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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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his subscriber, or more with business, dw news, live from barely sedans. prime minister steps down as violent unrest escalate.
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abdullah ham dog says a power sharing deal with the army as failed to restore order. after weeks of protests, we'll ask and analysts what it all means for today. also on the program. this is devastating. you terrible and devastating event. south africa, president obama pose that says lawmakers will continue to work off for a fire, ravages parliament. police have detained a protest against the national lockdown of the netherlands, turned violent. the government says the restrictions are needed to stop the spread of the army. kron bought barrier and europe's capitals of culture. rob back in business for force higher. just due to the pandemic 3 cities, stage events highlighting artistic diversity across the continent. ah,
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ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. sedans, prime minister has resigned following months of political turmoil. abdullah, ham doc said it was not possible for him to restore order and repose, sharing agreement with the military after the army stage to cool. last year hom dog was reinstated to head up a transition back to civilian government under the weekend of protest in sudan. the quickly descended into violence. at least 2 people were killed by security forces. after thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets, dozens have died in mid unrest since prime minister abdullah hum doc signed to polish him, deal with the military following a crew in october. but he now admits that hasn't worked out. a new thinking is
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needed. oh, in our local massacre, i decided to give back the responsibility an o and announced my resignation as prime minister locum to give a chance to another man, a woman of this noble country and was allowed to continue leading odyssey inaction when after work and help it passed through what's left of the transitional period to a civilian democratic country. while aboard me colon my the buck graham and i'm willing to go. now i don't element any and demography among the military and civilian leaders have been sharing power since it also cracked. omar bashir was ousted in 2090 after 30 years and charge for elections are currently planned for july, births with hum, dock gone, and sudan roiled by unrest. the road to democracy looks increasingly fragile.
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earlier today i spoke to collude courier. she's management a managing director of a think tank inside strategy partner. and i asked her why hom doc decided to step down. now, i think he came to realize just how unpopular his big agreement would, would hon on the 21st of november was he had expected that, that disagreement would effectively end the coo and would give him powers to be able to set the transition back on course but of course, as soon as the qu happened, this is no longer a transition, add. the military showed that it wasn't, and the good faith actor that it was expected to be. and in any case, people had reservations about the extent to which it was a partnership. in the 1st thing based on a mark him. and so really he was unable to work beyond beyond her that these last few days didn't to which the military was willing to return to the violent oppression and suppression of protestantism. we saw before this government took shape on my so what does this resignation now mean for saddam
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well, any one who comes in now as a prime minister would be drinking from the same poisoned chalice. any one, any new p m, would be seen as an accomplice to the coo, much in the way that our ham dog belatedly came to be seen. but also like hm thought they would also have very little executive space within to function. they wouldn't be able to choose their own cabinets that wouldn't be able to make their appointment. they would be able to undo appointments made by the crew regime. and so it's unlikely that anyone will want to want to step forward and anyone who at least who genuinely wants a democratic transformation will want to step forward now and to handle shoes. what makes far more sense is to restart the amendment that the sort of transition and find a new political agreement in new political basis and in new constitutional basis that actually pays attention to what the resistance committees, the people on the street, the per pro democracy forces have been saying and not just sort of find ways to
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divide up and political places for political parties, which is very much what we saw in 2019 this time round. there has to be in agreement with more people can buy into and it will genuinely be process driven rather than just oriented around, you know, political structures. i'm, we're will be lots of fighting over who gets what position colker from inside strategy partners and cartoon. thank you. very much for your insight. please in south africa say they have arrested a man in connection with the devastating fire the country's parliament building. the suspect is due to appear at court later this week. the blaze which took several hours to bring under control got at the historic chamber of the national assembly in cape town. the fire had already been burning for hours when security guards discovered it at around 6 in the morning, fire crews raced to the scene, but were unable to stop the flames from spreading to the national assembly building
