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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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the environmental series of the $3000.00 on to w and online. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform with issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel, we are not afraid to happen. delicate topic africans population is growing faster with young people clearly have the solutions to future loans and suddenly 7 percent now, every weekend on d w. ah, you're watching v w news asia coming up to major powers, mark 50 years of diplomatic relations. what's next for china?
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and germany, you take a closer look at where this complex relationship is headed. plus cashing in on commode national park. indonesia wants to develop a real life jurassic park, but conservation is say, it puts the dragons in danger. ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us today. friday mark's 50 years of diplomatic relations between germany and the people's republic of china. 1972 bauder don't was still alive, and the cultural revolution was actually in full swing. a decade earlier, china had experienced one of the worst man made disasters in human history. a communist party produced famine that killed 25 to 35000000 people, if not more. how much things have changed?
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now, it is asia's great power. the world's 2nd largest economy with more billionaires than any other country in the world. it is the european union's largest trading partner, which puts germany at the center of this globally critical relationship. d. w. richard walker examines where things go from here, between berlin and aging, all the hamburg, germany's gateway to the world handling trade. this made germany rich. above all, with china, it's biggest trading, honor of all. this is part of the legacy of anglo merkel who built very close ties with a jing, an approach that wasn't just of our business. she also hoped to bring about change . there's a german expression for this idea, vandal deutsch, handle or change through trade. the idea that by engaging and trading with
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a regime like china, you can encourage it to open up politically. but any such hopes have been dashed, raging suppression of freedoms in hong kong, and his persecution of the muslim minority in chin jang. just to signs that under she jin ping, china is on an even more authoritarian path. germany's new government has promised a fresh approach to china responding to pressure coming in from foresight. there's going to be pressure from within the bonus tag from within the german population, from germany's major allies outside of europe and pushing germany to change its tone, to speak out more on on values, issues and reevaluate its economic relationship with china. the coalition deal underpinning the new government lists many concerns with china. it's the 1st of its
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kind to mentioned taiwan voicing support for its democracy. it also highlight security in the south trying to see the status of hong kong human rights abuses in shin jang, and more with their questions, whether the new team is really united. about all this. most of all the chancellor love shows and the foreign minister and alina babcock, schultz is a social democrat, and babel could green and the difference runs deep. all of shots, for example, used to be mer of hamburg the port city making big money on trade with china. oh, la salt stands for continuity. i think his, his view of china was shaped by his 7 years as mayor of hamburg. that's a foreign minister in a bad book, like green party, she's been highly critical of a jane. she's called for as essentially a break in, in germany's approach so more outspoken on human rights.
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reducing economic dependencies on china. so germany now has a chancellor who doesn't want to rock the boat and a foreign minister who wants a tough line. also in the mix, a liberal finance minister who's pro human rights, but close to business. these could get very complicated. we could see sort of coughing any of discordant signals on china from this new government and signals from bay ging suggest things are changing. death more focus on the domestic economy. more state control. this could lead china to pull away from the west rather than the other way round. so as germany's new team gets down to work, finding a coherent way forward on china will be a massive challenge. the world is watching. we have with us focus stanza, former german ambassador to china,
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and now with the german institute for international and security affairs. thank you so much for joining the program. thank you for looking back at this relationship. is there anything you think germany should have done differently in terms of its engagement with china? but they make her initial remark, you know, or the 50 years period is the 4th time. the germans and chinese have tried to set up diplomatic relations. and the 1st 3 times and unhappily, so considering that, keeping that in mind, i think the past 50 years has been extremely successful ones. so against that backdrop, should germany have done something very different, i think, with a success economic success of china and all the political rights of china. everything went well. it is just the past few years that make us wonder whether the positive trend positive development will continue. yeah, i mean, politically,
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as you say, china's hardening its position as an authoritarian state. you and i both know that issuing statements of regret about hong kong or whatever, have little diplomatic teeth. and i wonder, is germany and europe, the birthplace of the enlightenment? i might add not doing enough in terms of espousing your own values. yes, that is a discussion we need to have. we have had it during those 50 years all the time because we always were confronted with the situation when the one and the communist party of china made many efforts to put a country on a positive track. unsuccessful track, economically wideman training, it's rule, and that always made us wonder how far can the country develop economically without changing politically. and there always was a strong mainstream opinion that actually if a country evolves,
