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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 6:02am-6:31am CET

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live tub lula cars because this is dw news from berlin. you can find lots more on our website, d, w dot com. ah, start. suzanne's prime minister resides in the face of relentless pressure, from popular protests, the man who was overthrown by the military, and then offered a deal to come back, says that the deal has not worked. so where sudan now closer to a democratic future, or it's passed as a dictatorship on nick spicer in berlin. this is the day ah, i decided to keep back the responsibility and announced my resignation as prime minister. he came to realize just how unpopular his agreement with were hon on the
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21st of november was he had expected that the disagreement would effectively and who to give a chance to another man, a woman of his noble country, ought to continue leading odyssey in action and help he passed through what's left of the transitional period and see through any of the plans that he had to bring about any sort of continuation of the transition to a civilian democratic country. ah, also coming up germany says it objects to the e. u. reclassifying nuclear power, as sustainable. we believe you could have power generation is dangerous ice. we believe the question of nuclear waste management is unresolved martic by thing should get clear. ah, to our viewers on p b. s. united states and all around the world. welcome. we begin the day in sudan where the resignation of prime minister, abdullah ham dock has thrown the country deeper into crisis. 2 months of st.
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protest against the involvement of the military and government have escalated recently and ham dock says it's not possible to restore order under that agreement . ham dock took over at the head of a power sharing administration after the overthrow sedans dictator, omar alba, sheer 2 years ago. but late last year, the army deposed hammock only to reinstate him a month later and promised selections for 2023. that deal has now fallen apart and the transition towards elections is looking more and more fragile. protests and cartoon preceded abdullah hm ducks resignation. thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets and the weekend again, there was violence. the security forces class with civilians and killed at least 2 people. on monday, there's been relative calm and the capital, as residents made sense of the news. fabi said after his resignation,
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i feel saddam has lost an important personality that was approved both by the international community and the sudanese people. shabbots have done a faulty but i hope he will return in future as an independent and become the sudanese president altima raised his own at the sold on such a great loss for the country whoever is to come next will not be able to do what he has dumb the things he has done were not easy and not simple. i say he gave so much for the country. by now amid fears of the fail transition to civilian rule, this young baker feels ham duck did not go willingly. i need out to be honest, the sudanese people did not want him doc to resign, but the military council pressured him into doing so young that i'm going over. i wish him well and i hope some one better will come along another. we are needing
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the military council. we don't want them. the sudanese people do not want them and hopefully their time will soon come to them. for activists like my yada kyrie, the fight for democracy must continue without. abdullah hummed oak with elections currently still planned for july 2023. and it's been a little bit when it comes to our needs on the ground. his staying or leaving doesn't make a difference. but our issue is now bigger than him and our battle is greater. so it doesn't really make a difference to us love writing mind. we will continue on our revolutionary path, which might see a few challenges along the way. but the outcomes of these challenges are always good because it helps unite political parties and unite those on the ground. so i'll fight is complete. gambling sedans, road to democracy looks increasingly rocky,
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with yet another stone not thrown in its way. and for more on this, let's bring in journalist ma, 100 has shame, he's based in london. welcome hon. it. where does the resignation of the prime minister leave the country? now? the resignation between us prime minister leaves the confrontation between the pro democracy movement spearheaded by the neighborhoods resistance committees. as representatives of this is denise people and the come of the armed men to sit on armed forces, rapid support forces and their allies from the or 40 revenue groups on one company, on the other conflicts popular demand by the, the nice people for a civilian transition and what about the pro democracy movement?
