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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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gateway to the best connections, south road and rail. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world. life experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by fraud. mm ah. ah, this is dave dublin years live from bernie. you're a braces for a new wave of abi cronin factions across the continent. it's fairly new case
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numbers could spike to record levels following holiday travel and gatherings. also on the program, germany may have a new government, but its head of state looks like sites staying the same. right, well touch dime by wins, political backing for a 2nd term as president. i'm happy re unions or some afghans playing taliban rule. rescued by relatives living here in germany and wilmington, unconventional entrepreneur, breaking down stereotypes. oh, really. american belgian mother of 5 launches are multi lingual internet channel to share her favorite recipes and hope that the spelling prejudice ah i feel gail, welcome to the program. a europe is preparing for an even bigger wave of covered 19
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infections. the highly contagious omicron variance is quickly becoming dominant with more testing. now being done after the holiday season is fair. that case numbers will climb to new records and that could increase the pressure on hospitals and leave many workplaces short staffed. each member state is grappling with a way forward, rome days away from tougher restrictions. italy is one of so many european countries, again, faced with and braced for increased hardship in the form of regulated movement, tougher economic times and overflowing intensive care units. the director of this room hospital says for a month we have been systematically full my the, i mean the be any stark contrast to last summer and fall in rome. when infections were down, restrictions were relaxed, italy was reopening, and business was on the upswing. such was the case across much of europe as countries took a breath in hopes, the worst might be over then came winter and the spread of m. a kron in southern
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europe. and in the north, like italy, denmark's reopening was brief. now it is breaking caseload records with the highest ratio of infections per $100000.00 inhabitants in the world are the artifact. it is certainly worrying that we're seeing a continued high level of infection. and we're now seeing this more infectious omicron has taken over. officials maintain extensive testing has pushed denmark's case number's higher than countries that do less testing and less vaccinating countries like romania we're a 5th wave appears eminent, especially after gatherings during the holidays. this in a country that is next to last in europe when it comes to vaccination rates. that means it's near the bottom in what is now the global epicenter of the pandemic. let's take a closer look at this with martin mckay's is professor of european public health at
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the london school of hygiene and tropical. imagine welcome to the w professor. so we've seen at this stage that hospitals are not as shooting up at the same rate as the spread of only kron infections. what does this decoupling tell you? well, i'm not sure city coupling. what we are seeing is that the risk of hospitalization is much lower than it was without earlier barriers, but we are seeing that as cases are going up, hospitalizations are going up, albeit not to lot, not to the same extent. i think what we've seen with success of variance is that they're changing in terms of their transmits ability, but they're also changing in terms of the pattern of disease that they're causing. and there's no doubt that oma chrome is causing less severe lung disease. although there are still some concerns about his impact and other body systems, but it is good news compared to what it could have thing. and so the arguments will, will be hard in capitals around the world as certainly are around europe. so was
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this about army crump? was this about government actions? was this about government over reactions or was this about vaccinations? what's? what's your take in this, this, this machine with so many moving parts? well, it certainly wasn't a bad overreaction when a new very comes abide, particularly one like oma compton has so many different mutations compared to what has gone before. a would have been crazy not to have responded very rapidly, to taking the precautionary principle. dot said yes, we have been relatively fortunate. the difficulty is that this is a variant that is evading. to some extent the existing back seems not the fact interest still hugely important and protecting against the other variance. there are also providing some protection against film across, but it is able to break through both prior infection. and the facts and fascination adopt clearly is a challenge. and what we are seeing under number, if you're ready, all of the european countries is that even those that were bringing the rich time
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very markedly, like austria, particularly germany, the netherlands, were beginning to see an uptick again. and that's where they're concerning. right. another is news of another variant that's been detected in france and traced back to camber room. it's hard to keep track of these is another one that we should be concerned about, or is this just part of the, the process of, of what covey does? i think we need to be concerned about all of these. and i think one of the messages that needs to come up very strongly is that european countries need to increase their sequencing capacity. there are some countries united kingdom, denmark are doing very well in terms of the proportion of cases that are sequence, but not everybody else is. so therefore, we can easily be missing that with this particular very and it dos look like it's having some localized credit. the minute, but it doesn't seem to be competing on the current as far as we can tell up the minute. so there is likely they're likely to be other various that are going to be causing us more problems. but i think we just need to keep an eye on this one and