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modernize us as much as china does. at one point there will be a social change, and this is actually what is happening in the past 5 years. but very in a different way than we assume. so we need to adapt to the new reality. and so where do you think bilateral relations stand right now, bilateral relations, of course, a very positive, i'm in germany, is the country with the greatest economic exchange investments with china and all of europe and even in the world. and at the same time, it also has an established a high level of political consultations. we have government consultations once a year, which is extraordinary in the case of dictatorship such as china. so that is all very good, but something else to keep and have to keep in mind that in europe we have an integrated market, which means that
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a lot of european countries are corporations don't seem to have direct economic relations with china. pick it back on the german companies. we see an example of what that leads to now in the case of the controversy between the 3. yeah. and china, it means that actually, if you talk about german chinese relations in a large degree, you're talking to reality about european chinese relations. lastly, what is one recommendation you would give the government in terms of one action they can take right now? well, the coalition agreement plans that we have a strategy, it also says that the german government will want, will try to european nies the german china policy to a much higher degree. and i think that is the only way to be more effective in our relationship with china. it has to be in europe that talks to china, not
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a single member countries of the european union. and i think having put that down and the coalition agreement, that is a very good start focused. and so thank you so much for joining us. very, very welcome. thank you. ah, concerns for the survival of indonesia is endangered. komodo dragon have been raised by local activists and the u. s. conservation arm unesco. both claim a new development project in side. the komodo national park could damage the reptiles habitat. the park was declared a world heritage site 20 years ago to protect the species. now the indonesian government wants to expand tourism to the area with what it's marketing as a real life jurassic park experience with the komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth and estimated 3000 leaving indonesia,
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komodo national park or unesco world heritage site. but the construction of a new tourist attraction, there has conservationists worried. we all know that to the tourism is a big motivation or is one of the benefits that comes with the world, edited sure, listing. but at the same time, it's also threats to many sides because of over tourism. every year, hundreds of thousands of tours come to see the mighty reptiles and pay big money for the privilege. now indonesia wants to expand facilities on wrinkle island where a 3rd of the pox dragons live satellite photo showed the project forging ahead with new paths and viewing platforms, a boat dock and other infrastructure. but photos like this have experts fearing irreparable damage to the komodo dragons habitat. it's of course going to have an
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impact. it's a matter of how big of an impact if it's by a key breeding site that can have an issue. it's by key hunting area, and that disturbs that their prey and the pray boot met changes that of course, went back of their hunting success. the indonesian government is promising, sustainable tourism, and says it's working with conservationists super tech. the pox biodiversity and beauty when it goes on back to the next go, ah, both here as well. jen, unesco, once more studies on the projects environmental impact. it says indonesia has moved forward without proper oversight. we are surprised that the that a bridge was granted in 2015 without any contact with unesco. because that would have been the normal procedure unesco cultural development. holt in komodo national
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park while it assesses the potential threat to its ancient inhabitants. that's it. by friday will leave you with more pictures of indonesia, natural resources. this time it's the countries huge coal exports, which the government has frozen. that cent price of soaring and left florida is carrying full loads of the field in limbo. at a great weekend, old literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids find strange grown up world.
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may only objective when is to sure where to find beautiful dw books on youtube. we love europe. we love diversity. and anything unusual, no mountain is too high, and no road is too long. in search of the extraordinary we are the specialists of lifestyle europe, euro max on d, w. ah, ah. the world calls for com maintenance has extend. dozens of people have died during unrest that began with protests. every
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few price hike, putting a price on rock and roll will look at the wall street brush to music rice found we're out in the north sea where $1.00 island is hoping to harness the swirling winds to produce rain. hydrogen is the state of your business. our robots in berlin . welcome to the program. protests in kazakhstan continued to plunge the former soviet republic into a deepening crisis. the united nations, the u. s. and the a you have all called for a peaceful solution. has it stands position as a key transit country for goods and source of raw materials makes it a geopolitical flash point? dozens of people were reportedly showed when protesters attacked government buildings, but countries health ministry said more than a 1000 people have been injured in the unrest. her sharp increase in fuel prices at
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the beginning of the year spark the pro.


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