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where south africa's parliaments it. that is a very sad day for our democracy because parliament is the home of our democracy. and parliament is also as the d g. a key point em all met just will be investigated. the police have started to investigate the forensic department here, public works easier. we all together, reinforcements were called and some 60 fire fight as eventually brought the blaze under control, but not before it had done extensive damage. visiting the scene, the south african president, serial rama post are also promised for inquiry. i believe somebody is being held right now and they have the question, but they need to go a lot, a lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and
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what measures we will need to take going forward. only security staff are believed to have been present when the plays began. there have been no reports of injuries. let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. in a call with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski us president joe biden said the united states and its allies will quote, respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine biden is also backing diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff talks between us and russian officials. a scheduled in geneva, later this month. you as defense secretary lloyd austin has tested positive for cove at 19. he's planning to isolate at home for 5 days, set out an official guide lights and austin says he last met president biden more than a week before he began to feel unwell. austin is a fully vaccinated charity. israel's prime minister natalie bennett, says
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a 4th cove at 19 vaccine. those is now approved for people over 60 and for health care workers, thirties are battling a search and all mcclellan variant infections nationwide. daily cases i expected to start his hitting, fresh balance is again broken out during protests against corona, virus restrictions in the netherlands. thousands turned out in amsterdam to demonstrate against the national lockdown imposed a week before christmas. some foot, they say no to the lockdown, no to the government's measures. what is their limit? this demonstrator asks, it's just the latest demonstration in the netherlands against the government's curbs. aimed at stopping omicron police band. the protest that didn't stop people from turning out. many say they're not afraid of catching the virus. i'm here because i like to live and i don't think we should be scared. a stop we're living
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because we're sad that we're all going to die. i like to live. i'm not me. my vaguely restriction measures have nothing to do with my health. i mean there are people who want to impose control on us and take all our freedom. hey, i'm here because i think that we all must be free. well, what i most i scuffles broke out as police broke up the demonstration. it violated the current locked on rules in the netherlands, according to which only 2 people are allowed to meet at once. non essential shops, restaurants, bars and theaters remain closed until at least the 14th of january. announcing the measures the prime minister made clear he had no choice. only concentrate on the current is spreading even faster than we feared. and so we need to intervene now to prevent a much worse outcome there as a precaution at forgery. but the measures have also outraged the vocal anti
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lockdown protesters. and as long as the government measures are in force, they say they will continue to take to the streets. germany takes over the chair of the g 7 this year, putting it in the midst of some major challenges facing this club of rich democracies. it's an early test on the world stage for the lou chancellor, all of shots after he took over from england. michael, the pandemic will likely dominate the agenda with the g 7 under pressure to do more to end the huge inequality and access to vaccines around the world. and climate change shows is expected to push his idea of a climate club. that's a plan to help like minded countries coordinate, their emission targets. and one key question will scholes perceive us president joe biden's efforts to, to get democracies to rally together against china. and we are joined by the
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w's chief in the nation as a richard walker. richard, this is all a short w as a host of a big international group following in ongoing michael's footsteps there. what can we expect from him yet they are pretty big and footsteps are following. of course, aren't they? gerhard angler miracle in office for 16 years. she chaired to g 7 summit during her time. so that summit, coming up in june this year will be all of shots, his real debut on this kind of premier level of the international stage as host. but as finance minister in his previous role over the past 4 years, he certainly has, he had exposure to this kind of level of diplomacy. and his people point to something of a success last year where we, he was, was one of the driving forces behind a we reported on this the idea of a global minimum tax for corporations to try to prevent especially big tech giants
