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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CET

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[000:00:00;00] blue, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. a there and david and this is climate change briggs, it's sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the pin for you. you'll get smarter for free d w books on you. ah
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hello and welcome to focus on europe and we begin our show this week in russia where one of the most influential and oldest human rights groups in the country has been banned. the supreme court ordered a closure of memorial, which has for over 3 decades supported rush and dissidence against persecution, and worked to uncover crimes committed during the stalinist dictatorship. the bending of the organisation sparked widespread criticism at home and abroad. so memorial can now no longer support people like elisa meisner, whose family was expelled from moscow during the stalinist era. a fate shared by millions of others in the soviet union. even today, many have not been able to return home including elisa, who still lives in rude niche need not far from the settlement that her parents were originally banished to. and any hope of returning to moscow appears less
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likely than ever. after the shutting down of memorial, a foreigner in her own country, that's only a meissner feels. her family used to live in a spacious apartment in moscow in the 19 thirty's. then came the 2nd world war and the soviet government began to porting what it labeled dangerous elements from the capital. joseph stalin branded all germans living in russia, traitors to their country. police as mother was german, i was deported to a so called special settlement in the northern tiger in siberia. so my minister all of my mother's family was forcibly re settled because of their ethnicity. her walk would like a handful of p, as they were strewn across the country school got all hope of 0, blessed them. elisa was born in the remote settlement. her family was forced to stay there for decades and worked like almost all to port ease felling trees. the miners had a harder though, daughter, as ethnic germans,
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they want accepted by their russian neighbors. they go to wood. nope. i saw to the very same people we lived side by side with orchard, wouldn't the same road went to school or the club waverly. these people bullied and harassed us. what if, what the corp, what it was that day, but he would, it's lonely at the post. now, it wasn't until the 19 ninety's to the minus were allowed to leave, along with hundreds of thousands of other political prisoners and to pull teas. at the time. many vulgar germans emigrated to germany, but a lease, a meissner, had my relatives in the west and didn't speak german. so she stayed on in home region and rooted me a small town about 70 kilometers from the settlement where her parents had been sent. but in recent years, rudely cni has been shrinking rapidly. after i was like, we used to have a bath. yeah, no, not anymore. now, if someone has to go to the hospital in the nearest city,
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they risk not making it to tonia, got lost. the some of the reds was so bad, and the dr lasted so long that one of our neighbors died away to the doctors. but that will yonah elisa meisner could have moved to moscow long ago. the city her family was once forced to leave. it was guaranteed on the russian law and the apartment 2 in theory. but in practice, the authorities refused that part. elisa meisner still fighting for her right to move into the old family home in the city. until recently, the human rights organisation memorial was trying to help her and many other victims of the stolen regime memorial research, the families original living situation. here, a member of the group looks at the apartment in augusta though with veronica it compare this with their life and the special settlement. i'd imagine the people must live there with a kind of hopelessness than he was,
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wasn't. they can't get out surrounded by thick forest and wolves. it's very hard to compare that with life in moscow with lessons learned. many form of the poor t's face similar situations about 1500 still waiting to return to their ancestors. holmes ditty glovebox is linear. i'm afraid these so called children of the gulag no longer have any priority with the authorities. so it is all russian state would much rather talk about victories. the highlights of history, not the dark sides of the soviet union or otherwise they would have to talk about their responsibility though what about the instances? now elisa meisner is losing this valuable support. the russian authorities of accused memorial of acting as what they call a foreign agent, saying the organization included nazi collaborators on this list of victims of soviet repression and crucially that it criticized russian president vladimir putin
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. nobody else is linear, yet no credit, no, no social at the union, unfortunately, memorial, his demonstratively broken certain regulations multiple times made up than you might hell. so memorial will bear full responsibility. holy media memorial has categorically denied these accusations even so the supreme court of russia has ordered the closure of the country's best known non governmental organization. memorial has been dissolved. elisa meisner sees it as a slap in the face, not only to her, but to millions about the victims of stalinist repression and their descendants. no other organization has stood up for their rights with as much determination. if they're to me, my dear, i think memorial is doing something good with the staff there and not only helping us, but many other people as well. i think what has been done to this organization is a terrible injustice with these 3. ah,
