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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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will you ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news lying from ballet in europe gets ready for a new wave of only crime infections. it's fair, the case numbers will spike to record levels following holiday traveling gatherings . so how well these germany doing, also on the program as afghanistan,
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faces family in this winter, we ask the taliban, why the international community should work with given their record on human rights . and jeremy may have a new government, but it's had a state looks likely to stay the same. a strong voltage dying maya wins political backing for a 2nd term as president. ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. while europe is preparing for a new wave of covered 19 infections to start the new year, there are fiercely on chrome varied will cause case numbers to climb to record highs, increasing pressure on hospitals and leaving many workplaces short staffed. here in germany, health officials, a warning the true scale of the crisis, isn't yet known because of a law, a lag in testing and reporting of cases over the holiday period. while all micro
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numbers have exploded across europe, germany has back the trend here and faction numbers have remained relatively low over the past few weeks. now that com may be deceptive. cases have been under reported over the holiday period, and many think a steep rise in the infection rate is inevitable. and for the 1st time in weeks, cases half actually started to go up. but there is a marked shift in where the virus is heading hardest. whereas just a few weeks ago, the south eastern region saw the biggest number of infections. now it's northwestern germany, that is seeing a spike in cases, this is likely due to the spread of army kron cases from neighboring netherlands and denmark. that has seen a sharp rise in new infections. authorities, fear, and new wave of infections could affect the running of critical infrastructure such as hospitals and other public services. this has prompted to debate on changes to quarantine rules with officials suggesting shortening isolation periods for people
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who test positive for cove at 19 the needs of emma allows for if every one suddenly drops out, then we can close the whole store. it's just one prisoner's lap, they can't move from one department to the next line, and then the checkout at the end of that's impossible on mercury. while most people in germany support the measures currently in place. some 35000 people took to the streets again on monday to protest against germany's corona virus restrictions. many protesters are also angry at the new government plan to introduce the vaccine mandate. more and more politicians have come out in favor of it. better will be up to the german parliament to decides with vote expected at the end of february. so how do we make sense of the fact that searching infection rates haven't been matched by searching hospitalization, rates or last of our martin mckee, who's professor of european public health at the london school of hygiene and tropical met? well,
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i'm not sure city coupling. what we are seeing is that the risk of hospitalization is much lower than it was without earlier variance. but we are seeing that as cases are going up, hospitalizations are going up all be at not to lot, not the same extent. i think what we've seen with success of variance is that they're changing in terms of their transmit civility, but they're also changing in terms of the pattern of disease that they're causing. and there is no doubt that oma chrome is causing less severe lung disease. although there are still some concerns about his impact and other body systems, but it is good news compared to what it could have been. and so that the arguments will, will be hard in capitals around the world are certainly are around europe. so was this about army kron? was this about government actions? was this about government over reactions, or was this about vaccinations? what's, what's your take in this, this, this machine with so many moving parts? well, it certainly wasn't a bad overreaction when a new very comes about, particularly one like,
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oh mac compton has so many different mutations compared to what has gone before. a would have been crazy not to have responded very rapidly to taking the precautionary principle. dot said, yes, we have been relatively fortunate. the difficulty is that this is a variant that is evading, to some extent, the existing vaccines. now, the vaccines are still hugely important and protecting against the other variants. there are also providing some protection against macro, but it is able to break through both prior infection and the facts and, and vaccination dot clearly is a challenge of what we are seeing and the number, if you're ready, all of the european countries is that even those that were bringing the rich time very markedly, like austria, particularly germany. the netherlands were beginning to see an optic again. and that's all there concerning. right. another is news, another varian that's been detected in france and traced back to camber room. it's hard to keep track of these, this is another one that we should be concerned about,
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or if it's just part of the process of, of what cove it does. i think we need to be concerned about all of these. and i think one of the messages that needs to come up very strongly is that europe in countries need to increase their sequencing capacity. there are some countries united kingdom, denmark are doing very well in terms of the proportion of cases that are sequence, but not everybody else is. so therefore, we could easily be missing that with this particular barry and dorothy looked like it's having some localized credit. the minute, but it doesn't seem to be competing on the current as far as we can tell up the minute. so there is likely they're likely to be other areas that are going to be causing us more problems. but i think we just need to keep an eye on this one or not perhaps get too worried to budget for night. okay, that's very clear. thank you so much for joining us, professor professor martin mckay from the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine. thank a small, the latest developments in the pandemic starting in israel, where the prime minister says a 4th vaccine shot significantly increases antibodies and diminishes the risk of
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infection hospitalization. of tale bennett announced the preliminary results of a hospital trial. a day after the country began a new booster campaign for people over 60, china has locked down another city after just 3. a symptomatic cases were discovered. residents of use you in hand and province have been confined to their home since monday evening, and only allowed to leave under exceptional circumstances. and sweden's king and queen have tested positive for the corona virus. spokespeople say they're fully vaccinated and if only suffered mild symptoms. and some more stories making news around the world now, thousands of pro democracy processes of taking the streets of sedans, capital cartoon, and other major cities. the country's political crisis deepened this week with the resignation of the prime minister with leaves and military once again in sol control of the northeast african country. iranian state media reporting that 8 people are dead following flash flooding in the country. south days of heavy rain,
