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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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mostly around the world. so my instincts remain the same. to tell the important stories behind that headline. what is the heart of the story? why does it matter? who will it impact you? how to stay focused? if you want to cut the the noise to get to the trip. my name is sarah kelly and i work at t w with this is dw news live from berlin. tonight deadly protests in a state of emergency declared in cause like stop arm demonstrators have stored
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its head fire to public buildings in the city of almighty. that's the country's biggest city. they reportedly sees the airport there. the address was triggered by a sharp increase in fuel prices. also coming up tonight, a tough and dirty talking french president, delivers a message to his countries unvaccinated, as coven. 19 cases in france. surge to a new record. ha. ah. i bring gov. it's good to have you with that we begin this 1st wednesday of 2022 with violence in the former soviet republic of contract stop protesters there have stormed and said fire to government buildings in the country's largest city. ahmad . the violence follows days of mass demonstrations over surging fuel prices. appealing for com, the countries said to dave,
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spoke of deaths and injuries sustained in the pro. just you said that he will act forcefully to end the unrest. ah, night falls and the unrest and almighty intensifies further. what began is a protest against fuel prices has quickly spiraled out of control. local media reports that several security personnel have died. while flights in and out of al massey have been cancelled. the president has confirmed that protest is stormed the airport earlier on wednesday. the protests originally began over the weekend in the remote oil hub of gentlemen. but after the government announced an end to price caps on fuel, the unrest quickly spread to other cities. now a nation wide state of emergency is in place. in al massey, police have been deployed to cook the unrest. but t a guests and stun grenades have done little to dissuade the crowds. neither have
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hundreds of arrests nor the imposition of a curfew and movement restrictions in several regions. cassock president cassim jamal took i have said he would reinstate price controls. but by now, processed is a calling for political change b and the price of fuel rica. in a surprise, move just president to tie of also sacked the government and took control of the state security committee asking former president and long time ruler. no sultan neza by f. now with decay of soley at the helm, he has cold in the military and he says no matter what, he will stay in the capitol where the mcglochan as the head of state and from to day. yeah, the president of the security council, monsieur, i intend to act as tough as possible. sca has extends authoritarian government usually tolerates little real opposition. but this time the protest is angus seems
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to be called the authorities of god evermore. now i'm joined by bruce panniers, journalists covering central asia. he's currently based in prague versus good to have you with us. let me just ask you about this report that we were getting that context on. has asked russia for help. can you confirm that? have you heard anything about that? you know, i have heard these stories. it's difficult to say a 100 percent. he did appeal actually to the collecting fishing. russia leads to several countries that are in it, but i have heard that russia and bell ruth had both agreed that they would send troops to restore order in conflicts on. and what do you hear from your sources regarding the reported a seizure of the airport in modern you know, that did happen and there was a lot of vandalism done there. the most recent reports i saw from just a few minutes ago suggested that they had cleared everybody out of the airport and
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it had been in control, had been re established by the authorities over the airport. so that seems to be that that part. anyway, it cleared out, it was unclear exactly how they did that, but they are claiming that everyone's out of the airport and it's back under the control of the authorities. we're looking here at video clashes between demonstrators insecurity. forces there been reports of people being killed on both sides. what are you hearing? there's a members of security forces that were reported killed the beast, one protest or that we can confirm was shot and knocked out what's going on or the reports that maybe 2 or 3 others were, were killed too. but we can confirm that we know that other people were shot in the number of people that have been injured, and this is now running in many hundreds at this point. and the president took care
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of appears to have sacked the government. we've also heard that he's up, take it over the powerful security council in the country. how do you read this? oh, well it seems to be that the 1st president on other buyers is really kind of being pushed to the back at the moment that that probably makes sense. considering all the brokers or not, i mean nurses on another vibe was the secretary's already gone through and use that to wield a lot of authority and other found even though it wasn't present. it's also significant that the head of the national security committee, karima simo, was also relieved with his post just a couple hours ago too. and he's been a long time by a loyalist and supporter of the government. the authorities there and, and actually for the guy themselves seem to be on good terms with them. so it looks like some of the notes are by a lawyer list are being pushed out, possibly the concession to the protesters. and what about the whereabouts of niger bye you have and his oil is, do you mean? do we know where they are tonight?