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nearly every family in russia suffered in some way during the soviet era. elisa meissner says that now with the banning of memorial her russia is losing another focal point of remembrance and support and memory also plays an important role in our next story. memories that is of life before the mediterranean olives of cyprus was divided into the turkish controlled north and the greek republic of cyprus in the south. now after that division nearly 50 years ago, the coastal resort of butter osha was quite literally abandoned since then and there as lord us who grew up in veronica, had been longing to return to the place he sees was home. oh kathy edelweiss has been waiting in vain for guests. the more than 47 years taxi
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stop coming here long ago. and the parking meter has been redundant for some time. this is the supreme coastal town of russia. these days it's a deserted ghost town. but in times gone by the 19th sixty's, it was a glamorous resort, drawing tourists from all over the world. after cyprus, his violent division in 1974 ferocious found itself under turkish occupation. it was an off limits, militaries on for decades. but just recently, russia was partially reopened for greek cypriots, entrees. lord us, it's a chance to see where he lived as a child during the war. and that is where the bomb hit the golden marianna. the golden marianna hotel used to belong to the lord os family until the occupation by turkish troops led to the displacement. in 1974. i remember our escape,
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which happened to we not by them. here our mother was driving and we were in the car and her my youngest brother was one year old and my mother said, if we see an aeroplane military aeroplane coming towards us, i will, it's of the car. i will let you go and i will try and shake their aeroplane away and come back and find you. the family escaped and andreas lotus grew up in the south of the london. he's been lobbying for reconciliation with 2 hosted periods for many years now. the architect would love to rebuild for russia and the city of the future. and many other buildings can be clad with, exoskeletons had to, will produce either electricity or water, or a green, and possibly a combination of all of them. their own enjoying troughs, alyssa utilized and provisions for electric ala carte of sir beings applied. he wants to see good times return to russia. but he says that for that,
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the property claims of former greek residence 1st need to be recognized. amelia saw the partial rocking of russia as a political power play by turkish president edwin and the government of northern cyprus. but also as a willingness to reach an understanding who allows the owners of the house should we found besides, then followed by efforts to find the solution that goes on in the architect says little progress has been made on that front. he regularly meets other displaced people and ferociously, most would even be prepared to live under a turkish administration if it allowed them to return and be so if i could, he says even today, he isn't here. this is where we were born, where we grew up busy. he asked why not yellow? turkish cypriots celebrated the opening of russia with fanfare. now the town fills
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with day trippers during weekends. many turks have nothing against the greeks returning to russia. every one the right should be respected coast, but his messiah that a. yep. is it? as far as i'm concerned with, the old owners can come back and do business here. colorful. as long as they recognize the turkish north autonomy venture. let him cuz they're already returning it. but under his load, us is unsure where the greek cypriots will be able to return and regain possession of their homes. he recently found out that another building that belonged to his family just outside the rocher has been slated for demolition. it's this multi story residential block from the 19 seventy's. he's never been inside it . we'll get to read about our progress fear in the used february. so today i'm going him there's no sign of the turkish tenants. the building is currently managed by
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a muslim foundation and has allegedly become dilapidated. the door to the roof is long and the architect fee is turkish. speculators have set their sights on the building, which occupies a prime seaside location. he's applied to the european court of human rights for its restitution, that he still waiting for a response that is important. it is an island of less than a 1000000 people. we all know whose house is these ira and they know because the north there is in control of the land registry documents as well. and then from there on it is a matter of good will. and if god willing sell, what will be homes? one, andreas, lord us would like to see the russia become a home again, not just for its former inhabitants, but for turkish cypriots too, so that the resurrected ghost town can help foster reconciliation across the whole of cyprus. now on a very different notes,
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anybody who like me enjoys cooking at home, all who cooks for a living will agree that lemons, canada, special something to betty dishes. so where would you go to find the riches selection of lemons in the world? well, what about this, which is said to be the sunniest village in france, tucked away in the foothills of the pyrenees. it's where a grower, etc, and shallow, and his wife have produced an outstanding collection of citrus fruits. ah, these rare citrus types are delicate, using free bag would his hands and finger all cathy aligns wintertime his name ripening season. they grow in the villages ace, at the foot of mechanical mountain where they are carefully tended to fly citrus experts,
