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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 12:15am-12:30am CET

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as any fantasy has said, warned against complacency around the, on the con baron, do you see this is a problem in the united states right now. unfortunately, yes. and some of it is understandable because there is certainly been bad, bad damage fatigue. you know, you know, this virus has been with us for over 2 years now. and yes, people are frustrated. and there is this, you know, fatigue as i said in tubs of complying with requirements, et cetera. but here's the thing, look out, you know, we need to focus on things we can do and then yeah, so to find other outlets to do stuff safely. thank you very much. sod ala, that's it up to date. ah. so i'm just kinda, i want that tag into endy to meet you on what i wanted to you anymore. we will send
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you back. are you familiar with this smudges with lions of the what's your story. ready ready i mean, like numbers, women, especially of victims of vine and seen a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guess. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, as only cron sweeps the world, government scramble to keep critical infrastructure areas staffed and running.
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also on the show, another big week for embattled property developer ever grand as it pleads for more time to pay off predators. and turning trash into trainers. we meet a young indian entrepreneur making sustainable seekers. this is d w business. i'm janell dumas on. welcome. around the world. the only kron variant is causing coven 19 cases declined to record highs. that's increasing pressure on the supply of coven tests. and hospital beds, and on governments to get the wave of infections under control. britain's recent spike in oma carne cases is making it harder for ambulance teams to find available hospital beds for coven 19 patients. the health care system is reaching its limits. previous waves of the pandemic didn't have a single day with more than 100000 new cases reported. one day last week,
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we had 200000 people test positive. and the latest figure today is another 218000. though with that include some delayed reports. so anyone who thinks our battle with coded is over, i'm afraid, is profoundly wrong. forrest johnson wants to keep schools open with testing and other preventative measures. the aim is to avoid another lockdown. but there's still a threat of critical infrastructure collapsing, such as police fire departments, water works, and transportation. some schools in the us have already shut their doors. this week daily corona virus cases search the above the 1000000 mark for the 1st time. president joe biden has repeatedly urged americans to reduce their context to slow the spread of the virus different than anything there were think over 900 cases among vaccinated workplace across america,
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including care at the white house. but if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about crime, but don't be alarmed. but if you're unvaccinated, you have some reason us be alarmed. many of you will, you know, you'll experience severe illness. there are also fears that have too many people become ill on the u. s. staff shortages could affect power stations, police and rescue services. supplies of medicine and food could also be severely disrupted by a lack of healthy workers. he and court that joins us now young. let's pick up on that point what's being done to address potential staff shortages in the face of omicron, especially in key infrastructure. well janelle, but we're already seeing is actually some severe, a service cuts that is true for some hospitals, but we also see that with the new york subway hits him, for example,
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the b line for example is suspended for now we see thousands of cancellations with the airlines, but then what is really been done, we hear from some states here in america that the national guards are getting deployed to help in hospitals or on testing sites. and then also if you look at quarantine rules, they've got lower from $10.00 to $5.00 days. so to bring workers and people back as soon as possible, so nothing potential about those staff shortages, then they're a fact. now while we're talking about jobs and a report from today shows that private hiring surged in december. that means not all sectors are suffering the same way. they are they well, definitely not. but we have to see because the real away for on the kron is not really included in those latest figures. but for the month of december, we saw more than $800000.00 new jobs in the private sector. that was the double
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walled street and economist them actually had expected. and we see those of job gains in a broad variety of industries to the hospitality sector. but also in a transport, in a construction in agriculture. so this self report so far looks pretty strong. and on top of that, just the day prior, we got latest figure that in the month of november, more than 4 and a half a 1000000 americans quit their jobs so that it's still fascinating. trent here in the united states called the great resignation. so basically, since april of last year, pretty much every month. good for 1000000 americans are not getting fired, but acquitting that job. thank you. re yann's quarter their reporting from the resignation nation. thank you very much. now if you want
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more on the great resignation and the record number of people quitting their jobs, we've done a deep dive on. adjust that topic for our business beyond youtube series to visit you to dot com slash dw news, and look for our business beyond playlist. and do what us know what you think and the comment now to some of the other global business stories making news, us low cost care, you're a leech and air has confirm plans to buy 50. boeing, $737.00 max jets as it's which is suppliers. the deal is worth 5 and a half $1000000000.00 at list price. allegiance current fleet is made up of only airbus plains, the airline gearing up for a post pandemic rebound in travel. mercedes benz is recalling more than 800000 vehicles due to a technical defect that could spark a fire. the companies that the recall effects certain vehicles with diesel engines possible leakage in the coolant pump good heat up components. the replacement of