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not perhaps get too worried about it for now i i that's very clear. thank you so much for joining us, professor professor martin mckay from the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine. thank you. let's take a look at some of the latest developments in the pandemic starting in the united states, which are set a new global record of more than a 1000000 new daily corona, virus infections. as, according to data collected by the johns hopkins university, australia is also reporting a record number of new infections and hospitalizations. the country has now passed a circular for half a 1000000 cases. and india's capital delhi, as announced a weekend curfew to try to curb rising infections in the metropolis. now, israel has become the 1st country to offer a 4th, a dose of corona virus. vaccine 2 are at risk groups, so that includes anyone over 60, the amys to protect the vulnerable from omicron infections. the government has previously run successful vaccination campaigns. a 3rd,
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those last year did slow the spread of the dell to variance. the w visited one vaccination center in tel aviv where there was a feeling of urgency. no, ma'am, a much more much of a really busy, lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall vaccination is now available. one of the we, we worked really hard today to show a solar so can you talk to me to get vaccinated to protect myself and the people around me? that's why you get the job. and i hope others do it as well as all the math. i had met on, it's very scary on the, on the con variant is spreading everywhere. and since we have the vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77, and i'm considered in this, in the danger region. so we're doing is i want to see my grandchildren, i want to enjoy life, and that's the way to do it for me all. and that have a devotee of h advises these really government on virus policy. we asked him about the benefits
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of a 4th shot this way. give me a 2nd dose. so we see that after 4 months there is a, a break rules. i think we can see the logic of data and the other a few very so very similar to what these will be. the 2nd dog we finally decided because of the you driving the cases that the way you really need the safety of the vaccine. even though we don't have a you know, that you know, not going to be waiting, we decided to finally go compromise. and now we also will be $6400.00 workers and not active. it will take a look at some more stories of making a news around the world. now, starting in brazil with president giant ball sonata will not need surgery.
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according to his doctor's medic say, his condition has improved since he was hospitalized in south power. on monday, the president so can to treat a block to in test and it resulted from a wound incurred when he was stopped on the campaign trial in 2018. miss 14 people have died after a landslide destroyed a construction site in southwest and china workers were reinforcing a hillside when the one side occurred. exact cause is still being investigated. iranian state media reporting that 8 people are dead following flash flooding in the country. south days of heavy rain have been pounding region north of the strait . a full moon is the iranian red cross of red crescent says 20000 people have been hit by the disaster. here in germany, president frank about the shy my looks set for a 2nd term as head of state after securing the backing of the countries coalition government. the greens were the last of 3 coalition to partners to endorse him,
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presents diamonds, now poised to be re elected on february, 13th for another 5 year term. was a long time member of the center left social democrats. the party of the current chancellor. last shot camera. look at more from that detail is chief political decide mckayla kusha. i welcome mikaela. so let's talk about the role of 1st of germany, sir, president of book what, who, who is a, what we know who he is. what does he do? well, the role of the german present is as head of state. it is the highest ranking official in germany at the same time. it's a largely ceremonial role. and that's why we keep talking about german chancellor's plural. now no longer just angular mac or but the president does have a vital role at crunch times, for instance, leading up to the final term of anglo marco. it was frank vita stein maya,
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who knocked heads together and basically pushed his own social democrats, who really didn't want to go into government again to do so out of a democratic responsibility. he is also is a moral authority here in germany. he has called on the country to stick together as throughout the pandemic, and other issues and frank, by their stand by himself. he is, after all, germany's former foreign minister, and that is still very much tangible. so if anybody is the face of germans debility politics, continuity, particularly in this time of change to new the government, it's found quite a stain mom and he will stay in case most likely i am. why were the greens are apparently initially hesitant to support him for a 2nd term? well, the greens actually contested an election with a female top candidate, then failed to come 1st. and they were also the ones who felt most that it really
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was time for woman to stand, a green woman potentially to stand. there was a lot of internal debate within the party, but they've just entered government or on rather a more shaky ground than the predictions throughout the election campaign showed. so i think it's safe to say that they simply did not want to rock the boat with their bigger coalition partner, the social democrat, s p d and frank by just i my after or was part of the s p d. so for now, they chose stability over taint on this one. so with all 3 coalition partners assigned up to this, does this mean that frank valdez? cheyenne myers is a shoe in they'll be know a rival for the presidency. while the m conservatives are planning it to put up a female earned candidates, but no name has been mentioned there yet. so it could well be, am very much a little contest going into that and certainly
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a very safe majority as it's looking now for frank by destiny. my in that national assembly that only comes together to elect the president. thank you so much for that. my hand, i did of this chief political edison, mackenzie cooper, dr. ask on his sandwiches, facing multiple crises at the same time. international aid has largely dried up since the taliban top of the us back government in august of last year. winter has brought widespread food shortages to already crippled economy. millions face farming as the country's worst drought in 2 centuries shows no sign of letting our women face new restrictions and to largely shut out of public life. also reports of widespread violence against people who worked for the form of government involvement taliban. these discouraging people from leaving the country. but many of those who canley are doing so often with the help of relatives from abroad, including here in germany. good. who are united again in germany?
