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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah, this is the double the news line from by land the united states marks are faithful anniversary. louis, remember, we're one nation under god, indivisible, today,
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tomorrow, and our breast, we are the united states of america. here to the day after a mob storm the u. s. capital in washington, d. c. president biden describes his predecessor, donald trump is the 1st u. s. president. to refuse to accept the will of the american people to allow an attack of democracy. also on the program, dozens killed this protest as battle security forces in catholics down. the president of bills for help and former soviet states, led by russia send what they call peacekeeping troops. ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. yes, president joe biden has marked the 1st anniversary of the storming of the u. s. capital, when a violent mob of trump support is attempted to stop the certification of the 2020 inaction results and bivens. when in his speech the president saw to loud the truth
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of what happened that day. i hear many trump supporters continue to spread a false narratives about the attack and many republican lawmakers refused to acknowledge that president by one the election. he said that american democracy is under threat as long as this discord remains. you also had a very frank assessment of his predecessor, who he said, set the stage for the attack by continuously sewing doubt about the 2020 election. he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president. defeated by a margin over 7000000 of your votes and bringing the w is a brute washington bureau chief, an innocent pole, and reporter william blue cross the both of whom were with me here in the studio as the events of a year ago unfolded. let's start with the u. s. so we had president biden s
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speaking to the nation. what stood out for you also, that was really a historic, a speech and probably the strongest so far of from president biden. and it's really very rare to hear such a harsh and, and personal a criticism from a sitting president about a former president. i mean, he talked about his bruised ego. so i and other things. so he, he was really very outspoken and he kind of and changed his strategy as for now, when you, him as a president to really try to reach out to the other side to unify the country. but with this speech, he made it clear crystal clear. he has given up hope to convince from supporters that he is the elected president. he has given up hope to convince, as you just refer to, the republican lawmakers who stand firm behind the big lie that the election was
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ranked. so this was kind of really a clear attack on all from supporters, but william bluecross las pick up about point to about of the attack. i'm president biden never named donald trump, a, but she went after him time and time again. present by a never named donald trump. and steven spielberg never showed jaws the show. and the what made it one of the most guessed terrifying movies of all time. and joe biden runs at risk of enlarging this boogie man that's out there by not, but by constantly referring to him. this man behind the curtain. um and they, there's a wrist there. he's walking a very fine line. you can't ignore the elephant in the room. no pun, attendance is republicans there. i commer mascots the elephant. but when you address it, you make him more powerful, more strong, remembered donald trump is banned from social media. he's very quiet. we can't hear him right now. um, and so how to address him, how to talk about him is
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a really risky move for joe biden. he the president joe biden runs the risk of, of bringing himself down to the level of donald trump, who he himself says as a defeated president. and what the see, the days and weeks go on as we had towards the mid terms in november. how the democrats are going to play this. because donald trump is very influential, is very powerful. can't ignore that. but also don't want to give him even more power and give him even more influence. that in his poll in washington, i'm lots of republicans didn't attend a vis a van. so it's a happened just over an hour ago as it is that too soon for us to assess what sort of reaction that has been. no, it's not. we're here criticism from both sides. so pretty predictable, crescent criticism from a, the republican side, and from those from supporters who pay attention. and to be quite frank here,
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that is not many because it is really hard to reach them anyhow. and or even a speech from a sitting president doesn't get a lot of attention from that side of the political, a party, a party sites, so to speak. but i feel what i find interesting. there's also criticism from the democratic world because they say as kind of william mentioned here that he really no, not only took a risk but took it too far because this was not a speech was what, which was meant to unify this was a speech which is polarizing and and so this is really, as i said earlier, a change of his strategy, so it will not go only don't well, so he will definitely get a lot of applause from democrats. but the fear is that with that speech,
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he kind of really and put himself in even deeper risk to will the mit a to will a to lose. sorry, the midterm election. this november, the sir innocent, william stay a say with us. what we'll do now is we will, i have a further look at the be events of the 6 of january a year ago today. oh, long before election day donald trump had announced that if he should lose the white horse, then only because the election was reeked. it didn't come as a surprise that thousands of tron followers gathered in washington dc. the very day . the peaceful transition of power was meant to take place. january 6 and 2021. him, there he is in the very i had been at the mall for hours to report for the dublin hughes and could physically feel how the mood changed during the speech of donald trump. the protests so far had been intense,
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but with every sentence donald trump spoke, it got more and more aggressive. our country has had enough. we will not take it any more and that's what this is all about. no one was prepared for what happened then. neither police nor politicians, the images of trump supporters storming the capital of the united states shocked the world and left deep marks in this country which claims to be one of the oldest democracies. the findings of the investigations showed how close a real could it up was this cold january afternoon old. and it is polio. your report that let's, let's talk about the people who, who did this, the storming, because the idea that the election was stolen is still widely held there.
