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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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their story. applying and reliable information for migrant ah ah ah this is dw news live from berlin, the america united states, pardon me, records a 1000000 you on a cron infections in
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a single day. confirmed infections have doubled in the past week is the highly contagious on the cross variance spreads across. the country will speak to a health expert about what this means for americas fight against the pandemic. also coming up as afghanistan faces famine this winter, we ask the taliban, why the international community should work with them. given the record on human rights and happy were unions for some afghans fleeing taliban rule. rescued by relatives living here in germany. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. the united states recorded more than 1000000 new cove 19 infections on monday. that's a world record for confirmed daily cases. though it's partly because of a reporting backlog after the new year's holiday. confirmed infections have doubled
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in the past week is on the cross spreads across the country. that hospitalization and death rates have been lower than in previous waves. u. s. center for disease control has recommended shortening the wait for booster jabs to 5 months. but more than a quarter of the population is still completely unvaccinated. and to talk about the search in infections in the united states, i am now joined by william schaffner. he is professor of preventive medicine at the department of health policy at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville. professor, are you dismayed by the low level of vaccination now that on a crown is is spreading oh, neck of i am absolutely dismayed by the low level of vaccination. no, we have been promoting vaccination for months now, but there is a contingent of adults that are still hesitant. skeptic and i will say down, right,
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stubborn about not receiving the vaccine. and these are frequently also people who are not bringing their children forward to be vaccinated. and in addition to that, we of course have people who have had 2 doses of the m r and a vaccine that still need their booster for optimal protection. so we have an enormous amount of vaccination work to do here in the united states. and do think that perhaps some of the harsher measures or rigorous measures that europe is applying. looking at austria, for instance, where there's a vaccine mandate are needed or even possible in the united states. ah, the question is possible, right? you can have a public policy, but it has to be generally accepted. there are 2 kinds of populations in the united states. i'm part of the one group that would like to have more obligations and requirements for vaccination. and then of course, there's
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a large number of people who pushed back against that very, very strongly. ah, and i think we haven't come to a consensus, and it differs in different states across the country. i'm in tennessee where we have a large proportion of the unvaccinated still. and if, if we could, professor, just talk a little bit about the facts on the ground, the on the cross variant that is spreading faster than the delta, but appears to be at early reports less severe. does this mean that corona virus is going to become endemic, something that we just have to get used to living with permanently like the flu, for example. all. well, the short answer to your question is yes. a corona viruses, cove, it is not going to disappear. and we will have to cope with it as we do with influenza on an ongoing basis. it is true, omicron spreads widely. it can even infect people who are vaccinated and boosted.
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but the important thing to focus on is those people get mile disease. yes, you could even have to go to bed for a day or 2, but you don't require hospitalization. hospitalization almost completely still is comes from people who were on vaccinated at all, and that's where the burden of unvaccinated people are at and, and hospitalizations. and that's what straightening our health care system. okay. professor william shatner, talking to us from nashville, tennessee. thanks for your time. europe is also contending with record infections to start the new year. here in germany, health officials or warning that the true scale of a crisis is not yet know because of a leg and testing and reporting of cases over the holiday period. while ami kron numbers have exploded across europe, germany has buck. the trend here,
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infection numbers have remained relatively low over the past few weeks. but that com may be deceptive. cases have been under reported over the holiday period and many think a steep rise in the infection rate is inevitable. and for the 1st time in weeks, cases have actually started to go up. but there is a marked shift in where the virus is heating hardest. whereas just a few weeks ago, the south eastern region, so the biggest number of infections now it's northwest and germany, that is seeing a spike in cases. this is likely due to the spread of army crown cases from neighboring netherlands and denmark that have seen a sharp rise in new infections. authorities, fear a new wave of infections could affect the running of critical infrastructure such as hospitals and other public services. this has prompted a debate on changes to quarantine roles with officials suggesting shortening isolation periods for people who test positive for coven 19 munoz over. emma allows