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half hit the region north of the strait of whole moves. rain red crescent says 20000 people have been affected. that we have got a standard which is facing multiple crises. international aid is largely dried up since the taliban topple the u. s, back to government last august, winter has brought widespread food shortages to already crippled economy and billions phase family. that's the worst drug for 2 centuries shows no sign of easy women faced new restrictions. and lastly, shut out of public life and reports of widespread violence against people who worked for the form of government. the taliban has been pushing for international recognition of its government so far. no country has recognized the reggie. i don't care how about he's being so the taliban is a foreign affairs ministry. he joins us from afghanistan's capital, a cowboy, welcome to the w. thank you for having the why should the international community
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recognize and therefore the just as the taliban given your track record on human rights and the current government understand the new government that has come to power is manifest reality and the world needs to engage with it. as the government that is currently in place has actually fulfill the criteria for body to be recognized as an official state according to under international law. and in accordance with article one of the montevideo conference, 9 to 33, there are 4 essentials that they need to fulfill. number one, and that has to have defined geography. 2 is that it has to have permanent population in the geography. 3 is that the government has to
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provide governance. the people ruling have to provide a governance. and the 4th of criteria is that the government has to have the capability of, of creating and establishing relations with foreign nations. when our view is the right of the of the people they have decided upon a supporting. so you have this new account for interrupting. i understand what you said, but what you said is that afghanistan, the taliban government has fulfilled criteria laid down and doesn't explain. that doesn't tell us what is how it will benefit. countries like the like great britain or germany or the united states, how will they benefit from dealing with and therefore the just amazing a taliban government to call it term it as a taliban government as incorrect. this is the government representative government of the people of the sun that did not come here through an airplane. it was not
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a drop. the leadership was not air drop. it was not back by foreign forces that the people off of line is that this new government represents and for the world, it is absolutely necessary. it is imperative to engage with this new government and accept the unique, unique, witty off the people for what it is and engage with it in dialogue. if there's any outstanding issues, it can all be resolved through dialogue and right, using pressure tactics as not as not the answer to, to the problems. that phone is facing. understood girls still being excluded from education in afghanistan. no, that statement is only half the truth. it is not the complete truth, and i understand from primary all the way to newest levels. all women are allowed to attend school and attain education. on public sector. from grade one to 6,
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all girls are attending school and in a conservative society, like i understand, they're comprises majority of female students. right. and we have up to 12 to 13 provinces. we're girls are attending from grade 7 all the way to 12. and the government, the state policy is that we will give every right to, to the female members of our society that comprise half the population, their right to work their right to education and every single other right that has been afforded to them and islam. and so you say that you will give them every rights under islam. as far as not reg world is concerned, women have fewer rights. women in afghanistan have fewer rights than men. and just so we're clear you justify that because you say that is laid down in the current that is correct. the people understand have fought valiantly against 2 superpowers
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for 43 years, for this exact purpose, to establish islamic law. and in an islamic society understand that the population is 99.9 percent muslim. so it is only a correct that islam be implemented on this land. is it true that afghan women who protested against restrictions on the freedoms in september when assaulted with rifle butts tear gas and metal clubs by afghan fighters? no, i have not heard of such reports. i've seen reports of our security forces preventing the protest. that is because the protests were there were a guidelines were given by the ministry of interior that protest to take place. they have to 1st coordinate with the ministry of frontier about the place and timing. so there is no commotion and no problems for,
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for people that are going about. the irregular work does not going to have a free press sign of the very free and vibrant press there's, there's no doubt about it. if you were here in cobble and understand, you would see channels ranging from a f p all the way to al jazeera, to to d, w members of d to myself have signed their the letter of permission for work. and as for all the media that was present previously are all active. unfortunately, i do have to say that some media houses have closed down, but that is not because of us. it's because they have run out of funding. they were funded by, by foreign donors and they have run out of that funding. so they had to close down . so the taliban has issued guidelines, restricting journalism, they say contradicts islamic, or ask values explains what, what that means. so that basically means that the laws
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that are sensitive to the society, for example, the laws of blasphemy and a western nation, it could be perfectly correct to, to, to carry out such activities. but in this, in a society like understand that is very conservative that has gone through 40 years of constant war. such practices are not allowed. as economy has collapsed, it's undergoing humanitarian crisis. we understand that targeted killings around the increase and your health care system is on the brink of collapse. this is, as you face a pandemic, just explain to us how the people of afghanistan, the men, and the women have benefited from the taliban controlling the country. well, the benefit is that we finally have peace. we don't have killings we had between 200 to 300 innocent souls lost every single day and understand due to the war.