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absolutely, and it seems to be impossible that to convince those people from the truth, but as president biden himself said in his speech, this is probably the election of the result which was kind of checked the most in the whole history of the country. it was counted over and over again. it took a days before the official outcome was announced, because they wanted to be crystal clear that the, that the election that the election is legal. but that doesn't matter for those trump supporters who just believe that he was reluctant. and why is that phil? because donald trump has prepared that moment. it's not enough to just think about generally a 6 as a singular issue. donald trump has prepared that even before the election took place, that if he would lose than only because the election would be stolen from him. so
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he really, really prepared this moment and his followers still do believe that. and william grew croft at donald trump. still the preeminent figure in the republican party. absolutely, and, and all the more, as we've seen, the republican party, it has become the party of trump. right? any, any dissenting view has been swept away. ostracized criticised um and we see lining up for the midterm as in november, many trumps, you know, so called ministry. he's little a candidates running for, for districts all around the country. getting back by donald trump, using a lot of his tactics. and republicans who have opposed donald trump getting challenge within their own party by other candidates. now we should be clear, donald trump has not made any intentions known about his thoughts for 2024, but 2022. donald trump is still in a way on the ballot and he says, ideology or his approach to politics. and as i said earlier, democrats are going to have a real big challenge on how to front that because when you confront it, you make
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a bigger bone, you ignore it, you will give it space to metastasize and that is a huge political problem right now in the u. s, especially in a country where you only have 2 options, a 0 or a one, a black or white and, and really very little in between. ok, so to put the same question to, to both of you, joe biden, in his speech tow said that democracy was a touch on the, on that day. and the constitution faced the gravest of attacks. so we'll start with you a william. what would you, how would you assess the, the state of us to walker see? now basically what we've seen is a kind of extremism, a kind of white nationalism that has always existed in america on the fringes, and also not, not really on the fringes. if you look to the civil rights movement, if you look to the jim crow era, she looked after the civil war when black people were, were lynched in the streets. and the ku klux klan had extreme amount of power in certain parts of america. but you seen these kinds of forces now come to the
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forefront to the very holes of american power to be legitimized and to not be called out. we saw this, for example, um and in the unite the right rally in 2017 when there was a far right rallying. donald trump said there's good people on both sides. that's what we're seeing, nothing new, but certainly more extreme. and that same question to, to you in us i, would you assess that the state of us democracy as we start the new year as i don't want to repeat what william said, because i totally agree on him. i want to kind of talk a little bit about another aspect. so the concern for many is that the general 6 insurrection has set a precedent for, for any disputed or close election in the future. many are talking about the impact or to the 2020 for presidential election, but i think we really have to wonder well of the 2022 mid term election and the institutions that kind of hold the dom credit process together. we'll hold firm,
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especially with expectations that candidates running for offices would simply not accept the outcome and possible putting another dent in us democracy. so that is something we really have to put some thinking. i think thank you for that. in this, in his poll in washington, william clue croft. he will be in the studio. thank you. let's get some german political reaction to that speech trauma to master silver horn. he's a member of germany, is opposition? christian social union. abby said parliamentary spokesperson on transatlantic relations welcomed d. w. m to those events of a year ago in washington have any relevance for us here in germany. is of course we followed very closely this domestic debate in the united states. also because we had an attack and attempted to attack on the john boot the starting august 2020. so
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how could you earlier at the margins of protests against could be 19 and diction by writing an estimate. so we also experience the tech on our parliament, and that's why these attacks at the highest of our democracy's architects on our mac itself. and that's why this is not only us debates domestically by an international debate and the stability of our democracy is, is s t i'm what was what went through your mind when you saw that rising on unfolding on capital hill a year ago. it was unbelievable because there were red lines exceeded by so many citizens and there is no power meant in democracy. that's why we have to assume our selves on the core values of our democracy as it laid down in the gym. now them,
