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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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to the best connections, sophia, road and radio. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world line experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and drawing our services to be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by fraud. ah ah ah this is d w. news live from berlin, violent protest script at stan demonstrates
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a storm and set fire to public buildings in our to the country's biggest city. the reports of attacks on security forces. the unrest was triggered by shop, increase in fuel prices, also on the program from warriors to police officers. the color odyssey young recruits have new roles to fill in taking control of afghanistan, but with the country facing multiple crises. this transition has been far from east germany is foreign minister and a bad book holds a press conference with a u. s. counterpart. following talking washington discussions with largely focused on pensions with russia. ah, i'm feel gale. welcome to the program. protestors have stormed and set fire to government buildings in kazakhstan largest city. varden said al matty follows days
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of master demonstrations over searching fuel prices. appealing for com, the countries president costume damaged talk. i have a spoke of deaths and injuries sustained in the protest and said he would act forcefully too. and the unrest thousands of protesters venting the fury at the government. a rare sight in the authoritarian ex soviet republic for 4 days. these people have been taking to the streets protest started in the remote oil hub of gentlemen. but they quickly spread to other cities after the government announced an end to price caps on fuel. now the unrest appears to be spiraling and hitting the country's largest city. amity, in particular, protest is a calling for white up political changes. police if deployed in numbers in a bid to curb the unrest your job. but
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t a guests and stun grenades have done little to dissuade protesters. neither have hundreds of arrests, nor the imposition of a curfew and movement restrictions on several regions. cassette president cassim jamal took i of had sacked the government and moved to reinstate price controls in response. but with protests escalating, the president has vowed to hold firm america glo august with as the head of state. and from today, the president of the security council. i intend to act as tough as possible. still renewed. no matter what. yeah, i will stay in the catheter. catholics. don's authoritarian government usually tolerates little real opposition. but this time, the protest is angus seems to have caught the authorities off guard. that's got a who's from bruce patio, who is a journalist who's been reporting on central asia. he joins us from prague. welcome
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to de w. a. bruce, what are you hearing? well, it sounds like the government is having a hard time getting control over over any place in the country at the moment. you mentioned alma g and certainly you, there's reports that the airport is occupied by some protesters and the government buildings, as you mentioned. but this happening and other, other cities around the country because it sounds a large country and there's maps of this and you can see cities in the north, south, east, and west. all have been problems at the moment. so it's, it's really in there with the future of the call. the government is at this particular moment, i'm hearing about injuries not only amongst demonstrators, but amongst police as well. the over there, there were clashes, you know, certainly in almost either a bunch of overnight and the interior ministry said there was a 190 people injured overnight. and most of those were elise. but again, this is also been repeated another city. so we're talking about hundreds of people
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who have been hurt during this fighting. and now we get reports to that. there's been some shooting at least one protester according to our cause that service was killed in the western city of october on the coast. there is reported another protest or also there was shot and there is report 2 cars in our town in and on with that are driving around with no license plates and taking shots that journalists are, even in the case of alma t at one opposition leader without speaking, what is the background to this protest really about the, the price of petrol? no, not at all. you know, i mean, this is been building up for quite some time now. you know, there's the 1st, there's a segment of society, very small. it's growing very rich under nurses on those are by many of our family members of course and associates. but more generally, you know, he stepped down in march 2019 and there was expectations on the part of
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a lot of people that this was going to usher in something of a new era. but you know, he passed it on to us in march. the guy is eric eric. and even though those are but i was no longer. and he still has a lot of thing. what was going on in the country in the way the country was govern, didn't change really at all. so all these people that have been waiting, you know, 20 years or something to happen, something new, something that might improve their life. i've been very disappointed that you know, for nearly 3 years now, there hasn't been been promises, but not really any actions to reform the system and their own lives. don't seem to be getting any better at all. so let's talk about the present political system because the president sacked the government as we understand it, i'm took over leadership of the security council. so what does that tell us? well the security council is the more significant they know using the government as a scapegoat is an old trick. you know, they were them every time there's on rest on the president promises it, you know,
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he's honest and you can help a lot of people and he's got their interested art. but the secretary of the security council was actually the 1st president nurse on. those are buyer and they greatly increase the powers of that office right before he decided to step down as president. so that's what gave them the basis to effectively rule on equal terms, at least on equal footing with, with the higher. so the fact that the case has relieved him of that position means that it, technically he's not by authority in the country, is pretty much other than he doesn't hold our office at all. and bruce pannier, thank you so much for that. thank you. i will take a look now it's a more store is making news around the world or thought ignited states where at least 13 people, including 7 children have been killed in a house fire in the city of philadelphia. the 3 story building was divided into separate residential units on his own by the cities public housing authority. in
