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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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rowing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to a 77 percent now every weekend on dw, with ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, the january 6, the track of the u. s. capital one year on today, an appeal from the u. s. president. for unity. learners, remember together?
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we're one nation under god, indivisible, that to day, tomorrow, forever at our breast, we are the united states of america. a year after a mob storm the u. s. capital was president, bind is warning that donald trump is spinning a web of lies in holding a dagger to the throat of american democracy. also coming up to night, dozens killed as protestors in kazakhstan, battle security forces in the worst unrest seen in the country in 3 decades. the president, they're appealing for health in former soviet republics, led by russia are sending in troops plus the issue of mr. joker, the rules are rules and there are no special cases. tennis star novick joke of it, you sent to a detention hotel after his entry to australia is blocked. the world's top player is now challenging to deport him over
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a visa mix up. ah, i bring gov to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. it was a spectacle which shocked america and the world, a mob storming the u. s. capital, the seat of the federal government in an attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election a year to the day since those shocking events. president jo by today launched an outspoken attack on the rioters. and on his predecessor, he accused donald trump and spinning a web of wives to prevent the peaceful transition of power. and he said the rioters held a dagger to the throat of democracy, but he said they did not prevail tight security.
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for a dark anniversary, american leaders monkey day of remembrance at capitol hill, exactly one year after riotous storm, the building supporters of former president donald trump had sought to overturn the election result. after the former president made false claims of election fraud. we fight like hell. one year on president biden condemned the riotous and their attempts to undermine american democracy in west prison. they fail on this day. remember us, make sure that such attack never never happens again for the 1st, but he focused his strongest words on one target, in particular, not form a president, mcdonald trump. he tried to prevent, the former president, united states of america has created and spread a web of lies by the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power
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over principle. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. after a year of largely ignoring his predecessor orders, biden decided to take the gloves off when he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president, defeated by a margin maurer, 7000000 of your votes. in a written statement off to the speech, trump accused biden of using his name to further divide america. calling the speech political theatre, and a distraction from biden's failures. the speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi led a minutes of silence. remembering the security personnel whose deaths have been attributed to the attack because of them and our members, walter action tailed, this small event was attended by only 2 republicans,
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highlighting the deep partisan divisions that remain in america's polarized 2 party system. my 1st guest tonight is professor robert pape. he's a political analyst of chicago university and he specializes in political violence professor. it's good to have you on the program. you've been spending the past year, analyzing the capital insurrection with findings that you call deep, divisive and disturbing. and i want us to walk through just some of the highlights of these findings. for our viewers, you surveyed hundreds of people and i look, we've got them up here on the screen for our viewers, you surveyed hundreds of people who were arrested in the riot and you found almost 90 percent had no previous links to a militia group. almost all of them had a job in many of those were business owners or white color workers, fewer than 10 percent were unemployed. and you found that the majority, 52 percent were from county's comfortably won by joe biden. in the election.
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i mean, those numbers, professor, they, they are not, i guess, for an international audience looking at this. they don't seem intuitive. how do you explain them? they are part of the mainstream. so we are used to thinking of right wing extremism or extremism in general, as coming from the fringes of society. and in fact, when we look at who have been right wing perpetrators of violence in the united states and in most other western countries over the past many number of years, they do look like they come from the margins of society. 25 percent unemployed. often 50 percent have relationships in gangs and other militant groups. what we see on january in this attack on the capital is a very different picture. it is coming from mainstream america. in fact,
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many of these folks have much to lose. so these are folks who have little to lose and therefore take risks. this is really quite disturbing because these are folks in the mainstream of america. so talk to me a little bit about what is motivating them be because you just don't get up one morning and decide to go and attack the u. s. capital and overthrow an election result. well, you can really see what's motivating them in the court records. so with a research team at the university of chicago, we studied thousands of pages of the hundreds and hundreds of people been arrested their records. and they say one thing over and over again. it is to stop the certification of the election for joe biden. and to install and restore donald trump to the presidency, and they're willing to use bombs to achieve those goals. so in the course documents,
