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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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its creators wanted everything and we digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data, smart devices are embedded in our daily lives, trutina, where every move, the internet of everything starts january 17 on d, w. ah, ah ah, this is dw use life from both in europe, braces for a wave of ami cronin factions. france is one of many countries debating monica
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wrote a virus measures across the continent its feed use case numbers, could spike following holiday travel and gatherings. also coming up a hong kong rights activist is given a 2nd jail sentence for organizing a big deal to remember the victims of china's gentlemen square massacre. it's the latest blow to free expression in the territory. and happy were unions. for some afghans playing taliban rule has been rescued by relatives living here in germany. ah! i've been physical and welcome. europe is preparing for an even bigger wave of new infections of coven. 19. the more contagious ami chrome variant is quickly becoming dominant. it's feared the number of new cases will climb to new records. as more testing is done following the holiday season,
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francis parliament is debating whether to limit access to more public spaces and only allow entry for the vaccinate it. each country is grappling with the way fort rome days away from tougher restrictions. italy is one of so many european countries, again, faced with and braced for increased hardship in the form of regulated movement, tougher economic times and overflowing intensive care units. the director of this room hospital says for a month we have been systematically full why the, i mean the be any stark contrast to last summer and fall in rome. when infections were down, restrictions were relaxed, italy was reopening, and business was on the upswing. such was the case across much of europe as countries took a breath in hopes, the worst might be over then came winter and the spread of a micron in southern europe. and in the north, like italy, denmark's reopening was brief. now it is breaking caseload records with the highest
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ratio of infections per $100000.00 inhabitants in the world at yahoo liked it ever . it's certainly worrying that we're seeing a continued high level of infection. and we're now seeing this more infectious omicron has taken over. officials maintain extensive testing has pushed denmark's case numbers higher than countries that do less testing and less vaccinating countries like romania we're a 5th wave appears eminent, especially after gatherings during the holidays. this in a country that is next to last in europe when it comes to vaccination rates. that means it's near the bottom in what is now the global epicenter of the pandemic. martin, the key is professor of european public health at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine. with studies suggesting army kron cases, a less severe. we asked him if government were overreacting by re introducing such
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strict measures. no, i don't think that there are on did certainly milder than the delta variant, but i wouldn't say that it's actually a disease that you can just dismiss as being trivial. we certainly are seeing quite number of people being in the hospital not to anything like the same extent as before. also some worrying data from a number of countries that children are being admitted and some of them are getting seriously ill. but the other thing that we need to remember with this is that we've tend to think of this as a primarily respiratory disease. and that of course has been a major part of the presentation. but this is a virus that can affect many different parts of the body and were particularly worried about the long term consequences. what we call long covert. we still don't know anything really much about the extent to which you mccree will be driving a problems with us as we go forward. so i think we need to be really very cautious . israel has become the 1st country to
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offer a 4th dose of corona virus. faxing to risk groups. that includes any one over 60. the aim is to protect the vulnerable from ami chronic functions. the government has previously run successful vaccination campaigns. 3rd, those last year did slow the spread of the delta variance. we visited one vaccination center in tel aviv way. there was a feeling of urgency. no ma'am, a much more much. they are really busy. lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall. fascination is now available. one of the we, we worked really hard today, a show for sula, so can, if she wants me to get vaccinated to protect myself from the people around me, that's why you get the job. and i hope others do it as well. i'm afraid my on it's very scary on the oma cranberry and is spreading everywhere for name. and since we have the vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77, and i'm considered in this in the danger region. so we're doing is i want to see my
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grandchildren, i want to enjoy life, and that's the way to do it. for me. here are some more of the latest developments in the pandemic. the united states has set a new global record of over a 1000000 new corona, buyers infections, that, according to data collected by the johns hopkins university, australia is also reporting a record number of new infections and hospitalizations. the country is now surpassed a total of half a 1000000 cases. and india's capital daily has announced a weekend curfew to try to cope rising infections in the metropolis on 211000000 people. a quoted hong kong has convicted a prominent lawyer and human rights activists of inciting an unauthorized assembly chow home. tom was sentenced to 15 months in prison for organizing a vigil for the victims of china's gentlemen square massacre. in 1909, she was arrested a day before the anniversary of the killings last june. uncle media tycoon,
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jimmy lie it already been jailed for 13 months with joining the vigil. is our home con, corresponded phoebe called with more on the consequences of the latest verdict. much how house tone is one of the key factors in the command. the ration campaign, the home call, which was very iconic, because these campaign has basically distinguish home from the rest of china. that hong kong used to be one of the remaining places on chinese soil. to legally commemorate the tenement track down, which was the remaining, as a political to pull in china. but now it seems that this all has gone. the wi fi cong reported from hong kong. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making use around the world. form of silicon valley start up star is being found guilty of defrauding at best. it's elizabeth holmes built up a paper fortune with billions. she claimed
