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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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everything starts january 17th on d, w one. mm hm. ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin as the u. s. tops a 1000000 new corona virus infections in a single day. president joe biden,
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that makes another appeal. please, please, please get vaccinated. now, the surgeon cases is raising concerns over disruption to public life, but biden says the macro variant poses the biggest threat to the unvaccinated. where's the e u headed now that france has taken the helm of the european union presidency. price presidential bank m a con, has big ambitions guarantee once a year, in his own words, to be more powerful in the world. but his goals include a european army and the biggest spending ability from investing plus tennis started over joker ridge is granted. special permission to play at the australian? open it though he hasn't revealed whether he's vaccinated against coven, 19 almost adamant. charged with setting fire to south africa, parliament building the p as in court. but his lawyers say police have the wrong man. that was that they accused is just the scapegoat.
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ah, i'm good. how about us? welcome to the program. the united states recorded more than 1000000 new cove 19 infections on monday. that's world record for confront daily cases. it's partly due to be the to a reporting backlog. after the new year's holiday confirmed infections have doubled in the past week. as the army con, variance spreads, but hospitalization and death raises have be lower than in previous waves. we martha u. s. center for disease control has recommended shortening the wait for booster japs to 5 months, that with more than a quarter of the population still completely unvaccinated us, president joe biden addressed the nation urging people to get vaccinated,
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unvaccinated, taking up hospital beds and crowding emergency rooms and intensive care units as displaced other people need access to those hospitals. so please, please, please get vaccinated. now. there's no excuse no shoot for anyone been on vaccinated. this continues to be a panoramic of the unvaccinated. so we got to make more progress. and for patients who still haven't gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. look out for their interest here. it's the best way to protect them. folks, i know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic is coming weeks are going to be challenging. please where your mass can palmer to protect yourself and others really get through this. we're going to get through to get just present joe biden. speaking that i'm now joined by doctor pete a chin. hong is an infectious disease specialist at the university of california, san francisco. at the number sounds massive, 1000000 new infections in
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a single day, but was only con, reportedly less dangerous than previous variance. how worried how you really well get hard? we're still very worried because we hadn't even hit our search yet. remember, we had 3 holidays thanksgiving christmas in years. we're still waiting for the repercussions from new years. so even though a small proportion folks do get hostile wise, a small proportion a large number is still streaming many hospital systems. but if you ask me, my biggest worry, it's about the workforce. you know, we've had sick health care workers, sick restaurant workers, sick teachers. i, it's really disrupting all the ways of life, and that's leading to burnout 40 percent of nurses and 20 percent of physicians in say that they intend to quit within a year. so that's to tell you the scope of what we're talking about. so joe biden just said that it would, it needs to get vaccinated. what else can
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a needs to be done? i was vaccination. the only remedy here? well, i think the vaccinations are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important thing we can do with boosters. but i think the biden ministration historically and hardly have been critique for not diversifying enough of the mitigation strategies. putting all the eggs in the vaccine basket. because after all, vaccines are so politicized in us that if joe biden is seeing good get vaccinated and you're in the red said you, you're probably not going to do that. i think what we're seeing is that people who are not wanting to be vaccinated probably feel less queasy about getting monoclonal antibodies or getting pills or may be doing testing. so i think these are all strategies that need to be, you know, really ramped up. they didn't do it in time for omicron, but hopefully for the next variance. so the new variance appear regularly just
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a week ago that there were new cases of new variant in france and some say we ought to get used to corona learn to live with it. what, what's the mood there in the us among scientists and policymakers? well i thing to these news of the i h u very end from france, which doesn't stand for, i hate you very. and which, you know, we all feel at this point. i was read with a lot of anxiety in people. i think that's what you're going to get. you're going to get a lot of anxiety every time. there's a new variance. at the end of the day, will this be the one that everyone gets some sort of community immunity from is the question, but again, the variance keep on popping up that a more resistant than the previous period to which the population gain immunity. i, you know, at some point we need to probably change our goal post that soccer ready of not focusing on numbers of cases going up dramatically by 1000 percent or 5000 percent like in puerto rico, but rather hostile, a capacity, you know,
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at the end of the day, hopefully we won't see a headline like hugh jackman has gotten a cold, which is essentially what i'm hoping. clovis will devolve into eventually, after all the time that makes due and like the 1918 flu pandemic. the ray of hope that delta pita chin, hong professor of medicine athene of us t of california. thank you very much for your time. thanks gearhart. quite a different picture in south africa where it seems as if the army on wave may be on the way out without the fierce surge in hospitalizations and death. officials say there is still reason to be cautious, but they have loosened corona virus restrictions as case numbers drop. it was just over 6 weeks ago, november 24th. when the world's 1st case of all micron was announced, then new cases shot up picking at some 100 or 127000. in the middle of december daily infection cases then fell by roughly a 3rd in the week ending on christmas day. and they have fallen dramatically since