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they're really very clear about their reasoning and their motives. they say they're following up their orders of their president, president trump, and was this a one off event or are you concerned? as many commentators have been warning us this week that this may have just been the beginning of a very violent period for american democracy. i am concerned this is not a one off we have conducted nationally representative surveys of the u. s. public for months now. and many of the commentators you're referring to are talking about are see post surveys, which we conducted in the summer and the all now others have done other surveys to confirm the results. what are those results? fully? 21000000 people in the united states believe to radical beliefs. one that joe biden,
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to know a gentleman, president, and 2, that the use of force is justified to restore donald trump to the presidency. these are exactly the same as the insurrection that animates on january day. and what that means is, there are 21000000 who sympathized with those who installed the capital on january 3rd. moreover, 2000000 of the 21000000 report having attended a, in the last 12 months or 1000000 that they have prior military, 38000000 that they got. this is large, active, and dangerous. and so, as we go forward in the 2022 election fees, and we have to be concerned jumping into what hinder and what do you think you say, tinderbox, what are you expecting for the mid term elections in november? and i guess i have to ask you to, for the presidential election coming up in 2024,
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we have to be concerned to replace the stolen action violence. we care. best way to understand that 21000000 is that these, this is combustible material, much the way dried brushes, combustible in wildfire season that can be touched off by lightning strikes, or sparks well with political violence. we can't predict the lightning strike or the spark. what we can do is measure and assess the size of the combustible material. that's what scholars like me do. and what we see in the united states is a large mass of combustible material. we've. this has been shown multiple times in our university of chicago project on security and threats. nationally representative surveys. now we have multiple new agencies this week. see the washington post nbc, all doing independent polling,
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confirming our results. that's why so many commentators are saying are expressing this concern. it's because the fact that we have multiple poles done in place confirming the same results means there's reality to this problem. yeah, and it also speaks to what the us president said today in his speech that this really is a battle for the soul of america. what kind of america americans want their country to be and become professor pate. we appreciate your time in your insights tonight. this is valuable context. thank you. absolutely. thanks for having images of a mom storming the parliament building. they are familiar to many here in germany because it almost happened here to in august 2020, nearly 40000 people in berlin protested against pandemic restrictions. a group of demonstrators breached a security barrier and they stormed the steps of the rice talk. that's the building
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that houses germany's parliament. and what you see here, these are greeny images that were captured by one of the demonstrators. the group reached the entrance before police eventually force them back. unlike in washington, the group was not able to get inside the building. several people brandished flags from germany's imperial pass. those are symbols that are now used by the extreme right here in jer. my next guest led the team of election observers sent by the o. f. c e to monitor the us election back in 2020. michael leak is a member of the jury parliament for the free democrats. he joins me now from southwest germany. mr. lee, it's good to have you with us before we get to the us election. answered today's anniversary. i want to ask you as a german lawmaker about those scenes that we just saw from august 2020, when far right demonstrators stormed the steps of the rice talked. do you think
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there are parallels between the events in washington on january 6 in those that we've seen here in berlin? well, 1st of all, thank you for having me. unfortunately, they are up harold's, and we can see it with some state elections in germany. and even in the powers of our bonus tag elections, people from extreme right wing political parties tried to exploit what happens in the united states and really working on conspiracy theories. and there is a very, very close connection of both intellectual and political between what's happening, what was an alarm bell was ringing the alarm bell and what we saw in bic, over syndrome. and how do you explain to mr. lee, that things here are not as polarized and extreme as what we see in the u. s. y of germany. still getting more, i guess of, of the, of the middle ground when it comes to politics. well,
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thank god we have an electoral integrity which has been respected by all sides of the political spectrum. but increasingly, so we really understand that we need to defend this. it's very important that the general public has trust in what's happening in electro administration. and we do that basically in a way which is not so much different from the u. s. we have a local electric ministration, which is very powerful, which is very strong. and we have mutual control. but once that system breaks away, when one site in the case of the u. s. president, trump, for president trump disputes the electoral integrity than the whole system was threatened. and that is what we need to defend in germany. we still have it and we are very concerned to follow the developments in the united states, which is our closest allies. now we really hope that there is a way forward that the next connections, the midterms,