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from kind of free writing on taxes by setting up their taxes in low tax economies. so that was very much a no la schultz initiative and i think we can expect to see more initiatives from him like that on the world stage. but what he is not is the kind of like chest thumping guy who's going to stand up on the stage and say, this is the way we're going to do things. he's softly spoken. he has that in common with angle america. well shows wants to use its presidency of the g 7 to develop into a climate club. what, what's his plan? yes, this is the prime example. we can expect to hear this expression a climate club a quite a bit this year. now it's an idea that it's been going around in academic circles for a few years and is trying to tackle this problem that we've had with climate change treaties over the years. that there aren't enough incentives for countries to really follow through on the promises that they make. and at the heart of this is cost. if you want to cut climate change, if you want to fight climate change,
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you need to raise the price of polluting carbon and countries worry that if they do that in their country, then companies might just up sticks to other countries, especially big industries and move their operations there where they don't pay such a high price for carbon. so the idea with a carbon climate club is that you get a group of like minded countries that want to press ahead that set roughly equivalent standards on the pricing of carbon on the pricing of pollution and other things. and they agree to trade under favorable terms with each other. and crucially, countries that are outside it, don't get these fav favorable terms. so that's an incentive for those countries to join. so you can expect all of shorts to be bring this up at the g 7 this year and try to use it as a springboard for this idea. so how likely is this to be successful then? how big is germany is an all of shots influence in this club of rich countries? what i think is he certainly has potential as a mobilize to get something like this going. but the big question about the climate
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club basing it around the g 7 would be, what is it enough if you don't have really big economies like china involved. and you already have industry associations in germany saying exactly that. if china is not involved in something like this, than what can it really achieve, that kind of opens up to the big question about the relevance of the g 7. whether the g 20, this much broader grouping that includes china. also, countries from the global south is more the kind of forum that to get ideas like this, really a to take effect that up as chief international editor. it's a walk other. thank you richard. now, what's your biggest wish for the new year? if it's an end to the pandemic, maybe you're in good company that seems to be the most prominent new you wish around the world. so we send out a correspondence to ask people how they see the year ahead. when i keep myself informed all the time,
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that is important. so i can only advise people to remain cautious and to somehow learn to deal with it. mcguire be found, we're lucky. hopefully in 2022. indonesia will be more advanced and hopefully the corona virus passed quickly and indonesia can bryce again in the future. both the economy and people's lives were suspended more let's hope that people will get vaccinated soon and we can ensure that the low mutations to not evolve, it become more aggressive than the ones we already have had. it's still existing, maxine still work for us, you know, but most importantly, i hope to feel gets out of the mind of, you know, everybody knows as a separate over to shot. i have dual citizenship. i'm also american that makes a difference or not. i am really upset and how the subject of vaccinations is being politicized. and i feel a little powerless, and we are hoping that are the highest population would have been vaccinated
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because we honestly need to get back to normal. i hope the w h organ mix aspect. ma'am, there's not any more. so we all, everybody can live normally is certainly without worrying miss yagi over notary to of course, we hope that the pandemic will be over as a taxi driver, one really needs that business is really bad at the moment. i think it's been a very, very, very difficult toys. and i am just hoping that when they are in the bank make ends and better, you know, we can get back to normal life and livable. i live a happier, healthier and no life full of hope and light. i think we will still have to live with it. unfortunately, it's not as simple flu. let's have a look now at some of the other news. in brief, really 100 microns have been flown back to iraq. from lithuania, authorities say they leave voluntarily. lithuania has seen an influx. us neighboring bella. bruce allowed migrants to cross the border in retaliation for
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you. sanctions an outbreak of bird flew in northern israel has killed more than 5000 cranes. environmental protection minister says it has caused the most serious damage to wildlife in israel's history. as authorities try to contain the spread of the disease, farmers and israel have been forced to slaughter thousands of hundreds of thousands of chickens. re open canyon, palo or anthropologist richard leaky has died at the age of 77. vicki was a world renowned conservationists and fossil hunter is work helped underpin the theory that human evolution began and africa leaky also was celebrated for his work to save for wildlife from coaches and for leading campaigns to destroy tons of elephant ivory around the well children begin returning to school today, following extended holiday breaks with fears of a rise in corona virus infections due to the army from variant england has followed
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other parts of the u. k. and making mosque wearing mandatory in secondary schools and in the netherlands. schools will remain closed for another week. the german government insisted aims to keep schools open with a panoramic entry. it's 3rd year. the disruption to everyday life has been especially hard on children. a . and i'm looking for me with