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a blood testing technology developed by her company company serrato's could revolutionize health care items, now faces up to 20 years in jail. humans would he, rebels have sees the congo ship and the red sea hudy's of bank by iran and say they've taken over military hardware. the vessel is registered in the united arab ever, which is fighting the hudy's and says the ship is carrying medical equipment. well, why is why the army says 2 of its pilots have been killed in a helicopter crash over the mediterranean sea. yet croft went down during a training flight. the 3rd crew member was rescued, frame missions had been suspend and brazilian president jai is both zenato has been taken to a hospital with a suspected intestinal obstruction aid say the 66 year old is doing well, though scenario was also treated last year. it was wounded in the stomach in a knife attack in 2018. in turkey,
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inflation has hit its highest level in 19 years. prices in december rose 36 percent year on year. the weak turkish lira has pushed the cost of food and fuel shop. the higher critics blame president, rich of tie up at a one for pressuring the central bank to cut interest rates, which caused the slump in the currencies value follow turkeys. lira is plummeting in value, and price is a soaring official figures. put inflation at 36 percent independent economists say in reality it's 80 percent or more prices arising so fast that many people and now having to make do with far less than they used to do some of them. yeah, it's a terrible situation. however, you look at it, it's terrible. people can only buy one or 2 pieces of fruit. now, we used to buy one or 2 kilo's. now we're just buying individual paces with president rich of type ode one has promised to bring inflation back on the control angelic that had in this. and we're sad that our citizens having to face the
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situation. but in all of turkey's history, we have the government that has done the most to fight inflation thought in the and so still name you reside to leave at and deliver has lost more than 40 percent of its value. again. see west allah. but adorned, says turkeys becoming more competitive, low wages and cheap production or increasing exports. he claims for those struggling on may get salaries. it's poor. consolation. afghanistan is facing multiple crises. international late is largely dried up since the taliban toppled the us backed government in august last year. winter has brought widespread food shortages when already crippled, economy, millions face famine as the countries worst drought in 2 centuries shows him no sign of letting us women face any restrictions and a lightly shot out of public life. and there are reports of widespread violence
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against people who worked for the former government. the taliban is discouraging people from trying to leave. but many of those who can leave a doing so often with the help of relatives abroad, including here in germany, hampshire who are now united again in germany. hello, mina nodded. he has made it out of afghanistan with the help of her niece nuggets yesterday. and for it simply wonderful to see her here in front of me. i had almost given a pope that day we would ever manage to bring her here. it's a huge stream come true. also told by for a full travel to day. now gus is visiting her round me now now daddy for the 1st time since her arrival in germany, minos found shelter in a refugee camp a 2 hour drive away from berlin. she's here with a 7 year old daughter at our her and her husband. the last few months have been
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exhausting. we never would have thought that we would ever leave afghanistan. his mouth fixed. thirdly, the taliban have set afghanistan back, not by 20 years that imitates centuries. let that be soil bal kid, deb golden haul up solar cobbled bad question. then in afghanistan, mina nodded. he was deputy mer of harriet and even ran for parliament. she actively supported women's rights and campaigned for a more modern of canister. and she was a public figure. when the taliban took cobble, she went into hiding with her family and started looking for a way out mid november at berlin. airport. mina nodded. he finally arrived in germany with her family. it was
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a moment of great relief after a strenuous escape. the family had managed to leave afghanistan by land using fake passports, elderly, a german lawyer, organized the visa for germany and the flight tickets. now, the family are in safety. all but one. 0, until the taliban takeover mina nodded. he's 15 year old son, nima sang in afghanistan, se children's choir, but the taliban cracked down on music. nima had to escape. in mid december, he and his fellow musicians arrived in portugal. the portuguese authorities had got them out of afghanistan. his mother in germany is hoping she'll get to see her son soon. somewhere in europe. oh my gosh hollis, i'm satisfied. i'm in safety. my son is safe in portugal and i'm very happy about that, or is it pushes through? ah, can he wouldn't stand on her own 2 feet again?
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i wish for god to bring peace to afghanistan sounded more so that we couldn't return to our home, and better off than we were before. kennimore bore dest supported me now, now did he, and her family can stay in germany for the next 3 years. ha, ha, ha, goes to school here, or the family will soon be relocated to a camp closer to berlin. they're still collecting donations to help the people in afghanistan. finally, heavy snow and strong winds are disrupting transport links across much of the southeastern united states. several government of offices in washington d. c, have had to shut down. but the icy conditions also brought hundreds out to join in a mass noble fight. the crowd split into 2 sides on the national mole to pummel each other with freezing miss isles. organizes ordinating the funnel social media dumped it. the battle of snow me wrong. good. see, they have a sense of,
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you know, watching d w news is a reminder of the top story way. following foy european countries, a debating tougher corona virus measures, due to the ami chrome variant is fear you infection numbers such as more testing is done following holiday travel and gatherings. and a prominent hong kong lawyer and human rights activists chow, hong kong has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for organizing a vigil for the victims of china's bloody cracked down on protests. as in scotland, square that's over made robots will be annexed with more on the thoroughness fraud case and elizabeth homes jail time. i've been visible in berlin . thanks for watching to the dark side.


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