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lithium and heavy shania. the appear on the nerd around a 1000 different varieties says and our work is always evolving thanks to exchanges with the growers again, murder, this is the best private citrus re collection of that's all that probably a variety is most people have never heard of for you not even those who working astronomy with 320 days of sunshine a year. this village is one of the sunniest areas in france plus the night night for us and soil up perfect to growing citrus varieties, given the fruits that beautiful colors. the plantation is a veritable citrus garden of eden with an astonishing range, as well as a few. hopefully you come to the violin right there on a bit of this. here is a cross between palm alone. come quiet from what her. it's going to launch a taste resolution in the next 10 to 20 years. it's amazing freedoms. he looked for cucumbers like
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a great wireless vehicle gone like the skin is kristela. they're bitterly sour than sweeteners in exceptional harmony. and the key on your this over to them. usually there are only one or 2 trees of a given variety. each has its own unique flavor. and each can play a key role in cultivating a new variety. the chanel sell their 150 varieties of citrus fruits to chefs from all over the world. the honda mile who runs a restaurant close by commerce to select his own. for example, for his famous venison, we go with citrus fruit pickles visited with the over them altogether greater than for the ideas to taste a piece of meat with the citrus fruits. to appreciate the difference from it's a very special blend of flavors. initially, taste the game meets more, but then the buddha's hand come serve up and eventually prevails. hubbard,
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this is what makes the so interesting to get those on the chef develop some new recipe ideas with the shala's law. novak and we basically accompany the shafts through their discovery of citrus fruit, but they're the ones who know how to use and combine them off. but there is a 2 way exchange that's mutually beneficial also, nor in return market citrus fruits worth their weight in gold. well, almost restaurants pay up to $30.00 euro. the key low that could tempt thieves. so at the engineer has devised a trick to protect the fruits. with you're, you're gonna be blue, we write the wrong names on the tags. so thieves wouldn't know what they've stolen . i'm sorry, but it's my little joke because cuba with glue, as restaurants were closed during the pandemic, the shell is found themselves with a lot of surplus produce. but they found a solution. they created citrus fruit, preserves,
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and began also selling to hobby cooks. they will call us one of my best way home cooked. i can also discover the many different varieties as such as fruits and products that preserve their qualities and flavor. delicately said he really? fritz hi says oh no crisis. the citrus groves of a use provide as estie ray of sunshine to the pallets and the plates now not to know where the remains of your father or your grandfather a bear, it is a fate shared by many spaniards. even today, up to a 100000 people killed during the spanish civil war and under the regime of dictator, francisco franco, have still not been recovered. often, the bodies of victims were simply dumped in mass graves. there are no however, plans to exhume and identify them. the median spain do not welcome these efforts to
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dig up the past. yet for 92 year old augustine, or a theo, seeing her father finally get a proper burial, is something she has long yearned for. dealing with the past is often challenging. in this field, it requires caution to the mentally think he locates 1st a coin than hulu. cartridge 92 year old augustine su is accompanied by her son bennett victo. she's waited all her life for this day. her father, a republican, was killed by one of dictator, francisco franco's command. those in november 1936. he was buried in this field near toledo. augustine was 6 years old at the time, laquisha mother and i especially remember that we were having dinner in the courtyard when 3 men arrived and had one sent to my father florentine. now stop eating and get up, brought a dinner. there is there now,
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you know what i object it saying they should at least let to work on is eating dinner, but they took him away from home and just like that, go here in finacialow yo out of the next day a father was shot dead along with 6 of the men, marco gonzalez belongs to a group of volunteers who have opened hundreds of graves and recovered the remains of more than a 1000 people. after decades of indifference from the state, new laws allow set to support that work markov says the change was too long in coming from each other from me that it is when i looked at still relatively, this little group stacking a stroke, ayame somewhere, there is no state representative here that it should be the government that accompanies the road that in does this work. i mean, it's not applicable when you're start off to just a few hours. the 1st bonds are uncovered. morgan, a 100000 people, disappeared during spain,
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civil war and franco's repression. many were thought to be lost forever. in 1936, the fascist general francisco franco, stay the crew against the democratically elected left on government. the 3 year civil war broke thousands of military deaths on both sides was atrocities. but of the franco's victory. only the fascists dead were 100. those from the other side were never mentioned. augustine or su, lives not far from the field where her father died in the small village of rec us. spain has been a democracy for more than 40 years, but it is still difficult to talk about those who died a bit after your mother augustine. as some benedict has often been told its best not to open old wounds from her, but he was to tell him where to find like if his grandfather flourentino, unless a proper burial give us the shortly the mutual lakisha freedom which moves. he'll think when you have really suffered, allowed to go into your car for 5 years. we battled with the local government for
