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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2022 9:00am-9:30am CET

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ah ah ah ah, business dw news live from berlin sedans, prime minister steps down as violent on rest escalates. abdullah ham dock says the polish sharing deal with the army as failed to restore order after weeks of protest
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. also on the program, india fears a wave of new corona, virus infections after crowded new year's parties like in go off. we'll find out how the country is preparing for the army. cranberries and europe's capitals of culture are back in business after forced hire to us due to the pandemic. 3 city stage events highlighting artistic diversity across the continent. ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. so dance prime minister has resigned following months of political turmoil. abdullah ham dog said it was not possible for him to restore order under power sharing agreement with the military after the army stage to cool last year. hm. doc was reinstated to head up a transition back. civilian government
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ah, and the weekend of protest is to dawn, the quickly descended into violence. at least 2 people were killed by security forces. after thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets, dozens have died in mid unrest since prime minister abdullah hum doc signed a polish m deal with the military following accruing october. but he now admits that hasn't worked out. a new thinking is needed. oh, in our local, no medical, i decided to keep back the responsibility and, and announced my resignation as prime minister locum to give a chance to another man, a woman of this noble country. and was at all to continue leading odyssey inaction at the war and help a pass do what's left of the transitional period to
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a civilian democratic country. while aboard me colon mike about graham, and i'm willing to go now with dolan mckinney and dom we're all the luck. military and civilian leaders have been sharing power since it also cracked. omar bashir was ousted in 2090 after 30 years in charge for elections are currently planned for july boots with ham dock gone and sued, done roiled by and rest. the road to democracy looks increasingly fragile. earlier i spoke to a colleague, care, she's a managing director of the think tank inside strategy partners. and i asked her why hm doc decided to step down. now, i think he came to realize just how unpopular his big agreement, who had behind on the 21st of november was he had expected that that disagreement would effectively and the coo and with
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a give him powers to be able to set the transition back on course, but of course as soon as the qu happened, this is no longer a transition at the military showed that it wasn't, and the good faith actor that it was expected to be. and in any case, people had reservations about the extent to which it was a partnership in the 1st like based on a mark him. and so really he was unable to work beyond beyond her that these few last few days didn't to which the military was willing to return to the violent oppression. panam and suppression of protestantism we saw before this government took shape on man. so what does this resignation now mean for saddam? well, any one who comes in now as a prime minister would be drinking from the same poison chalice. any one, any new p. m would be seen as an accomplice to the coo, much in the way that our ham dog belatedly came to be seen, but also like hm. so they would also have very little executive space within to function. they wouldn't be able to choose their own cabinets. it wouldn't be able
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to make their appointment, they would be able to undo appointments made by the crew regime. and so it's unlikely that anyone will want to want to step forward. and anyone who at least who genuinely wants a democratic transformation will want to step forward now and to handle the shoes. what makes far more sense is to restart the amended the sort of transition and find a new political agreement, a new political basis. and in new constitutional basis that actually pays attention to what the resistance committees, the people on the street, the per pro democracy forces have been saying. and not just so to find ways to divide up and political places for our political parties, which is very much what we saw in 2019 this time round. the has to be in agreement that more people can buy into and it will genuinely be processed driven rather than just oriented around, you know, political structures. i'm, we're will be lots of fighting over who gets what position quality of,
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from inside strategy partners and cuts him. thank you very much for your insight. let's get up to speed now on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. on kong, media outlet, citizen news has announced that it's shutting down in the face of china's crack down on press freedom. publishers say they no longer felt safe after colleagues at a rival publication were arrested on sedition charges. citizen uses the 3rd hong kong media organization to close in a call with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski. u. s. a president joe biden said the united states and its allies will quote, respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. biden is also backing diplomatic efforts to resolve the stand off talks between us and russian. officials are scheduled in geneva later this month. you as defense secretary lloyd austin has tested positive for cove at 92. he's planning to isolate at home for 5 days is set
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out in official guidelines. austin says he last met president biden more than a week before he began to feel unwell. austin is fully of asher nation security. israel's prime minister, enough to li bennett, says a 4th cove it 19 vaccine dose is now proof for people over 60 and health care workers authorities are battling a surgeon on the front varian defections nationwide. the cases are expected to start hitting fresh hi. violence has again broken all during protests against corona virus restrictions in the netherlands. thousands turned out in amsterdam for demonstrate against the national lockdown and post the week before christmas. some 30 people were arrested they say no to the locked down, no to the government's measures. what is their limit? this demonstrator asks, it's just the latest demonstration in the netherlands against the government's