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hello, mina nodded. he has made it out of kindness done with the help of her niece nuggets . more. yes, the answer it simply wonderful to see here. here in front of me, i had almost given up hope they would ever manage to bring her here. it's a huge stream come true or so tom, i've got a full travel to day. now gus is visiting her and me now. now did he, for the 1st time since her arrival in germany, mina has found shelter in a refugee camp. a 2 hour drive away from berlin. she's here with her 7 year old daughter at our her and her husband. the last few months have been exhausting. we never would have thought that we would ever leave afghanistan. his mouth fixed. thirdly,
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the taliban have set afghanistan back. not by 20 years. matthias centuries. le let that be. so bal kid, deb cousin haul up solar cobbled medication then in afghanistan. mina nodded. he was deputy mayor of harriet and even ran for parliament. she actively supported women's rights and campaigned for a more modern of janice done. she was a public figure. when the taliban took cobble, she went into hiding with her family and started looking for a way out mid november at berlin. airport. mina nodded. he finally arrived in germany with her family. it was a moment of great relief after a strenuous escape. the family had managed to leave afghanistan by land, using fake passports, vulgarly, a german lawyer, organized the visa for germany and the flight tickets. now, the family are in safety. all but one. 0,
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until the taliban takeover mina nodded. his 15 year old son nima sang in afghanistan, se children's choir, but the taliban cracked down on music. nima had to escape. in mid december, he and his fellow musicians arrived in portugal. the portuguese authorities had got them out of afghanistan. his mother in germany is hoping she'll get to see us on soon somewhere in europe. oh my gosh hollis, i'm satisfied. i'm in safety. my son is safe in portugal and i'm very happy about that. it was his though. ah, can he wouldn't stand on her own 2 feet again. i wish for god to bring peace to afghanistan sandoval so that we couldn't return to our home and better off than we were before. kennimore beaudet supported me now. now did he and her family can stay in germany for the next 3 years? ha, ha ha, goes to school here, or the family will soon be relocated to
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a camp closer to berlin. they're still collecting donations to help the people in afghanistan that a turkey were inflation us at his highest level. for 19 years. december prices rose 36 percent year on year. the weak turkish layer has pushed the cost of food and fuel as sharply higher. critics blame president reggie type earl one for pressuring the central bank to cut interest rates a which caused the slump in the currency value fall turkeys. lira is plummeting and value and price is a soaring official figures. put inflation at 36 percent independent economists say in reality it's 80 percent or more prices arising so fast that many people and now having to make do with far less than they used to. some of them. yeah, it's a terrible situation. however, you look at it, it's terrible. people can only buy one or 2 pieces of fruit. now,
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we used to buy one or 2 kilo's. now we're just buying individual paces. here. this is melissa president, rich of type ode one has promised to bring inflation back under control. angelica heard in this and we're sad that our citizens are having to face the situation. but in all of turkey's history, we have the government that has done the most to fight inflation thought in if there so let me just leave it on. the lever has lost more than 40 percent of its value again. see west dollar but ado and says turkeys becoming more competitive, low wages and cheap production or increasing exports. he claims for thy struggling on may get salaries. it's poor consolation or the father read through south africa . parliament building has been brought under control for a 2nd time. a tuesday saw the fire flare up, or even though emergency services had said previously that it was under control.