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will see more the bipartisanship in again, administrating the selections. but you're very concerned of the 1st signals we see . i want to play for you. part of what she was president biden said today about the election of 2020. take a listen. the truth is that no real action, no action in american history, has been more closely scrutinized. one more carefully counted every legal challenge . questioning the results in every court in this country could have been, may, was made and was rejected. so is biden right? mister lincoln, me, what did you take away? you observed the election in 2020? well, we observed and when to say we let it. so the organization for security and cooperation in europe, where, where the united states is part of it. and electoral observation is it's,
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it's the landmark, the trademark activity of the o. c. we observed, according to a very, very proven and independent methodology. and we could not see any manipulation of the elections in united states and even more so as president barton and put it, the court, the court system in the united states checked proved and again and again, these elections, we cannot see any manipulation what we can see in united states is that there should be improvements of the system, it should be easier to vote. voter registration should be made easier, but that form and pollution. well, mr. like, what do you say then, to so many republicans in the us who still believe the big law and say that the vote was stolen. the election was still actually a, talked to a lot of republican colleagues and in the u. s. congress as well both in the house on the senate side. and we really worked in detail on the report which we gave us
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in the national parliamentarians. we have had a very, very fruitful exchange and, and my hope is that after some initial exchanges, that there is a general understanding that they really need to work to, to, to accept what has been done. for example, in georgia by secretary of state reference burger. in georgia, who did a great job in administrating these elections. so what we try to do is really to explain these conspiracy theories regarding the elections are wrong that they are invented and they are groundless. michael league from the free democrats, a member of the german parliament as well. mr. lee, we appreciate your time and your valuable interaction. i thank you. thank you so much are. let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . police and sudan if use tear gas against thousands of demonstrators demanding of transition to civilian rule. there are reports that at least one protest was killed
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. at least 60 people that died in protest since the military took power in a qu at the end of october. a toxic gas leak from an industrial tanker has killed at least 6 people in western india. and other 25 people were hospitalized after they had held the gas in industrial complex. in serat, in gujarat, stay north korea says it has launched a hypersonic missile in its 1st major weapons test this year. young yang claims it hit a target 700 kilometers away. hypersonic missiles fly him more than 5 times the speed of sound. south korean president, good boon cheyenne says the launch adds to tensions in the retorted. ingenuous awesome security forces in kazakhstan, say that they've killed dozens of protesters who stormed government buildings and several police officers in the country's big city almighty. they were killed in the worst and rest the country is seen in 3 decades. cars, exxon's, president cassim jamante to her, yet appealed to russia for help. and now
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a moscow live alliance is sending in what it calls peacekeeping troops. soaring fuel prices had sparked the protests, which are now in their 5th day the european union and the u. s. are calling for restraint. o kazakhstan is facing its biggest political crisis since it split from the soviet union. what began as protests, over the price of fuel, has grown into a nation wide uprising against inequality and corruption. reports say dozens of protesters and police have been killed in violent clashes. the president is called for help from the collective security treaty organisation of 6 former soviet nations. moscow says the troops have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to help the authorities regain control. once seen as central asia most stable nation unrest in kazakhstan poses a challenge for their northern neighbors. or for res ashmore. what happened in
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afghanistan with the somewhat irresponsible behavior of nato forces and the sudden decision by the us to withdraw its forces from afghanistan. any of that is made the unstable situation in kazakhstan, a serious threat for russia, the yoke ocean city. also, russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with kazakhstan of, if you see that border is not especially protected here. yes, organization. surely. president passim jermarta took high of was the chosen successor to autocrat nozzle ton as a by of just 2 years ago. his blamed the demonstrations on so called terrorist gangs. but the protesters are numbered in the 10s of thousands and many a calling for drastic change to unseat the autocratic dynasty that controlled the resource rich country. since independence,
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others feel caught up in the chaos. what are the things we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption? kazakhstan has become a private enterprise of the nasa by a family all strategically important sites in kazakhstan, belong to the nother by a family variable. you only for when you been doing this, i never thought i never knew that our people could be so terrifying. it was very scary to be out in the strait, but even more we couldn't sleep at night because we were afraid some a worried that the protest could lead to an even harsh version of authoritarianism as officials clamped down on freedoms to quell the violence. in israel residents of what are known as mixed city use are still reflecting on an outbreak of inter communal violence. last spring extremist, jewish israelis clashed with arab israeli citizens since the fighting to young