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can you call it that? how would you describe its various parts? does it have a plan to stand up to the armed forces? i mean, to think we need to understand here is that in essence, this is a continuation for the a prize. you can go started in 2018, 2019 the crew of the 25th of october. i has shown that generally, the sudanese of popular sentiment has lost trust in the ability of the political clause to come together and to raise the higher values on aspirations of the people in the streets and realizing them and equally they have realized that the previous 3 genes through its security committees, an apparatus i missed control of the armed forces. i was also bent on spoiling the transition period. i have been putting popsicles for the civilian
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for civilian workers, for the most part of almost 2 and a half years. so no, the pro democracy movement spearheaded by the neighborhood resistance committees. these are the people who along with the needs of professional association, lead the popular uprising of 2018, 2019. now what's happening is that these, these groups, which are local, where can grow grassroots, living on the ground, they know each other and the more the neighborhoods they live in the middle of the month that they won't. they have been putting out statements, they have been rejecting the, the military to take over. and since then we have seen, around 12 days of mass protests, we've seen that they're sold. that has now is somewhere in the fifty's intellectual, malone as we speak, that were purchased this evening in some neighborhoods in high school. and this
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young pro democracy movement, which doesn't happen either moment. a ball taking to the streets again tomorrow. ok say the photo accuracy movement doesn't have a leader at the moment. so how do the 2 sides get out of this situation? who is the, is a power sharing deal still possible between the army and some kind of civilian representative or is that off the table? i think that's, that's one thing for the international community to keep in mind is an international community in the shape of the united states, the european union and diverse european countries have been trying to pressure the former prime minister up to just learning a deal with the military and in november last year and with the failure of that deal, i think it's not plausible that we will, we will, international community will not need talk knowledge that do resistance committees
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have good ways and they are working on census. they are maintaining conversation with the political parties, but if the prime minister cited one of his major, real reasons for the resignation is his ability to build consensus, consensus might be important for outside of service. for people in the street, they have made their demands very clear over the past 3 months. and they describe things the international community hasn't necessarily played a very good role in producing a good outcome. what should it do in the future to make things better, or can it do anything? i mean, realistically, we need to think it to be honest, that the international community is most homogenous. we have different sides with different interests. so we think that's on one side. you have the regional state so be get out of emerson, saudi arabia, all with best interest in the comes of things with
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a security mentality for the ghost state, the united emeralds and saudi arabia that are sitting east routes, fly think award in yemen on their behalf. so that's something that needs you need a lot of pressure on those capitals in the goal to bear fruit to, to, to sort of like limit that backing to, to the home. that is also the issue of, of, of sudan gold that's been smuggled and it goes through through the gulf. that would be put pressure pressure could be brought onto egypt to, to sort of like these of it's backing of, of the hunter. but equally for the united states, states for example, need to have a very strong position whether it is supporting the months under the critic will of, of this is nice people as expressed by the stations on the street. and on that, we need to keep in mind that within the united states administration,
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congress has appeared to issue more stronger as tons and statements in a position to the binding administration. so no, the owner really is on the, by the administration to raise its game and to see if it could mitigate away forward. the thing is called what a return for the deal, the was truck between the military and the civilians moving forward. ok journalists, mohammad, how shame in london. thank you so much for that insight on the situation in sudan. ah, another hong kong media outlet is closing down in the face of pressure from the chinese government citizen. you said it no longer felt safe to publish. after journalists from a competitor were charged with sedition. the decision by one of the territories few remaining independent news providers came on the same day. a new legislative
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council of beijing loyalists was sworn in for hong kong. this is the start of a new era. these, the 1st law makers to take office on a new election rules that excluded any one deemed disloyal to china's communist government. and the 1st to be sworn in under china's national emblem. another sign of beijing's tightening grip. just 20 were directly elected with voter turnout. the lowest in the city returned to chinese rule. so young de la young hong kong chief executive carry lam oversold the ceremony. she now faces even less descent from outside the council as well. after a major independent news website announced its closure made immediate crackdown. although i don't know what we have been trying our best, not to violate any laws, but we can no longer see clearly the reasoning of lauren forestman so far i seen all the and we can no longer feel safe to work. all the move was prompted by a police raid on pro democracy outlet stand,