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flames and smoke billowed out of a historic assembly. building in cape town was, dozens of firefighters were called back, managed you to appear in court on charges, including us after 2 days of flames. finally, some peace as night fell on monday, south africa parliament was burning again. the fire re ignited by strong winds a full day after the initial blaze was brought under control. dozens of firefighters were called back to tackled the flames, which have gutted the national assembly chamber. president sir ram of hosa visited the scene on sunday, where he said that building sprinkler system was believe to have malfunctioned. fortunately, the normally bustling chamber was empty as parliament was closed for the holidays. with no injuries reported, a man accused of starting the fire appeared in a cape town court on tuesday. he denies committing arson. the case is set to
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reconvene next week. the historic parliament building houses thousands of national treasures from important books to works of art. officials say these have all been saved, but it be months and millions of south african rand before lawmakers can return to the heart of their countries democracy. despite searching amazon cases in the u. s . one of the world's biggest tech fast the consumer electronics show is still going ahead in las vegas, but companies escaping back their presence but they are attending in person after last year show was held on line. the panoramic also features prominently amongst some of the new devices on display. the developers built a tiny ventilation system into the air tight musket fan is operated by a small rechargeable battery. one of the inventors explains to trade visitors. he claims the mosque with its filters,
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protect against almost all viral and bacterial agents, especially nano and micro particles. it costs $340.00 it's a fantastic tool to fight against the covered crisis. because with this mask, you won't need to do a 4th vaccination, a 5th, the 6, depending on all the variance of the virus and all the new viruses that will arrive in the future will be a trade fare in the middle of the micron wave health professionals was that c s could become a super spreader event. the organizers have taken extra measures to prevent this putting on a lot of stuff to avoid long lines at reception. visitors must be vaccinated. in addition, everyone is tested. the pathways are wider, the exhibit is further apart. yet despite these measures, many big names are missing. b, m, w, microsoft, t mobile and many others aren't here or have reduce their presence. there are 2200
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exhibitors, about half as many as the last c s which was open to the public video. but those who are here have made a conscious choice, like rim coffee and bring from the netherlands, who transforms glass besides into video streams. video stream. i think there's thought is thought if it takes a lot of guts anyway. i had a great job. busy i quit the job. busy i side of this, so there's a lot of uncertainties and this is only grown as one of the uncertainties. i maybe it's an opportunity so you didn't stop. it will never stop optimism that the industry in the 2nd year of the corona virus crisis, can really use migrants here in europe, often face difficulties and prejudice when they're trying to find jobs. and that's particularly true for some muslim women. the w has been speaking with while woman of moroccan origin, in belgium, who hasn't that setbacks in the conventional job market. hold her back. she's taken
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matters into her own hands, lights, camera, cook, who is a bustling around her kitchen in brussels, marianne lucy and shares her recipes with hundreds of thousands of followers world white. the belgian moroccan mother of 5 is know a successful business woman, but she had to build her own career ladder. douglas, the sometimes people he had don't think of this with different backgrounds as really belgian ecologist. miriam married at 16 and soon had children. but she wanted more from life, take a marcellus. she knew i started looking for work, but every day i knocked on was slammed in my face that they would simply ask me, are you willing to take off your hedge out by thought as what's that got to do with anything? well what, what matters is what's in my head, not what's on it is 50 a dollar it discouraged. she stayed at home until one day, an aunt asked miriam to film for her how to cook a favorite dish, lazy and had
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a brain wave and thought launch a huge him channels. nation, you to marry him, began uploading simple moroccan inspired cooking videos in french 4 years ago. i don't know. her creations have become a thriving enterprise. she's launched 3 more channels in other languages. so michael, arabic am and herbie com. i'm gonna read my the, the berber language revision leaking said chapter genie. i'm hindi or as well as sharing recipes. miriam shears insights into her home life to bust stereotypes about muslim women in belgium. on up mom, single people seeing as, as women who are subservient to their relationships, bless my husband and i are equals when it comes to attacking the household. chores go the cooking, taking care of the kids in life, electrical, despite her reams of fans. miriam still faces islam, a phobia online. uh huh. and then quote, a terrorist islamist sullivan. i have to say that breaks my heart echo it's in times like that. she says that the family feels more important than ever. miriam is
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grateful, her sister samira it a steadfast supporter. despite initial doubts in the beginning, i was not so comfortable with the fact that she opened the doors to the walled lit with time. i change my opinion. people can see that. yeah, we are happy. we are have having a normal lives. there is nothing special in how lives. in fact, miriam still has big plans for her businesses and her outreach efforts. but for to day it's a rap we have state of british rock icon. david bowie has sold the publishing rights to his entire body of work. a massive deal with warner chapel music includes hundreds of songs from across both his 60 year long career, including of course space oddity and heroes. news comes i just days before the 6 anniversary of his death and what would have been his 75th birthday. on the 8th of january, his music continues to inspire fans around the world. with
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this d. w, coming up next a news. asia young indians are hotly debating government plans to raise the marriage age for women to $21.00, to what's behind these proposals and what problems would they solve? and we touched on it before. we're just a month ahead of the beijing games. will that preview the spectacle and review coals for boycotts of the winter olympics? john will have those stories and more d, w. use asia in just a moment. i'll be back at the top of the out of the day. with
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a beginning of the story that moves
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us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture information. this is the w news and more. he w, from mines american home, any portion of lunch or thrown out in the world right now, climate change. if any, off the story. this is lifeline. the way from just one week, how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm going on with his subscribe along with her
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again that i want. that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back her. are you familiar with this with the smugglers reliance as of the what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of financing. i love to take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in feel, migrants, your platform for reliable information you're watching t w news, asia coming up, india considers changing the legal age of women to married. and the debate is fierce.


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