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permits less at the fact. but now that we have found my grandfather conway, we stuck his don't. secondary ela, we asked local authorities for a comment, but received no response. the past is a sensitive subject here, after franco's death, the left and right agreed not to talk about the civil war anymore. an amnesty is meant to ease the transition to democracy. many a still king to forget the past, including here and rick, us are part of the ring. ah, what i don't think it's right to dig out the did, i won't bring them back up. why still things up casa, but activists want to revive spain's historical memory. in this laboratory, the catalog human remains 30 amid resistance from the right wing opposition. prime minister petro sanchez government wants to make further exhumations possible through legislation,
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and is considering prosecuting historical acts. marco gonzalez approves when the circle, but i am or glossier when spain became a democracy, someone didn't do the job, didn't last luminaires of the crimes of the dictatorship and franco ism would never come daniel to those that he thought they went completely unpolished, got on to them and a bonus it stay 3 at the field near rick us and the excavations well advanced. many civil war era remains have been uncovered. the volunteers meticulously documented every find doing what many here believe the authority should be doing with their work means augustine rescue can now fulfill her greatest wish to bury her father in the ricka cemetery. your mother, under the name of it, is the greatest julie to let out will as soon have my father beside my mother. it makes me very happy to have the good then the
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volunteers want to keep the victims of franco's dictatorship back. that dignity augustine, arrest seo, has been waiting for this moment all her life. and finally, i'd like to take you to a remarkable place in the italian capital. rome worth time, ticks peacefully by. it's the workshop of aldo. oh, really. who specializes in repairs and storing old, even ancient clocks. now the master craftsman can't exactly make time stand still. of course he can't. but he can give his customers a greater appreciation of just how precious it can be. it might seem as if time has stood still in alto, al henley's, stalling the via del clemente no. in fact, getting talks and watches,
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taking his speciality. he operates on these beautiful time, be things like a skilled surgeon doing his pit to present the life of history. i got so the but the as a boy, i helped out and workshop and body 2. i worked my way up and yes, got a passion for precision mechanics. guy nika, i had to really excellent teachers that he specialized nancy coaches, yankee, i'm lucky to have been able to continue their work before toner. his cloaks are highly thought after in the world of antiques. they self at top dollar at international auctions. chrissa and append. alejandro vulgar here in sarasota. this is a beautiful travel clock on the swiss mechanism is very important. been delayed even to show seconds. recess of these a richly gilded table cox with the cost about $5000.00 euro selected buffy pack any wine, this one off. it has an artificial fountains. i think the death of aqua as roman
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philosopher seneca mean, it's not that we have too little time, but that will be that too much of it go to waste of customers, have known that wisdom more and more want to have that parents watches refurbished, another ada please is me the children. mallory discovery past memories. chris, a video is loosely watches, have come under pressure from smartphones. well, really has his worries, especially given a lack of young talent in italy. but stephanie, his son wants to take over the brochure, being a watchmaker fascinates me because i get to work on the pieces myself. i really enjoyed being in the workshop in working on these unique pieces of file around a little delayed ass bailed put out the door. no money will work on and the lock machines. this is one store definitely bucking the digital trends. but there are threats. the pandemic has brought higher costs for rent and energy in room. still master watchmaker elder,
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while he is keeping his own rhythm and keeping clocks ticking. but time they say waits for no one and that is old that we have time for this latest edition of focus on europe. i will give you plenty of food for thought and if so, do join us again. next time round until then for me and the rest of the focus on europe team it's by, by and trips ah, ah,
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with who into the conflict with sebastian in america scores of donald
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trump, professor austin, proven subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating the january the pot on the founder, my guest is one of them. jason miller was a senior advisor with trump campaign move close to the former president joins me from new york conflict a 30 minutes on d w. ready ready ready ready ready a film about a taboo. ready ready menstruation has always been. ready a shame fall dirty secret . ready about women and girls across the world. most of the girls end up being until they miss their school against silence and for equal opportunity. ah, it's duration a pandora's box is opening. and dora's box, ah, in 75 minutes on
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d. w ah. did in wide wing extremist, i suggested again, well maybe a couple of late and burned in south africa, people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. independent, make black lives matter. shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination and inequality are part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. d. w, need for mines on the grid. do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil, host of the on the grievance of cost and to me,
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