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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah ah, this is d, w live from berlin. tensions over storing energy prices escalate and causing staff . with protesters,
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try and storm government offices in the state of emergency as compared to the capitol. the unrest in the oil, which ex soviet republic comes to spice. the resignation of the cabinet also coming up to the u. s. tops 1000000 new corona virus infections in a single day, and president biden makes another appeal. please, please, please. it's actually now a surgeon, keith is, is raising concern over disruption to public life bite. it says the omni cross berryanne poses the biggest threat to the unvaccinated and reaction even outrage after tennis star novak joke of which is granted. special permission to play at the australian open despite his silence on his vaccinations status, we have the latest from melbourne. ah,
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i'm sorry, kelly. welcome to the program. protesters have stormed on set fire to some government offices and cassock stands, largest city, on muddy. the violence comes as mass demonstrations over surging fuel prices in cars extend entered a 4th day. security forces used tear gas and stung grenades. in a bid to disperse crowds, hundreds have been arrested. the president has already declared a state of emergency into regents and said some price caps on fuel would be reinstated. the central asian country as cabinet, was earlier fired in a bid to head off the unrest. let's get the latest now from dw correspondent, emily sherwin who was standing by in moscow. emily, i hope that you can hear me there, emily, and we want to hear actually from you what your sources have been say.
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ok, well as you can see there, emily could not hear us. i will try and get her a little bit later in the show. but 1st we're going to take you to south africa. it seems as if the omni cron waive may be on the way out without the feared surgeon hospitalizations and deaths. officials say there is still reason to be cautious, but they have lucent corona virus restrictions, as case numbers drop. it was just over 6 weeks ago, november the 24th. when the world 1st case of omni cron was announced, then new cases shot up, kicking out some 127000 in the middle of december, daily infection cases by the 3rd, in by went up by a 3rd in the week ending and christmas and they have fallen since then on new year's eve and me in time. the south african government lifted a late night curfew, but authority said that ominous. cron is still a threat. so let's get more on this now. we have the great pleasure of being joined
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by overall just wolfing prize a. he is on the team that 1st identified the omnicom variant his from the university of stell inbox. thank you so much for joining us, sir. um, how encouraged are you by the fact that there appears to have been no major surge in hospitalization or death so far in south africa? yes, in fact it, we are feeling a great relief. because when we saw the numbers of cases shoot up at an unprecedented speed in early december, we were fearing that for 2 weeks or so later, that would be followed by a search in hospitalized cases. as we had actually seen almost a year ago with the bitter variant and then later again, during the course of 2021 with the date of area and, and very fortunately, that search in hospitalizations never occurred. so we are feeling a great sense of relief, and even though the numbers of infections were, remains,
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the rate of increase was very steep. they have picked even here in the western cape province, which was one of the provinces in fear affected by the army, run away, and one of the latest provinces. and now we're seeing the decline in case numbers. and we have not seen the search in hospital cases, so we are feeling a sense of relief and you believe the rest of the world can also feel that relief then. because i mean, you know the world was really looking quite close. yeah. what would happen in south africa as this, this very, it was 1st indeed detected there, but you has a relatively young population. so i mean, what are your thoughts on how other countries should be handling us? indeed, our population is young, on the average, and in many industrialized countries and in mother in many parts of the world. and in addition, it is summer here, which means that
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a lot of activities are doors. we also have great school holidays at the moment, so we, you know, this, this wave occurred largely outside the schooling season, which also would have helped. and last but not least, they, even though our vaccination rate is less than 50 percent for adults, we have a large percentage of the population in some estimates, up to 80 percent. and that had covey before. and that wouldn't leave people with grade of community that even though it was no, not for tickets. in fiction, as such, we just protected them from the disease. and in fact, we still have cases of serious owners and even people dying from me going in fiction in hospitals. but those are those who have not been vaccinated, presumably had also not been infected previously. and then of course is different in many industrialized countries. you still have between
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a quarter of eligible. ready people not being vaccinated, and those are very unlikely to have survived copays previously and would still be susceptible to getting infected. the rate of infection of recording is absolutely stunning. i will experience is that it is a 100 possible to escape in fiction, at least with a relatively relaxed measures that we have in place here. so there will be a lot of infections and those who are not immunized would still be at risk of developing see the disease. ok, i just want to ask you just very briefly before we go because we've had another variant that's been on the radar. of course, the very end which was identified 1st in france back in november. what do you just briefly make of the frequency with which we're seeing the emergence of new variance? is this now just the new normal we need to get used to?
