sluggishness coming out of the holidays, but they definitely need to ramp it up by chancellor sholtes. said that to it's proceeding a t slowly and dare you know, all the politicians are, are appealing to people are continuing those appeals to get the state to get any dose of vaccine that they haven't yet had. ah, and you know,
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they say they can do it, they achieved 30000000 doses during december. they think they can do the same in january. okay, thank you for that, simon. political correspondence, simon, you will, germans do seem to be less fearful about how threat posed by the pandemic. and there's more concern about disruptions to daily life. this is cure according to the latest findings from this month's in for test at the map opinion poll. corona virus may be on the rise in germany, but that's not translating into fear of contracting it. or far more concern is the possibility of tighter lockdown measures. 59 percent said another lockdown is their biggest worry. only 30 percent of german said their greatest fear is getting infected with corona virus. german chancellor, all of sholtes as government is debating whether to shorten quarantine and isolation times. the public's attitudes about that are also showing a clear trend. a solid majority of 67 percent think the 14 day isolation
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period should be shortened, both for people who have contract at corbett 19 as well as anyone who's common to close contact with an infected person. both would require a negative test and no symptoms. according to the polling perceptions of the government's handling of the panoramic are mixed. 42 percent think it has struck the right balance of measures. 25 percent so they go too far. and 31 percent say they are not enough. that last figure has fallen by half cents a month ago. corona virus cases are rising quickly in germany and the army kron variant as well on its way to becoming the dominant strain. but germans are clearly less fearful about contracting the disease and more ready to loosen some pandemic related restrictions. let's take a look at some more developments in the pan derek and global corona virus cases of
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now top 300000000, according to johns hopkins university. and the united states i wanted talk more than a year to reach the 1st 100000000. the 3rd 100000000 was reached in bally 5 months . japan is tightening restrictions in 3 regions. these are the 1st new emergency, a control roles and health authorities in costa rica say they'll start vaccinating children aged at 5 to 11 against covered 90. next week. i some more stories making news around the world. now. police have made several arrests after 10 dead bodies were found in a car outside the governor's office in the mexican state of zacatecas. the area's been torn by a turf war between rival drugs gaggs. cambodian prime minister han san has arrived in may, and martha talks with the military rulers as a 1st visit by head of government since the army overthrew the b in math elected government. last year in the ceremony has been held in paris to mark the 7th
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anniversary of a 2015 that terrorist attacks. islam is gunman killed 17 people over sent over 3 days, including journalists at the french technical magazine, charlie, ab and people shopping at a kosher supermarket that mr. larry, jock of it shows thank funds for supported during his detention in melbourne, quarantine hotel and he's awaiting mondays court hearing it whether he can compete in this month. australian open immigration officials say he failed to provide evidence of coverage. 19 vaccination or medical exemption needed to enter the country. this is d. w. news life from berlin still to come. germany is bundis lee gets back in action tonight went by and munich faced bunch of glad back after a 3 week winter break. cove in 19 situation has the lead on edge for so the results of a new study suggest a number of adults living with dementia around the world will really triple to more
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than 100. 50000000 by 2050 obesity and smoking are among the risk factors likely to drive this increase us research as estimate, but north africa, the middle east, in particular, we'll see a dramatic rise more people getting older and indulging in unhealthy habits. that's what a landmark study found were the main reasons for an expected spike in dementia. cases will rise in every country, but the middle east and north africa will see an almost 400 percent rise in the number of people with the degenerative brain disease. by the year 2050 the projection and north african, the middle east, where we're quite large. i'm in the do you like increases both and population growth and population aging? and he'd been a graphic factors. in particular,
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not re gen row is large anticipated increases in dementia burden. dementia leads to a loss of brain function, thinking, reasoning, and remembering. destroying life slowly reset, you see that though the numbers are not set in stone, they should serve as a warning to act. no, this is an important important these to consider on in terms of future planning no matter where you are. you will see a less pronounced increase with 40000000 cases in 2050 compared to around 8000000. no believe to be a result of the older population. and a longer history of grappling with unhealthy lifestyles, healthy diet, lower alcohol intake, stalls making. and so that this sort of mantra look after the hearts and you look after the head expense, see healthy eating campaigns as well as the use of medication like aspirin,
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to prevent stroke have helped to combat the disease. when i start in said decrease, and the numbers of some dimensions such as masculine dimensions. so this'll help promotion elements of managing response as is starting to have an impact, some encouraging signs for policy me. coast feast with a surgeon demand for dementia care in the decades to come. in football, germany bonded leader is back after a 3 week winter break by and munich will open the 2nd half of the season against brochure much and glad back the by and home game will be played without spectators . 9 of the clubs players have tested positive for the virus and for of blood box and the bone coach julian. now guzman has no idea whether sprint, why there's been such a surgeon infections or jamalia lubricant thing. ok. we've imposed all sorts of measures and i can't see why we know have more and face to players than other clubs . and i know that we pull the sticks and relatively far. maybe that's one reason,