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this is the big question. without a doubt, i mean there's been flight trackers have shown many planes leading positive san during the course of the day. some of them lear jets are business person is playing so we're not sure we haven't seen or heard anything from not from president or another bible or his family. although there's numerous report saying why daughter and her husband would do this direction. another family member with that direction . nothing we can confirm for sure, but they certainly haven't been seen in college today in bridge. how do you explain this unrest to be to, to our international audience? you know, we understand that the protest began over skyrocketing gas prices. but how can that happen in a country that is sitting on some of the world's largest oil reserves? yes. well, this is an amazing back in itself. and you got to remember that somewhere between 60 or 70 percent of conflicts, bonds, electricity, and ours supplied by coal. even though they're the major oil likes, border,
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and natural gas. you know, it's just been kind of mismanaged, but i mean they, they both the cult personality kind of around us or bias. and i think the problems today have, are certainly impacted by what's happening with the energy sector and over the years. why people with sufficient amounts of electricity, but more so when there was a change of providence, when those are by step down in march, 2019. a lot of people had an impression that there was going to be a change in the way august on was run. that isn't what happened at all. i have been a long time and loyalist knows are but really kept the same form of government entirely. there hasn't been any substantial reforms. there hasn't been any significant improvement in the lives of many people. so i think a lot of people are just disillusion, you know, in their expectations just weren't filled. you know, they thought they were going to enter some new era. but it didn't happen that journalist bruce bunny were the ladies tonight on this bottle situation in cars are
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stun bruce. thank you. let's take a look down some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. the european union's top diplomat says that russia will face massive consequences over any new military action against you. grain, joseph burrell, as pledge the useful support on a visit to the ukrainian capital, he says that any russian aggression or comedy severe cost, nearly a $100.00 hostages in nigeria, including women and children, had been rescued after 2 months after they had been abducted, police say the hostages have been released without any conditions armed gangs often kidnapped for ransom and parts of nigeria, at least urging people, including 7 children have been killed in a house fire in the you of city of philadelphia, the 3 story building was divided into separate residential units. it's owned by the cities, public housing authority. the german foreign minister, angelina bare bach,
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is in washington d. c. on her 1st trip to the u. s. since taking office. she med today with you as secretary of state antony blinking for talks, focusing on strained relations between russia and the west. we. there are fears that a russian troop build up along the russian border with ukraine. could be a run up to an invasion of ukraine climate change and shine, and we're also on the agenda clear to use here's part of what the german foreign minister said earlier today at a joint press conference. we jointly re a change that russian actions and activities come with a clear price tank. and i renewed my lation of ukrainian sovereignty by russia would have severe consequences. the russian government is aware of this position. and the only way out of this crisis is dialogue and we and, and agree on that. i want to turn to the pandemic now. almost cron variant cases.
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they are surging around the world, france the latest country to hit a new record of over 330000 new cases recorded on wednesday. that 60000 more than the previous record just a day earlier, almost 3 quarters of intensive care beds across the country. are now occupied by cuba, 19 patients and clearly losing his patience french president. emanuel mack wrong had some salty words for any one who was still on vaccinate another record rising cases as omicron sweeps through europe 300. 32000 covered 19 infections in france in one day alone, with one was a paper half to prepare for it that supersonic rise in new cases will keep going for several days. maybe weeks. that so far, no visible change in the trend. $9.10 french adults,
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a fully vaccinated that authorities, one to ramp that up even higher to avoid more restrictions, at least for those who are vaccinated. president emanuel micron lambasted the 5000000 french people still holding out in a newspaper interview. micron used a vulgar slang term saying that he wants to get on the nerves of the unvaccinated. he plans to limit access to public life to those who can prove to have had the job . but microns comments sparked anger from political opponents as france gives up for a presidential election in april. bassio's. i don't know if it's a political, ferpa, or immoral one of these comments should not be made by the president of the republic who remains the president of all the french people. we must absolutely avoid creating hysteria round the debates. avoid making vaccination a referendum for or against him. misdemeanors havoc to know holland is currently
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discussing a new and stricter vaccine pass for places like restaurants, bars and cinemas. a heated debate that has now been delayed as politicians, trade insults afford. a jury in the english city of bristol has cleared for people of criminal charges for pulling down a statue during black lives matter projects. back in 2020, they were charged after they helped to topple a monument to the 17th century. slave trader, now before always maintained their innocence, sang the monument itself represented a hint, cry oh, wearing t shirts designed by crystal graffiti artist. thanks the in support of that cause. they walled free, vindicated and cheered by a crowd of horses. the full protestors were accused with others unknown, of putting the statue of slave trade. edward colston to the ground and helping to throw it into bristol's hava. the protests took place during the weight of black
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lives matter demonstrations around the world, following the death of george floyd at the hands of u. s. police. in 2020. they described that motivation coming from anti racist conviction and frustration that previous attempts to persuade the counsel to remove the statue had failed. outside the court, they said that act was a part of history, but didn't change it. we didn't change history, we rectified well. i think the, the big great, great build the big 3 right. hl equality is a victory for anyone. he was gonna write the side of a street. thank you everyone. your oh amazing. the statue has since been retrieved from the harbor and is now on display in the cities museum. was a tennis darn of a joke. image may not be able to play in the australian open later this month. he
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is being held at the airport in melbourne, apparently on a visa mix up joke of it was granted a medical exemption to take part without being vaccinated against coven 19th. the world number one has refused to say publicly whether he's been immunize, news of a medical exemption for the tennis star sparked public outrage. you're watching the w news, and you're up to date this hour. my colleague to now to molly on is up next with the latest from the w business stick around. she will be right with god. welcome to the dark side.


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