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i think it's, it's, it really shows that we are looking out for them. and i think that is basically good news in the area. and it turns out to be a problem as we crohn as, as the latest in the line. and previously did, we're usually too late to prevent it's free and, and we've seen that with delta. we are now seeing it with redrawn despite the travel. ready limitations, you know, it had already switched to many of the countries and if it is able to spread fast and furiously as on the chrome, it will have escaped already. but at least the node and we have some type of it on swimming. we have been watching here in south africa, a number of, of weird irises over over time. and we're watching them very closely to see whether they displayed any of these characteristics. and fortunately, you know that they happen. so i would resume judgement as to how much of a program at new varied is. it is good news technology getting more than what turns out to be a problem in the end it's, it's important word,
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but it's difficult to judge from right from the start as how meaningful it will turn out to be off came prize, or we thank you so much for your time, as we mentioned your head of medical virology at south africa, university of selling bosh and you are on the team. the 1st identified the omnicom variant, we very much appreciate your expertise q u . s. president joe biden has appealed to unvaccinated americans to get the corona virus job. as the u. s. recorded more than 1000000 new cove in 19 infections in a single 24 hour period. although hospitalization and death rates have been lower than in previous waves, there are worries over the fast spreading on the crop variant as we've heard. and how that might impact health care infrastructure as well as those unprotected against the virus. in texas, his largest children's hospital, grayson was struggling to breathe. he's just 4 months old and has contracted cobit
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19 if this release game. so i just hump day, you know, he's able to get better gum. his mother. gov yell thinks that the youngest of her 3 children was infected at a family christmas gathering way i will talk to him in like a little maybe really, i think to him like a thing like he likes he. grayson is only one of some 70 children currently being treated here for coven 19 chart. the. what? in the past 2 weeks covered admissions have quadrupled here. most of the children are unvaccinated. that bar for resilience defeats moving. you think that? i don't know how we can do this again and then we keep doing it again. they don't have much of a choice. coven. 19 numbers continue to rise. and not just in texas. nationwide, some 1000000 new infections,
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worry ported over 24 hour period. more than 95 percent are being attributed to the omicron buried. growing numbers of americans are critical of president jo biden's response. a shortage of testing capacity is just one of the problems confronting the white house. if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protect it. and i'll be concerned about i'm a crown, but don't be alarmed. but more and more vaccinated americans are worried and are calling for schools to be closed at least until the latest wave has passed. but new york's new mayor opposes that idea. we continue to stop all children from developing socially and academically in the support that they need. so we have to learn how to live with co it a liberal code cope with the said, wait staff at the texas childrens hospital say they expect the situation to become even more critical in the coming weeks. even if omicron usually result in less
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severe cases than previous variance. the problem is that with so many children and adults infected, even if the percent percent hospitalization rate is lower, we're still could see more children hospitalized over a very short period of time. so that's certainly puts a strain on our health care resources. healthcare workers are hoping by religious are right when they say omicron will pass its peak by the end of the month. and here are some of the latest developments in the pandemic. hong kong has put a 2 week bound on flights from 8 countries, including australia, india, britain, and the united states. also from friday bars and gems will be shut down. health care professionals in india are bracing themselves after a sharp rise and infection. the government is bringing back curfews in both deli and moon by and germany. finance minister says that the country wants to avoid
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another lockdown. germany has registered nearly 60000 new cases in a day. that's almost 20000 more than a week ago. meantime, elsewhere in the world, here's what's making news. japan says that north korea has launched what appeared to be a ballistic missile, went to the sea of japan. if i minister for me. okay, shita expressed regret that north korea continues to launch missiles in the direction of his country, united nations resolutions, van piano yang from ballistic missile tests is what it was. the canadian government has announced an agreement of more than $30000000000.00 us dollars in compensation to indigenous children taken from their families. children earlier. a human rights tribunal found that over several decades, the countries, the child and family services 1000000000 discriminated against its indigenous population. first, the compensation effects around 55000 children for this d. a u. s. judge says that he will decide soon whether to dismiss a civil sex assault case against britons,
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prince andrew. the prince's lawyer say that he is protected by a 2009 settlement between his accuser, virginia to frey and sex offender, jeffrey epstein. to fray says that prince andrew sexually assaulted her when she was 1710. a star novak joke of ach has confirmed that he will defend his australian open title in melbourne this month after being granted a medical exception that and reaction to that exemption husband's swift check this out, australia's prime minister says the joke of which must prove it is valid or he will be on the next plane home. the world number one has continually refused to reveal his vaccination status against the corona virus. and the victoria state government has mandated that all players a fully vaccinated, unless there is a genuine reason for an exemption tournament. officials say the joke of the exemption was granted after a quote,