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a now from a school in the heart of berlin, as dw splitting the correspondent l shows. but measures are now being taken in germany to prevent the spread of corona virus in schools. while the main measure measure being taken here in schools, for example, here in belin will be a testing every day, testing is otherwise for kids this week, and then it will be 3 times a week. so this is a preventive measures. and even if children test positive,
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then that will be sent to quarantine. but what the government doesn't want is to close those schools. again, they want to be able to to have the kid the children back to school. this is a measure that is implemented across the country and in doing so, the german government is actually a do doing the same as other you countries for which the mandatory presence of children in schools is not the norm of following are many advices. for example, on the education experts saying dads are disrupting, you know, the school year is actually damage of damaging children education as a whole. as important say that the federal government doesn't control education and, and schools. this is done by the federal states here in germany. and this week mm hm. and it's sort of educational cultural affairs, art meeting to meet,
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to discuss further face to face teaching, who we see our school closures again, like those in the netherlands. well, that's what the government has been trying to avoid. now this will all depend on the, on the number of infections, of course, but, and also, you know, whether schools are, they are all breaks in schools. so far, it's a, it's a way to see game if you will, which actually is not to the taste of parents. for example, many parents associations para parents who unions have criticize the government's decision to bring back these compost. sorry. school attendance, for example, in the region around bending in bond with parents have the choice to keep their children at home and to the end of the month. for those who feel too uncomfortable to put their children back at school. while a new wave of kevin $900.00 infections is spreading around the country. so parents
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are not happy at the moment. thank you very much. w political correspondent shots now the european union's most prestigious cultural program has been on hold because of the pandemic. but now 3 cities are entering the spotlight as european capitals of culture for 2022, their commerce. in lithuania, ash suzette in luxembourg and novice sought in serbia. the trail will stage a series of spectacular events to showcase europe's artistic diversity. ah right now, there are a lot of rehearsals going on in counties lithuania, over a 1000 events planned here. there's something for every type of culture. vulture, county is, is program is packed with festivals and exhibitions, including the yoko ono retrospective. the eas says the 1500000 it spends on europe's capital of culture every year is worth it all honesty, every year i, we,
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as the you spend on this project, generates 5 more. and from an economic standpoint, the cities develop a higher international profile through these cultural events. another capital of culture this year, luxan bugs, ash, the al that organizes expect 40 percent more visitors than usual in 2020 to all 3 european capital of culture. trying to reinvent themselves. they're all facing a declining coal industry. and all 3 other countries, 2nd largest city, ah, no visit in salvia is still coming to terms with its past. once a city in the austro hungarian empire, it was part of communist yugoslavia to later nato destroyed the city's bridges, drawing its war with the milosevic regime. ah, the hatchet man. we are all migrants here due to history,
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that there is no native residency to be done. that's one of his ad will offer visitors a kaleidoscope of culture. this year. some sports use paris samar style linelle messy has become the latest football it test positive for cove 90 the for what got the news on holiday in his home town. large and tina mrs. simone for p as she plays testing positive several other club top european clubs, including by munich, livable and barcelona, also affected and on to the slopes now of the snow board slope style wall cup has concluded. in calgary, canada, japan's coco moran said one golden, the women's comforters for 17 year old mariah said this was a 1st ever slopes victory on the world cup circuit. and in the men's events, canada sebastian to top took the top prize. he had previously won gold at the 2018
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winter olympics watching the w news. as a reminder of the top stories were following, for you to dance, prime minister has resigned following months of political turmoil. of doubt. ahem doth said it was not possible for him to restore order under a power sharing agreement with the army. thousands of protesters have been killed since a coup in the north african nation. last october. and south africa, please say a man is due to appear in court on tuesday, after 5 flipped through south africa, parliament building in cape town, dozens of fighters battle for hours spring to the blaze. under control, the government is promising a thorough investigation into the incident and don't forget, you can always get the w news on the go. just download the app from the google play
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ah ah ah, with a rare earth fresh from the fif,
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