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people with neighboring businesses in the city of lute, every built and they say their shared experiences have brought them closer together . this life has returned to some kind of norman for atman, where he, d, the arab israeli works, and his father's tire shop in lute a city close to 10 of youth airport. but just a few months back in may, 1 of the worst outbreaks of violence between jews, israeli, and arab israeli citizens in israel destroyed the family business of 30 years. the flames also scorched the computer door next door. belonging to you of goodness, father, the young jewish israeli showed us the new stage of game he had created. it was all gone. masada, when the incident happened, it affected us psychologically, morally and financially? everything happened so quickly. but thank god we were able to move on handling on
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homeless neg, then i also thought a crowd funding campaign they launched, helped them rebuild their businesses game, develop a you're off, took over the shop from his father to launch his own project. more than half a year later scott's remain, i mentioned with any color book of it when i wake up in the morning, i'm so thankful that we managed to recover from what happened today. i believe i'm in a better place compared to where i was before. but so it's kind of ironic. but it's only because people heard my story and decided to help. not because it was good that had burned down, touching soft, local, hoosier case of issue in property and money is emotionally. for me, these are things you can replace. but to see my father still hurting. it's something you don't see every day. it's hard people go, there was a law include him in may 2021 violence wrapped at noticed in lute. but olson, other so called mixed cities in israel,
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where jewish and arab citizens live protests. but also a parent event attacked by arab and jewish mobs are fueled by longstanding issues. is ready, police responded forcefully. tensions over to ru slim and the military conflict between israel and hamas in garza, or update the perpetrators of the arson whenever court. but you off and i might have chosen to move on, shine athena, if they can't win with hate, you need to be close to your friends and support them even in the most difficult times. crushing only then can you succeed. was a shuttle that we did it together, an arab and jewish business, that it's not obvious. we made a choice to do it this way. luckily, let it be a hud. bash has looked. there's no guarantee that something similar won't happen again. but instead of dividing them, the experience only brought the 2 young neighbors even closer. the world tennis
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number, one of ag joke of age have spent a 2nd night in a detention hotel in australia. the serbian star was stopped when he arrived in melbourne to take part of the australian open board. officials cancelled his visa, rejecting his exemption from strict coven 19 vaccination requirements. joke of his family says that he's a victim of a political agenda. limbo is where novak joke of ich is at the moment, detained and stuck in a hotel room as he awaits his fate. all stray as earlier warning from the prime minister, carried some weight on the issue of mister joker beach rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases entry with a visa requires double vaccination, or i medical exemption seemingly joke of which had gone through the proper procedures and was given a medical exemption to enter the country. however,
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upon arrival, he was met by police and rushed away to a detention hotel, joke of which is sitting on 20 grand slam victories in a 3 way tie. winning his 21st could solidify the serve as the greatest ever. but for the time being, he's in court instead of being on the court. of course i either like there the situation that the eyes happening. ah, in some way i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions, things are a lot of months ago. so some of joke if it's is most loyal fan base, believe everything isn't above board boy or casey. although it is a part of an orchestrated campaign against novak joke of beach that did not begin yesterday. it was, it has been obvious for the last 10 years and you can see for yourself how he is treated by fans and by his colleagues in some parts of the world. it's hard to be
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number one, like, not to disco, be 3 of them. however, joke of it's his father says the decision to detain, his son has nothing to do with sports either way. a verdict is expected on monday or crowds have turned down to the spanish capital, madrid for the annual breed. marking the christian feast of epiphany, families watched floats carried figures dressed as the 3 keen to bring to the bible . what gifts to the infant jesus? should he release just 7000 tickets to keep visitor numbers down this year and to preventive scramble no candy was thrown into the crowd. you watch the w news after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day to night complete coverage of the january 6, the tax on the u. s. cap. ah
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ah ah ah, she feels like a foreigner in her own home elisa micener as a russian german whose family was exiled from moscow by spelling at the age of 71.
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she is still fighting for reparation for that injustice. but with rushes, recent ban on the human rights organization. memorial. her last hope for health is fading. focus on europe. in 60 minutes on a t w. o. a 100 soft thieves in my hands. when i come from rod your immense unimportant means of transmitting mules and inform ish. and when i was young, my cancer was brought money. the war trauma to punish most people. would garza around rod you received? it was my job to, to in one of the lot of just thought you said so thought everyone in the town
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called listen tools that days or nothing husband for answer to my long cardiac in john moore's law. it's a long evening stop. i hot us. i will it's way of report by choice in this car, because given a way to transmit my name is natasha monmouth, and i will d, w ah, on the 1st anniversary of the attack of the u. s. capital president biden, to de accused former president trump of pushing lies and holding a dagger at the throat of american democracy. biden said that trot refused to stop the rioters because he.


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