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curbs. aimed at stopping amik, crohn police band. the protest that didn't stop people from turning out many say they're not afraid of catching the virus. or i'm here because i like to live and i don't think we should be scared. a stop we're living because we're sad that we're all going to die. i like to live, i, my mom's aisley, a restriction measures have nothing to do with my health. i mean, there are people who want to impose control on us and take all our freedom. hey, i'm here because i think that we all must be free. oh, what i most i scuffles broke out as police broke up the demonstration. it violated the current locked on rules in the netherlands, according to which only 2 people are allowed to meet at once. non essential shops, restaurants, bars and theaters remain closed until at least the 14th of january, announcing the measures to prime minister, made clear he had no choice,
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only come straight on the current is spreading even faster than we fear it. and so we need to intervene now to prevent a much worse outcome. der assoc precaution at 4 is worth but the measures have also outraged the vocal anti lockdown protesters. and as long as the government measures are in for as they say they will continue to take to the streets and we stay on the subject. india has begun vaccinating children, aged 15 and above against cove. 19 as fears grow that the army from variant could cause the new serge infections there. the new year might have started with celebrations, but there are warriors that the highly infectious, highly contagious rather new virus strain could spread rapidly. india reported nearly 34000 new cases on monday with more than a 1700 confirmed as ami chrome as the highest daily numbers since october.
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as bringing our daily birth chief anita jima, anita, or can you tell us about the rise of infections? is the new ami chron. very responsible for that. i get hard, you know, after a few, relatively, quite a months has been a huge spike in infections in delhi, you mentioned the number of 34000 new infections and that is 5 times more than it was last sunday. so it's spreading rapidly off the confirmed on the crime cases there. 1700 or just a little bit more. it's people feel this doesn't sound like much, but more signed to say this is grossly under a reported because the problem is the genome sequencing to determine and to identify this variant is slow. so people think that the real number could be 10 times as much as what has been currently reporting and judging. by the way this a virus is spreading at presently and the pattern and other countries around the
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world. it seems very likely that one micron will become the dominant virus in india basic. so it sounds like it is facing a proper new wave. how well prepared is the country for that. we last as a government came under great criticism for not being red prepared enough and this time it's reacted very quickly. and before this, as a pub read, it seems to be knocking at the doors of the country there restrictions which have been placed across the country. for example, schools have been closed, college is spars, thinner mars restaurants all shut down in delhi for example, only 50 percent of the shops are, can remain open officers the advice to only work to 50 percent capacity. the rest are being asked to stay at home. and in delhi, you have a curfew a night. go from 10 o'clock till 5 in the morning. many other cities also have the
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same to some lessons have been learned from last year, but not all gearhart because you have reached elections coming up and the politicians high ranking politicians are up and about for huge raney's, often without masks, and nor semblance of social distancing. how's the vaccination campaign in india go on? we heard that my children are getting shots as well. that's true. as off to day and diligence between the ages of 15 and 18 are eligible for vaccination . now the uptake hasn't been as enthusiastic as the government had hoped, but this is expected to pick up. as of now about 90 percent of eligible indians have had the single doors and about 65 percent of had the 2nd dose. so the government is putting a lot of focus on vaccination as a way to deal with this pandemic as next week. are people who are over 60 and will have health conditions will also be eligible. and the idea of being that, you know,
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even if people get read infected with only crime, that people who will get infected will have a mild case of the corona virus. then previously when they were not vaccinated. indeed is a small row called thank you very much, a little tumor. there are billy bureau chief around the world. children begin returning to school today, following extended holiday breaks, the fears of arise and corona virus infections due to the army from variant england task. followed other parts of the u. k. and making mosque wearing mandatory in secondary schools and in the netherlands. schools will remain closed for another week. the german government insisted aims to keep schools open with a pandemic entering. it stirred here the disruption to every day. life has been especially hard on children. i miss it from the ivy. with
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a merry car, a h a h. and i'm looking for me with open monday. must i work with john? i mean now is nina star. she's gonna be from the green party,