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mused last week when several journalists were arrested under colonial era sedition law. to many western observance citizen uses closure is, is the latest sign of hong kong, increasingly on free media environment. and of how rapidly beijing has worked her road, the cities, special status and freedoms. and here's dw course on at phoebe kong, on what this latest closure of an independent pendant media outlet means for press . freedom in hong kong. oh, is this a news established in just a 2017? it was an independent news outlet, mainly i financed by us attraction fees up to be that it was independently around light without pressure from the business people or political pressure. so citizens, they and also stand these which was shut down earlier last week. both of them have
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gained huge popularity in hong kong, even though they're just a very young media outlets and home call with just a few years history. but they're really popular. have a loss, read a base of millions of business and hawkeye, especially. those are pro democracy supported. so this is indeed a really huge blow to gentleness industry that 2 independent media outlets have to close themselves out like so after prayer, under the pressure of their forties and the new legislation and hey, have to adjust when a new normal in hong kong that most of the influential independent media outlets have shut down with only a few remaining outlet still running. so this is really affect the future of home. i also the feature of how jealous can work on the ground. ah, the german government says that objects to the european commission plans to include
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nuclear power is part of its plans for a climate friendly future. over the weekend, the european commission published plans for the european union as a whole to consider nuclear power and natural gas. a sustainable energy sources, the german government repeated on monday that it considers nuclear power to be dangerous. germany is scheduled to switch off its last nuclear power plant at the end of the year. president microns plans have provoked little opposition in france . he sees expansion of nuclear power as a way to war to climate neutrality. and as a way of reducing emissions from the burning of natural gas. france already relies on nuclear power for 70 percent of its energy needs. 200000 people, work in the sector. and a lot of investment is needed to modernize all plants and build a new generation of many reactors the so the french president will welcome the
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european commissions proposals to recognize investments in nuclear power as environmentally friendly, even with limits proposed. like demanding nuclear power plants meet the latest technological standards. the background is the use taxonomy project that's designed to attract private investment into green technologies and help the u towards achieving climate you trotty, by 2050. but just how green is nuclear power? germany and france have long had opposing views on the question is what does agen over? i will say there's a lot of room for disagreement and writers felt chance of shots as spokesman had this to say the forms of public deutsche and germany rejects nuclear power generation up carter. and we've just shut down 3 nuclear power plants. and the last 3 will only be in use until the end of the year end jesus, yahoo, us,
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then we will have completed our exit from the use of nuclear power. them it, we believe nuclear power generation is dangerous, right? we believe the question of nuclear waste management is unresolved multi by things won't be clear. the commissions proposals to include a sweetener for berlin though natural gas will also be classified as green. germany is also planning to close coal fired power stations, as well as nuclear ones. and without gas, renewables cannot provide enough power yet. and for more on this, let's bring it in our political correspondence, simon young. at what's the reaction of berlin? we've heard that people are not particularly happy. the green party who are in government have been very vocal in their condemnation, for example, absolutely make the yard government here is criticized this announcement from brussels. and they say essentially that nuclear power is not truly sustainable. but if you dig down the different parties in the government coalition are coming at
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this from slightly different angles, as is the case on many issues. so the, the greens in particular of course, they're opposed to nuclear power. it's in their dna to do so. and yes, they acknowledge that nuclear power produces less c o 2, then burning fossil fuels, but they point to the safety questions and the question of storage. and they also make the argument that a decision like this is really intended to and it will direct some private investment into nuclear technologies. if that happens, less money will flow. they reason in 2 renewable technologies and that makes the whole process of the energy transition in here in germany. much more difficult. the other part is in the government, the f d p, a little little bit more worried about the economy and they just say, well, we need to get decomposition, right? otherwise they'll be damage to the economy. and the social democrats are shots his