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rigorous review process. earlier we spoke with a tennis tennis commentator, steve pierson, melbourne, and asked him how the announcement has gone down with australians. the lead balloon would be one. this brings to mind and then many, many, many other phrases which are not repeatable on television. so it's, it's, it's been received across the whole population. because of course, this is being well publicized over the last months of you know, what's going to happen with it is it is, it is in his, his dislike of vaccinations and his stance on this going all the way back to the pen. them it really and then of course, holding you know, tennis tournaments during the pandemic. so all of this is contrived to deliver absolute public relations nightmare. him and want to whites him here when he gets to melbourne, which will not be predominantly a warm reception at all. and then for tennis, a story or it's it's, it's not. i mean, it's got a lot of people talking about the strategy and i've been nearly 2 weeks out from
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the start of it. i want to be unhappy about that, but this is not really the sort of coverage they want. and their top bras cried tie, leave the chief executive having to go on to defend the process really against, you know, what, what the general populous things, which is next going, a lot of money is 9 times the champion. of course, he's going to get a medical exemption that sort of, that, that insinuation that you know, money can buy you whatever you want on money can generally buy you whatever you want. but in this instance, it appears as though he's, he's found a way through the, through the loopholes, if you like the medical exemptions that are available to plan stallion, tennis commentator, steve pierce, their president, a manual market has presented his agenda for francis stint at the helm. of the european union, he wants to boost the blocks roll on the world stage, but how much can he achieve? and what obstacles does he face? did of his brussels correspond. christine, meanwhile, reports i've arrived in paris to day because france has taken over the presidency
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of the european union until the next 6 months. the agenda for europe, if you want to call it that will be set here in paris. what's clear is that the french president emanuel micron has big ambitions for europe. he wants europe, in his own words, to be more powerful in the world. in the heart of paris, the countries most recognizable monument now wears a circle of stars to mark the e. u. presidency, france last held 13 years ago. the position gives the french more influence over the future of the european union. a more capable europe with its own army is paris is top most ambition. it's referred to as strategic autonomy. what that means is a more suffering, more independent europe, particularly when it comes to the issue of defense. do you feel that europe needs to be more stronger? well, i'm not sure that that's a good idea, but i, i, even, i, i think that we are,
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we depend too much on the united states now or so. i believe we will be taken more seriously by other countries. if we had a european army before we have an army, let's have a union. frances agenda for the union also includes relaxing rules to allow e u. countries to borrow more money to finance big infrastructure projects and trying to bring the block to consensus on the long standing thought issue of migration. in december, emanuel con, summed up the goal of francis e u presidency. this way is ridiculous, hoopa said, you know, we need to move from being a europe of operation insider borders, to powerful europe in the world's fully sovereign, most free to make its choices. and most of its destiny. hey michael, this only stuff, but microns own destiny is in question. france is holding a presidential election in april. if he doesn't get reelected, he can't see his plans for europe through and last spring. and now jacob ross of
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the german council on foreign relations in berlin. jacob tell us macaroni has never really made any secret of his ambitions to be the motor of further european integration. to what extent does the e u presidency now give him the platform to fulfill that goal? thank you. well, 1st of all, as we have seen her with some across her press conference in december, he said a series of 1st summits for the upcoming all for the current, for french council presidency. i, during a summit on the european union african union, all europe, africa relations in february sounded on europe in defense in march and summit, another summit on the future of the european economic model in march as well. so, as you said earlier, the french and the french government, mr. mccaul,
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have the ability of the to it's now to set the agenda to, to bring their priorities to the european stage and discuss them with other member states and beyond. i mean, discussing, when we talk about the actual results coming out of those summits, talk with us about the prospects for further european integration, france and germany. of course, 2 of the most powerful nations in the you. we know germany has a new government. how are things between paris and berlin right now in pushing that agenda forward? while things looked very good at the end of last year, i mean it's only been a couple of days and the new year, but so far i think of hers are having a positive for seeing positive signals coming from berlin. we saw that with chancellor charles visiting the l. e. z in december. the, the new foreign minister is bell box, the green foreign minister from germany visiting her counterpart in hers in