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which is part of germany, is governing coalition, a member of the parliamentary committee on family fair, senior citizens, women and youth. the star, we've seen children really suffering in this pandemic school closures, homeschooling cutbacks, and contacts with friends and extended family which consequences of the governments pandemic measures. are you particularly concerned about well, i think, as we saw many children really suffered a lot from the pandemic. so what we think we, we have to do now is really put children's rights and children's needs 1st so that they can kind of live their life. well, they can't leave it normally, of course, but as normal as possible. i think that's why it's important because children missed out on a lot of things. i mean imagine being sixteen's not being able to go to a birthday party or so that doesn't seem so harsh when you think about people dying and hospitals obviously. and that's why many young people,
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except they have to stay at home, that they have to do home schooling and all that stuff. and but they, they don't understand why they have to stay at home. why all the adults still different, pretty long life. so for us, it's pretty clear now that we just have to be the last thing that we do and we have to do other things. first, like for example, having people staying home office and really having schools close as the last resort fairly well. some people say as school closures are necessary, a face to face teaching. it is very controversial. why is it so difficult to agree on uniform requirements for schools nationwide? well, for example, in germany, we still looking at digitization, all schools were still in medieval times really. so the last government missed out
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on, forgot to do a lot there, and we still have to, to kind of catch up on that. so it's really difficult to send the children into homeschooling for us. many children don't have the devices like a laptop or tablet. so that's one thing. and also during the last lockdown we saw a huge rice in domestic violence. we saw many children in the aftermath of the locked down who had to go who needed a counseling. we even have children who need a psychiatric treatment because they were in risk at risk of committing suicide. so these are really severe, dangerous for, for children. so you really have to look very, very carefully isn't necessary to close the schools or is there any other way and what i really think, what we should do is look at the families individually and see what are the needs of different children. because some parents would like to keep their children at
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home, but then they would need financial support. other parents need to send their children to school because they just are not able to cope with the situation. i'm now for example, so we really need to find individual answers and there is no one size fits all solution. are you suggesting that, that in, let's say in one class, that sort of half the children have to stay at home and, and the other half can come to school. i started the practical approach. i mean for example, when you look at the offices, that's what they do. they have conference calls with half the people staying at home, other people in the office. so if we have the equipment after schools, we could do that, but that's what the last government missed. well they, they didn't do that. they didn't quit the school, they didn't equip the children. so we, we have to catch up there, then that would be something we could do. and i also suggest that you, you take all the people to work with, for example, social workers and so on,
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that you can have smaller groups that, that you could use like you have a center, then everything where you could have small groups of children and young people to learn in smaller classes so that the risk of infection is low and we have air purifying and almost every school. now, at least in berlin, we have a lot of school classrooms that have a boss. most teachers are vaccinated. we have a lot of children getting vaccinated right now, so i think that you can make schools pretty pretty secure space if you really want to. and we have to put an emphasis on that. i mean, i saw that before germany is green party. thank you very much. thank you. that's got you up to speed on some of the other news. a fire has badly damage south africa parliament. the blaze destroy the national assembly. china in cape town,
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causing a thick plume of dark smoke to rise over the city. the suspect goes arrested inside the parliament. no reports of injury to reopen, the power anthropologist richard leaky has died at the age of $77.00. he was a world renowned conservationist and fossil hunter is work helped underpin the theory that human evolution began in africa. leaky was also celebrated for his work to save wildlife from poachers, and for leading campaigns to destroy tons of elephant. the ivory germany takes over the chair of the g 7 this year, putting it in the midst of some major challenges facing this club of rich democracies. it's an early test on the world stage for the lou chancellor, all of shots after he took over from england, michael, the pandemic will likely dominate the agenda with the g 7 under pressure to do more to end the huge inequality and access to vaccines around the world and on climate
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change shows is expected to push his idea of a climate club. that's a plan to help like minded countries coordinate, their emission targets. and one key question will scholes perceive us president joe biden's efforts to, to get democracies to rally together against china. and we are now joined by the w's chief international ed sir richard walker. richard, this is willa shields w as a host of a big international group following in ongoing michael's footsteps there. what can we expect from him yet? they are pretty big, and footsteps are following it. of course, aunt they are gerhard ugly medical in office for 16 years. she chaired to g 7. some it's during her time so that some it coming up in june this year will be all of sholtes is real debut on this kind of premier level of the international stage as host. but as finance minister in his previous role over the past 4 years,