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there were the brutal war, the aggression that was carried out against the peaceful, of the peace loving people of a plan to start. so that is one of the and the base is the foundation of any state is that it has to provide security to its, its constituency, to its citizens. so that is one of the greatest benefits that the people off understand had been yearning for for 40 years. and the collective punishment they are, are facing from the international community is very said, it is very unfortunate. they are threatened with mass starvation because they finally have peace and they have attained this sovereignty. i'm talk to her about here from the tell around foreign affairs ministry. thank you for talking to d w. thank you for having me. it was my pleasure. oh, houses of afghans are still desperate to flee the country. the taliban, though a discouraging people from leaving this fibres money. those who can leave are doing
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so often with the help of relatives who are brought, including here in germany, who are the united again in germany. hello mina nodded. he has made it out of afghanistan with the help of her niece nuggets. mar yes, the own for it's simply wonderful to see her here in front of me where i had almost given up hope they we would ever manage to bring her here. it's a huge dream. come true. gore full talk over a foot to day. now gus is visiting her round me now now did he for the 1st time since her arrival in germany, mina has found shelter in a refugee camp. a 2 hour drive away from berlin. she's here with a 7 year old daughter at our her and her husband. the last few months have been exhausting. we never would have thought that we would ever leave afghanistan.
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he's not fixed. thirdly, the taliban have set afghanistan back, not by 20 years. emma ties centuries on that. let that be. so val. kid, dep golden haul up so la. cobbled back. ashton then in afghanistan. mina nodded. he was deputy mer of harriet and even ran for parliament. she actively supported women's rights and campaigned for a more modern of dana stone. she was a public figure when the taliban took cobble. she went into hiding with her family and started looking for a way out mid november at berlin airport. mina nodded. he finally arrived in germany with her family. it was a moment of great relief after a strenuous escape. the family had managed to leave afghanistan by land using fake
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passports, elderly, a german lawyer, organized the visa for germany and the flight tickets. now the family are in safety, all but one until the taliban takeover mina nodded. he's 15 year old son nima sang in afghanistan, se children's choir. but the taliban cracked down on music. nima had to escape. in mid december, he and his fellow musicians arrived in portugal. the portuguese authorities had got them out of afghanistan. his mother in germany is hoping she'll get to see her son soon. somewhere in europe. oh my gosh hollis, i'm satisfied. i'm in safety. my son is safe in portugal and i am very happy about that or is it was his though? ah, can he wouldn't stand on her own 2 feet again. i wish for god to bring peace to afghanistan . thunderbolt so that we couldn't return to our home and better off than we were
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before. kennimore bore dest supported me now, now did he, and her family can stay in germany for the next 3 years of roha goes to school, here or on. the family will soon be relocated to camp, closer to berlin. they're still collecting donations to help the people in afghanistan, a german president from valdosta and my looks like he's going to get a 2nd term as head of state after securing the backing of the country's coalition government or the greens were the last of the 3 coalition parties to endorse him and he's now poised to be elected on the 13th of february for another 5 year term has been shy. my was a long time member of the center left social democrats, the party of chancellor, olaf shots with you. look at more from the douglas, chiefly to episode mckayla kutner. welcome mckayla. so let's talk about the role of 1st of germany's present a book. what, who, who is a,
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what we know who he is. what does he do? well, the role of the german present is as head of state. it is the highest ranking official in germany. at the same time, it's a largely ceremonial role, and that's why we keep talking about german chancellor's plural. now, no longer dest angle or mac, or, but the president does have a vital role at crunch times, for instance, leading up to the final term of anglo marco. it was frank vita stein maya, who knocked heads together and basically pushed his own social democrats, who really didn't want to go into government again to do so out of democratic responsibility. he is also is a moral authority here in germany. he has court on the country to stick together as throughout the pandemic and other issues and frank by dust, i may, himself, he is, after all, dummies, former foreign minister, and that is still very much tangible. so if anybody is the face of germans debility