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december as well. and so i think the french are very optimistic of all the franco german relations and for the impact of these relations for the european corporation in the coming weeks and months. and just to give a few examples. i think, as i mentioned, that will be the summit in march on european defense that will probably be news on the strategic comp us the big project on european defense and security of french president mac hall and mr. shoals but also the other heads of state and government from the european memo state. we try to, to find a compromise and to bring into reality what are some, a claw indeed called a passing from a, or given a europe, a biggest dance in international sales. how about support domestically from a cons agenda. we know that he is facing a domestic elections for example,
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and he set the bar at the level very high and saying, i'm quoting, quoting here 2022 must be the year of a european turning point. does he have the public support? i think he has the public support, but as we have seen a recently at the turn of the year at this public support, it could be prone to, to attacks and can shift. and the french put up all the french government, i should say, put up a european flag under the arc de triomphe, a very symbolic place on top of the tube of the unknown soldier in the center of paris. and immediately you saw a tax on the domestic scene from a political opponents predominantly from the politic a riot, the extreme right, but also miss pick up from the moderate rights. really pretty count. so i think my
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call mr. mccoy knows that he has a clear majority of french voters who are pro european and to want to see progress in european projects. but these are, these ideas are this majority will constantly be under attack until the elections in early april. jacob ross from the german council on foreign relations. thank you so much. thank you. now, a man accused of setting fire to south africa. parliament has appeared in court. fire fighters say that they had finally brought the blaze under control after a 2 day battle. the defendant has pleaded not guilty to charges of our sin and possession of an explosive device. the suspect denied all charges when he appeared in court and faced the assembled press. the 49 year old who lives in the township, se of the city center was the only person arrested in connection with the fire. his
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lawyer said the wrong person had been detained and that his client was being made a scapegoat. he advocated for a release on bail, but the prosecution seems certain they have their man and are trying him on 5 charges. because we feel that those as is include housebreaking. we intend to steal . and there are 2 kinds of asi. it was a scene of exclusive device, intersection of essential infrastructure. the case has been closed one to the 11th of january. and explosion could have made an already chaotic situation. worse, firefighters 1st tended to the blaze on sunday. hampered by the fact that the building sprinkler system had malfunctioned, then it flared up again on monday evening after high winds and was eventually extinguished late at night. no one was injured with parliament still closed for the
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holidays. the building is expected to be out of use for several months. over the next 7 days, police will continue their investigations gathering additional evidence. the accused will remain in custody until his next call to parents. tattoo artists to cross the european union say that they are in crisis on wednesday, and he y law kicked in effectively banning many of their most popular inks. tattooing, say it is like taking the flour from the bakery. it's an art that's been practiced for thousands of years in its modern form. tattooing has been around for more than a century. these days, brightly colored body art has become almost mainstream. it's estimated that some 12 percent of europeans are inked. europe's tattoo artists are saying that there are, we'll lose a lot of it's vibrancy after today. when the new you rules kick in thousands of
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chemicals in the coloring, ink will no longer be permitted. that means that most of the inks currently in use and currently on the shelves of tattoo parlors will be prohibited. yeah, it's like to, to, to pick of the florida to florida to her, to a bakery. he's the stupidest that, you know, if we don't have any, any cars or any to work with, what are we going to work with? all the european commission claims people's health will be better protected. and certain chemicals contained in the through in can both veins or for the human health. so the commission has adopted friction a 3rd and dangerous chemicals which are contained in the mixer of 2 in the european commission said manufacturers and artists have had a year since the rules were adopted to prepare for the changes and that alternative new inks exist. but tattoo artists say that because of the corona virus pandemic, the new inks are not widely available. that's a blow to an industry already struggling after repeated loc downs. not knowing who
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the subject is as far as the manufacturers and suppliers are concerned, all of the testing laboratories were slowed down because of the health crisis and all that the labs had to do for the cove at 19 situation, which was of course, the priority. if you calling, if a cell phone is civil, we came 2nd. so the new approved inks are only going to come out only in the months to come. meanwhile, artists are stuck with stocks of inks that they are no longer allowed to use. and with that you're up to date on dw news. i'm sarah kelly in berlin. thank you so much for joining us with with
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her. we built a case against him. i think there was no tomorrow.
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at some point supplies over now. we end up surrounded with we say resources now we'll all have more of them for longer made germany next on d, w e. carol africa houses built out of rubbish. a great idea, can they and entrepreneur nelson bow a thing he makes sustainable like us breaks from plastic waste collected from this recent background. so i'm so excited that i can use a plastic with problem and then you've got sample them to solve a problem and got to africa in 60 minutes, d, w. o. listen
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