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he certainly has, he had exposure to this kind of level of diplomacy. and his people point to something of a success last year where we, he was, was one of the driving forces behind a we reported on this the idea of a global minimum tax for corporations to try to prevent especially big tech giants from kind of free riding on taxes by setting up their taxes in low tax economies. so that was very much in no law schultz initiative. and i think we can expect to see more initiatives from him like that on the world stage. but what he is not is the kind of like chest thumping guy who's going to stand up on the stage and say, this is the way we're going to do things. he's softly spoken. he has that in common with angle america. well shows wants to use its presidency of the g 7 to develop into a climate club. what, what's his plan? yes, this is the prime example. we can expect to hear this expression
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a climate club a quite a bit this year. now it's an idea that it's been going around in academic circles for a few years and is trying to tackle this problem that we've had with climate change treaties over the years. that there aren't enough incentives for countries to really follow through on the promises that they make. and at the heart of this is cost. if you want to cut climate change, if you want to fight climate change, you need to raise the price of polluting carbon and countries worry that if they do that in their country, then companies might just up sticks to other countries, especially big industries and move their operations there where they don't pay such a high price for carbon. so the idea of the carbon climate club is that you get a group of like minded countries that want to press ahead that set roughly equivalent standards on the pricing of carbon on the pricing of pollution and other things. and they agree to trade under favorable terms with each other. and crucially, countries that are outside it, don't get these fav favorable terms. so that's an incentive for those countries to
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join. so you can expect all of shorts to be bring this up at the g 7 this year and try to use it as a springboard for this idea. so how likely is this to be successful then? how big is germany is an all of shots influence in this club of rich countries? what i think is it, he certainly has potential is a mobilize to get something like this going. but the big question about the climate club basing it around the g 7 would be, what is it enough if you don't have really big economies like china involved. and you already have industry associations in germany saying exactly that. if china is not involved in something like this, than what can it really achieve, and that kind of opens up to the bigger question about the relevance of the g 7. whether the g 20, this much broader grouping that includes china. also, countries from the global south is more the kind of forum that to get ideas like this really a to take effect. the ws chief international editor ritual walker there. thank you
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richard. now the european union's most prestigious cultural program has been on hold because of the pendant. but now 3 cities, i entry with spotlight as european capitals of culture for 2022, their commerce in lithuania, s if i set in luxembourg, novi sawed in serbia. the trio will stage a series of events to showcase europe's artistic diversity. ah right now, there are a lot of rehearsals going on in counties lithuania, over a 1000 events planned here. and that's something to suit every taste. count is his program is packed with festivals and exhibitions, including the yoko owner, retrospective. the e u says the 1500000 it spends on europe's capital of culture every year is worth it all on this every year i, we is that you spend on this project generates 5 more. and from an economic
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standpoint, the cities develop a higher international profile for these cultural events. another capital of culture this year, luxan bugs, ash the al that organizes expect 40 percent more visitors than usual in 2020 to all 3 european capital of culture. trying to reinvent themselves. they're all facing a declining coal industry. and all 3 other countries, 2nd largest city, ah, no visit in salvia is still coming to terms with it's passed. once a city in the austro hungarian empire, it was part of communist yugoslavia to later nature destroyed the city's bridges during its war with the milosevic regime ah, to the crotch of a spouse, we are all migrants here due to history. with that, there is no native residency program that's one of his ad will off of his, his
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a kaleidoscope of culture this year. you are cindy darby news. here's the, remind off the top story we're following for you. sedans, prime minister, has resigned following months of political turmoil. abdullah ham doc said it was not possible for him to restore order under a pow sharing agreement with the army. thousands of protesters have been killed since of 2 of the most african nation. last up till that's it for me on the t near t. w. and use for now don't go away though. we're taking a look at the worlds know that most dog sled rice and i'll shows sports life after a short break. i'll have an update for you in half an hour out of his in berlin. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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with who ah.
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how long does it last or an eternity time? it can be measured precisely and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of type type a phenomena, a dimension and illusion. in 25 minutes on d, w. o blue with a mixture of the artist confrontation. this is role of a veteran of verbal combat. i mean, you're gonna really, i try the undisputed champion of tough political talk. you trying to frighten people? no, i so far, everybody on the side there except you enter the complex zone and joint tim sebastian, as he holds the powerful to account. this is
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a big failure. whichever way you like to spin conflict zone on d w. i. we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes, get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to thank you.


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