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just ahead of new year's eve. the south african government lifted the late night curfew, social distancing, mast mandates, are still in place though an official say army kron is still a threat or the team that 1st identified the army con variant is was of origin. volcanic prizes from the university of stella was glad to have you with us. of, of can a we mentioned earlier, no apparent surgeon hospitalizations and or death in south africa. can the rest of africa or indeed the rest of the world breathed a bit easier. now. very cautiously i would say yes, but definitely the worst is still to come for most of the world. i think we, you know, some of the concerns that we had early on when we 1st discovered ally corners and you're very and they have come through. and one of them is that it is incredibly contagious. so it spreads very fast and furiously,
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and that is reflected in the very rapid increase of case numbers that we observed here. and we also went to unprecedented heights and looking at african figures. and the same is true for many other countries. you know, they only reflect proportion of positives. we think that we only diagnose about one of the cases that are in the community. so it's, it's, it's really a dizzying number that we reached in no time. but when we then hold our race and prepare for the worst in terms of hospital admissions, we were disappointed in a positive way. we didn't see the ensuing increase in just people. we still get them. i mean, i have to stress that there are still people being middle aged because of go with and being admitted to i see you and people are dying from me. but in terms of proportion of infections, polish them you've seen previous. can you put
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a number to that, how less dangerous, how much just that is a difficult question. so i mean that 2 basic factors, one would be, is this virus in itself, and this is very in a less dangerous than the previous ones. does it have an increased maryland as the quality that basically means its capacity to make people seriously ill? and i think we are now getting to a point where increasingly we can say yes, that is true. there were hopes, but now with data coming out of lab experiments and charges in of audrey animals, but also observation studies. i think it is true that in itself, this virus is of a somewhat lesser maryland than the previous one. but that is not an all or nothing . so i'm not talking of a common cold bars. it's still of hours that can make you seriously ill and kill you. but the chance happening are diminished probably about 30 percent. but what, what really made
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a difference of africa is that the vast majority of the population have some degree of underlying community, which is obviously not enough to keep of infection and doesn't prevent all to be coming in pictures. but it helps in developing severe disease. and you mentioned, let me just briefly interrupt you the, you mentioned the specific reasons for this playing out like it did in south africa . the w h o says south africa is an outline because of its young population and other factors. is that something that you would agree on briefly if you can please a very different from here and industrial, nice country, so clearly to have all the people and people with underlying conditions that increase their risk. and i would say that our, you know what the observed in terms of or is it all of these people? i'd high risk right now, but what saved us is the underlying community. in many,
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in most cases, ac comes from having had of the previous the ends of africa, which is obviously not a desirable thing because many people died for me. so i would just like to underline the need for everybody to get fascinated and digital to get the booster shots, because this is the best strategy to even if one gets infected. and i think the risk is very high off. avoiding c, b, c, 400 cars ahead of medical virology and south africa university of stolen bush. thank you very much for your input. if you turn out to have look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today, japan says north korea has launched what appeared to be a ballistic missile into the sea of japan, prime minister from you can see that i expressed regret that north korea continues to launch missiles in the direction of his country, united nations resolutions ban here, young from ballistic missile tests demonstrate as have taken to the streets of
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kazakhstan for a 3rd day over soaring fuel prices. please say they have to take more than 200 protest. the central asian countries cabinet has been sacked in the bid to head off the honors a palestinian prisoner has ended his nearly 5 month hunger strike after israeli authorities agreed to release him next month. he shall, i will, how wash family said he had achieved a victory for palestinians. he began his hunger strike in september to protest his detention without charges being made. a judge of the u. s. says he will decide soon whether to dismiss a civil sexual assault case against britons, prince andrew. prince lawyers say he is protected by a 2009 settlement between his achieves of virginia fray and sex offender jeffrey epstein. a defray, says prince andrew, sexually assaulted her when she was 17. present him on my
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call has presented his agenda for frances stint at the helm of the european union. he wants to boost the blocks roll on the world stage, but how much can he achievement? what obstacles might he face? w's process corresponding prestige. montoya, as that story i've arrived in paris to day because france has taken over the presidency of the european union and for the next 6 months. the agenda for europe, if you want to call it that will be set here in paris. what's clear is that the french president emanuel micron has big ambitions for europe. he wants europe, in his own words, to be more powerful in the world. in the heart of paris, the countries most recognizable monument now wears a circle of stars to mark the e. u. presidency france. last held 13 years ago. the position gives the french more influence over the future of the european union. a more capable europe with its own army is paris is top most ambition. it's referred to as strategic autonomy. what