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but it's the only thing i could explain it with him with a certain amount of tongue in cheek 3. i don't think there's necessarily a great explanation. it's a bet. unfortunate little question, but we the players have at the same rules of conduct as the last 2 years where it worked very well for long stretches a good from. let's get on this from cassandra, from at the w sports. welcome chris. so we're 17 games in by a 9 point clear at the top of the standings even so having 9 players test positive . that's still going to be a blow. it's a blow, but when you look at bar music, the record champions in germany, you know, you can argue their 2nd string team can defeat half of the brightness league, but going into this matter. biggest loss is going to be their captain manuel lawyer . the goalkeeper goalkeepers play all the time. the backup has one appeared. kind of rusty possibly, you know, in plus by we're looking to give glad boss and pay back. they were ejected out of the german cup in a horrible record fashion losing 5 nothing. you know,
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but on another note, glad bar kind of rusty didn't have a win all december so it could have possibly level the playing field. now, another issue we could see some history be made novels. mom has to, you know, look for some 16 year olds and 18 year olds. if one of those 16 year olds actually get into the match, they could become the youngest player in but as the good history. so there is some opportunity at play as well. and how is covey likely to affect the 2nd half of the season? well, some sporting directors have express fear that we could see some stop and go some postponements. you know, in the 2nd half of the season, you know, when we look abroad to the premier league in england, we've already seen some postponements due to how infectious the on the ground. a variant is, you know, so possibly that is the case. some teams that only bar meaning, but glad bar missing players are b. leipzig, bruce here, dorman and hansa berlin as well ahead of this restart of the season. you know, so obviously as society has been stop and go,
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we might see the same in the 2nd half unfortunately. and just while we're on the subject at tennis has, as novak joke of it isn't notable vaccine skeptic kyrie irving in basketballs and bay. and now germany's bundis league also has a controversial figure in this regard. yashimi kim ish, you know, very key component for that. if any chip is bar music, you know, he was out for a while. he became, you know, he was kind of put in the cross hairs because he expressed his reservations and fears about taking the vaccination of a vaccination. but he said taking a u turn because he contract cove was out for a long complications. and he said to make his debut to night against glass bar, you know, and one thing about that, it initially, obviously being a role model, you're going to have this trickle down effect is going to afford society, well, it was called a good decision by germany's education and research minister with commission making the u turn, but all that all hopefully more follow that lead because obviously we want to clear
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things up and kind of open society once again. all right, chris, 100 dw sport. thank you so much. thank you. some breaking news, richard reached us in the last a few minutes. the groundbreaking actor, sidney poitier, has died at the age of 94. who's the 1st a black winner of the best actor oscar for the 1. 900. 63 film lilies of the faith is by the generation during the civil rights in with roles. crossing the racial divide of the decades in the public eye. he received the presidential medal of freedom from barack obama in 2009. i was the veteran filmmaker peter bog. donovan is also dyed aged $82.00. he was one of the leading hollywood directors of the 1970s, made his name with a last picture show and comedy what's up, doc. but his offscreen antics also made headlines, behavior. all i'm tired about number. the last picture show was peter book dana,
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which is 1st major film than 971 coming of age drama, shot in black and white was an unexpected success and picked up h. oscar nominations, or in chosen by one of the book down, which followed up with screwball comedy. what's up, doc? an even bigger hits in 1972. well, there's not much to say actually we're inside a tiny. any experience of gather of cubic. returning to black and white for paper moon in 1973 bog down of each one a golden globe for best director. my engine, which is good naturally, but book down which is personal. life was often turbulent. he left his 1st wife after falling in love with actress sibyl shepherd while shooting the last picture show. he also started a relationship with actress and former playboy morrow dorothy stratton,
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while shooting. they all laughed. 20 year old stratton was murdered by her estranged husband in 1980. before the movie came out of 10 of his final movie, she's funny that way premiered in venice in 2014. but he will be best remembered for his 1st big film. the last picture show is highly regarded by filmmakers and critics, and considered one of the greatest movies of all time. ah, before we go, let me take you to peru where a small group of police officers has been taking community outreach to another level as a spread. the festive spirit was part of traditional celebrations to market picnic . they put on the parade on the streets of lima, led by officers dressed as the 3 kings. and just like the biblical originals, they came bearing gifts, the elderly in nursing homes, and for children across the city. by day off from police eaters.
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this is dw, lie from bell. it is reminder of our top stores at this hour. catholics towns president says he is authorized security forces to shoot to kill protesters without warning after al marty and other major cities endured another night of demonstrations and violence. doesn't have been killed, some of them police, according to the government. thousands have been arrested and germany stepping off its battle against the army from corona virus, buried for a tougher vaccination requirements for visiting bars and restaurants. the quarantine times are being shortened to keep the economy this is the w coming up next in use asia, germany and china mac, half
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a century of diplomatic and trade ties to what comes next for the key global relationship. i look at my plans to build a real life jurassic park and putting some giant visits in danger. but as a child will have those stories and more in just a moment, that's d w. use asia. i'll be back at the top of the album world news. in the meantime, of course, there's always the website, the doubling dot com. i'm good with
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ah, ah, the future of human kind depends on saving nature. a, an increasing number of authors and artists are convinced of this in their recording their experiences in their books, save the world in 60 minutes on d, w, in 2016, as like a bunch of quit and casa wants to see if germany with, for me, the last few years have been quite a ride early in touch with already done the homework when it comes to jem a bid on. of course, always look right in the algebra kids, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of mine. i'm no longer approved. i love to be in the news report americans, but when you're feeling multiple, giving your realize that culture, another way of living,
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