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tv   Sports Life - Time to shine - German hopeful takes on worlds northernmost...  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2022 9:30am-9:46am CET

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everybody on the side except you enter the conflict zone and joined him, sebastian, as he holds the powerful to account. this is a big failure. whichever way you like to spin conflict zone a unit on d w. and we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business. beyond here, the closer look at the project, our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west. get us ahead with the w business beyond on you to ah, a win. oh,
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oh, oh, oh, oh. oh, i'm andre started living the dream in his winter wonderland in sweden's lapland. he owns a husky farm with 50 dogs. ah, the sled dog handler. better known as a mosher, has lived here for 5 years. he's made lapland, his home, along with his partner, cursed in pillar. that love of dogs brought them here. and then the phone with him. shit and wounded. when you 1st get the sled dog bug, it's very hard to stop. guns. working with sled dogs is a bit more than just owning dogs on threats written when i try the dogs and me and the dog trusts me, nor when tom you see this cooperation best in difficult situations and moment. all
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right. how's you don't forget it. i'm a wench, feelings adored susan's moment when you've been in a snowstorm a few times or been pushed to the limit. it was and your dogs bring you home now because they trust you and you give the responsibility to the dog sauntered obese laptops. there is so much potentials and it is also fun. and as my thought of this much bosses, ah, andreas and kirsten have been together since 1996. 2 years ago their relationship was put to the test. oh. in late summer 2017. they decided to take on an epic challenge. norway's beg love at sled dog race, the northernmost race in the world. it meant lots of work for the pair.
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who come from northern germany. triology just when i used to do this for the children, they're pairing things and showing. now i do it for the dogs. i would have never dreamt of doing that before. ah, ah. 10 weeks before the race. the 1st snow has fallen for andreas. that means the start of the tourist season. forge. i'm on for 100 percent. it will feel a little weird at 1st. you think it's stable, but it moves a bit, but it's okay. you get used to it. i mean, oh this is andreas earns a living by offering tourists rides. that means training for the race is not always possible. bermonte ombudsman had
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sent for when you want to race. there is a clash between training for such a big event and offering tours goes what we want to do both we can do and we want our guests to be happy with it. well, not to the author suggest that if we book it, sometimes he has to train in darkness while also doing tours. andreas wants to do 3500 kilometers of training before the race. every one counts. training is going well until 5 weeks before the race when cast in decide she is too stressed and busy at home to take part. yeah. hm. all gonzales passion. we have a young couple who can help in stat and financing because we have a 1000 present faith and then ever that. but the guy doesn't know if he's free to come. if the girl france he comes alone, then i think it is easier if she goes with andrea's. i would love to but it's fine if it works out with trans see 20 captain tom and then we'll still have
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a vet. so that's okay. look, i think it is something you would never forget. so a yard to ma kirsten is irreplaceable. acting as nice as dixon. what can i say? oh ah! a few days before the race. francie arrives alone. her partner couldn't come. you cast him wants to stay home to help the workers on the farm. francie will support andreas in the race or will make the best of it. and i think the fancy is tough enough of going. okay. and it glow. i reckon she can keep her cool better than me. i'm always a bit too of a excited mercy when the time comes. andreas and
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kirsten of train for over half a year and have sacrificed a lot. now andreea's will have to face the challenge with outcast him. his wife hafun. aah! $45.00 participants from 5 countries, or at the start of the burg, a beloved. andrea's face is a 350 kilometer trick. over the next few days, the marcia and his dogs will head into norway's arctic circle for the 1st leg. ice cold winds and temperatures as low as 40 degrees below celsius will push them to the limits. ah,
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regular breaks will be necessary. the physical strain is enormous and the dogs need to recover. okay, mental concentration is also crucial for both man and dog. after 5 and a half hours, andreea's and his dogs reached the 1st checkpoint invite so they've managed around 70 kilometers. okay. for english and spanish, it was quite a relaxed 1st leg. the dogs found their rhythm after about 2, he kilometers or volunteer. of course it wasn't easy on the quick of a lie down now and have a rest. the quicker we can recover the last one and then we'll see belmont new. the brakes are just as important in the race as the long runs. too little sleep for the
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dogs and the marcia can have dramatic consequences. ah, while andrea sets off again after 4 hours rest over sled dog races, taking the 1st injured dogs out of the event. andrea says no such problems. and on the 2nd leg, he makes some real progress. prison on checkpoint, always and on the dos flew out of the checkpoint and have pushed themselves more than before and gotten off. we had 70 tough kilometers before at the moment and things are clicking into place, but we're not even in the halfway point. so my flight ah, on the next leg, things continue to go smoothly. ah . the partnership with francy is working well.