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party. they talk about balance, you know, they think, well, we've got to have the right mix of energy including things like gas and even call. so i think the government's working out exactly what form of words to use, but they are going to push back against this. the push back against it, i understand with austria and luxembourg as well, but this draft law goes through qualified majority voting in europe. does it look likely to pass? and my 2nd question would be, if it passes, will there be a big split between france and germany? a sort of motor of europe. well, if the, if the proposals remain there, i think it will pass. so there's some majority of countries supporting nuclear power and supporting this classification as, as a sustainable technology. i don't think they'll be a full split between germany and france, some divergence of opinion, but the argument here is already done. you know, germany said it's closing down its last nuclear power plants by the end of this year. it's not a huge political battle here anymore. at european level,
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germany's in the minority other countries see nuclear as the answer in the face of climate change. and d, david point to germany is a sinner on, on climate change in terms of is continued burning of coal. so i think the germans will perhaps point to the question of a final storage location for nuclear waste. that's something that hasn't been solved. how do you, how, and where you store the waste that thousands of years? that's a difficult one for people to answer. but as to winning the overall question, i think berlin can't do that at european level. alrighty, w political correspond, simon young reporting for us from prison. aah! israel has become the 1st country in the world to offer a 4th dose of the corona virus vaccine. 2 at risk groups. that includes any one over 60 years of age. it's meant to protect the vulnerable from the on the kron
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variant. and the countries also facing rising infection numbers. israel's government has successfully use vaccination to flatten the curve in the past. delta infections fell after the country offered a 3rd dose people. last year. the w corresponded tanya kramer went to a vaccination center in tel aviv and talk to people about what that 4th jab means to them. so ma'am, a much more much today's really busy. lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall vaccination is now available. one of the we, we worked really hard today. oh show her so little, so kind of it's a small to me to get vaccinated to protect myself from the people around me. that's why you get the job and i hope others do it as well. all them i think my on it's very scary on the oma cranberry and is spreading everywhere for name. and since we have the vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77, and i'm considered in this in the danger region. so doing as i want to see,
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my grandchildren, i want to enjoy life. and that's the way to do it for me. during her i spoke to that bab davida, which the director of the school of public health at the ben gerber and university in tel aviv. i asked him how a 4th jab helped vulnerable groups we are living now in the times we need to make the decision during uncertainty and what we saw actually. so there is waiting. give me anything a 2nd though, so we see that after 4 months there is a duction about these and also break rules. i think we can see the logic of data and the other a few very se. so very similar to what is will be the 2nd dog. we finally decide that because of the driving, the cases that we need to really keep the safety of the vaccine. even though we
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don't have a lot of time to be waiting for, we decided to finally go there. compromise. so now we've also. busy got over 6400 workers and so is, is the on the cross variant part of the big part of the reason for this push it's a combination of the way you see and you're driving the cases going on for face of really thousands and thousands of new cases and then finally the danger that the health care system will be overwhelmed. and then especially for people that are. busy talking about doing a program i don't for 60 or as care workers, a because of the winning community and the safety of the vaccine. even though we're still waiting for data from study conducted, the cheaper may become
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a center. we made the decision to offer it for people. of course, it's not a story. and of course, the 1st, 2nd, and so those are much more it in the globe. we need to improve oxidation right? because the current situation is making things you know what's wrong if we thought we were talking about the situation around the globe, can we expect the rest of the world if they're able to afford it to follow israel's example with a booster each time a new variant? appears so israeli will continue to do this because we thought that our nation program that we are going to agent will be proud of course, that there is a big problem about them. we think that. 8 countries we should be think much of the call we have
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responsibility and also going to be an approximate thing. there will be that something between looking and very hot and going to solve the economic and social problem. so we need an integrated approach. what we call body thing, but since we need to complement measure, as we've been hearing for 2 years, a need for a global response. thank you so much nath defeat of which dr. david and tell you for your time. thank you. and that brings to an end to today's episode of the day. i'll make spicer. thanks for watching. ah.
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ah, with ah, ego india. a drum is becoming
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a super plan. hello to pay. a startup company produces thread from the flower fibers. and the left overweight is reuse is the culture of the plant offering the indian textile industry a chance with d. w. when will artificial intelligence surpass us mind from the future? ai is on the rise, get already impacts many areas of our daily lives. mean, it has also made inroads into the world. but just how creative can intelligent machines really be art 21. in 60 minutes on d, w. o.
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