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for. if everyone suddenly drops out, then we can close the whole store. if just one person is left, they can't move from one department to the next and then do the checkout at the end . that's impossible this on working. while most people in germany support the measures currently in place. nationwide some 35000 people took to the streets again on monday to protest against germany's corona virus restrictions. many protesters are also angry at the new government plan to introduce a vaccine mandate. more and more politicians have come out in favor of it, but it will be up to the german parliament to decide with a vote expected at the end of february. and here are some more of the latest developments in the pandemic. the prime minister of israel says a 4th vaccine shot significantly increases anti bodies and diminishes the risk of infection and hospitalization. now, tele bennett was announcing the preliminary results of a hospital trial. a day after the country began a new booster campaign for people over 60. china has locked down another city after
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just 3. a symptomatic cases were discovered resident of usual and had nan province have been confined to their home since monday evening and only allowed to leave under exceptional circumstances. and sweden's king and queen have tested positive for the corona virus. there are spokes people say they are fully vaccinated and have only suffered mild symptoms. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. a suspect has appeared in court over the fire that badly damaged the south african parliament in cape town. 49 year old faces 2 counts of arson. prosecutors also alleged she had an explosive device with him when he broke into the parliament building. suspects lawyer says he's pleading not guilty. sudanese soldiers have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital. hard to clashes were reported in several places, including near the presidential palace through dance. political crisis deepened on
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sunday when the prime minister quit after failing to find a deal to please both the military and it's pro democracy opponents. hades intern, prime minister says he has survived an assassination attempt government open fire is all he and his entourage emerged from a church forcing them to run for their lives. oh, he is blaming bandits for trying to kill him. he has effectively been in charge of the caribbean republic since its president was assassinated last year. and german president frank walter. stan, my look set for a 2nd term is head of state after securing the backing of the coalition government . the greens were the last of the 3 coalition parties to endorse him. he's now poised to be re elected on february, the 13th for another 5 year term. and we turn now to afghanistan, which is facing multiple crises at the same time. international aid has largely
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dried ups the taliban, top of the u. s. back government last august. and winter is bringing widespread food shortages to an already crippled economy. as millions face famine because of the worst drought for 2 centuries. women are struggling under new restrictions and largely shut out of public life. there are also reports of widespread violence against people who worked for the former government. so far. no country has officially recognized the taliban regime since it seized power last august. a short time ago, my colleague phil gail, spoke with a member of the taliban about the groups push for international recognition and the difficulties the country is facing. here's that interview. i've talked to her about k springs for the total balance of foreign affairs ministry. he joins us from afghanistan's capital, kabul, welcome to the w. thank you for having me. why should the international community recognize and therefore, that just in my eyes, the taliban given you
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a track record on human rights? i. the current government understand the new government that has come to power is manifest reality and the world needs to engage with it as the, the government that is currently in place has actually fulfilled the criteria for a body to be recognized as an official state. according to under international law, and in accordance with article one of the month of a day of conference, $9.00 to $33.00, there are 4 essentials that they need to fulfill. number one, and that has to have defined geography 2 is that it has to have permanent population and the geography of 3 is that the government has to provide governance. the people ruling have to provide
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a governance. and the 4th of criteria is that the government has to have the capability of, of creating and establishing relations with foreign nations. in our view, it's the right of the, of the people they have decided upon a supporting. so you have this new account for interrupting, i understand what you said, but what you said is that afghanistan, the taliban government has fulfilled criteria laid down and doesn't explain. that doesn't tell us what is how it will benefit. countries like the like great britain or germany or the united states, how will they benefit from dealing with and baffled, just amazing. a taliban government to call it term it as a taliban government is incorrect. this is the government representative government of the people understand it did not come here through an airplane. it was not a drop. the leadership was not dropped. it was not backed by foreign forces. it is