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politics, continuity, particularly in this time of change to new government, it's found quite a stain mayor, and he will stay in place. most likely i am. why were the greens are apparently initially hesitant to support him for a 2nd turn? well, the greens actually contested an election with a female top candidate, then failed to come 1st. and they were also the ones who felt most that it really was time for woman to stand, a green woman potentially to stand. there was a lot of internal debate within the party, but they've just entered government or on rather a more shaky ground than the predictions throughout. 5 the election campaign showed, so i think it's safe to say that they simply did not want to rock the boat with their bigger coalition partner, their social democrat, s p d, and funk by dusty my after all was part of the s p d. so for now, they chose stability over taint on this one. so with all 3 coalition partners
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signed up to this, does this mean that front routers shy my or is a shoe in there'll be no a rival for the presidency? while the m conservatives are planning it to put up, oh, female candidates, but no name has been mentioned there yet. so it could well be em, very much, a little contest going into that and certainly a very safe majority as it's looking now for frank by destiny. my in that national assembly that only comes together to elect the president. thank you so much for that. me, hannah did of his chief political editor, mccann christner, despite surgeon only crohn cases in the u. s. one of the world's biggest tech fairs, the consumer electronics show a still going ahead in las vegas, or companies are scabbing back their presence. they are attending in person after last year's show was held on line. the pandemic also features prominently among
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some of the new gadgets on display. the developers built a tiny ventilation system into the air. tight massey fan is operated by a small rechargeable battery. one of the inventors explains to trade visitors. he claims the mosque with its filters, protect against almost all viral and bacterial agents, especially nano and micro particles. it costs $340.00. it's a fantastic tool to fight against the covered crisis. because with this mask, you will need to do a 4th vaccination, a 5th, the 6, depending on all the variance of the virus and all the new viruses that will arrive in the future will be a trade fare in the middle of the micron wave health professionals was that c s could become a super spreader event. the organizers have taken extra measures to prevent this putting on a lot of stuff to avoid long lines at reception. visitors must be vaccinated. in
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addition, everyone has tested the pathways a wider exhibit is further apart. yet despite these measures, many big names are missing, b m, w, microsoft, t mobile and many others aren't here or have reduced their presence. there are 2200 exhibitors, about half as many as the la c s which was open to the public video. but those who are here have made a conscious choice, like rim coffee in bring from the netherlands, who transforms glass facades, into video streams. video stream. i think there's thought is thought of it takes a lot of guts anyway. i had a great job. busy i quit the job. busy i started, so there's a lot of uncertainties, and this is on the ground, one of the uncertainties. hey, maybe it's an opportunity. so you didn't stop. it will never stop optimism that the industry in the 2nd year of the corona virus crisis,
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can really use how heavy snow and strong winds disrupting transport links across most of the southeastern united states. several government offices in washington, d. c. have had to close down the icy conditions, are also brought hundreds out to join a massive snowball fight. the crowd on the national mouth split into 2 sides before pummeling each other with breathing missiles organizes coordinating the action on social media called it the battle of snow. micron is, is d w. news life from bernard. his reminder of our top story is our european countries are expecting a new wave of covered 19 cases fuel by the only tron variant. it fades in new infection numbers. could search in many countries as more testing is done following holiday travel and gatherings. this is d, w coming up next a news, asia young indians debating government plans to raise the marriage age for women to
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21 to what's behind these proposals and what problems are they supposed to solve and just a month ahead of the beijing and then pick games will preview the spectacle and review calls for boycotting the winter olympics. there's a child will have those daughters and more dw news asia in just a moment. i'll be back at the top of the had a good day with
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i love it. okay. then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and lets ride with red. 60 minutes on d. w. with the amount that is increasing every year, many im gonna working on landfills b, y fairly holiday destination drowning in plastic white line and take a look at the car. every year. europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with there. another way. after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines.
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ah, the internet knows all. sheets, creators, warranty everything, and digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking every day. are we headed to a futuristic utopia pool, but digitize the nightmare? the internet of everything starts january 17th on d, w. ah, you're watching t w news. asia coming up in india considers changing the legal age of women to married and the debate is fierce.


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