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when he rests, she takes care of the dogs. but the race has left its mark on andreas. it is now the 1st day, and he is only really slept for 3 hours in total. the journey through the darkness has become a real test to some winds, because now we've got another 105 kilometers. when my friend the word we can go higher. if the hoses the finish line is drawing ever nearer but they're stay at a checkpoint, is far longer than expected. mm. blue
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shouldn't happen. but it's one of those things a nucleus fuel. i got a feeling that a nuke was just too tired, and i went to speak to the vet and they confirmed it, and the dog must be pulled out of the race. you have to give the dog to your specific handler. then only then can you leave the check pointed, put asked for lessons and government to shaw in brooklyn law fantasy lou. because she had a phone off. what else? and we've been standing around here for 6 hours. that is 6 hours in the darkness. andrea's had been trying to contact francy without success. the rule say only fancy can take the exhausted dog. lou says i shocked and i've made a big mistake and i'm paying for it and i was asleep and i put my phone on silent
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just out of habit. it was really bad. it hadn't also had a missed due to the last time the torch. batteries are running low as well as the phone battery, after all those calls. carrying on now is not possible 100 kilometers from the end . and andreas, his dream of completing the race, is over as far as the set up. and i know he was extremely unhappy, he put so much work and money into it. i mean, we could have had tourists here for those 2 weeks. he's well aware of that himself, timothy said, but i know, and he knows that i will totally back him again in the future. i think it was clear the very next day that he wanted to try it again. national 1st i said that's not my mom. 2 years later and andreas, his planning to race again with a new team, he is hopeful thanks to his to li dogs, and reyes has a special relationship with clara and in ari good,
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i tuned him good lead dogs are often very sensitive, very intelligent, missing or they have to find the trail in all weathers and deal with the pressure and have solid endurance and does your household income if there are 8 to 10 dogs behind her rushing too much, then it is mentally tiring for the dogs, unfeigned. but not every dog does that. dogs like anerio, clara, or a pleasure to work with a beer the knobby he ought to be. club auditors are shown in reason to shake musical knowledge to do lee dogs like clara and inara of the extended arm of the missouri and the most important animals on the teen municipal gun road sword. i had the experience in the past that the girls are really tough when they get in difficult situations and she'll hum a guy's work hard too, but there is nothing to complain about ours. but when it comes to the real thing, then it's often these seemingly normal female dogs who put their heads down and go
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through a blizzard. and you stand back and think, how is that possible? but they just do it on a part. good golly, so what i'll do, man, i address his dream of completing a long distance sled race lives on. he even wants francy at his side again next time. mm hm. mm hm. we're all set to go beyond the obvious. well, as we take on the world, 8 hours, i do all this. yes, we're all about the stories that matter to you ever take police a deal we are your is actually on fire made for mine's
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a in many countries. education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes, some young children walk in mind jobs instead of going to class. others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children, all over the world can't go to school. we ask why? because education makes the world more just a make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, a sailing trip for 5 young people with autism. they need space for downtime.
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and a clearly structured routine in your full boys. bo usually that anchored by the familiar but everything's different here. no day like the last. it's cramped on the boat. social contact is unavoidable. with also all aboard the sailors board at plains book harbor on the northern german baltic coast. daniel charlotta walbert dylan and sebastian. a welcomed by skipper rollin log on the 4th and you go on, daniel or i can't get through experience co skipper korina is also on
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board to provide support and care. they've all been on sailing trips.


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