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this is unity law. and freedom, and there is a certain minimal consensus of democrats needed that there is no empowerment permitted, but public institutions need to increase their credibility again, where trent credibility or what actors of germany. we have at the same time, a growing skepticism and the growing condition of our society. we are threatens checks from outside our democracies, but also from our society. that's why we have to be aware of these threats. them have to have the discussions, read the parenting and the dialogue as close to ours as possible, but inductance. we have to strengthen our core values, unity and freedom. so in a world's riven by pandemic, in the rise of the far right. and people protesting against having the liberties
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clamped down on old beat in a, in a, in a good name. you quite happy that what happened in the united states in, in washington con, top here in germany. especially given what happened in august of 2020. as you mentioned, i fully trust in the professional version of our and your police up the prosecutors, and course of course the parliament. we have to leave this discussion and publicly at the same time, we have to make a concrete offers to our citizens. democracy is when you get the government because it's your decision. so we all are powerful, our dental projects order, and we have to make you distinctions to autocratic orders. we do not offer freedom of speech to their citizens, do not offer the freedoms we deserve in our liberal orders. and that's why we have
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to be very clear and distinct and be aware of the achievements of our rules. thank you so much for joining us to my feel. behold from germany as a christian social union. thank you. not a catholic, stan, where police in the country's largest city l. mattie her claiming that dozens of protesters have been killed while storm and government buildings. they say several police officers of also have died. countries president has asked russia for help describing the demonstrators as terrorists. moscow is now leading on lines of former soviet states. russia says the troops are there. as peacekeeping forces, soaring fuel prices, a spot, the 1st protest which are now in the 5th day, the european union is calling for a straight. ah, this eye witness footage gives some idea at the level of unrest continuing through the night in kazakhstan, looting, and an attempt to break into
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a local bank. after skirmishes with security forces, a rush of lead military alliance as now agreed to dispatch so called peacekeeping forces to catholic storm. after the countries president asked for help in controlling the protests. the unrest originally began over the weekend in the remote oil hovers jan hours then at the price of fuel. but the unrest quickly spread to other cities leading to a nationwide state of emergency in our marty, the police were deployed to curb the unrest. but tear gas and stung grenades have done little to dissuade the crowds. neither have hundreds of arrests or the imposition of a curfew. and newton restrictions in several regions. cassock president cathy joe mac or kaya said he would reinstate price controls. but protest does a now calling for political change beyond the price of fuel. in a surprise,
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move president took care of sack the government and took control of the state security committee ousting, former president and longtime ruler, new assault and us of i have talk i of has lent on the military and is now called on the collective security treaty organization a moscow based alliance of 6 former soviet countries for assistance which has been granted kazakhstan. so thorough tarion government usually tolerates little real opposition. but this time, the protest, his anger seems to have caught the authorities off guard houses affecting the european union. well, viola found clamor as a member of a european parliament representing the grange in the european a free alliance. welcome to d. w. the you has called for restraint. is that enough? well, you know, i think there is an overall dissatisfaction and because of some full long time as you have mentioned in your report. i mean,
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this increase of the fuel prices was just the last part, but i think it would be good if you could be more present, more visible, more active and more engaged. so i guess it would be good if we could have set up a task force, a separate pharmacy from the european union, special representative european union coordinator, or special representative for human rights. last for l. and last, maybe some people from the commission and make sure that we are the alternative to putin troops and we are in the center off cause us them to make sure these protests become peaceful and calm. and there is a mediation inc has us rather than an oppression and blanket as we see right now. the footages i have received look like a war zone. it does look bad, but people are going to look at something to the sales world. you know, you've asked for your so you should be more engaged. why give them a task spanish?