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that means is a more suffering, more independent europe, particularly when it comes to the issue of defense. do you feel that europe needs to be more stronger? well, i'm not sure that that's a good idea, but i, i, even, i, i think that we are, we depend too much on the united states now or so. i believe we will be taken more seriously by other countries. if we had a european army before we have an army, let's have a union. frances agenda for the union also includes relaxing roles to allow e u. countries to borrow more money to finance big infrastructure projects and trying to bring the block to consensus on the long standing thorny issue of migration. in december, emanuel con, summed up the goal of francis e u presidency. this way, you direct me to help us said, you know, we need to move from being a europe of corporation in cycle borders to
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a powerful europe, the world's fully sovereign. and most of the free to make its choice and most of its destiny. him, it's a little bit better. microns own destiny is in question. france is holding a presidential election in april. if he doesn't get reelected, he can't see his plans for europe. while from all that, that's brand hunting shot of a research at the german council on foreign relations here in berlin. mccaul has never made any secret of his ambition to be the motive for further european integration. does the u presidency give him a welcome platform to put his european record to the forefront? well, to be honest, i think my cause now the chance to really prove that he's very pro european, that he's ambitions, that he's already mentioned in 2017. i'm at so one university are and not very far away from reality. so now he has the chance to really prove to germany is closest ally in europe and also to other member states that she can really succeed in what
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he has. i'm for, for europe. well, you mentioned germany that france and germany, of course, the 2 most powerful nations in the you and nothing. it moves to you without at least one other to supporting it all things right now between pairs and berlin. well, i think with the new german government, there are some definitely some constraints now to the relationship of france and germany. so with the discussion about you taxonomy, there is kind of a misunderstanding between those 2 countries. so fraud on one side wants to push forward. it's nuclear agenda, whereas germany wants to push forward renewable energy. so this is one of the main points of discussion that we observe at this point. is that a big dispute? how much will it strain relations?
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well, i think right now is the time to discuss things. so mccoy's, now the chance to approach the other member states, especially germany, and he now has the chance to convince other member states of his, of his ideas. and i'm, i'm not very sure if germany is going to really accept his ideas when it comes to nuclear entities. so germany will definitely oppose it. but it is the chance to really find a solution to compromise. and this is, i think, the, the most basic idea of the rotating you presidency, to high compromise and a mood to gather the member states at one table or to really discuss things. so michael has said the bob very high saying 2022 must be the year of the european turning point it. how big is this support for this by the french public? you think well, as i already mentioned, my call has been put forward. his id is already in 2017 or in
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a presidential election campaign. and it was perceived is very progressive by lots of french citizens. so the french public assurance up to be very pro european during this campaign and the following years. and i would even go one step further and say that the french do like the idea of having a considerable influence on a new level to of course, push forward a certain political issues that they have interest in. and even those were not very likely to support my calls, i'd use of what they, you should look like a future one frost to shine, to the next 6 months. even though they wanted. they may not want to change your written in an electron this way. so i would say that the majority of france will support the idea of changing europe in either one way or another on him, shot that from the german council on foreign relations. thank you very much for your analysis. thank returned to some sports news,
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tennis, tennis star novak joke of, h as confirmed. he will defend his australian open title in melbourne this month after being granted an exemption to play this, after his continually refused to reveal his vaccination status against the corona virus. the well, number one applied for a medical exemption, according to torment officials said it was granted after a quote, rigorous review process. the victoria state government has mandated that all place staff and attending fans be fully vaccinated unless there is a genuine reason for an exemption. now to talk us through this are my joined by tennis commentator, steve piers in melbourne. steve, australia, so the liberal, toughest pandemic restrictions. and still joclett has been given a medical exemption on what grounds? well, that's a very good question. and one which i think about 5000000 people in melbourne would like to know the answer to because it is,
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it hasn't gone down particularly well as you would imagine, given some of the restrictions and lock downs and vaccination push that's been particularly the case in melbourne. the tennis, a strayer, and military government outlined 4 or 5 ways. fairly acute, what you would call acute medical conditions as to how you can get a medical exemption. and they range from anything from a bad reaction like an alexis to a kind of a nation, or having recently had major surgery or, or even maybe a mental health condition that you might react badly to, to a vaccination. but one of the key ones in there and there weren't many others, was a recent case, a positive proved case of code 19 in the last 6 months and, you know, reading through the exemptions and no one's revealed. and no one can in fairness reveal, apart from the man himself, what his particular medical condition is. you would think, although we don't know that that's probably the loophole that's been he,