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the people of understand that this new government represents and for the world that is absolutely necessary, it is imperative to engage with this new government and accept the unique unique quality off the other people for what it is and engage with it in dialogue. if there is any outstanding issues, it can all be resolved through dialogue and right. using pressure tactics is not the answer to, to the problems that i understand is facing. understood? are girl still being excluded from education in afghanistan? no, that statement is only half the truth. it is not the complete truth and understand from primary all the way to new levels. all women are allowed to attend school and attended occasion on public sector. from grade one to 6, all girls are attending school and in a conservative society, like i understand,
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they're comprises majority of female students. right. and we have up to 12 to 13 provinces. we're girls are attending from grade 7 all the way to 12. and the government, the state policy is that we will give every right to, to the female members of our society that comprise half the population, the right to work the right to education and every single other right that has been afforded to them and islam. and so you say that you will give them every right on the islam. as far as not reg world is concerned, women have fewer rights. women in afghanistan have fewer rights than men. and just so we're clear you justify that because you say that is laid down in the current that is correct. the people who understand have fought valiantly against 2 superpowers for 43 years, for this exact purpose,
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to establish islamic law. and in slamming society, understand that the population is 99.9 percent muslim. so it is only a correct that islam be implemented on this land. is it true that afghan women who protested against restrictions on freedoms in september when assaulted with rifle butts tear gas and metal clubs by afghan fighters? no, i have not heard of such reports. i've seen reports of our security forces preventing the protest. that is because the protests were there were a guidelines were given by the ministry of interior that protest to take place. they have to 1st coordinate with the ministry of frontier about the place and timing. so there is no commotion and no problems for, for people that are going about. the irregular work doesn't have got to have
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a free press sign of the very free and vibrant press there's, there's no doubt about it. if you were here and cobble and understand you would see channels ranging from a f p all the way to al jazeera to to d, w members of d to myself have signed their the letter of permission for work. and as for all the media that was present previously are all active. unfortunately, i do have to say that some media houses have closed down, but that is not because of us because they have run out of funding. they will, funded by by foreign donors and they have run out of that funding. so they had to close down. so the taliban has issued guidelines, restricting journalism, they say contradicts islamic or african volumes. explain to us what that means. so that basically means that the laws that are sensitive
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to the society for, for example, the laws of blasphemy and a western nation, it could be perfectly correct to, to, to carry out such activities. but in this, in a society like understand that is very conservative that has gone through 40 years of constant war. such practices are not allowed. as economy has collapsed, it's undergoing humanitarian crisis. we understand that targeted killings are on the increase and your health care system is on the brink of collapse. this is, as you face a pandemic, just explain to us how the people of afghanistan, the men, and the women have benefited from the taliban controlling the country. well, the benefit is that we finally have peace. we don't have killings. we had between 200 to 300 innocent souls lost every single day. and i understand, due to the award that was the brutal war, the aggression that was carried out against the peaceful of the peace loving people
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of a plan to start. so that is one of the and the base is the foundation of any state is that it has to provide security to its, its constituency, to its citizens. so that is one of the greatest benefits that the people off understand had been yearning for for 40 years. and the collective punishment they are, are facing from the international community is very said, it is very unfortunate. they are threatened with mass starvation because they finally have peace and they have attained this sovereignty. i'm talk to her about it from the tell around foreign affairs ministry. thank you for talking to d w. thank you for having me. it was my pleasure and staying with the afghan story, thousands of afghans are still desperate to flee their country. the taliban though are discouraging people from leaving the site. this many of those who can leave are doing so often with the help of relatives abroad,
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including here in germany. her on the united again, in germany. law mina nodded. he has made it out of afghanistan with the help of her niece. now gus. mar. yes. the own for it simply wonderful to see her here in front of me. i had almost given up hope they we would ever manage to bring her here. it's a huge dream. come true. gore full home. oh to day. now gus is visiting her and me now. now daddy, for the 1st time since her arrival in germany, mina has found shelter in a refugee camp. a 2 hour drive away from berlin. she's here with a 7 year old daughter at our her and her husband. the last few months have been exhausting. we never would have thought that we would ever leave afghanistan.