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not a member of the why is this the news business? it is not the use business. it is the business that we care about people and cut off. and the autocratic regime has for a long time priced and repressed the people, the rights of the people that were torturing in, in prison. and the economic situation is really not great. even we have ratified and so called and hands and partnership and cooperation agreement. but this was not filled by sun as it could be, could have been use. and that's very unfortunate. and actually the disparity of you can come, it's increasing. there's only a small league around as a buyer, but around the executive government and their families benefit from those agreements. and this can be in our interests. and so you've called for
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the establishment of and use special representative to do what to achieve. walked for whom? well, you know, there is already and you representative, but this person is not, there is not present in this person. and maybe, as i said, a task force off people from the e. u, again should, would be the should, should to, to have a round table to speak to the protesters on one side to speak to the president and to speak to the maybe interim parliament to make sure they said transition period a transition period, which would then prepare a reform steps and so far it was just the masquerade that if you read out the official statements by the cadillac government, and by the cadillac officials, this is not sufficient. and this will never lead to a peaceful situation. and this cannot be in the interest of the european union. thank you so much for joining us. of the owner from common number of the european
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parliament. thank you. take a look at some more stories making news around the world. toxic ghastly from an industrial tank. it has killed at least 6 people in western india, or the 25 were hospitalized after making hail the gas in industrial complexes to run good, you're not state free. people have been killed nearly 30000, displaced by flash flooding in the north. indonesia wasn't 11000 homes for heavy raids in north north korea says it has launched a hypersonic missile and it says in its 1st major weapons test this year. john young claims it here to target 700 kilometers away. hypersonic missiles fly at more than 5 times the speed of sound. a south korean president new j in says the launch add regional tangible. some de la italy's government is making covey. 19
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vaccination mandatory for people over 50 countries struggling with the record levels of infections. it was the 1st european country hit by the pandemic and has one of the height depth it's boards, manchester city, your coach, pep guardia, that has tested positive for the current virus and will mrs. teams f, a cut match on friday. the joint 7th man city 1st in place and twice that many staff, isolating for covey related reasons, span it is the 7th pregnant, the head coach to test positive recently. well, tennis and number one, the documents are spending a 2nd night in a detention hotel after being denied entry into australia. serbian star was stopped when he arrived in melbourne to take part in the australian open border officials cancelled his visa, rejecting his exemption from strict cove 900 vaccination rules. a joke of issues family. so he's a victim of a political agenda. limbo is where novak joke of ich is at the
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moment detained in stuck in a hotel room as he awaits his fate. all stray his earlier warning from the prime minister carried some weight on the issue of mister joker beach rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases entry with a visa requires double vaccination, or i medical exemption seemingly joke of which had gone through the proper procedures and was given a medical exemption to enter the country. however, upon arrival, he was met by police and rushed away to a detention hotel. joke of ich is sitting on 20 grand slam victories in a 3 way tie. winning his 21st could solidify the serve as the greatest ever. but for the time being, he's in court instead of being on the court. of course i,
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i the like there, the situation that the eyes happening. ah, in some way i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions sings a lot of months ago. so some of joke if it's is most loyal fan base, believe everything isn't above board boy or castillo, it is a part of an orchestrated campaign against no back joker beach. that did not begin yesterday, yet it has been obvious for the last 10 years. you can see for yourself how he is treated by fans and by his colleagues in some parts of the world. it's hard to be number would like to disco, be 3 of them. however, joke of his father says the decision to detain, his son has nothing to do with sports either way. a verdict is expected on monday. this is dw news life from berlin coming up next in news asia. i'm to speak to
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a victim of an app in india that put prominent muslim women a for a fake online auction. a journalist in the volatile region of kashmir, face of police intimidation, and threats is india's hindu nationalist government. trying to silence it. what is the chan will have their stories more in just a moment. i have moved world news at the top of the hour. in the meantime across is always the act for the website. that's the w dot com. good. ah
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ah ah ah ah, the battle against cove is the only clue variant is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccinations campaigns are accelerating while
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restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of oma cron, fax data and reports cove at 19 special in 60 minutes on d. w. where all the good to go beyond the obvious or as we take on the world. 8 hours, i do. all the fans, we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes, 5 police my follow up with you. we are your is actually on fire made for mines.
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oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. you to be beat issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or the shuttle we are not afraid to happen. delicate population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now every weekend on d, w you watching d. w news asia coming up a mystery phone app with a vicious purpose targeting prominent muslim women.


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