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he's been able to exploit. but there's no proof whatsoever in the public domain that neither job just to make it does this indicate that he may have slipped through the net, if you will, because he previously had a covey. the infection has recovered from it, but doesn't want to share that information. well, that might be the case. so tennis destroyer is, has spoken publicly about this is you would imagine that they can really avoid the government both governments victorian government, federal government has spoken and they are very came to know back to reveal when he gets here. what exactly the reason is that said that he's been able to as you put it said through the net get a medical exemption where everyone else pretty much is had to had to be jad but it, that's the only solution we can think of july, i think was june 2020, when he had a publicly confirmed case of kind of whether that's whether he's had another case in the last 6 months. that seems to jump out from the list as to how he could
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possibly have received a medical exemption to come and play in the strategy. and it is bewildering, a face value. so how is this going down briefly? if you can in india trillion public it's not going down well at all. i don't think i've seen any positive comments around it. people have been through the wringer as they have been around the world with, with karen of ours. but there's been an enormous push here to get vaccinated and there's been really, really strong statements from all levels of government about how important it is that you get vaccinated, that there will be no special cases for tennis players. and then neither jock of it, the public and the vax, a person who, who really has advocated against it, held those, you know, prominent tournaments last summer with picked up kevin himself. he's the one that gets medical exemption it's, it's not gone down well at all. cause i to force trillion open radio. steve fierce
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. thank you very must've pleasure gap. a man accused of setting fire to south africa parliament has appeared in court. firefighters said that finally brought the blaze on the control after a 2 day battle. the defendant has pleaded not guilty the charges of arsenal, possession of an explosive device. the suspect denied all charges when he appeared in court and faced the assembled press. the 49 year old who lives in a township, se of the city center was the only person arrested in connection with the fire. his lawyer said the wrong person had been detained, and that his client was being made a scapegoat. he advocated for a release on bail, but the prosecution seems certain they have their man and are trying him on 5 charges. and those charges include heartbreaking the content to steal and had
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to kind of assumed it was the scene of an explosive device. intersection of as insulting for such on the case has been close wont to the 11th of january, an explosion could have made an already chaotic situation. worse, firefighters 1st tended to the blaze on sunday. hampered by the fact that the building sprinkler system had malfunctioned, then it flared up again on monday evening after high winds and was eventually extinguished late at night. no one was injured with parliament still closed for the holidays. the building is expected to be out of use for several months. over the next 7 days, police will continue their investigations gathering additional evidence. the accused will remain in custody until his next court appearance. and finally, before i let you go, organizations all over the world are coming up with creative campaigns to encourage
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vaccination against cobit 19 here in germany and entrepreneur has teamed up with a shepherd for unique stunt. in the push to achieve human, heard immunity, 700 sheep and goats were let loose and formed the shape of a 100 meter long syringe. he animals were coaxed into position a pieces of bread stance organizers said he hoped to reach the emotions of vaccine hesitant people, where scientific reasoning had failed. you watching dw news is a reminder of the top story. we're following for you. president joe biden, as urged unvaccinated americans to get the job after more than 1000000 new coven 19 infections were reported in the us. within a 24 hour period, confirmed infections have doubled in the past week as the army con variance spreads
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. but thankfully, hospitalization and the death rates are lower than in previous waves. before we go, don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download the app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you happen to be part of a new story, you can also use the d w app to send us your photos on your video of what's happening around that's it from me and the only team here in berlin don't go away though. up next, close up the catastrophic environmental impacts of fishing nets dumped almost got office ah, with
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ah, who at the bottom of the baltic sea gooseneck most by fishermen or illegally tossed
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away the preachers get trapped in the mesh and die in agony. environmentalists to trying to help with risky dive. they are salvaging the go, snaps kluso. next on d w e go india a while going shrub is becoming a super plans. hello to pay a startup company for diesel to south bread from flower fibers. and the left, overweight if reuse is the college of this plant offering the indian textile industry a chance he took india 60 minutes on d, w. o. blue
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with welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules. where conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to us all o peak wolves this week on d, w ah, under water salvage divers, recover ghost nets from the depths of the sea. these.


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