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he's not fixed. sadly. the taliban has set afghanistan back. not by 20 years at emma tyson, centuries on that. let that be so bad. kid, dep, cousin hall up. so la cobbled that question then in afghanistan mina nodded. he was deputy mayor of harriet and even ran for parliament. she actively supported women's rights and campaigned for a more modern of janice town. she was a public figure. when the taliban took cobble, she went into hiding with a family and started looking for a way out mid november at berlin. airport. mina nodded. he finally arrived in germany with her family. it was a moment of great relief after a strenuous escape. the family had managed to leave of canister by land using fake
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passports. stealthily a german lawyer organized the visa for germany and the flight tickets. now, the family are in safety, all but one. until the taliban takeover mina nodded. his 15 year old son nima sang enough gunners, dance, children's choir, but the taliban cracked down on music. nima had to escape. in mid december, he and his fellow musicians arrived in portugal. the portuguese authorities had got them out of afghanistan. his mother in germany is hoping she'll get to see us on soon somewhere in europe. oh my gosh hollis, i'm satisfied. i'm in safety for my son is safe in portugal. and i'm very happy about that, or is it pushes through. ah, can even stand on her own 2 feet again. i wish for god to bring peace to afghanistan thunderbolt so that we couldn't return to our home and better off than
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we were before. kennimore beaudet supported me now. now did he enter family? can stay in germany for the next 3 years. ah, goes to school here, one of the family will soon be relocated to a camp closer to berlin. they're still collecting donations to help the people in afghanistan, many species of wildlife on the planet are of course facing extinction due to things like climate change and over hunting. but there's some hope on the horizon in the form of artificial intelligence. according to the global network, wildlife, wild labs, pardon me, a i is one of the top technologies that will help conservationists in the coming decade. in one project, scientists are trying to safe chimpanzees. chimpanzees like these are endangered. they are under threat from habitat last poaching and illegal logging. one 5th of the great 8 population was lost between 20052013 according to the world wildlife fund. but artificial intelligence may be able to help save them. this
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video shows a i at work classifying what these chips are doing. it recorded not cracking, heating and how ships drum on tree roots to communicate over long distances. scientists believe making it easier and quicker to monitor chim. populations will help protect them. rhinos are also under threat. rhino poaching has increased by almost 8000 per cent between 20072013 says the w. w. f. a i can save the lives of rhinos and their game keepers across africa by helping spot poachers. early add to that honey bees. the world's pollinators artificially intelligent neural networks, analyze data from an international network of smart beehives set up with sensors to monitor their behavior by detecting patterns and colonies. the bees can be protected from dangers such as hornets and
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a. i doesn't just help wildlife machine learning was also one of the reasons cove at 19 vaccinations were developed at record speed. the outlook for wild animals around the world isn't exactly a sunny one. and scientists sworn the next pandemic may only be around the corner. it is likely our reliance on artificial intelligence will continue to intensify and for more insight on this, the soccer italian speaker who's a program officer, wild labs, a global online community dedicated to the to conservation technology in santa cruz, california. how important has a are become for conversica conservation. forgive me. hi, thanks so much for having me. yes. so as environmental challenges, as was mentioned, like climate change about diversity last continue to escalate across the globe while they've, conservationists are turning more and more into modern technologies like artificial intelligence. and until recently,
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mainly used technologies like trail cameras and tracking colors to collect data on animals in the wild. we would have to process all of that data by hand, which takes a long time course. and recently country have been able to use artificial intelligence to actually automatically pull out the important information from my data. for example, being able to tell when a poacher has entered a protected area, or when an elephant is wandering to close to a village. and then they're able to act on that in real time. so in short, it's become an incredibly important tool in the conservation tool box. and well, that's a hopeful bit of news that a i couldn't it be a double edged sword? is there a chance that it could be used, you know, for ill, against conservation or something we have to watch out for? it's definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration. and it certainly is being considered in early efforts. but right now there's just, we have such an influx of data in the conservation world and we don't have the
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capacity yet to fully capitalize on it. and we see a lot of opportunities for advancement here. you know, a lot of these tools hold a lot of promise, but they're not actually very accessible to the conservation as you need to use them yet because they still require, you know, computer coding skills and things like that. so i think an investment in making tools that are both accessible and effective to the right people will take us a great step in the right direction. well, thank you for this glimpse into the future talia speaker program officer at wild labs in santa cruz california. thank organization all over the world are coming up with creative campaigns to encourage vaccination in germany and entrepreneur teamed up with a shepherd for a unique stunt. in the push to achieve human heard immunity, 700 sheep and goats were lined up to form a 100 meter long syringe. pieces of red were laid out to coax the animals into
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position. there they go. spencer organizer said he hoped to reach the emotions of vaccine hesitant people were scientific reasoning had failed. and there's the needle you're watching d w. so here is a reminder, the top story we're following for you. the united states to set a global record of more than 1000000 new code. 19 infections reported on monday confirmed infections have doubled in the past week is on the cron spreads across the country. hospitalization and death rates have been lower than in previous way. you know, up to date, next step is t w's football. magazine kick off on next. spicer, thanks for watching a with
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