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the affected parts is set to start later this month. now up next we have an update on beleaguered chinese real estate developer ever grand. now, just to remind you, it was unfinished apartments to tens of thousands of home buyers and has racked up hundreds of billions of dollars in unpaid bills. this week. it's facing another make or break negotiation with creditors. it's turning into yet another bruising week for ever grand once china's top selling developer. but now really under more than 300000000000 dollars in liabilities ever ground, we'll have a 3 day online meeting with domestic bond holders this weekend where it will ask them to accept a delayed payment. on a $700000000.00 bombed, earlier this week, local authorities ordered every ground to demolish dozens of completed buildings in the ocean. flower island development on the holiday island of hina, forfeiting potential income of more than a $1000000000.00. i frankly,
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i don't know how chime ever greg will be able to survive is that crunch, has ever grounds. debt crisis deepens, small business owners and people waiting for homes to be completed are starting to despair. protestors gathered outside, ever ground offices in guam, joe, to demand a developer to give them their money back. the protests made authorities nervous. now why? so we came here to ever granted and the police stopped us. you on a traveler ever grant says it has more assets than debt, but it's struggling to sell off those assets fast enough to keep up with payments. the company owes nearly $20000000000.00 overseas, with creditors, including big players like allianz, black rock and u b. s. put the bulk of the company's debt as to local lenders ever ground is also facing pressure from local governments. real estate farms generally buy or lease land from local authorities. they are frantically seizing ever grants property and
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land holdings ahead of the company's debt restructuring plan. there are no details of how that will unfold, but unraveling ever grounds. debt mess is sure to be a long and painful process. this next line is for the sneaker heads, one indian entrepreneur has found a way to turn trash into trainers combining style and sustainability. check this out. show bobbers doing what he likes to do, best designing sneakers. but these are no ordinary trainers. they're made mainly from recycled plastic bags. it's a project that came about as part of his undergraduate degree, working on a lot of different design ideas. and he's taking plastic bags with one of them because i recently heard about the band on plastic bags in india. but i found out that it's not living in force, i don't. so i thought that you know,
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something needs to be done. we've gone, always rely on the government for our solution. so bob, a contact to the waste disposal company near delhi. tons of trash arrive here on the employees sort at the plastic bags. the next step is to clean the bags and cut them to size. and then it's shipped out to our shore factory and gel under calling into shore where and they assemble the fabric and all the other components into the final show. making sure itself is not very different from making regular leather show. still making the shoe out of plastic took some getting used to, especially since not only the shoes themselves are made from recycled material. the lakes are also made from plastic fossil under souls from you, the razors, the effort is now paying off worldwide. yarborough's,
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definitely our biggest market. you know, it is a market that's more wise to you know, such ideas. people are more willing to pay extra higher costs for a product that's more sustainable or more environmentally friendly. his shoes cost $909.00. the 1st batch of $1600.00 pairs is already almost sold out. he's currently working on a new design. once again, the sneakers will be made entirely from recycled materials, which sets the shoes apart from their far better known rivals. lot of dying runs, i getting. i'll be of it having about $10.00 to $20.00 person recycle content and there fabrics, which is not a lot at all. and we're not doing that. we're doing 100 points in the cycle. fibrex . i think if we can do it, i'm sure you know other brands that are much bigger can do it for sure. until then, i say baba wishes to continue to lead by example. and finally,
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a blue fend to now has sold for nearly 100000 euros at the annual new year's tune. auction at tow goes largest fish market. the 211 kilograms was sold to an upscale sushi restaurant chain, where it was almost immediately sliced and diced for customers. the price actually represents a drop from last year. the new year's auction was downsize this year because of the pandemic, which has also had to fails as people visited restaurants last off it. that's all for me and the business team here in berlin for more from us, check out our website, d dot com slash business, browse on dw news, youtube, and you can find us on facebook until next time. take care. she feels like a foreigner in her own home, alyssa meisner as a russian german whose family was exiled from moscow by style and at the age of 71
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. she is still fighting for reparation for that injustice. but with russia as a recent ban on the human rights organization memorial, her last hope for health is fading. focus on your next on d. w. into the conflicts with sebastian in america, scores of donald trump associates often president has been subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating january 6 o'clock on the calendar. my guest is one of them. jason miller was a senior advisor, will trump campaign. humans quote to the former president, joins me to new york. come with that in 60 minutes. d w i. oh,
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oh, what people have to say matters to us and me. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. a there, i'm david and this is climate change brags, it's sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. you'll get smarter for free. didn't will you book on youtube. ah.


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