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the 100 hospice hostages in nigeria have been free to 2 months after they were abducted. please say the hostages, including women and children, were released unconditionally armed gangs in the country often kidnapped for ransom . japan says north korea appears to have lost a ballistic missile into the sea of japan, prime minister, for mucous shiva expressed regret. but north korea still launching missiles towards his country. united nations resolutions ban sean young from testing ballistic missiles. now in afghanistan and every generation of young taliban fighters that conquered cobble, has gone through the euphoria of victory to a more uncertain future, the country, one after decades of wars on the brink of economic collapse, most of the young jihadists have only and known fighting that they have to adjust to a country that desperate for economic growth and rulers who can help build a more stable future. for 20 years, afghanistan was
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a country at war. while the u. s. lead alliance tried to build a nation. the taliban tried to tear it down. then in august 2021, they succeeded. the taliban over and cobble the insurgents were once again the institutional power was one. now these young taliban fighters room the streets of the capital. as urban police, it's a new chapter for a generation. there's no nothing but you had looks you tell them to call you to call it. but when i started fighting the americans, i was 14 or 15 years old to them. i wrote to my brother was a group leader, and i could only take part in some battle colors for my the when i turned 20, i spent all my time fighting with the merger dean. i'm what i'm the bottom level
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own from the glory of the battlefield. to the banality of peace, the taliban of inherited the country scarred by war and the people that views him with suspicion and fear. that rebundle silicon, the past 20 years americans have occupied our country. and they've attacked us in various ways. now what they called one that told us, and they've created a mindset and people through the media and they portrayed us as bad. people had a lot of on the move out to minute and they weren't there, but it's a tall order to win hearts and minds. the taliban of launched a correct down on crime in the capital. but now with that can stand on the brink of financial collapse. many would rather see economic managers, then more militants on the streets. amazon, the other do. the main problem we're facing is poverty, and joblessness gave us government employees have not been receiving their salaries
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for the past 3 months out. and there's no labor jobs anymore and monitor. so these problems are all still in place. but on our coordinator, when i was really off, was could adara and that will test the cohesion of a movement that might have won the war in afghanistan, but now has to overcome the challenges of peace. a german foreign minister anna bear walk is in washington on her 1st trip to the u . s. and taking office, she reaching your secretary of state and to the blank and for talks focusing on the strange relations between russia and the west. and there are fears that a russian troop build upon it. some border with ukraine is in preparation for an invasion. a climate change is also on the agenda. heather, we mean slight catch up with the w. washington bureau chief in a st. paul, who's been following about meeting welcome in his or what did we hear from a foreign minister and secretary of state?
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well feel it was a very, very warm meeting. there were joking her for news. so burbock referred to her time as a student in the united states and that her and that the weather was so much nicer than in florida than it is right now in washington. so they really wanted to put out the message. here we are together. we are standing side by side and working on this most crucial and difficult issues all around the world. and especially in europe with ukraine and all the things which are happening at the border there. all right, so lots of warm words with what you're reading of this. what, what does this meeting mean for trans atlantic ties? well between the lines, i think we heard that they, they did not have found any solution regarding a nordstrom to the pipeline. this has been a difficult issue for many, many years. and the united states take a very different stand from germany,
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which is supporting this pipeline with russia and gas. and as for now, and that stays the tricky and difficult issue. but again, both of them and mainly and elena bedbug really stressed the fact that diplomacy is the only way out of all this crisis. and phil, she was also pretty confident. i mean, that was her 1st wizard as a foreign minister. and she said, you know, all topics are regarding europe also have been solved by europeans themselves. she dresses stress the fact that it is important to also hold bilateral meetings. probably referring to chancellor love shows the german chancellor who is planning to meet, put in in person. so on the one hand she really reached out to the united states stressing the fact that this is a very, very important actually the most important ally for germany. a but that it is also clear that germany has to take it, its own stance. so as well as meeting our,
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the secretary of state or analyte. burbock is also meeting the house speaker at nancy pelosi of what's likely to be on there. again. they probably also talking about russia, the china, obviously, and also not room 22, but i am sure that they will also talk about to morrow. this is the 1st anniversary, anniversary of the storming of the capital. i think all of us remember these pictures, and i'm sure that an alina burbock wants to hear what all that means to the united states and its current state, and what it will mean for the next years to come. all right, in his poll in washington, thank you so much to remind you of our top story at this hour of processes of stole to set fire to government buildings in catholics, towns largest city al mattie. besides the emergencies now in place, the president says says has promised a harsh measures to stop the unrest. unprecedented violence with spock by surging
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fuel prices in the former soviet republic. a set you up to date, bread golf. we'll have more world news at the top of our next up here on d, w dot film, where the documentary about shadow. stay tuned. in the meantime, of course is always the website and be at the website that d w dot com have a good with interest the global.


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